Leased Assets Tracking With QR Codes And Mobile Forms

Real Time Asset Management With Barcode Scanning And Mobile Forms: Tour

Do you lease out equipment to the clients, or loan to company employees and have a hard time to keep track of what is where?
Losing valuable assets because of the lack of accountability?
If this is the case, QR Inventory Leased Assets Edition is a software for you.
Using QR Inventory, you will be able to keep track of assets and equipment in the office and in the field using regular smartphones for barcode scanning and data collection.
track assets by scanning

Track Assets In The Office And In The Field

Need to track assets in the field and on the client site?
Use regular smartphone or tablet for barcode scanning and data entry.
Need to record large volume of assets received in the office or returned from the lease?
You can use regular barcode scanner for faster entry / processing.
supports QR codes, barcodes and NFC

QR Code, Barcode, Or NFC Tags Scanning

Do your assets already have manufacturer barcode? You can use it to track assets, no additional labeling is required.
Assets are not labeled? No problem! Use QR Inventory to generate and print QR code labels, or use your own labels or labels supplied by us.
Need to process large volume transactions fast? QR Inventory supports NFC tags.
custom fields for assets

Customize QR Inventory To Fit Your Workflow

Customize multiple aspects of QR Inventory to fit your workflow.
Create custom transaction types, custom fields for assets and equipment, custom mobile forms to fill out during asset transactions, custom fields for client sites / locations, and more.
access data using smartphone scanning

Access Asset Information In The Field

Need to access information on the asset or equipment in the field?
Just scan QR code or barcode label to get all information you need, from asset specifications to image(s) to instructions and manuals.
Users with admin access can update information in the field on their smartphones.
asset categorization and entry

Assets Categorization & Entry

Categorize assets into defined asset types and groups that you can manage.
Bulk enter assets of the same type: enter asset information once, then scan in or paste all serial numbers.
Enter assets in the office or in the field using a smartphone.
assets serialization and inventory

Assets Serialization & Inventory

Track entire life-cycle of each individual asset, from receival through leases and returns, repairs, to disposal.
Track assets inventory (how many total assets of the same type), how many are on hand and are available for leasing / loaning.
Set reorder point and receive automatic alerts when you need to order more.
asset warranty expiration

Custom Reminders For Important Dates

Don't forget an important date, such as asset warranty expiration or next preventive maintenance date.
Set custom reminders for the date fields, and receive automatic e-mail alerts.
Define when alerts should be send, how many, and to what e-mail address(es).
Packing Slip

Generate And Print Packing Slips

Reduce paperwork and save time.
Automatically generate and print packing slip for asset transactions, such as shipping equipment to the client.
assets entry and labeling

Assets Labeling And Entry

Don’t know how to start organizing assets? QR Inventory makes it easy:
» If you have a data file, import it into QR Inventory.
» Have file in a specific format? During first 3 months we will import your data free of charge.
» Don't have a file? You can enter assets manually via the web interface, or label items and immediately scan them into the system using a smartphone.
real time reporting

Real Time Assets Reporting

Access real time assets locations, asset life time history, assets inventory, usage statistics and more via a secure web dashboard.
Filter reports by custom fields you created to get exact information you need.
Export reports for outside processing.
flexible hosting

Flexible Hosting Options

Host with us and eliminate all headache connected to software maintenance: server administration, backups, updates. Get software updates and bug fixes automatically as they are released.
Prefer to self host? No problems! If you have a right server and qualified personnel, you can host QR Inventory on your network.