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Inventory Software With Bill Of Materials (BOM) Management - Assemblies & Kits Module

An assemblies and kits module of the QR Inventory software helps you efficiently manage bill of materials, track building of assemblies and achieve traceability.

Bill Of Materials Management And Traceability In The QR Inventory Software

Here is a short overview of what you will be able to do using an Assemblies & Kits module of the QR Inventory software:

  • Create bill of materials (BOM) using a cloud software web interface.
  • Use bill of materials in the mobile app to track production of generic and serialized assemblies on the shop floor with barcode scanning.
  • A QR Inventory software keeps track of the built assemblies and inventory stock of the raw materials, parts and components.
  • You can quickly check how many assemblies you can build from on hand inventory, and what do you need to order for the upcoming work orders based on the bill of materials.
  • You can track inventory by SKU, lot number or serial number. Achieve end to end traceability for raw materials and finished products.
  • Use a mobile app and QR code scanning for tracking work orders through the production process. After production is completed, track store, delivery to the customer, installation, and optionally warranty service and maintenance.
  • Fill out manufacturing paperwork (quality control forms, product testing forms, etc.) on the shop floor on a smartphone or tablet using mobile forms.
  • Production tracking and manufacturing process paperwork is done on the shop floor in real time and is instantly available to the authorized software users.

How Bill Of Materials Management And Traceability Works In The QR Inventory Software


Online Bill Of Materials Management

You can create and manage bill of materials (BOM) list from parts and components in your inventory via the cloud software web interface. You can also import BOM list into the software using an .csv file. A QR Inventory software supports single level BOM, as well as multi-level BOM for the complex assemblies.

For the serialized assemblies, create bill of materials using generic names of the parts. You can then apply this BOM list to multiple serialized assemblies with the same composition. When you built each serialized assembly on the shop floor, use a mobile app to scan an assembly QR code to load its bill of materials. You can then scan in a lot number or a serial number of each part you are adding against this BOM list.


Assemblies Building On The Shop Floor Using Mobile App And Barcode Scanning

Track building of assemblies on the shop floor in real time using a mobile app. Use barcode scanning to record what materials and lot numbers you adding to the assembly quickly and efficiently. As you build assemblies, inventory stock of the used parts is automatically adjusted.

A mobile app is designed to simplify employees tasks, and minimize the time an employee spends on inventory and production tracking.

For generic assemblies, they just need to scan a QR code on the assembly and enter quantity. A QR Inventory software will automatically calculate which parts and materials were used based on the bill of materials and subtract them from inventory stock.

For serialized assemblies, an employee just needs to scan a lot number or serial number of each component against bill of materials list. A QR Inventory software will keep track of which lot number was used in each assembly, and produce traceability reports.

Production Planning With BOM

Use bill of materials for the production planning and inventory needs forecasting. Calculate the material requirements for the work order using BOM, and check materials availability. A QR Inventory software reports give you an instant view of what you can produce from the parts and materials that you have on hand, and what do you need to order for fulfilling a specific work orders.

Multi-Level Bill Of Materials

A QR Inventory software supports multi-level bill of materials. Using multi-level BOM you can create complex serialized assemblies. Each assembly can include parts and components, as well as sub-assemblies. Sub-assemblies can include lower level sub-assemblies, etc.

Once serialized assemblies are built, you can review lot numbers and serial numbers of all parts via a cloud software web interface and in the mobile app. In both interfaces, you can drill down sub-assemblies through their bill of materials, until you get to the parts and components list of the last sub-assembly. You can review serialized inventory that was used in each assembly in this manner, or search by the lot number to find all finished products where this lot was used.

Automating Serialized Assemblies Tracking And Traceability

In many cases, you need to build several units of the same product, but need to track each assembly separately due to the traceability requirements and compliance. A QR Inventory software makes serialized assemblies tracking easy and efficient.

You can create a generic BOM list that can be applied to the multiple serialized assemblies with the same composition. When physically building a serialized assembly on the shop floor, an employee has this list in the mobile app. He can instantly see what is already added to the assembly, and what needs to be added. For the newly added parts he scans a lot number or serial number against a BOM list, instead of typing in anything manually.

If each assembly that you build is unique, or you do not know before hand the exact composition and quantity of the materials, you can create ad-hoc assemblies that do not have a BOM list attached to them. In this case a shop floor employee uses a mobile app to scan each part as it is added to an assembly, and enter quantity manually.

You can mix and match ad-hoc and BOM assembly building methods to get the best results based on your production process and business workflow.

Track Manufacturing Work Orders During And After Production

With the barcode scanning mobile app you can track work orders from start to finish. Work order tracking does not have to stop at the end of the production cycle. You can continue tracking of the finished products through storage, delivery to the end user, and installation. If you provide a warranty for your products, you can use a QR Inventory software to keep track of warranty repairs and maintenance.

You can review all details for each serialized assembly using a QR Inventory software reports. Review assembly composition, lot and serial numbers of the used parts, when an assembly was built and delivered, its maintenance and service history.

A service technician can review product details and past service history on site, by scanning a QR code with the mobile app. Instant access to this info makes the work of service tech much more productive.

Bill Of Materials Management FAQ

Frequently asked questions on bill of materials management in the QR Inventory software, lot number tracking and traceability.

How BOM Management, Lot Number Tracking And Traceability Works In The QR Invetory Software

Check these frequently asked questions for a better understanding of how to handle bill of materials (BOM) management in the QR Inventory software.

❱❱ How to manage BOM and achieve traceability

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