Bluetooth Real Time Field Equipment Tracking

Know where your field equipment is now and how it was utilized over time

If your equipment and tools are routinely used in miltiple field locations, are transferred between job sites and employees, it is not an easy task to keep track of them with the traditional methods. Pen and paper, spreadsheets, and even a desktop software is not very helpful in tracking field equipment. Mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) linked to the cloud software are a good choice for the task. Mobile phones can easily fit into your employees pockets and be carried around, and most of your employees have their own smartphones - so you do not have to spend money on purchasing additional asset tracking hardware. All asset tracking information is sent from the mobile devices to the cloud in real time, so current assets information is available to all authorized employees.
Depending on your preferences and budget, you can use QR codes - in this case asset location is sent to the server only when an employee scans the tag, or you can use bluetooth beacon tags - in this case asset location is sent to the server continuously and automatically, as long as field technician who is working or relocating equipment has a smartphone in his pocket with mobile application running in the background. You get real time assets and tools location, if anyone is using it (and if so who), and historic equipment usage log.
  • Track field equipment and tools continuously and automatically in real time
  • Use bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon tags on the equipment and employees smartphones
  • Equipment GPS location and employee information is sent to the server automatically at configurable time intervals
  • No active scanning or employee participation is required - all your employees need to do is have a smartphone in their pocket with QR Mobile Data application running in the background
  • You always know where the equipment is, if it is being used by anyone - and if so, who is using it, if it is at the construction site / field location or on the road
  • Review equipment location on the map, as well as log of historic equipment usage
  • Bluetooth equipment tracking is only a small part of QR Mobile Data software. Use QR Mobile Data mobile application and cloud software to track equipment service and maintenance in the field using mobile forms, access equipment specs and documentation, do field safety inspections, use mobile checklists to track tasks completion, send field reports and requests from the mobile device, and more.

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