Manufacturing & Food Traceability Software With QR code Scanning, Mobile & Blockchain Technologies

Shared Traceability is a barcode scanning traceability solution that can be used for one company, or for end-to-end traceability across the entire supply chain network. It uses smartphones for QR code / barcode scanning and recording traceability information anywhere: on the shop floor or in the field. All data is recorded in real time. Shared Traceability uses blockchain technology for safe and secure traceability tracking across the corporate boundaries.


Easy To Learn and Use

Absolutely no setup; start using Shared Traceability right away. Still using spreadsheet? Shared Traceability is the next step, with data well-organized, never lost and easily accessible.

Extremely Flexible

Shared Traceability allows you to record all data that you need for a complete traceability. No need to define upfront what data should to be recorded.

Real-Time Data

All data recorded using mobile devices anywhere is sent to a cloud in real time. Authorized users access entire traceability chain for each lot/serial number, using mobile app or computer.

Entire Supply Chain

Use Shared Traceability within one company or together with your supply chain partners. Blockchain technology allows you to track product lots from start to finish across corporate boundaries.

How Does Shared Traceability Work

Shared Traceability is based on the blockchain technology. Everything that happens to each product batch, lot, ingredient or serialized inventory: receiving, moving through production steps, production steps observations, mixing ingredients, distribution, etc. is recorded as a transaction. You can record any data and observations for each transaction without defining upfront what steps and transactions you plan to add.

Record Traceability Information

Record traceability information and observations in real time, in the office, on the shop floor or in the field, using mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). Use mobile devices for barcode / QR code scanning, data entry and look-up. Add photos to the transactions for visual documentation and capture signatures on a smartphone.

Lot Tracking

Track where each product lot is in the process, which steps it already passed, who handled product lot on each step and what was done. All tracking is done in real time on the shop floor or at the job site using mobile devices.

Access Traceability Data

Access real time traceability information on each product lot by scanning QR code / barcode label on the item, or via the web dashboard. Review all associated data and observations in one place. Drill down assemblies to access details of sub-assemblies and individual product batches.

HACCP Compliance

Become HACCP compliant. In case of a problem or recall, you can quickly find what product lots contain a problem ingredient, where this product lot was distributed and issue a recall. Limit a scope of recall to affected product lots and react to the problems fast.

Be Pro-Active

Do not just react to recalls - prevent them. Analyze collected information, correlate problem product lots with the production steps observations to understand and eliminate the causes of the problems.

Product Story

Optionally, let the end customer see the product story by scanning QR code on the item.

Who Is Shared Traceability For?

Shared Traceability is be a good fit for manufacturers, food or beverage manufacturers, food preparation companies and greenhouse opeartions. In all of these (and other) industries you will be able to easily track components, ingredients and finished goods from the time a component arrives to the facility to the distribution of the finished products. Shared Traceability will also work well for assets traceability and chain of custody. It will be especially good fit if you have partner companies up and / or down supply chain with whom you want to maintain a shared traceability recording and secure access.


Manufacturing Traceability

Track materials & components throught the manufacturing process on the shop floor. Track components and sub-assemblies lot & serial numbers. Instantly access assemblies composition & distribution data, full traceability info for each lot.

Food Manufacturing

You do not need to purchase expensive and complex software systems to have a great traceability documentation and be HACCP-compliant. Shared Traceability is an easy-to-use application that requires no setup or learning curve.

Food Processing

Similar to Food Manufacturing, track ingredients lots using smartphone app and barcode scanning. Have complete HAACP-compliant traceability history and distribution data at your fingertips at any time.

Assets Chain Of Custody

Shared Traceability lets you track assets as they are assigned to different employees, are borrowed and returned or are rented / loaned to customers. Check out where each asset is and it's complete chain of custody.

Shared Traceability is a simple traceability tool, consisting of a web dashboard and a mobile application. Company employees use mobile application for barcode scanning and recording traceability information in the field or on the shop floor. Traceability information is sent to a centralized cloud in real time. An entire traceability history for each product lot can be accessed in real time, on the mobile devices and via a web interface.
Shared Traceability is easy to learn and use, requires no setup and is very flexible. You can record all required information on the product lots without defining up front what information should to be collected.   
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