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Smart Construction Inventory System With Modern Technologies

Manage construction site inventory, assets, and paperwork efficiently with the QR Inventory software. Complete construction projects on time and on budget.

Optimize Construction Site Operations With Smart Inventory System

Real time asset and inventory tracking on the job sites, in the yard and warehouse. Modern inventory system for construction industry that requires less work and produces better results.
barcode inventory management Construction Inventory Management

Track construction inventory in real time, in the field and warehouse using mobile app for QR code, NFC or BLE tags scanning, data entry and look up. Access live inventory data in multiple locations via a single web dashboard. Set up the system based on your business process and workflow.

Managing Construction Inventory
real time asset location Construction Equipment And Tool Tracking

Use smartphones for the efficient construction asset management on the job sites, in the service trucks or in the yard. Smart asset tags (QR codes, NFC or BLE tags) makes asset tracking fast, easy and accurate. Always know where construction assets are, assets utilization and maintenance history.

Tracking Construction Assets
real time asset location Digital Construction Site Paperwork

Digitize your construction site paperwork, from equipment maintenance forms to inspections to safety audits. Build custom digital forms that field employees will fill out on smartphones or tablets. Keep digital documents well organized, access them on demand from anywhere. Receive alerts on problems and outliers.

Mobile Forms For Construction

Making Construction Inventory Management Smart, Mobile And Real Time

Streamline your construction inventory management with mobile solutions and IoT technologies.
Mobility is obviously a huge trend... Software solutions can identify when goods are expected to be needed, as well as enable companies to track when material is received, when it’s loaded on trucks and vans, and when it is used. Most important, a mobile solution enables workers in the field to access data about the location and status of the material they need, immediately.

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A QR Inventory Software Is A Smart Solution For Construction Assets And Materials

In order to effectively manage materials, tools and equipment on the construction sites you need a software that is easy to use in the field, works with the mobile devices, supports real time inventory updates and have centralized data access.

A QR Inventory software system checks all the marks. Construction site employees use a mobile app, which allows them to record inventory updates and access info fast and easy with a QR code scan. A mobile app provides a link to a back end cloud software and a central database for the real time updates and info access. A construction site crew and office employees have live access to the up to the minute inventory status, on the mobile devices on the job site and computers in the office.

What Makes A QR Inventory System Smart

A QR Inventory software uses modern "smart" technologies to make construction inventory management fast and efficient. Using a mobile app job site workers can record inventory deliveries and usage in seconds by scanning QR codes, NFC or BLE tags. A mobile app provides a direct link to the central database, allowing for the real time updates and live data access. As a result a construction company employees put in less time into inventory and asset management tasks, and have more time to do their actual jobs. At the same time office employees have all data they need for the materials ordering, assets allocation for the construction projects and job site billing.

Smart Construction Inventory System Tags And Tracking Devices

Tags and tracking devices that makes inventory and asset management on the construction site fast, efficient and real time.

Smart Tags For Construction Inventory And Assets

  • QR Codes. QR codes is the low cost option that helps you track assets and inventory on the construction sites and in the warehouse in real time using a mobile app.
  • NFC tags. Just like QR codes, NFC tags can be scanned with both Android and iOS smartphones. NFC tags give you faster scanning speed than QR codes, and can be scanned without a direct line of sight.
  • BLE Tags. BLE tags allow you to bulk scan assets with one click in the mobile app. You can also use them with an IoT gateway for a fully automated construction asset management.

Tracking Devices For Construction Inventory And Assets

  • Mobile Phones And Tablets. Mobile phones and tablets are excellent tools for construction inventory management, asset tracking and paperwork. Job site employees can use a mobile app for scanning all types of smart tags (QR codes, NFC, BLE), review inventory stock and asset specs and documentation in the field, record inventory receiving and usage, assets check out and relocation, and filling out mobile forms.
  • Bluetooth IoT gateway. with an IoT gateway and BLE tags you can create a fully automated IoT asset tracking system. An IoT gateway scans for assets tagged with the BLE tags and sends data to a back end cloud software at preset time intervals. No extra work is required from the job site workers for asset tracking. The system works on its own, which eliminates mix ups and human errors.

Construction Assets And Inventory Management Use Cases

A QR Inventory is a modular software system that you can mix and match to achieve desired functionality for you construction business. You can use the system for inventory management, equipment and tools tracking, equipment maintenance, construction site paperwork, tracking of the products fabrication, delivery and installation, managing construction projects commissioning, and more.

Real Time Construction Inventory Management With QR Codes

Track construction inventory in the field and warehouse using mobile app and QR code scanning.

With the QR Inventory software you can track supplies and materials for each construction job through the entire cycle, from purchase order to delivery, allocation for the project, delivery to the job site and usage. Modern technologies, such as mobile app, QR codes, BLE tags, IoT gateways and cloud software make inventory management on the construction sites fast, accurate and user friendly.

Use a mobile app and QR code or barcode scanning for the efficient low cost solution for the construction inventory management. If you do not want to rely on the construction site employees for the QR code scanning, you can use a Bluetooth IoT tracking system for a fully automated asset and inventory management.

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Construction Asset Tracking With QR Codes Or BLE Tags

Use smartphones or Bluetooth IoT technology for the real time, accurate construction asset and equipment tracking.

Construction assets are used on the multiple job sites and are constantly moved around. In order to efficiently track construction assets between the job sites and the yard you need a software system that:

  • Can be easily used in the field
  • Has a real time link to the central data storage
  • Automates asset tracking process as much as possible

A QR Inventory software checks all the marks. It uses modern tools: mobile devices (smartphones or tablets), cloud software, QR code, barcode, NFC or BLE tags, IoT gateways and sensors for the efficient construction equipment tracking in real time. Field employees scan a QR code to quickly record asset re-location, access documents or record equipment maintenance. Office employees use a cloud software web dashboard to set up the system and access asset tracking reports. They can review and download reports on the current equipment and tools location, historic equipment logs, equipment maintenance data, and more.

A Bluetooth asset tracking option allows you to further automate construction asset management using mobile phones and bulk scanning, or IoT gateways for a fully automated IoT asset tracking.

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Smart Service Truck Inventory System

Manage inventory and tools on the service trucks in real time with a mobile app and QR codes or IoT.

Your service trucks are mobile. So is a QR Inventory software. You need to be able to track parts and materials that go on the truck and being used fast and error free. A QR Inventory mobile app allows field service technicians to do just that.

Company employees can track service trucks inventory in real time using a mobile app and QR code or barcode scanning. A mobile app is designed to make inventory management tasks as easy as possible for the field employees. Once a transaction is recorded in the mobile app, an inventory record is updated in the central database. Authorized software users always have a live inventory and tools view on all service trucks via a single web dashboard.

Service Truck Inventory System

Real Time Inventory Management For HVAC, Plumbing And Electrical Contractors

Manage tools, equipment and inventory in the service trucks, on the job site and in the warehouse using a mobile app and QR codes.

With the inventory management software for contractors you can easily keep track of tools and inventory that you have on the service trucks and in the warehouse. You can be sure that each service truck has the right set of tools, equipment and parts to do the job.

A QR Inventory software provides an easy way for the field technicians to track parts, materials and tools in the mobile app using QR code scanning. A technician can document equipment installation and maintenance on the job site using a smartphone and mobile forms.

Inventory and equipment info collected in the mobile app is sent to a back end cloud software in real time. All authorized software users have a real time access to the live data, on the mobile phones and on the office computers.

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QR Code Construction Tool Tracking Software

Get a full accountability for the construction tools with the QR Inventory software.

A QR Inventory software uses modern technologies to make construction tool tracking simple, efficient and error free. Field employees use QR codes and a mobile app for the quick tools check out and check in. An employee can fill out a tool inspection checklist on check out and return, and attach photos for the visual documentation. You can always check where the tools are, who was the last person to check out a tool, where and when a tool was used.

Use mobile forms to record tools maintenance, repair and calibration. Set and receive reminders to make sure you do not miss calibration or preventive maintenance.

A QR Inventory software helps you create a full accountability system for the construction tools and equipment. Prevent tools misplacement, loss and increase tools useful life.

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Non-Stock Inventory Management For Construction Projects

Track non-stock unique items that are specific to each construction job.

Construction projects often require tracking of non-stock inventory and assets. These are parts and materials that are not stocked, but are ordered as needed for each specific construction project. Non-stock assets can be supplied by the customer, ordered from a vendor or fabricated on demand within the construction company. A QR Inventory software allows you to easily track this kind of non-stock assets for the construction projects, from receiving or fabrication to installation on the job site.

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Automated Construction Asset Management With Bluetooth And IoT

Make construction assets tracking fast, efficient, and error-free with the Bluetooth low energy (BLE) tags.

Use BLE beacon tags and a smartphone for tracking assets and materials that you use for each construction project. BLE tags are more efficient than QR codes for asset tracking. If you have high volume of materials and assets that you move in and out of the job sites daily, BLE tags will save you a lot of time and will increase your productivity.

You can opt for the company employees scanning assets to move them in and out of the yard or job site. However, unlike QR codes, BLE tags do not require an employee to handle each asset and scan each tag. Instead, they can add all nearby assets to the batch with one click in the mobile app.

You can also opt for a fully automated construction asset management system using IoT gateways instead of mobile phones. An IoT system works on its own and does not require job site workers to do anything extra.

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Construction Inventory And Documentation Integrated With Procore

Tie mobile inventory tracking on the construction sites to Procore project management software.

Combine mobile inventory and asset management, mobile data collection on the job sites with the powerful construction project management platform for a complete control of the construction projects.

A QR Inventory - Procore integration allows you to do two things.

You can automatically route job site materials and equipment deliveries and usage recorded in the QR Inventory mobile app to Procore daily logs. All images taken with a smartphone camera for visual documentation are sent to Procore as attachments to a daily log entry.

You can also fill out all types of construction site paperwork on a smartphone using mobile forms. When a completed mobile form is submitted, a pdf document is automatically created and is uploaded to the Procore documents directory. You can use this option for equipment maintenance, job sites inspections, safety audits, DVIR forms, visitor and contractor induction, and more. You have a total control of the pdf document format and content via a custom MS Word template.

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Benefits Of Using QR Codes In Construction

Use QR codes on the construction sites to streamline inventory management, asset tracking and data collection.

QR Codes are a natural fit for the construction industry and contractors (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, roofing, etc.). These are industries with the dispersed field workforce. Most of the work is conducted on the multiple job sites. Tools and inventory are stored on the service trucks, as well as in the warehouse, and are used in the field, on the job sites. Job site employees do not have ready access to the computers or wifi connection. Smartphones and QR codes provide a good replacement.

QR codes give field employees a reliable way to access and record inventory and asset info. By scanning a QR code using a mobile app on a smartphone, job site technicians can access and update data in real time.

A QR code system helps construction companies create a real time communication between the job sites and the office. Everyone has an access to the same live information.

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See It For Yourself - Mobile Asset & Inventory Tracking In Action