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Bluetooth Asset Tracking System With Smartphones Or IoT Gateways

Go beyond barcodes and QR codes for asset tracking automation. BLE tags allow you to track assets efficiently in real time, with no or minimal employees participation. Use smartphones for the bulk BLE tags scanning. Update status of the assets batch at once with a click of a button in the mobile app. IoT gateways allow you to track and monitor assets automatically 24/7.

Modern IoT Technologies Automate Asset Management Process

The need to make industries smarter than they were has made asset tracking and monitoring system an essential feature of the modern enterprises... As a result, more companies are investing heavily in IoT-based asset tracking and monitoring.

Franklin Okeke, Tech Republic   

Digital Asset Management System

An IoT module of the QR Inventory software gives you the right tools and set of technologies for your needs and budget. You can use employees with the smartphones for the fast and efficient field asset tracking. If this is not an option, you can implement a fully automated asset tracking and monitoring system using BLE tags and IoT gateways.
BLE sensors help you monitor assets conditions remotely 24/7. You get an instant alert if any of the values go out of the acceptable range.
Always know where your assets are, quickly identify missing assets and where they were seen last. Prevent assets misplacement, projects delays due to the missing tools and equipment, and costly equipment breakdowns.

Why Use Bluetooth Technology For IoT Asset Tracking

Out of the existing IoT asset tracking technologies Bluetooth low energy (BLE) is the most practical and popular for several reasons:

  • Lower cost of Bluetooth IoT devices BLE tags, sensors and gateways are widely available and are relatively low cost. For the asset tracking system Bluetooth has the best price to value ratio.
  • Bluetooth is compatible with mobile phones, tablets and computers Most modern smartphones, tablets and laptops have built-in Bluetooth chip. It is easy for the BLE asset tracking system users to interact with and locate tracked assets using their own mobile devices.
  • Bluetooth has a good scanning range You can detect assets in the radius of 100 meters or more using Bluetooth gateways and BLE tags.
  • BLE tags that are used for the Bluetooth asset tracking are small, low-cost devices. You can purchase them from many different vendors. It is easy to attach BLE tags to the assets and enter assets into the tracking system using a smartphone and a mobile app.
  • Bluetooth technology is standardized Bluetooth technology is standardized and is widely adopted. You can combine BLE devices and asset tracking software from different vendors and have a well functioning asset management system.
  • Bluetooth devices are easy to deploy Setting up a Bluetooth asset tracking system does not require much effort. The BLE system deployment process is less complex as compared to some other IoT technologies.
  • Bluetooth is secure Bluetooth offers built-in security features, such as encryption and auth protocols. You can use it to protects the data exchange between the IoT devices, making an asset tracking systems secure.
  • Bluetooth low energy has low power use Bluetooth low energy (BLE) is designed for low power use. This allows asset tracking IoT devices to operate for a long time without battery replacements.

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Bluetooth Asset Tracking System Components

An IoT module of the QR Inventory software includes all components that you need for the automated asset management, tracking and monitoring. We provide BLE tags for the assets, sensors and gateways. On the software side, a Bluetooth asset tracking system includes a mobile app, a gateway software and a cloud software.

BLE Asset Tracking Hardware

  • BLE tags. Bluetooth low energy (BLE) tags, waterproof, durable, suitable for the outdoor environment. BLE tags have a good scanning range and a long battery life.
  • BLE IoT sensors. Optional Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensors. Use them for the remote conditions monitoring 24/7. Receive instant alerts on adverse conditions.
  • Bluetooth IoT gateway. An IoT gateway with edge data processing capabilities. Use it for a fully automated asset tracking system that does not require employees to do any extra tasks.

BLE Asset Tracking Software

  • Cloud software and backend database. You can set up IoT gateways and sensors, review real time asset tracking data via a secure cloud software web interface from anywhere.
  • Asset tracking mobile app. Use an asset tracking mobile app to review documents, track assets and fill out equipment maintenance forms.
  • Bluetooth IoT gateway software. A BLE gateway software is responsible for collecting BLE tags and sensors data and doing in place (edge) pre-processing. Filtered and batched data are sent from the gateway to a backend cloud software for storage and reporting.

How Bluetooth Asset Tracking Work In The QR Inventory Software

Using BLE Technology For Automated Real Time Asset Tracking

Use a dedicated Bluetooth IoT gateway or a smartphone for the real time asset tracking.

A QR Inventory software uses Bluetooth low energy technology (BLE) for the automated real time asset tracking. Bluetooth low energy is the only IoT technology that gives you a choice between using an IoT gateway or a smartphone. The only hardware that you really need to have for the Bluetooth asset tracking system are BLE tags. BLE tags are constantly broadcasting an asset ID number. This number can be picked up by a mobile phone or tablet, or a dedicated Bluetooth IoT gateway. Regardless of which BLE signal receiver you pick, the asset info is sent to the cloud software in real time. Live asset tracking data are instantly available to the authorized software users via reports.

How To Implement Bluetooth Asset Tracking System

Set up the IoT asset tracking system once, and it works by itself.

In order to set up a Bluetooth asset tracking system, you need to:
  • Attach BLE tags to the assets.
  • Enter or import assets into the software.
  • If you need to monitor assets conditions, install IoT sensors in the specific zones. You can also attach a sensor directly to an asset.
  • If you plan to use Bluetooth IoT gateways, install gateways in the locations where you plan to track assets. It can be yard, shop, warehouse, job site or a service truck.
  • Connect gateways to a network and set up scanning parameters. You can do it by logging into the IoT gateway, or remotely via a cloud software web interface.
  • Set alerts to instantly detect misplaced assets. You can receive alerts on assets appearing or disappearing from the specific locations, alerts on missing asserts, as well as sensor values that are out of range.

Once it is done, you will be able to review real time asset location, movement history and conditions logs 24/7. Review reports on demand via a cloud software web interface.

Bluetooth Asset Tracking System Reports And Alerts

What data do you get from the Bluetooth asset tracking system?

You can view and download the following reports via a cloud software web dashboard:
  • Current assets location.
  • Assets movement history.
  • Past assets locations, and for how many days or hours an asset has been at each location.
  • Asset utilization and usage reports.
  • Missing assets report, with the info on where and when the asset was last seen. Optionally you can check which employee handled an asset.
  • Alerts on misplaced and missing assets, out of range conditions, etc. Alerts include date and time when the problem was detected, and date and time when it was corrected.
  • When assets passed through the gates, on which truck or with which employee.
  • Assets discrepancies report (a truck left with one set of assets and returned with another).
  • ...and more

Benefits Of IoT Asset Tracking    IoT Asset Tracking Methods    BLE Asset Tracking Options   

Features & Benefits Of Bluetooth Asset Tracking System

IoT based Bluetooth asset tracking system gives you the full visibility into the company assets. You can check real time assets location, see a list of assets in each location, and assets movement history. You can check assets utilization over time, identify over and under utilized assets. Quickly identify missing assets and who handled them last. All these data are recorded and submitted to the cloud asset tracking software automatically, without a need for the company employees to do anything extra.

Full Assets Visibility 24/7

Real Time Asset Data

asset location  
  • Current assets location. Review where equipment and assets are at any given time.
  • Assets movement history. Review where assets have been during any time period, and for how long.
  • Easy job site billing. Check what equipment was used on each job site, when and for how many days for the job site billing.
  • Asset usage reports. Check how assets were utilized, idle vs working time. Optimize equipment rental, purchases and usage plan.
  • Missing assets. Find out which assets are missing. Missing assets are those that were not detected anywhere during certain number of hours.
  • Access Anywhere. Check reports on the office computer via the cloud software web dashboard, or on the mobile devices in the field.
  • Automated asset tracking system. IoT based asset tracking is done automatically, 24/7, without any manual labor.
Minimal Or No Employee Participartion

Automated BLE Asset Tracking System

  • Automated asset tracking with IoT gateways. Bluetooth asset tracking system with IoT gateways collects and reports assets location automatically. Field employees do not need to do anything and can concentrate on doing their main job.
  • Fast asset tracking with a mobile phone. You may choose not to use Bluetooth IoT gateways. In this case company employees can update assets status in bulk just by clicking several buttons in the mobile app. When you use BLE tags there is no need to scan each item.
  • Remote data access. You can access assets locations, movement history and usage reports on demand from anywhere via a cloud software web interface.
  • Link assets to employees. Use BLE beacon tags for company employees to find out who was handling equipment and asset.
  • Identify misplaced assets. Receive an instant alert if asset appeared in the wrong location, or disappeared from the location where it is supposed to be. Set up alerts and rules via the cloud software web interface, or by logging directly into the IoT gateway. Adjust alerts as needed.
24/7 Asset Conditions Log

Remote Assets Conditions Monitoring With Bluetooth Sensors

  • Automated asset monitoring. Use IoT sensors to remotely monitor asset conditions, such as temperature, humidity, vibration, etc.
  • Timely equipment maintenance. Use asset monitoring data to schedule maintenance as needed, prevent costly downtime.
  • Digital documentation. Digital logs of the temperature and humidity conditions are securely preserved in the cloud and are accessible on demand.
  • Asset conditions alerts. Get an instant alert if data reported by the IoT sensor are outside of the acceptable range. Set up alert rules via a cloud software web interface.
Streamline Equipment Maintenance

Digital Work Orders And Asset Maintenance System

  • Asset maintenance tracking. Digital equipment maintenance system that allows you to manage a full asset maintenance cycle. Start by creating a maintenance work order and dispatching it to a technician's mobile phone. A technician completes maintenance form in the field on a smartphone. From a smartphone a form is sent to a back end cloud software for the instant access and review.
  • Custom equipment maintenance forms. Create custom equipment maintenance forms via a cloud software web interface.
  • Field data access. Field workers can instantly access equipment documents and past maintenance history, and make informed decisions.
  • Alerts and reminders. Receive automatic alerts on upcoming events or outliers reported in the equipment maintenance form. Events can include preventive maintenance, adverse equipment conditions as reported by the IoT sensors, upcoming warranty expiration, etc.
  • Field - office link. Keep everyone in the loop. All authorized QR Inventory software users can instantly access, submit and update data. They can do it on the mobile devices in the field and on the desktop computers in the office.
  • Digital documents. Digital documents are securely preserved, are easily searchable and are accessible on demand 24/7.
Track Assets Your Way

Flexible And Easy To Use Asset Tracking Software

simple to use inventory software  
  • Asset tracking system that works on its own. One of the barriers to the adoption of the QR code asset tracking software is that company employees won't do assets scanning on consistent basis. A Bluetooth asset tracking system with the IoT gateways does not require company employees to do anything extra. Once assets are tagged with the BLE tags and IoT gateways are set up, tracking and monitoring is done automatically.
  • Flexible and customizable software. Easily adjust asset tracking system to your needs.
  • Ongoing improvements. We are listening to your feedback, and are constantly adding new features to the asset management software. With our cloud hosting you get upgrades automatically.
  • Scalable software system. A QR Inventory software will grow with your business, from 20 assets to 100,000+.
  • Flexible Hosting Options. Host a QR Inventory software with us, on your company's network or with another cloud hosting provider, such as Azure or AWS.

Bluetooth Asset Tracking Options

Bluetooth asset tracking system allows you to find a right balance between the degree of the asset tracking automation and time and money investment.

Out of all IoT asset tracking technologies Bluetooth low energy (BLE) is the only one that can directly communicate with the mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Therefore, you can skip dedicated IoT gateways, and use company employees with the smartphones for the efficient asset tracking, in the field and warehouse. You can bulk update status of all assets with the attached BLE tags with one click in the mobile app.

If you already have a network of tablets, whether iPads or Android tablets, you can use them for the automated asset tracking. You can install a gateway application on the tablets, and they will turn into the IoT gateways. You won't need to invest money into the additional hardware.

You can also use a network of dedicated Bluetooth IoT gateways for a fully automated asset tracking system.

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Business Use Cases For The Bluetooth Asset Tracking System


Bluetooth Tool And Equipment Tracking

Check work tools in and out in seconds with the BLE beacon tags and a smartphone or an IoT gateway

Automate equipment and tool tracking using Bluetooth low energy technology. Attach BLE tags to the tools and equipment, and use a smartphone or tablet for the bulk scanning. Record tools check out to the employees or job sites and tools return. Process large batches of assets fast with one click in the mobile app.

You can also use dedicated gateways for tracking equipment and tools automatically on the job sites and in the shop or warehouse.

Access tools location, transactions and usage history, calibration and maintenance reports via the cloud software web dashboard. Give field employees instant access to the equipment and tools spec sheets and operation instructions on a smartphone. Verify that an employee has the right certification before he is allowed to check out a tool.

A QR Inventory software gives you a full tools accountability and lifetime tools management history. Modern technologies, such as Bluetooth, IoT, smartphones, mobile apps and cloud software, make it easy and fast for the company employees to track, manage and use work tools and equipment.

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BLE Construction Asset Management Software

Make construction assets tracking fast, efficient, and error-free with the Bluetooth low energy (BLE) tags

Use BLE beacon tags and a smartphone for tracking assets and materials that you use for each construction project. Track assets as you assign them to a job, move to the job site and return to the yard. Track construction project materials as you receive them in the warehouse, store, move to the job site, and use for a project. Use a smartphone and a mobile app for the bulk assets and inventory updates with one click in the mobile app.

With the QR Inventory software you can have a full asset accountability for the construction jobs. You will always know what equipment should be used for each job, where it is located and how long it was in use for the job site billing. You will be able to track parts you ordered for the construction job, what was delivered and what is yet to be received. You can check where inventory is stored, what has been sent to the job site and when, and what has been used for the job. Modern technologies, such as Bluetooth low energy (BLE), smartphones, cloud software, and mobile apps allow you to manage construction assets and inventory efficiently and error-free. At the same time field and warehouse employees are not distracted from their main jobs.

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Using IoT Sensors For Remote Asset Conditions Monitoring

Monitor asset conditins 24/7 using IoT sensors and gateways

If you are dealing with the assets that should be stored or should operate at the specific conditions, an IoT temperature and humidiy monitoring system will give you a peace of mind.

An IoT system that combines asset tracking with the conditions monitoring ensures that items are always stored or transported within the proper temperature and humidity range. You will not just get temperature and humidity logs in the areas monitored by the IoT sensors. You will get a data log for each asset based on its location and movements.

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