Bluetooth Low Energy Field Employees Time Tracking

Know who is using field equipment and tools, where, and for how long

Unlike GPS asset tracking, bluetooth assets tracking requires two components: bluetooth beacon tag on the equipment, and an employee with a smartphone in his pocket. Smartphone can communicate with bluetooth beacon tags and therefore is aware of what equipment is around it, smartphone is aware of its location through GPS service, and smartphone can communicate the data to the remote server in real time, using either wifi or cellular connection. As a result, you know not only a location of the equipment - you also know who is and had been working with it, and for how long. In addition to getting information on who (if anyone) is currently using an equipment or tool, you get a summary time sheets for employees. You can organize time sheets by project / location, equipment used, time on the job vs time on the road, or any combination of the above.
  • Track field employees interaction with job site equipment and tools in real time
  • No actions on the employee part is required - all (s) needs is a smartphone in the pocket with QR Mobile Data mobile application running in the background
  • As long as an employee is next to the equipment tagged with bluetooth beacon, or in a tagged location - information on the equipment, location, employee and time is sent to the server at the configurable time intervals
  • Check current employees location on the map, what equipment they are working with, whether an employee is at the job site or is driving between the sites.
  • Review employee timesheets by date, location, and / or equipment
  • Have a clear view on how field equipment and tools are utilized by employees
  • If you prefer not to use bluetooth tags, QR Mobile Data application has field employees time tracking option with QR code scanning
  • Employee time and equipment tracking is only a small part of QR Mobile Data software. Use QR Mobile Data mobile application and cloud software to collect data in the field using mobile forms, track projects progresss and workflow, and more.

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