QR Codes Inventory Control For Franchises

QR Code Based Inventory Management For Franchises

Let franchise locations managers control inventory in their locations using barcode / QR code scanning. Administrator can control all locations via the web based dashboard. Perform similar operation (such as sending inventory to a franchise location, enter initial inventory) once, and automatically repeat for selected locations.

Local Control With The Central Supervision

Give each franchise location manager an option to control his / her location inventory using barcode scanning. Use QR Codes, barcodes or NFC tags and smartphones as scanners, save money on purchasing hardware such as barcode scanners. Administrator can review inventory counts and transactions in all locations.

Perform Similar Operations Once

As an administrator, you do not need to perform the same operations for each franchise location. Create an initial inventory template once, and apply it to all newly created franchise locations. When you send similar supplies to all franchice locations, enter inventory once and select to which locations supplies are going to. Significantly reduce time for data entry, save employee hours.


Review inventory reports for each location separately, compare locations and get all locations summary.

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