Bluetooth Warehouse Inventory Management With IoT Temperature Humidity Monitoring

Use Bluetooth technology to turn your warehouse into a smart warehouse. Automate warehouse inventory management with Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon tags and a smartphone. Use IoT sensors network for the automatic remote temperature and humidity monitoring.

Using BLE Beacons For Warehouse Inventory Management Automation And Climate Control

Bluetooth technology (BLE beacons) is emerging as a viable alternative to RFID for the warehouse inventory management. Both Bluetooth and RFID warehouse management systems allow for the fast and reliable inventory tracking using bulk scanning. With the bluetooth inventory management system you can use smartphones as scanners, and not spend the money on dedicated RFID readers.
Use regular smartphones for the bulk scanning and tracking warehouse inventory labeled with the BLE beacon tags, and to transfer data from the mobile application to the backend cloud inventory management system. Regardless of the inventory volume flowing and and out of the warehouse daily you can record inventory receiving, movement within the warehouse, picking and shipping in seconds with one click of a button in the mobile application.

Here is how Bluetooth inventory management system optimizes your warehouse operations:

  • Know inventory stock and location in the warehouse. Label incoming inventory with the BLE beacon tags, and track warehouse storage location on site in the QR Inventory mobile application. Record what you received, when, who accepted delivery. Optionally fill out the inventory acceptance form on the smartphone using mobile forms. The recorded data are sent from the mobile application to the backend cloud software in real time, and is available to authorized system users on the office computers.
  • Review inventory movement in and out of the warehouse. Access detailed reports and statistics on the inventory flow in, out and inside the warehouse. Use statistical reports to analyze materials flow and optimize ordering and warehouse inventory placement.
  • Fast and reliable processing of inventory transactions. Smartphones can read BLE beacon tags in bulk without a line of sight. It means that you can process high volume inventory transactions in seconds with one click of a button in the mobile application. You do not need to scan individual items one by one, as you would do with the barcode scanning. The BLE beacon tags do not have to be visible, and can be inside the packaging, boxes or casing.
  • Record and access warehouse inventory information as needed. QR Inventory software gives you the flexibility to set up warehouse inventory management process according to your internal requirements and business workflow. Customize everything, from inventory transactions to the inventory information and data collected during the transactions. Use QR Inventory software secure web interface to set up the system based on your requirements.
  • Flexible tagging options. You can mix and match bluetooth inventory tracking with the barcode or QR code scanning. For example, you can use QR code scanning for the warehouse rows and shelves to indicate where inventory is placed. You can also track warehouse pallets with the BLE beacon tags, and track inventory on the pallet using QR code scanning. Any BLE tags and QR code labels combination that makes sense for your warehouse can be implemented in the QR Inventory software.
  • Optimize warehouse operations using inventory reports. Inventory reports give you the full view into the warehouse operations: what items are moving in and out quickly, what items are is spending too much time in the warehouse, what goes on back order often, what do you regularly need to pick and in what order, inventory usage trends, and more. Use these reports to optimize ordering and warehouse inventory placement for the fast storage and picking.
  • Use IoT sensors to verify that warehouse inventory is stored at the correct conditions. For the temperature and humidity sensitive assets and inventory install temperature and / or humidity IoT sensors at the warehouse zones. An IoT temperature and humidity monitoring system automatically tracks climate conditions in all warehouse zones and transmits data to the centralized cloud platform via the BLE gateway. Bluetooth warehouse inventory management system knows what is stored within each warehouse zone, and will alert you if any of the assets or inventory items are in the conditions that could be harmful.

Bluetooth Warehouse Inventory Tracking With A Smartphone

Use Bluetooth technology (BLE beacon tags) to automate warehouse inventory and assets tracking. The only hardware you will need is Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon tags for the assets and inventory. Company employees can use regular smartphones (iOS or Android) for the inventory tracking. Regardless of how many assets and inventory items you need to move in and out of the warehouse, you can process inventory transaction in seconds with one click of a button in the mobile application.

Traditionally warehouse inventory management systems were using barcodes or RFID technology for the automated inventory tracking. RFID inventory tracking is much faster and more reliable than barcode or QR code scanning, but is also much more expensive. Now Bluetooth warehouse inventory tracking can be used as a less expensive alternative to RFID.

BLE beacon tags can be used on the inventory and assets instead of RFID tags (BLE beacons can be compared to active RFID tags, not passive RFID tags, in functionality). However, unlike RFID warehouse management systems, you do not need a dedicated scanner. You can use regular smartphones, iOS or Android, for bulk assets and inventory scanning. The ability to use smartphones not only makes the warehouse inventory management system less expensive, it makes it easier for the employees to learn the system. It is always easier to learn something that you are already familiar with, and warehouse employees use smartphones and tablets every day.

A QR Inventory mobile application is linked to the backend cloud inventory management software and a central database. All data recorded in the mobile application are sent to the central database in real time. Warehouse managers can review real time inventory reports - current stock level in all warehouse locations, transactions history, etc. on the office computers via the QR Inventory software web interface.

Smart Warehouse Software With The Efficient Inventory Storage Tracking And Pick-Up

Organized warehouse and knowledge of inventory stock, locations and movements lead to the better warehouse inventory placement and efficient pick-up. A QR Inventory system allows you to create granular warehouse locations, use QR code scanning to identify locations and see what is inside, and track inventory in the movable containers (skids or pallets).

Modern warehouses are very big, and it is not an easy task to find and pick required inventory if the storage space is not well organized. A containers module of the QR Inventory software allows you to organize warehouse storage units as granular drilldown locations. You can have any number of location levels, and easily find the full location path of any asset or inventory item for a quick pick up. For the easy management you can create QR codes for the locations on all levels. Scan a QR code with a smartphone to identify the location for the inventory placement, and review everything inside the location by scanning a QR code.

You can easily track inventory on the skids and pallets as you move them around the warehouse. Containers module allows you to create warehouse locations that are inventory items and locations at the same time. As locations, pallets can contain assets and inventory, as well as other containers. You can record putting assets and inventory on the pallets and in the containers, and taking them out.

You can then move and transfer pallets between warehouse locations and zones, as you would do with the regular assets and inventory. As you move a pallet, everything on the pallet move along with it - you do not need to record a transaction for each individual inventory item or an asset.

Warehouse Climate Control: Automated IoT Temperature And Humidity Monitoring

If you are dealing with environmentally sensitive assets and inventory, you need to continuously monitor temperature and humidity conditions in the warehouse to make sure that everything is stored at the right conditions. An automatic remote temperature and humidity monitoring system will do this for you, eliminate the need for manual checking and prevent omissions and mistakes.

A combination of inventory management with the temperature and humidity monitoring system ensures that sensitive assets and inventory are always stored at the right climate conditions. A system knows the exact location of assets and inventory in the warehouse at any given time, the acceptable temperature and humidity range for the different assets and inventory items, and real temperature and humidity conditions in all warehouse zones monitored by the IoT sensors. Unlike stand alone temperature and humidity monitoring systems that only give you conditions for the zones being monitored, a QR Inventory software gives you temperature and humidity logs for all sensitive assets and inventory, based on their location and movement within the warehouse.

If any asset or inventory item is moved to the zone with adverse climate conditions you get an instant alert. If the temperature or humidity changes and becomes unsafe for any of the asset or inventory currently stored in the affected zone, you get an immediate alert as well. You also have continuous digital temperature and humidity logs to ensure product safety and for the traceability compliance.

Bluetooth Warehouse Inventory Management With Custom Data Collection

Record and access inventory and assets data that you need for your business.

QR Inventory software gives you the flexibility to set up a warehouse inventory management system according to your needs and requirements. Customize many aspects of your warehouse management process through a secure admin web interface:

  • Create custom inventory and assets transactions. These can include warehouse deliveries, storage, movement within the warehouse, pick up by the customers, shipping and delivery to the customer, just to name some options.
  • Decide what additional information you want to record for each transaction. It may be purchase order number, vendor, customer, job number, etc., etc.
  • Allocate warehouse inventory for the specific jobs, orders or projects. Create a pick list for the warehouse employees based on these data.
  • Record any data you need for the warehouse assets and inventory. Anything that you need to know about the specific asset can be recorded and accessed by the warehouse employees on a smartphone through a BLE beacon tag.
  • Create granular warehouse locations as needed, and mark locations with the QR codes for easy storage recording and inventory list access.
  • Customize inventory dashboard - show the fields that are important to you to see as soon as you log into the warehouse inventory management system.
  • Use all custom fields and properties to customize warehouse inventory reports and pull out the exact information you need.
  • ... and more

Real Time Warehouse Inventory Reports

Real time warehouse inventory stock, locations, transactions and usage reports.

Review up to the minute warehouse inventory reports in the QR Inventory software. Some of the available reports are:

  • Warehouse inventory stock and locations - always know where everything is, do not spend time searching for the items you need to pick.
  • Check stock and location of assets and inventory that belong to a customer or allocated for a project.
  • Review inventory transactions by date, part number, serial number, group or using other filters. Include all required information in the reports, including images and electronic signatures.
  • Check total flow of inventory in and out by dates, inventory part number, custom fields that you created, and other filters.
  • Receive low inventory alerts, and optionally automate purchase order creation based on this information.
  • Review monetary value of stored inventory and monetary value of inventory transactions.
  • ... and more

Warehouse Inventory Alerts: Low Inventory, Unfulfilled Purchase Orders

Make sure you do not have too much or too little inventory in the warehouse, and that purchase orders are fulfilled on time.

QR Inventory software ensures that you have an optimal warehouse stock at all times.

Set re-order point for the warehouse inventory, globally or by location, and receive automatic low inventory alerts. The alerts will include a list of items below re-order point, the actual stock count and what do you need to order based on your set maximum stock level. Optionally you can opt for the automatic creation of the purchase order(s).

Make sure that all purchase orders are fulfilled on time, and nothing falls through the cracks. Set a date when you need to have a purchase order fulfilled, and receive automatic alerts if anything on the purchase order is still not delivered by the due date.

Bluetooth Beacon Tags For The Warehouse Assets And Inventory

Bluetooth tags are bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons that advertise an inventory or an asset identification number at the regular time intervals. The advertised ID(s) are picked up by the smartphone and a warehouse management mobile application. If a user is processing an inventory transaction, all assets and inventory tagged with the bluetooth beacons within approximately 10 m radius are added to the transaction. This allows a user to add everything that should be moved between locations to the transaction with one click of a button in the mobile application. If a user wants to check stock or details on a specific inventory item or an asset, a mobile application finds a nearest asset with the BLE tag and provides required information.

Physically BLE beacon that you are using for the warehouse inventory tracking is a small lightweight plastic tag. It is round, square, or rectangular, an inch or two in width and length, and around half an inch or less thick. Bluetooth beacon tags do not require a line of sight to be scanned. You can put them inside boxes or containers, attach to the pallets, or attach to the assets or inventory items.

QR Inventory software will work with the Bluetooth low energy beacon tags purchased from us, as well as with the bluetooth tags purchased from the other vendors.

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