Tracking Site Visits With Bluetooth Beacons And Smartphones

Get site visits log automatically in real time

If your employees need to periodically check on the property, remote site or field equipment, and you want to track these visits, bluetooth beacons are well suited for this task. When an employee is at the site where bluetooth beacon is installed, a visit, time of the visit, location of the property and how long had (s)he been at the location are automatically recorded - no action on the employee side is required. You get a log of all visits, and get alerts if required visits are missed.
  • Track visits to the properties, job sites, field equipment, etc. by employees in real time
  • Install bluetooth low energy beacon on the trackable sites and locations
  • When an employee visits the site, the employee name, location, GPS coordinates, time of visit and how long an employee had been on the site are automatically sent to the server
  • No actions on the employee part is required - all (s) needs is a smartphone in the pocket with QR Mobile Data mobile application running in the background
  • You get real time visits log, and receive alerts if required visit is missed
  • Access and download visits log on demand from anywhere via secure web dashboard
  • Visits log is only a small part of QR Mobile Data software. Use QR Mobile Data mobile application and cloud software to collect data in the field using mobile forms, track projects progresss and workflow, and more.

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