QuickBooks Enterprise Inventory Management With Barcode Scanning

Real Time Barcode Inventory Management For Desktop QuickBooks Products

Track inventory in multiple locations with a smartphone and QR Inventory mobile application. Use a smartphone for barcode scanning and inventory data entry. Create invoices, bills and credit card charges in the QuickBooks Enterprise automatically or manually based on the recorded QR Inventory transactions.

QR Inventory

  • Inventory management with barcode scanning, QR codes, NFC, RFID or bluetooth (BLE beacon tags).
  • Customizable inventory software - you are in a complete control of your inventory management process.
  • Track inventory in multiple locations: warehouse, job sites, service trucks, etc.
  • No extra hardware is required - use smartphones for the barcode scanning, regular office printers for the QR code / barcode labels printing.

QuickBooks Enterprise

  • Comprehensive accounting tool with add ons for various business scenarios.
  • Manage money flow, financial transactions and employee payroll in one place.
  • Collaborative environment for the company employees and accountants.
  • Comprehensive financial reporting.

Managing Inventory With QR Inventory - QuickBooks Enterprise Integration

Combine a popular accounting software with the barcode scanning real time inventory management. Automate generation of the financial transactions in the QuickBooks Enterprise.


QR Inventory Integration With QuickBook Desktop Products Using Web Connector

Web based inventory software combined with the mobile application for the on site inventory tracking gives you an option to track inventory in the field and warehouse, in real time. You can use barcode scanning or RF tags (NFC, RFID, bluetooth beacons) for inventory tracking automation, and smartphones for the inventory scanning, data entry and look up. These inventory systems are very convenient, but are not directly compatible with the desktop software products. A desktop software, such as QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Pro and other QuickBooks desktop products, are running on a local network and cannot exchange data with the web software or mobile applications in real time.

Quickbooks allows near real time integration with the web based software using a Web Connector. A Web Connector is a supplementary desktop software product that initiates a connection to the web inventory software in the specified time intervals. It serves as a bridge between the web inventory software and QuickBooks Desktop software. A Web Connector fetches data from the web inventory software and delivers the data to QuickBooks Enterprise.

QR Inventory software uses a Web Connector for the real time integration with QuickBooks desktop software products.

QuickBooks Enterprise - QR Inventory Integration Points

If you decide to use QR Inventory software with the QuickBooks Enterprise integration you will be managing inventory entirely in QR Inventory. You will be processing inventory transactions in the QR Inventory mobile application, using a smartphone for barcode scanning, inventory tracking and inventory information look up. You will set up inventory management process and review inventory reports via the QR Inventory software dashboard. You will be using QuickBooks Enterprise or QuickBooks Pro for the financial tasks, and not for th inventory management.

QR Inventory - QuickBooks Enterprise integration allows you to automatically create financial transactions in QuickBooks Enterprise (such as invoices, bills, credit card charges) based on the recorded QR Inventory transactions. The integration allows you to manage inventory in real time with the barcode or RF tags scanning, and eliminate the need for the manual entries in QuickBooks Enterprise when you need to create invoices and bills.

QR Inventory - QuickBooks Enterprise Data Sync

You can import QuickBooks Enterprise data (inventory, customers and vendors) to the the QR Inventory software with a click of a button. Once the data are imported, you can start tracking inventory in the QR Inventory software and automatically send inventory transactions data to QuickBooks Enterprise.

Linking Barcode Inventory Management To The Quickbooks Financial Transactions

You are in a full control of which QR Inventory software inventory transactions are transferred to the QuickBooks Enterprise as invoices, bills or credit card charges. QR Inventory software allows you to create custom inventory transaction types, and decide which QR Inventory transactions should be linked to which QuickBooks Enterprise financial transactions. For example, you can link a Sale in the QR Inventory software to the QuickBooks Enterprise Invoice, or a Received From Vendor transacton in the QR Inventory to the Bill or a Credit Card Charge in the QuickBooks.

When linking a QR Inventory and QuickBooks Enterprise transactions you have a choice of the manual or real time transfer of inventory data to the QuickBooks Enterprise. If you select a real time version, a QR Inventory transaction will be transferred to the QuickBooks Enterprise automatically in real time and without any changes. If you need to have an option to make any adjustments to the inventory transactions before submitting it to a QuickBooks Enterprise, select a manual transfer. Manual transfer requires just several clicks, but allows you to combine several inventory batches in the QR Inventory software into one invoice or bill in the QuickBooks Enterprise, split and mix QR Inventory software batches, adjust quantity or price, or add additional items to the invoice or a bill.

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