Mobile Inventory Management Software: Features & Benefits

QR Inventory mobile inventory system has just the right set of features to get the job done. Easy to setup and use, yet providing all features you need to integrate it into your business workflow and take assets and inventory under control.

Mobile Inventory Management System With The Cloud Backend

Have an accurate inventory picture and assets location at all times. Access inventory reports from anywhere.


Field Inventory Tracking With A Smartphone

Field employees track assets and inventory in the field, in real time, using smartphones and QR code / barcode scanning.

Live Inventory And Assets Data

Authorized users can access QR Inventory system from anywhere, on the computers in the office or mobile devices in the field, and always get accurate real time asset and inventory information.

Flexible Hosting Options

Host QR Inventory on our servers or on your company's network.

Mobile Asset & Inventory Tracking
Data Access & Collection In The Field

Track assets and inventory in multiple out-of-office locations with QR Inventory mobile application using smartphones and QR code / barcode scanning.


Inventory Management With Barcode Scanning

No manual entries - scan barcodes, QR codes or NFC tags to record or access inventory and assets information.

Use Smartphones For Barcode Scanning

No hardware to buy - use smartphones to scan QR code or barcode on an asset or inventory label. Record asset and inventory transactions on site in real time, and always have accurate inventory data.

Native Integration With The Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

If barcode scanning with a smartphone camera is not an option, you can use a handheld bluetooth barcode scanner connected to a smartphone. QR Inventory mobile application is natively integrated with the bluetooth barcode scanners for the fast, uninterrupted scanning.

Use QR Codes, Regular UPC Barcodes or NFC Tags

Use what works better for you: regular barcodes, QR codes, NFC tags. Use existing labels or generate & print new ones using QR Inventory software built-in QR code generation and printing tool.

Use Bluetooth Asset Tags For Bulk Scanning

Bulk scan assets and inventory with one click of a button in the QR Inventory mobile application using BLE beacon asset tags.

Field Asset & Inventory Information Access

Scan an inventory or an asset barcode with a smartphone to access all necessary data: inventory stock in all locations, asset technical specifications, installation instructions, drawings, pdf documentation.

Mobile Data Collection

Fill out custom forms in QR Inventory mobile application to collect all necessary asset or inventory data. Take photo(s) using a smartphone and attach to the completed inventory transaction for the visual documentation. Collect signatures on a smartphone, and create pdf receipts / documents.

GPS Location

GPS location of the asset and inventory transactions is automatically recorded, and can be viewed in the QR Inventory reports in the tabular or map view.

Batch Inventory And Assets Transactions

Add multiple assets or inventory items to a transaction using QR code / barcode scanning, submit transaction once.

Batch Assets Processing

Move multiple assets from their respective locations to a warehouse in one inventory transaction. Current location will be determined automatically by the QR Inventory software - no need to specify the location for each asset.

Customizable Asset & Inventory Management Software

Customize asset and inventory management process to fit your workflow and business model.


Custom Fields For Assets And Inventory

Create custom fields to hold all required information on the assets and inventory, including images and pdf documents. Field employees can access assets and inventory information by scanning a QR code label with a smartphone.

Custom Asset / Inventory Transactions

Create inventory transactions that make sense for your business (restocking, sale, taken for a project, return, check in, check out, transfer to a different location, lease - anything that is a part of your business workflow).

Custom Item Variants

Create custom variants (such as size, dimensions, etc.) for the inventory to keep track of each variant stock.

Custom Mobile Forms

Create custom mobile forms that field employees need to fill out along with the inventory or asset transaction. Include anything that you need to keep track of - project, client, due date, item condition upon return, etc., etc.

Add Photos To The Submitted Forms

Take photos using a QR Inventory mobile application and attach them to an asset or inventory transaction for visual documentation.

Asset And Inventory Storage Locations

Create custom fields to hold all required information on the assets and inventory storage locations (address, license number, etc.)

Custom Transaction Documentation / Receipts

Generate custom pdf receipts for the transactions based on your template. Collect customer signature and include in pdf receipt. View, print, e-mail pdf receipt from a smartphone.

Custom PDF Reports

Create pdf report for any completed mobile form, on the smartphone or via the web dashboard. E-mail report to the interested parties (co-workers, clients, external auditors). Define what should be in the report (collected data, item information, image(s) and signature), report look and layout using custom templates.

Custom Inventory & Assets Dashboard

Customize main inventory and assets dashboard to get fast access to the important data. Decide what fields to display (including custom fields that you created), and in what order. Search data by any field to produce the results you need.

Asset and Inventory Tracking in Multiple Locations

Track assets and inventory in multiple locations: in the field, on the job sites, in the service trucks, on the shop floor and in the warehouse.


Multiple Field And Warehouse Locations

Track assets and inventory in all locations you have, including warehouses, offices, job sites, service vans, client sites, employees, etc.

Permanent And Temporary Inventory Locations

If you have multiple temporary locations that come and go and are impractical to enter in the system, you still can track assets and inventory there. Enter location name manually, or scan it in to avoid errors while processing inventory transactions.

Tracking Inventory In Movable Containers

Use containers module to manage inventory in the moveable storage units: containers, pallets, skids, totes, etc. Containers are acting both as a location (you can put inventory there, take it out and check what is inside) and an an inventory item (you can move container between locations, check where container is located, etc.). When the container is moved, all inventory inside is moved along with the container.

Granular Drill-Down Warehouse Locations

Use containers module to create granular drill-down location system (e.g. Warehouse 1 -> Shelf 2 -> Row 3 -> Bin 5). Scan a QR code on any inventory storage unit with a smartphone to check what is inside.

Field Inventory Requisition and Purchase Orders

Keep track of materials ordering and receiving using purchase orders. Allow an easy inventory ordering on the job sites using field inventory requisition module.


Keep Track Of Inventory Orders And Fulfillment

Use QR Inventory accounting module to create and track purchase orders. Check what was order, what was fulfilled and when, and outstanding purchase order inventory. Set due data for the purchase orders, and receive automatic alert if purchase order is not completely fulfilled by the due date.

Receive Inventory Against The Purchase Order

Receive inventory in the field or on the job site using smartphones and barcode scanning, and purchase order will be automatically updated. Alternatively, record received materials on the purchase orders web dashboard, and automatically update inventory stock.

Field Inventory Requesition

Use field inventory requisition module to streamline inventory requests and fulfillment. Field employees order materials using QR Inventory mobile application. Inventory request goes through the automated approval and fulfillment process, and you have a complete accountability on the materials requests, fulfillment and usage.

Production Process Tracking And Traceability

Track all steps of the manufacturing production process and have full materials traceability. Trace materials and parts from the origin to installation or delivery.


Track Production Process Steps With QR Code Scanning

Create custom worflows, track projects and product batches through workflow steps on a smartphone using QR code scanning. Collect data and fill out required forms on each step in QR Mobile Data mobile application.

Review Work Orders Status, Receive Notification

Receive automatic notifications when work order is moved to the next production step. Review real time status of all current projects via a web dashboard.

Work Orders History And Documentation

Easily find and review an entire history of the current and past work orders: who did what when, work order movement through the production steps, forms filled out on each step and any problems that might have been identified during the quality control.

Materials And Parts Traceability

Track parts and materials by SKU, lot number / batch number, or serial number. Create custom fields to hold all required information on each batch. Track what batches or serialized assets / inventory were used for assembling of each product. Quickly locate potentially defective batches and products that contain them.

PDF Documents

Generate pdf documents for each completed form (quality control, inspection, product testing, etc.). Include collected information, image(s) and signature. Create custom templates for PDF look and layout. View, print, e-mail pdf documents from a smartphone.

QR Code Labels Generation & Printing

Built-in QR codes labels generation, layout and printing tool. Use any label printer or regular office printer.


Built-In QR Code Generator

Use QR Inventory software built-in tool to generate QR code labels for the assets, inventory, and inventory storage locations. Generate QR codes one at a time or in bulk.

QR Code Labels Printing

Print QR code labels one-by-one, download qr codes in bulk to print using a label printer, or download print-ready pdf file with laid out labels for printing on a regular office printer.

Initial Asset And Inventory Entry
Initial Inventory Count

Enter and count inventory on site using a smartphone and QR code / barcode scanning.


Easy Initial Inventory Entry

Bulk import assets and inventory into the system, enter via the web interface or scan in assets and inventory using a smartphone as you label them.

Initial Inventory Count

Taking initial inventory count is easy and fast. Scan inventory as you label it, enter quantity - and inventory stock data are sent to the cloud and stored in a database.

Alerts & Notifications

Don't forget or miss anything.


Low Inventory Alerts

Never run out of inventory. Set re-order point for the inventory items, globally and / or by location, and receive automatic low inventory alerts.

Overdue Items

Specify due date for the rental / leased assets, and get a report listing all overdue items.

Preventive Maintenance / Routine Inspections

Set custom reminder(s) to alert you when the next preventive maintenance or routine inspection is due.

Expiration Dates

Get an alert when the expiration date for the perishable inventory item is approaching. Create custom reminders for the food / medicine expiration dates, warranry expiration on the equipment or product, etc.

Inventory & Assets Reports

Access and export real time reports on the inventory count, locations, transactions history and usage. Filter reports by the custom fields you created, producing the exact information you need.


Inventory Stock & Locations

QR Inventory software provides multiple reports on the inventory stock and locations. Review inventory count by location, by inventory types and groups, by inventory variants. Filter data by the custom fields you created.

Inventory Transactions History

Review assets and inventory transactions and movement history. Track individual items through the production process steps. Review assets lifetime history.

Assets Historic Locations

Review assets location for any time in the past for the job site billing. The report shows at what job sites an asset was used, from and to dates, total days and calculated rental fee.

Assets & Inventory Monetary Value

Access monetary value of the assets and inventory in stock, filtered and grouped in multiple ways. Review monetary value of the asset and inventory transactions. Use these data to invoice clients for a specific date range or specific project.

Assets & Inventory Usage Statistics

Review assets and inventory usage statistics reports. Check what has been used for the specific project or client. Check your inventory usage patterns and trends. Filter inventory usage data by multiple parameters.

Inventory Software With The Modular Structure - Additional Functionality

Multiple add-on modules provide additional functionality to QR Inventory software. Mix and match modules to achieve the desired inventory management functionality.


Equipment Service And Maintenance

Keep track of the equipment maintenance and service history using a smartphone as a barcode scanner and a mobile data collection tool. Create custom mobile forms for the field technicians to fill out. Get alerts when the next equipment maintenance is due, and more.

Bill Of Materials, Assemblies & Kits

Build items into assemblies and sub-assemblies with the inventory stock adjusting automatically as you do it. See at a glance how many assemblies you can build from in-stock inventory and what needs to be ordered to build the specified number of assemblies.

Stocktaking And Asset Audits

Do physical inventory counts, cycle counts, asset audits fast and error-free using a smartphone and barcode / QR code scanning. Scanned inventory batches are sent directly to a secure cloud, never misplaced or lost. Inventory discrepancies reports are generated automatically. Eliminate manual work, reduce employee-hours and increase accuracy of the inventory count process.

Track Inventory In The Movable Containers

Manage inventory in the moveable storage units: containers, pallets, skids, totes, etc. Containers are acting both as a location (you can put inventory there, take it out and check what is inside) and an an inventory item (you can move container between locations, check where container is located, etc.). When a container is moved, all inventory inside is moved along with the container. Create granular drill-down location system - put containers inside other containers, etc.

Field Inventory Requisition

Streamlines job site inventory and materials request process, from placing a purchase order by the job site employees to the approval process to the job site materials delivery. Field employees use the QR Inventory mobile application for placing inventory requisition orders and tracking materials delivery using barcode scanning. Office employees review and manage field purchase order requests via the web dashboard.

Accounting: PO & Invoices

Automate creation of the purchase orders and invoices based on current inventory stock and recorded inventory transactions. Receive inventory against the purchase orders and automatically replenish inventory stock. Keep track of the invoices and payments.

QR Code Ordering

Reserve assets for the upcoming events, projects or for the client. Place reservations on a smartphone or via a web dashboard. Scan QR code labels to add assets to the reservation, or search by keywords. Control assets check out and check in.

Images, Documents & Signature

Take photos and attach them to inventory and asset transactions for visual documentation. Obtain customer or employee signature. Create pdf documents for inventory transactions, view, print or e-mail from a smartphone.

Accounting Integration

QR Inventory is integrated with QuickBooks®, Xero® and Intacct®, and has its own accounting module.

Procore Integration

Manage job site equipment and materials deliveries, usage, installations in QR Inventory mobile application. Send data to procore daily logs in real time.

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