Bluetooth Construction Inventory System: IoT Equipment Tracking Devices And A Cloud Software

Use bluetooth construction equipment tracking tags and IoT gateways or smartphones to automate inventory management on the job sites and in the warehouse. Efficient construction inventory and equipment tracking with little or no employees participation.

Construction Inventory Management Automation With BLE Tracking Devices

Bluetooth construction equipment tracking tags and IoT devices (smartphones or gateways) allow you to manage inventory on the job sites efficiently, in real time, with little or no participation of the job site employees.

  • A QR Inventory software uses modern technologies: mobile application, cloud database and software, Bluetooth equipment tracking devices and IoT gateways to make construction inventory management process efficient, reliable and error-free.
  • Job site and warehouse employees record equipment check out and returns, construction materials receiving, job site delivery and usage in real time using smartphones and a mobile application.
  • You have a variety of tags to choose from: QR codes, barcodes, NFC tags or Bluetooth tags (BLE beacon tags).
  • Use Bluetooth tracking tags (BLE beacons) for the highest degree of the construction inventory and equipment management automation. With BLE tags you will not need to scan each item individually. You can scan all materials ad equipment that you are sending to the construction site or returning to the warehouse with one click of a button in the mobile application. BLE equipment tracking tags allow you to process transactions in seconds regardless of the transaction volume. Bluetooth tracking devices are very helpful when you need to move large volume of the construction materials, tools and equipment between locations on the regular basis.
  • You can use IoT gateways instead of the smartphones for a completely automated construction equipment tracking - no humans or BLE tags scanning is required.
  • Inventory tracking data collected on the smartphones or using IoT gateways is sent to a backend cloud software in real time. All authorized software users can review up-to-the-minute inventory and equipment tracking reports.
  • A QR Inventory software gives you the flexibility to set up construction inventory tracking process based on your requirements and business workflow.

Construction Inventory Tracking With Bluetooth Tags And A Smartphone

Speed up and simplify construction inventory tracking for the field employees with Bluetooth (BLE) devices. BLE equipment tracking tags allow company employees to record construction materials and equipment movement between locations with one button click in the mobile application - regardless of the transaction volume.

Out of all IoT inventory and asset tracking options Bluetooth low energy is the only one that is natively supported by the smartphones, both iOS and Android. This option allows companies to use smartphones for either automatic continuous construction equipment tracking (as an alternative to the GPS equipment tracking), or for the bulk scanning and fast processing of the inventory transactions (as an alternative to RFID inventory tracking).

Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon tags attached to the construction equipment, pallets, cases and totes make them detectable by a smartphone within 10+ meter radius. A mobile application uses this Bluetooth capability for the bulk scanning of the construction materials and assets. Instead of looking for the QR code or barcode and scan each item individually one by one, a company employee can scan all construction materials and equipment that are being sent to the job site, are used for the project or are returned to the warehouse with one click. Processing of the transaction takes seconds regardless of how many assets are being moved between locations.

Data recorded on a smartphone is sent to a backend cloud software in real time. Authorized software users can check current inventory stock in all locations, transactions history, equipment deliveries and usage per construction project, and more on the office computers via the web dashboard.

Construction Inventory Tracking With BLE Tags And An IoT Gateway

Use a system of the construction equipment tracking devices (BLE tags and Bluetooth IoT gateways) for a completely automated inventory and equipment management on the construction sites.

A Bluetooth IoT gateway gives you an option of a completely automated construction inventory tracking without the participation of the job site employees. An IoT gateway detects equipment that enters and leaves a monitored zone, whether on a construction site or in the yard, and sends data to the backend cloud software. A gateway that comes with the IoT module of a QR Inventory software has edge processing capabilities. Edge data processing means that an IoT gateway pre-processes BLE beacons data, filters out redundant information and only sends data on the newly arrived equipment, or equipment that just left a monitored area - no constant transferring of the same equipment information. This capability significantly reduces a load on the remote cloud server, and your cloud hosting bill.

A QR Inventory software allows you to set edge processing rules, as well as configure custom alerts. You can instantly receive alerts on the misplaced assets, or assets entering or leaving a designated area.

Use Bluetooth IoT sensors to remotely monitor materials and equipment temperature and humidity conditions, receive alerts if conditions go out of the set thresholds. Prevent properties, equipment and materials damage on the job sites.

Bluetooth Devices For The Construction Inventory And Equipment Tracking

You need several types of the construction equipment tracking devices:

  • Bluetooth (BLE) tags for the construction equipment, assets and materials.
  • A device that transfers data received from BLE tags to the backend cloud software. This device can be a smartphone or a dedicated IoT gateway.
  • If you need to remotely monitor temperature and humidity conditions on the job sites, you can include IoT sensors into the construction equipment tracking devices.

Bluetooth asset tracking tags are bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons that broadcast an inventory or equipment identification number at the regular time intervals. The ID(s) are picked up by the smartphone or a dedicated IoT gateway. An IoT gateway allows you to track construction equipment, assets and materials without any human participation. You can configure a gateway to send you an automatic instant alert on the misplaced assets. If you opt for using a smartphone for construction inventory tracking, job site employees will need to scan equipment and materials to record a transaction. The scanning of equipment tagged with BLE beacons is simple and fast - one click of a button in the mobile application adds everything to the transaction batch at once.

If involving job site employees in the construction inventory tracking process is an option, a smartphone can give you more flexibility than a dedicated IoT gateway. Company employees can collect additional information that should accompany an asset or inventory transaction - such as recording a project number, asset conditions, notes, etc. They can even add a photo taken with a smartphone camera for the visual documentation, and capture electronic signatures. Using a smartphone will also make the whole construction inventory tracking system less expensive.

QR Inventory software will work with the Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon tags and an IoT gateway purchased from us, as well as with the Bluetooth equipment tracking devices purchased from the other vendors.

Customize Construction Inventory Tracking Process To Your Needs

Set up Bluetooth construction inventory tracking system according to your business requirements and workflow.

QR Inventory software gives you the flexibility to set up a construction inventory tracking system according to your needs and requirements. Customize many aspects of your inventory management process using a secure admin web interface:

  • Custom inventory tracking process steps. Define your inventory tracking process steps, from receiving materials in the warehouse to allocation for the construction projects, delivery to the job sites and usage.
  • Choice of inventory and equipment tracking devices.
  • You can choose equipment tracking tags, scanners and gateways that fit your needs. QR Inventory software supports barcodes, QR codes, NFC tags and Bluetooth tags (BLE beacons). If you plan to track inventory using tags scanning, you can use smartphones or tablets running iOS or Android, mobile computers, or bluetooth barcode scanners. You can also use an IoT gateway for a completely automated construction equipment tracking and equipment conditions monitoring.
  • Custom data collection. Specify what do you want to track, record and report in the inventory tracking software. Field employees will be able to fill out the required information in the mobile application when processing a transaction. The data may include a job number, project number, purchase order number, vendor information, a photo of the installed asset for visual documentation, an employee signature, etc., etc.
  • Construction equipment specs and documentation accessible in the field. Define what equipment and assets information you want to keep in the software and be accessible on the job sites. Anything that you need to keep track of can be added, including images and pdf documents. Equipment information can be accessed by the authorized software users in the field by scanning a Bluetooth (BLE) tag, NFC tag or a QR code, and on the office computers via the cloud software web interface.
  • Flexible locations. You can track materials, assets and equipment in the multiple locations of different types. Include permanent storage locations, such as a warehouse, shop or yard. Track equipment and materials in the dynamic locations, such as service trucks and job sites. Track assets and inventory on the temporary, short lived projects. Optionally assign equipment and tools to the company employees, and track what each employee has in his custody.
  • Customize a cloud software dashboard. Select which data are most important and display these data on the cloud software dashboard. All custom fields displayed on the dashboard are searchable.
  • Customize assets and inventory reports. Filter by and display on the reports any of the custom fields and properties you created in the QR Inventory software.
  • ... and more

Real Time Construction Inventory Tracking Reports

Access real time construction materials stock, locations, transactions and usage reports in the field and in the office.

Review up to the minute reports in the QR Inventory software. Some of the available reports are:

  • Construction inventory stock. Review current materials stock in all locations, in the field and in the office. Set minimum and maximum stock levels globally or per location, and receive automatic low inventory alerts.
  • Construction tools and equipment locations.Check where construction equipment and tools are, for what project they are being used and who checked them out.
  • Assets usage timeline for the job site billing. Check where equipment was used during any given time period in the past, when, for how long and the total cost for the job site billing.
  • Inventory transactions history. Review construction materials movements - what did you receive in the warehouse, what was delivered to the job sites and used. Check dates for each transactions, quantity, prices, who performed the transaction, and all additional data that were collected on a smartphone - including images and electronic signatures.
  • Materials usage per project. Review what was used for each construction project, including monetary value of the parts, components and materials. Filter data by dates, custom fields, transaction types and properties to receive the exact information you need.
  • Low inventory reports. Check which locations are low on inventory and what do you need to order.
  • Inventory usage reports. Check inventory usage statistics and trends.
  • ... and more

Bluetooth Construction Inventory Tracking System Integrated With Procore

Connect Bluetooth inventory tracking software to the popular construction projects management system - Procore. Link inventory transactions in the QR Inventory software to the Procore daily logs. When you process a linked transaction in the mobile application, a daily log entry is automatically created in Procore.

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Bluetooth Construction Inventory Tracking Software With Custom Reminders

Never run out of materials on the construction sites, and make sure that construction equipment is well maintained. Create low inventory alerts, reminders on the construction equipment preventive maintenance or warranty expiration.

QR Inventory software ensures that your construction business is running smoothly, you have an adequate inventory stock for the current construction projects, you do not miss equipment inspections and maintenance, and receive alerts if something goes wrong. You can create custom alerts and reminders for:

  • Low inventory. Set minimum and maximum stock level globally and by location, and receive automatic alerts when construction inventory stock falls below reorder point. Receive a list of inventory with current stock quantity, re-order point and what you need to order to get to your desired stock level.
  • Preventive maintenance. Set a preventive maintenance schedule for the construction equipment, and receive alerts when the next preventive maintenance or routine inspection of the construction equipment is due.
  • Warranty expiration. Receive alerts when warranty on your construction equipment is about to expire.
  • Construction inventory on the purchase order. Set a due date on the purchase orders, and receive alert if the purchase order is not completely fulfilled by the due date.
  • Receive alerts when something is wrong. Receive automatic alerts if construction equipment inspection or maintenance reveal an outlier that requires immediate attention.
  • ... and more

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