Bluetooth (BLE Beacon Tags) Asset Tracking: An Alternative To RFID or GPS Asset Tracking

Use BLE beacon tags and a smartphone for real time asset tracking in the field. Know where your assets are and who is using assets at any given time without the expense of RFID or GPS asset tracking systems.

If you want to know where your field equipment / tools are and who is using them at any given time, BLE beacon tags help you do it efficiently and at a much lower cost than GPS asset tracking. Bluetooth asset tracking does not require your employees to scan tools and equipment in and out. As long as field technicians have a smartphone in their pocket with the bluetooth asset tracking mobile application running in the background, a location of the equipment and assets with the BLE beacon tags will be reported automatically. A cloud-based asset tracking platforms collects data from the mobile devices and creates real time reports, available on demand to all authorized employees.

No Scan Field Asset Tracking With The Bluetooth Beacon Tags And Smartphones

Track field assets automatically in real time with the BLE beacon tags and a smartphone

Bluetooth Asset, Employees And Site Visits Tracking


Bluetooth Field Equipment Tracking

Automatic real time equipment and tools tracking with the BLE tags, NFC tags or QR codes.

If your equipment and tools are routinely used in the miltiple field locations, are transferred between job sites and employees, it is not an easy task to keep track of them with the traditional methods. Pen and paper, spreadsheets, and even a desktop software is not very helpful in tracking field equipment. Mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) linked to the cloud software are a good choice for the task. Mobile phones can easily fit into your employees pockets and be carried around, and most of your employees have their own smartphones - so you do not have to spend money on purchasing additional asset tracking hardware. All asset tracking information is sent from the smartphones to the backend cloud software in real time. Current asset location and data are available to all authorized asset tracking software users.
Depending on your preferences and budget, you can use QR codes, NFC tags or BLE tags for the field asset tracking. If you are using QR codes or NFC tags an asset location is sent to the cloud software only when an employee scans the tag. If you are usingBLE beacon asset tags, you have two choices. You can bulk scan all assets with one click of a button in the mobile application - no scanning of each asset is required. Alternatively, you can continuously montor an asset GPS location without the employees needing to do anything. As long as a field technician who is working or relocating equipment has a smartphone in his pocket with the mobile application running in the background, a smartphone works as IoT gateway sending asset data to the cloud automatically.

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Bluetooth (BLE Beacons) Employee Time Tracking

Track who is working with the tools and equipment with BLE beacons.

Unlike GPS asset tracking, bluetooth assets tracking requires two components: bluetooth beacon tag on the equipment, and an employee with a smartphone in his pocket. Smartphone can communicate with the bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon tags and therefore is aware of what equipment is around it. A smartphone knows its' location through the GPS service, and smartphone can communicate the data to the remote server in real time, using either wifi or cellular connection. As a result, you know not only a GPS location of the equipment - you also know who was using it, and for how long. In addition to getting information on who (if anyone) is currently using an equipment or tool, you get a summary time sheets for the field employees. You can organize time sheets by project / location, equipment used, time on the job vs time on the road, or any combination of the above.

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Bluetooth Location Visits Tracking

Track who visited a location and when.

If your employees need to periodically check on the property, remote site or field equipment, and you want to track these visits, BLE beacon tags are well suited for this task. When an employee visits the site where Bluetooth beacon is installed, a visit, time of the visit, location of the property and visit duration are automatically recorded - no action on the employee side is required (an employee does need to have a smartphone with running mobile application in his pocket). You get a log of all site visits, and get alerts if required visits are missed.

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