QR Code Inventory Management And Asset Tracking Mobile Software

Track assets and inventory in real time, in the field and in the warehouse, using a smartphone and QR code / barcode / NFC or BLE tags scanning. Access current inventory stock and assets location on the office computers and on the smartphones. Get actionable insights and improve business process with the QR Inventory software advanced reporting and data analytics.
QR Inventory software gives you the flexibility to set up the inventory management and asset tracking process based on your business requirements and internal workflow. It has a minimal learning curve and can be implemented with no interruptions to the current business process.

Efficient QR Code Inventory Management In The Field And Warehouse

Smart Inventory Management System: Cloud Software + Mobile Application + QR Code / NFC / BLE Tags

barcode inventory management Mobile Inventory Management With QR Codes / NFC / BLE

Manage inventory anywhere using mobile application for the QR code / NFC / BLE tags scanning, data entry and look up. Access real time inventory stock in multiple field and warehouse locations. Custom setup based on your business requirements.

I Need To Track Inventory
real time asset location Mobile Asset Tracking With QR Codes, NFC, Bluetooth

Track assets in the field, on the job sites, in the office or warehouse using a mobile application and QR code / NFC / BLE tags. Always know where your assets are, who is using them, assets lifetime history and usage statistics.

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mobile forms software Digital Field Data Collection

Use smartphones and QR code / NFC / BLE scanning for the fast, efficient field data collection. Build custom digital forms for the inspections, audits, asset service and maintenance, safety inspection checklists, etc. Receive automatic alerts on the problems and outliers.

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Workflow And Progress Tracking QR Code Workflow Tracking

Track raw materials and work orders through the workflow, from receiving or production to using for the project, shipping or installation on the client's site. Do all tracking and data collection on site, in real time, using a smartphone and QR code / NFC / BLE scanning. Live access to the projects progress and history.

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Data Analysis and Reports Real Time Information Flow

All data collected on the mobile devices are sent to a backend cloud software in real time. Access and download up to the minute reports on stock count, assets locations, transactions history, projects progress and filled out digital mobile forms. Create customizable PDF reports based on your templates.

What Data Can We Access
new additions Smart IoT Asset Tracking And Monitoring

Take asset and inventory management automation to the next level using Bluetooth IoT technology. Use BLE tags and a smartphone or a dedicated IoT gateway for the real time asset tracking and asset conditions monitoring. Access live reports from anywhere.

Smart IoT Asset Tracking

Advantages Of The QR Code Inventory Management And Asset Tracking

Arming your technicians with the necessary tools to get their jobs done is essential - not doing so results in poor customer service and increased expenses by wasted productivity and return trips... 58% of best-in-class organizations (companies performing in the top 20% of survey respondents) provide mobile workers with field-based access and visibility into parts inventories.

Field Technologies Magazine  

Automated Inventory Management, Assets Tracking, Field Data Access

QR Inventory software gives you the right tools to streamline inventory management and asset tracking process, in the field and warehouse. Mobile workers use a smartphone and QR code / barcode / NFC / BLE tags scanning for the real time asset and inventory tracking. All employees, regardless of their location, have an immediate access to the materials stock, assets information, transactions and service history. Field employees access asset information by scanning a QR code / barcode / NFC / BLE tag with a smartphone. Office employees access up to the minute reports via the cloud software web dashboard.
The need for manufacturers to focus on compliance and traceability initiatives is increasing significantly across the globe as commercial pressures grow to meet regulatory mandates. By mitigating the risk of product recalls, reducing manufacturing costs and quality controlling end-to-end traceability of processes, organizations will also be able to successfully reduce inefficiencies within the supply chain.

Quality Manufacturing Today  

Lot Traceability & Workflow Tracking With QR Code or BLE Tags Scanning And A Smartphone

A QR Inventory software provides an easy way to track materials, components and finished products on the job sites or on the shop floor in real time. Field employees use mobile devices for the QR code / barcode / NFC / BLE scanning, data collection, tracking project's progress and filling out mobile forms. QR Inventory software is very configurable - you define the entire process via the web dashboard. As a result, you have all traceability and compliance documentation readily available, and can act quickly in case of a problem or recall. Analytical reports accessible via the cloud software dashboard help you find the bottlenecks, the causes of the problems and optimize the business process.
It's hard to think of anything less efficient than a paper-based system...duplicate effort vanishes as soon as mobile devices replace paper because all information is automatically in a single centralized system... ...digital records that include photographs can make all the difference when it comes to disproving liability claims.

CIO Magazine  

Mobile Forms Data Collection And Analysis

With the QR Inventory software you can eliminate physical paperwork and fill out business forms efficiently using smartphones and QR code scanning. You can create custom mobile forms or checklists for all your business needs. These may include forms that accompany asset transactions, safety inspections, equipment maintenance, facility walk through, field reports and requests, quality control, and more. Field employees fill out mobile forms on site on their smartphones, and submit completed records to the backend cloud software in real time. This electronic data collection system is efficient, eliminates double entries and errors, and provides all stakeholders access to just-in-time critical information.
Approaches that rely on computers and mobile devices [vs. paper forms and spreadsheets] create a single repository of information that is easy to analyze and turn into best practices, allowing business leaders to spot issues and best performers, resolve problems and replicate success with ease.

CIO Magazine  

Digital Records, Accessible On Demand And Easily Searchable

Inventory management and asset tracking data collected in the smartphone application update central database in real time. All authorized employees have an access to the collected records from anywhere, on the mobile devices in the field and computers in the office. No information is misplaced or lost. You can search asset records by multiple parameters to quickly find what you need. Comprehensive reports make it easy for you to slice and dice data to get all the information you need to run your business efficiently.
Today, it's no longer a question of if software, internet of things (IoT) sensors, mobile devices and other technology is being used on the jobsite, but rather what types.

Construction Business Owner Magazine  

IoT Based Asset Tracking And Conditions Monitoring

QR Inventory software gives you an option to use Bluetooth IoT technology, and take asset and inventory management to the next level. Tag assets with the BLE beacon tags, and add all items to the transaction with one click of a button in the mobile application. There is no need to locate a QR code and scan each individual asset. You can also track assets automatically without any human participation using a Bluetooth IoT gateway. Monitor temperature and humidity conditions in the warehouse and on the job sites using BLE sensors, and prevent costly assets and property damage.

Efficient And Simple To Use QR Code Inventory Software - What Sets QR Inventory System Apart

Cloud Inventory Software With The Native Mobile Application

Fast, easy and real time parts, materials and asset tracking anywhere with a smartphone and QR code / NFC / BLE scanning.

  • Responsive native mobile application (rather than a mobile web site masked as an application) for the mobile workforce to track assets and inventory, access assets and equipment information, fill out mobile forms and track workflow.
  • Fast and reliable QR code / barcode scanning with the mobile application, even in the dark.
  • Variety of barcodes and RF tags supported: UPC barcodes, QR codes, datamatrix codes, NFC tags, BLE tags, RFID.
  • Native integration of the mobile application with the bluetooth barcode scanners. If you prefer to use barcode scanners for the high volume inventory and asset transactions, you can do the scanning fast without extra navigation and clicks.
  • IoT asset tracking and monitoring option for a completely automated tracking without any human participation.
  • A cloud software web interface and a mobile application have the right functionality for the office and field workers respectively, rather than duplicating each other.
  • A mobile application is easy to use, unclattered and has just the right functionality for the field employees.
  • A mobile application allows for the fast and efficient data collection with the QR code scanning, hint lists, selection lists, photos, signature capture and creation of the PDF documents on the smartphone.

Customizable Inventory Management Process

Easily adjust QR Inventory software to your business process and workflow.

You can customize almost all aspects of the inventory management / asset tracking process:

  • Define what information to keep in the software system.
  • Create custom asset and inventory transactions.
  • Define what data should be collected for each transaction.
  • Have unlimited storage locations, defined in the software system and ad hoc.
  • Store any location information in the system.
  • Create custom groups of items to add to the inventory transaction at once.
  • Create custom alerts and reminders.
  • Multiple ways of generating, laying out and printing QR code labels.
  • QR code labels for locations for the faster processing.
  • Custom pdf receipts and custom pdf documents for the completed mobile forms.
  • Track generic, serialized and lot inventory.
  • Customize building and tracking of assemblies.
  • Create custom workflows.
  • Create custom mobile forms for the field data collection.
  • Link mobile forms to the workflow steps.
  • Customize dashboard and reports.
  • and more...

More Than Inventory Management And Asset Tracking

Extend QR Inventory software to include field data collection, mobile forms, workflow tracking and traceability.

Tie inventory and asset management into your broader business process. Select right set of modules to add functionality that you need:

  • Track equipment service and maintenance.
  • Do safety and job site inspections.
  • Collect data in the field using mobile forms.
  • Pass mobile forms between office, field and devices, where each employee fills his / her part.
  • Track building of complex multi-level assemblies, generic and serialized.
  • Track lot numbers and achieve complete traceability.
  • Track work orders through the production process / workflow, from assembly to storage to the delivery and installation.
  • Give all team access to the live project status.
  • Track items in the movable containers (pallets, racks, containers, skids, totes, etc.).
  • Have granular drill down storage locations.
  • A cstomizable field requisition process, from ordering by the field employees on the mobile devices to approval and fulfillment. Auto update purchase orders as field deliveries are recorded using QR code scanning.
  • Create and track purchase orders and invoices.
  • Create custom pdf receipts, BOL, documents on the smartphone in the mobile application.
  • Allow customers to place orders with the QR code scanning.
  • Automatically monitor asset conditions using a network of IoT sensors and a gateway.

QR Code Inventory Management Software Features & Benefits

Accurate Inventory Stock Count & Locations

Real Time Inventory Management And Assets Tracking With The Mobile Application And Barcode / QR Code Scanning

track assets and inventory with a smartphone  
Mobile Data Access & Collection

Use Smartphones To Access And Collect Data In The Field

mobile data collection  
  • Mobile Data Collection. Fill out all asset related paperwork using mobile forms on the smartphone.
  • Mobile Forms For Data Collection. Create custom mobile forms for data collection via intuitive web dashboard.
  • Mobile Data Access. Access asset specifications and documents in the field by scanning a QR code.
  • Real Time Information Flow. Collected information is submitted to a backend cloud software and is available to all authorized system users in real time.
Inventory Management Software That Fits Your Business

Customize QR Inventory Software To Fit Your Business Process And Workflow

inventory software that fits your business  
  • Track materials by SKU, lot number, serial number. You can track materials by SKU, part number, lot number, batch number or serial number. Track materials the way you need for your desired traceability level.
  • Custom Asset And Inventory Transactions. Create custom transaction types that fit your business process.
  • Custom Fields. Create custom fields to hold all required information on the assets and inventory, including image(s) and pdf files. Access this information in the field by scanning a QR code with a smartphone.
  • Custom Transaction Properties. Create custom mobile forms to collect data for the asset and inventory transactions.
  • Custom Transaction Receipts. Create pdf receipts based on your template. E-mail receipt from the smartphone, customize e-mail subject and message.
  • Custom Mobile Forms. Create custom mobile forms and checklists for field data collection.
  • Custom Alerts & Reminders. Configure and receive alerts on low inventory, expiration dates, upcoming equipment maintenance, assets that were not returned on time, and more.
  • Storage Locations.QR Inventory software gives you a lot of flexibility in defining and managing assets and materials storage locations.
  • and more ...
Track Workflow And Business Operations

Track Business Operations With A Smartphone And QR Code Scanning

custom mobile forms  
  • Custom Workflows. Create custom workflows, define steps, and provide description / instructions for each step.
  • Digital Mobile Forms. Create custom mobile forms for data collection on each workflow step. Collect any kind of data you need: environmental conditions, chemical composition, time it took to complete the task, what was done, encountered problems, etc.
  • Link Mobile Forms To The Workflow Steps. Link mobile forms to the workflow steps. Make completion of the mobile forms required or optional. Field / shop floor employees won't be able to advance a project to the next step until all required forms are filled out.
  • Collect Data In The Field.Field employees fill out mobile forms and move the project to the next step on site using a mobile application and QR code scanning.
  • Get Notifications And Reports.Get notifications when the project is moved to the next step or problems are detected. Review collected data, completed mobile forms, projects in progress and project history.
  • PDF Documents. Collect electronic signatures, create pdf documents, view, print and e-mail from the smartphone in the mobile application or from a regular computer.
Simple, Flexible And Easy To Use Inventory Software

Make Inventory Management Software Work For You, Not The Other Way Around

simple to use inventory software  
  • Inventory Management Software Simple To Learn And Use. QR Inventory is very intuitive, user-friendly, easy to learn and use inventory management software. Your employees won't need much training, and you will become productive fast.
  • Flexible And Customizable Easily adjust QR Inventory software to your business process and workflow.
  • The Right Set Of Features. QR Inventory is lightweight, yet powerful inventory management software, that has just the right set of features to get the job done.
  • Continuous Improvement. We are listening to your feedback, and are constantly adding new features. With our cloud hosting you get upgrades automatically.
  • Modular Inventory Management Software. Complimentary products and optional modules allow you to build an inventory management system based on your unique business needs and requirements.
  • Scalable. QR Inventory software will grow with your business, from one user to 1,000+.
  • Flexible Hosting Options Host QR Inventory software with us or on your company's network - it is your choice.

Asset & Inventory Management Solution That Works

QR Inventory Software Is Used By Customers In Diverse Industries

QR Inventory clientsManufacturing
Users of QR InventoryField Service
Companies who use QR InventoryProperty Management
Our clientsEquipment Maintenance
inventory management clientsConstruction
inventory management clientsFood Processing
businesses using QR InventoryBreweries & Wineries
small businesses inventoryHospitals & Clinics
medium businesses inventory managementIT Assets Tracking
inventory and asset managementHotels

What our customers say:

The system is very easy to use both for myself as an administrator and for our field personnel.

Jennifer, Deep Well Services
Everything has been very simple and easy to navigate and learn.

Kenneth, Olori High Reach
QR Inventory is exactly what I was looking for!

Bob, Spinal Tech
QR Inventory helped us out many times to locate and keep track of our samples.

Michael, W.R.Grace & Co.

Barcode / QR Code Inventory Management, Real Time Data Collection And Traceability - Case Study

How other companies use QR Inventory software and how does it help in every day business operations

Ionex Research Corporation Interview / Case Study

How Ionex Research Corporation, a manufacturer of high-performance process filtration and treatment equipment, increased operations efficiency, improved communication between departments and solved physical paperwork and record-keeping problems with QR Inventory / QR Mobile Data software.

Read Case Study
One of the hurdles IONEX was faced with was the amount of data collected at each step of the manufacturing process. It was also challenging to keep information up-to-date and communicate between departments. With QR Inventory, most record keeping tasks are completed quickly and "live" as they happen. The need for physical paperwork is eliminated and everyone in the company has access to the data.
C.M., Ionex

QR Inventory Software Integrations

Connect QR Inventory system to your existing software. Use pre-made integrations, or custom integration to connect to the accounting software, project management software or ERP / MRP software.

quickbooks online inventory   
quickbooks eeenterprise inventory   
xero inventory   
intacct inventory   
procore equipment inventory   

misys manufacturing integration   
inventory barcode scanner   
azure active directory integration   

Industries Where QR Code Asset And Inventory Management Provides The Most Benefits

Manufacturing Inventory Software With Barcode Scanning
QR Inventory software helps track and document manufacturing process, from tracking materials and assemblies building on the shop floor, to data collection, quality control, documentation and traceability.
inventory management for construction
Inventory Management for Construction Companies
QR Inventory software lets construction businesses maintain timely and accurate information on the inventory stock, parts and materials on the construction sites, in the yard and warehouse.
inventory management for laboratories
Laboratory Inventory Management, Traceability And Workflow
Tracking lab process is much easier with the mobile devices, QR code scanning and digital records collection. Track everything, from lab samples to workflow steps, and collect data on site using mobile forms.
lot number inventory tracking for food industry
Lot Traceability For The Food Manufacturers
Using mobile devices and QR code scanning, food manufacturers can achieve traceability without associated headache and tons of paperwork.
inventory management for startups
Inventory Management For Startups And Growing Small Businesses
QR Inventory software is a perfect fit for the startups and growing businesses. Just like you, we are using the new technologies to make our product efficient, simple to use and affordable.
field service inventory management
Field Service Inventory Management
QR Inventory software gives field service companies an option to track materials, parts and work tools in real time. All team members have an access to the inventory stock, equipment specs and service records on the mobile devices.

Business Use Cases For QR Code Inventory Management And Asset Tracking

stock control
BOM Parts And Materials Tracking
Use a smartphone and QR code scanning to manage bill of materials (parts, components and raw materials) on the shop floor in real time.
mobile equipment maintenance software
Mobile Equipment Maintenance Software
Using QR Inventory software field employees can record equipment maintenance and service on their smartphone, as well as review recent repair / maintenance events.
supply chain management mobile data
Supply Chain Management, Data Analytics
Gain complete real time visibility into your supply chain flow with the mobile shop floor data collection. Get actionable insights and improve your business process with the advanced data analytics.
workflow with barcode scanning
Workflow Tracking, Traceability, Mobile Forms Data Collection
Efficient real time data collection and workflow tracking for custom manufactures, labs, R&D and engineering companies. Track everything in production using mobile devices and QR code scanning, access live stats from anywhere.
asset and equipment tracking
Mobile Asset Tracking
Track field assets check in, check out and relocation in real time in the QR Inventory mobile application. Review assets location and transactions history from anywhere.
Tracking assemblies
Tracking Assemblies And Work In Progress
Keep track of your custom manufacturing projects. Track raw materials, parts that you produce and finished assemblies, check projects progress.

QR Inventory and QR Mobile Data are brand names of inventory management and mobile forms software by AHG -- a provider of mobile and cloud-based applications for business. Our unified mobile platform improves business operations efficiency by eliminating manual tasks and physical paperwork, while providing a secure cloud storage for the business records, real time access to business data for all stakeholders, comprehensive data reporting and analytics. Headquartered in beautiful Boise, Idaho, AHG software is used to manage hundreds of millions of dollars annually in inventory and assets.

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