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QR Inventory Management System Features And Benefits

Features and benefits of using mobile devices and QR code scanning for the real time inventory tracking.

A QR Inventory system has just the right set of features to get the job done. Manage inventory in the field and on the job sites using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Use QR code scanning for fast and efficient inventory tracking and info look up. Review live inventory reports from multiple field sites from a single web dashboard.

Table Of Contents

Cloud Inventory Software With The Mobile App
Multi-Location Inventory Tracking With QR Codes
Bluetooth IoT Inventory And Assets Tracking
Inventory Data Access And Entry
Field Orders Automation With The Mobile App
Real Time Inventory Reports
Customizable Inventory Management Process
Inventory Software Easy To Learn And Use
QR Codes Generation And Printing
Mobile Forms And Checklists
Process Tracking And Traceability
Inventory Management Software With Modular Structure

QR Inventory Features


Cloud Inventory Software With The Mobile App

Have one centralized inventory system for the dispersed field and warehouse locations. Track inventory with the mobile devices and QR code scanning. Access real time inventory reports from anywhere via a cloud software web interface.


Field Inventory Tracking With Mobile Devices

Field employees track assets and inventory in the field, in real time, using smartphones and QR code / barcode scanning.

Mobile App Linked To A Cloud Software

An inventory management mobile application is linked to the back end cloud software for real time data exchange.

Live Inventory And Assets Data

Authorized software users can access live data from anywhere. They can use mobile phones in the field and computers in the office.

Flexible Software Hosting Options

Host QR Inventory software on our servers or on your company's network.

Multi-Location Inventory Tracking With The QR Codes

Track assets and inventory in multiple out-of-office locations. Use QR Inventory mobile app for QR code scanning, data entry and look up.


Inventory Management With QR Code Or Barcode Scanning

No manual entries - scan barcodes, QR codes or NFC tags to update or review inventory and assets information.

Use Smartphones For QR Code Scanning

You do not need to buy any extra hardware. Use mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) to scan QR codes or barcodes.

Native Integration With The Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

If QR codes scanning with a smartphone is too slow for you, you can use a hand-held bluetooth barcode scanner connected to a smartphone. A mobile app is natively integrated with the bluetooth barcode scanners.

Use QR Codes, Barcodes or NFC Tags

Use what works better for you. You can choose between barcodes, QR codes, NFC tags or BLE tags. Use existing labels or create new QR Code labels using a QR code generation tool built in the cloud software.

Batch Updates

Perform actions on multiple items at a time. Scan QR codes on all items, one after another, to add them to the batch. Then enter data and record action once for the whole batch.

Bulk Scanning Using BLE Tags

Speed up mobile inventory tracking process. Use BLE tags to bulk scan assets and inventory with one click in the mobile app. No need to locate a QR code and scan each item. One click adds all nearby assets to the batch.

Bluetooth IoT Inventory And Asset Tracking

Take inventory management process automation to the next level with Bluetooth IoT asset tracking.


Assets Tracking With BLE Tags And A Mobile Phone

Use BLE tags and a mobile phone for the fast, efficient asset tracking. Instead of scanning each item, click one button in the mobile app to detect all nearby assets.

IoT Asset Tracking Using Gateways

Use a fully automated IoT asset tracking system that does not rely on company employees. Track asset tagged with BLE beacons automatically using IoT gateways.

Remote Monitoring Of Asset Conditions

Monitor conditions of sensitive assets and inventory using an IoT temperature and humidity monitoring system. Review digital temperature and humidity logs from all sites in one central dashboard. Get instand alerts if conditions go out of range. Make sure that assets are not damaged or broken.

Inventory Data Access And Entry

A mobile inventory management software gives field technicians a tool to access and update data in real time anywhere. All team members can review and share information easily, leading to better decision making and increased productivity.


Field Asset & Inventory Information Access

Give field employees a right tool to be productive. With a mobile inventory management system they get access to the vital information with one QR code scan. They can view inventory stock level in all locations, asset spec sheet, photos, drawings, pdf documents, and more.

Mobile Data Entry

A mobile app allows field technicians to enter and update inventory information on the fly. New data are sent from the mobile devices to the back end cloud software in real time. Everyone on the team have an access to current inventory and assets information, no matter where they are.

Reduced Manual Entries In The Mobile App

A mobile application reduces manual entries and possibility of an error. Use QR code or barcode scanning when possible instead of typing in info. Select data from the lists, checkboxes or radio buttons. Smart auto fill prefills data for you when possible.

Rich Media Support In The Mobile App

Data entry in the mobile app is not limited by text. Take photos with a smartphone camera and add to the inventory transaction. Have visual documentation of returned assets and deliveries. Collect a signature from a client or a manager. Document everything, and have all digital records securely preserved in the cloud. Access digital records on demand from anywhere.

Auto Data Collection By Mobile Application

A mobile app reduces field tech work to a minimum. All data known to the mobile device is passed on to the back end cloud software automatically. This info includes a user who did the update, date, time and GPS location of the transaction.

Field Orders Automation With The Mobile App

A QR Inventory system creates a streamlined field ordering process. A mobile app and QR code scanning makes it easy for the field technicians to place orders for materials and record job site deliveries.
You need to add field inventory requisition module for this functionality.


Field Ordering With The QR Code Scan

Field technicians can easily order supplies and materials in the field using a mobile app. They can scan a QR code, or use a list of frequently ordered items.

Inventory Orders Review And Processing

A manager receives an e-mail, and can review an order online. He can approve an order, fully or in part. He can also deny the order, or place some of the items on a back order. The approved orders are going to fulfillment.

Inventory Order Fulfillment

The ordered parts are picked and are delivered to the job site. A foreman scans QR codes on the received parts, and signs for the delivery on a smartphone. This updates inventory stock and purchase order status in real time.

Purchase Orders Review

You can review and search submitted orders. See at a glance orders status, what is being ordered for each job. Review analytical reports for an overview of materials usage trends.

Real Time Inventory Reports

Have a full view of your assets and inventory in real time. Give all team members live access to the inventory stock and usage.


QR Inventory Software Reports

You can view and export reports on inventory stock, movement and usage. You can filter reports by multiple parameters to get the exact info you need. You can select what data to show on the reports, and how to order data. View photos, signatures and pdf files that accompany inventory transactions.

QR Inventory software reports include:
Inventory Stock & Locations
QR Inventory software provides multiple reports on the inventory stock and locations. You can review inventory count by location, by inventory types and groups, by inventory variants. You can filter data by the custom fields you created.
Inventory Transactions History
Review assets and inventory transactions and movement history. Track individual items through the process steps. Review assets lifetime history.
Assets Historic Locations
Review assets location for any time in the past for the job site billing. The report shows at what job sites an asset was used, from and to dates, total days and calculated rental fee.
Assets & Inventory Monetary Value
Access monetary value of the assets and inventory in stock, filtered and grouped in the way you need. Review monetary value of the asset and inventory transactions. Use these data to invoice clients for a specific date range or a specific job.
Assets & Inventory Usage Statistics
Review assets and inventory usage reports. Check what has been used for each job or client. Check your inventory usage patterns and trends. A clear view of inventory usage and trends helps you predict demand and plan purchases better. Avoid over or under stocking. Save money by not stocking obsolete inventory, and avoid project delays due to materials shortage.

Customizable Inventory Management Process

Customize asset and inventory management process to fit your workflow and business model.


Custom Fields For Assets And Inventory

Create custom fields to hold all required information on the assets and inventory. Information may include images and pdf documents. Field employees can access this data with one QR code scan in the mobile app.

Custom Inventory Records

You control what inventory actions you need to record. These can include receiving inventory in the warehouse, storing, moving, delivery to the job site, usage, sale, return, etc., etc. You decide what exactly you need to record based on your business process.

Custom Item Variants

Create custom variants (such as size, dimensions, etc.) for the inventory to keep track of each variant stock.

Decide What To Record And Report

Record any additional information that you want to keep track of in the inventor management mobile app. The info can be text, photos, signatures, etc. For each type of inventory transaction you can add a different set of data. For example you can record a PO number when you receive inventory. You may want to add a job number or a client name when you use materials for a project. You can take a photo of a checked out and checked in tool. And so on...

Inventory Storage Locations

A QR Inventory software can accommodate different businesses with different types of inventory use and storage sites. You can track inventory in one warehouse, or on multiple job sites and service trucks. You can have ad hoc inventory sites that come and go, and it is not practical to enter all of them into the software. You can track assets assigned to the employees. And you can add any data to the inventory location to have the full information that you need.

Custom PDF Documents

Generate a custom pdf receipt for any transactions based on your template. Collect a customer signature and include it in the pdf receipt. View, print, e-mail pdf receipt from a mobile app.

Custom Mobile Forms

You can create custom mobile forms for all types of forms that you need to fill out in the field. Fill out forms on a smartphone in the mobile app, and submit to the back end cloud software in real time. Access digital documents from anywhere on demand.

Custom Inventory & Assets Dashboard

Customize the main inventory and assets dashboard to get fast access to the data that are important to you. Decide what fields to display and in what order. Search data by any field to produce the results you need.

Mobile Inventory Software Easy To Learn And Use

Start using a QR Inventory software right away, achieve fast ROI.

A QR Inventory software is very easy to use. No technical knowledge or manuals are required. A user friendly and intuitive interface reduces the learning curve to the absolute minimum.

Simple and intuitive mobile app

A mobile application interface is simple and uncluttered. It has just the right functionality for the field inventory management tasks. Advanced mobile app features reduce manual entries and make field inventory tracking quick and simple:
  • QR code scanning
  • selection lists
  • hint lists
  • smart data auto-fill
  • photo capture
  • automated data capture
  • and more...

Easy to use web interface

A cloud software interface is intuitive, user-friendly and is designed to reduce repetitive tasks.

A software and mobile app walk through

Our software walk through session gets you up to speed fast so that you could become productive in no time.

QR Codes Generation & Printing

A QR Inventory software includes a built-in QR codes generation, layout and printing tool. You can use any label printer or a regular office printer.


Built-In QR Codes Generator

Use QR Inventory software built-in tool to generate QR code labels. You can create QR codes for the assets, inventory, and storage locations. Generate QR codes one at a time or in bulk.

QR Code Labels Printing

Print QR code labels the way you need. You can print QR code labels one at a time when you receive a new inventory item. You can print QR codes in bulk to mass label assets and inventory. You can do it when you implement inventory management software for the first time, or when you receive a large shipment of new materials.

QR Codes Labels Layout

A QR Inventory software allows you to create a custom layout for the sheet labels. You can then create and download a ready-to-print pdf file for your sheet labels forma, and print it on a regular office printer. No special label printers are needed.

Mobile Forms And Checklists

Replace paper forms with the mobile forms that you can fill out on a smartphone or tablet. Have organized digital documents accessible on demand.

Add mobile data collection module for this functionality.

Custom Mobile Forms

Create custom mobile forms for all types of paperwork you need to fill out. Use a cloud software web interface, or import forms. Copy similar forms and make changes to speed up the process.

Fill Out Forms In The Mobile App

Download the right for on a smartphone or tablet with a QR code scan. Fill out on a smartphone and submit to the back end cloud software in real time.

Offline Data Collection

If data connection is not available, you can still complete forms in the field. Submit all completed forms with one click when connection is available.

Organized Digital Documents

Access organized digital documents via the cloud software web interface. Search records by multiple parameters to find info that you need fast.

Custom pdf documents

Create custom pdf documents based on your template. Define document look, layout, and what should be included. Email document from a mobile phone to the selected recipients.

Mobile Process Tracking And Traceability

Track manufacturing workflow with barcode scanning and have full materials traceability. Trace materials and parts from the origin to installation or delivery.


Track Process Steps With QR Code Scanning

Create custom worflows via a cloud software web interface. Track work orders through the steps in a mobile application. Use QR code scanning to quickly identify work order and move it to the next step.

Mobile Data Collection

Collect data and fill out required forms on each step in the mobile app. Submit to the back end cloud software in real time.

Live Work Orders Status

Receive email alerts when a work order is moved to the next step. Review the real time status of all jobs via a cloud software web dashboard.

Work Orders History And Documentation

Easily find and review an entire history of the current and past work orders. Check who did what when, how a work order moved through the steps. Check forms filled out on each step. Address any problems that were identified during the quality control.

Materials And Parts Traceability

Track parts and materials by SKU, lot number or serial number. Create custom fields to hold all data that you need on each batch. Track what lots were used for assembling of each product. Quickly locate potentially defective batches and products that contain them.

Custom PDF Documents

Generate a pdf document for each completed form. Include data, images and signatures. Control PDF look and layout with the custom template. View, print and e-mail pdf documents from a mobile app.

Inventory Management Software With Modular Structure

Multiple add-on modules provide additional functionality to the QR Inventory software. Mix and match modules to create a system that fits your desired inventory management process.


Equipment Service And Maintenance

Keep track of the equipment maintenance and service history. Use a smartphone as a QR code scanner and a mobile data collection tool. Create custom mobile forms for the field technicians to fill out. Get alerts when the next equipment maintenance is due.

BOM Inventory Management

Track build of assemblies using a mobile application and QR code scanning. Inventory stock adjusts automatically as you add parts to the assembly. See at a glance how many assemblies you can build from in-stock inventory. Check what you need to order to build the specified number of assemblies.

Stocktaking And Asset Audits

Do physical inventory counts, cycle counts, asset audits fast and error-free. Use a smartphone and a mobile app for barcode or QR code scanning.

Track Warehouse Pallets And Racks

Manage inventory in the moveable storage units: containers, pallets, skids, totes, etc. Containers are acting both as a location and as an inventory item. You can move inventory in and out of the container. You can also move containers between locations. When a container is moved, all inventory inside is moved along with it. A container module also allows you to create a granular drill-down location system. You can put containers inside other containers, creating a multi-level location system.

Field Inventory Requisition

Streamlines job site materials request process. A QR Inventory software field inventory requisition module handles the whole ordering flow. Placed orders go through approval, fulfillment and delivery to the job site. Every step is recorded using QR codes scanning and a mobile app.

Accounting: PO & Invoices

Automate creation of the purchase orders based on the current stock and pre set re-order points. Receive inventory against the purchase orders and automatically replenish inventory stock. Keep track of the invoices and payments.

QR Code Ordering

Allow your clients to place orders in the mobile app using QR code scanning. Giving clients a fast and convenient way to place orders with you makes you more competitive!

Images, Documents & Signature

Take photos and attach them to the inventory records for visual documentation. Obtain customer or employee signature. Create pdf receipts using a custom layout. View, print or e-mail from pdf receipts from a mobile app.

Accounting Integration

QR Inventory is integrated with QuickBooks®, Xero® and Intacct®, and has its own accounting module.

Procore Integration

Track job site equipment and materials in the QR Inventory mobile application. Send data to Procore daily logs in real time.

QR Code Inventory Management System Benefits

QR code mobile inventory management software has many benefits for businesses, regardless of their size. Here are some key advantages:

QR Code Inventory System Provides Real Time Visibility

QR code inventory management software keeps you updated on inventory levels in real time. This helps you make smart plans based on accurate data. You do not get into the situations where you have too little or too much stock. This leads to better turnover and cost savings.

QR Code Inventory Management Gives You An Efficiency Boost

Mobile access and QR codes allows company employees to track inventory anywhere, and access info on the go. Inventory updates instantly go to the central database without manual work and double entries. QR code inventory management reduces errors and frees your workers to do their main job.

QR Code Scanning Mobile App Provides A Remote Inventory Data Access

Managers and staff can check inventory stock from anywhere. This is especially handy for businesses with many locations or for those working off-site. It makes team work and decision-making easier.

You Can Complete Jobs Faster

QR code inventory management software helps workers complete their jobs faster. They get real-time details about parts availability and location. This speeds up work order completion and prevents parts over ordering.

With QR Code Inventory Management You Do Not Have Over Stock Or Under Stock Issues

A QR code inventory management software gives all users access to the real time data. Seeing inventory in real time helps predict demand. You're less likely to run out of needed parts or have too much stock.

QR Code Inventory Software Saves You Money

By getting inventory levels right you cut down on costs linked to having too much stock. This includes storage, insurance, and dealing with items that become obsolete. Plus, accurate data means fewer rush orders and expensive shipping.

QR Code Inventory Management Produces Fewer Errors

Qr Code inventory management software reduces errors by using QR code scanning and automatic data syncing. This means fewer mistakes when counting stock and processing inventory transactions.

QR Code Inventory Management Automates Re-Ordering

A QR code inventory management software can set up automatic orders and create purchase orders when stock gets too low. This makes reordering smooth and keeps essential items in stock.

QR Code Inventory Software Gives You Data Insights

A QR code inventory system has built-in analytics. This helps you identify inventory usage trends. You can use this data to make smart choices about your stock.

QR Code Inventory Management Makes Traceability Easy

A mobile app and QR code scanning makes it easy to record item movement through the process.

QR Code Inventory Management System Reduces Paperwork

Traditional ways of managing inventory often need lots of manual paperwork and data entry. A QR code inventory management solution cuts this down, which means less time wasted and fewer mistakes.

Overall, a QR code inventory management software helps businesses handle their stock well, cuts costs, and frees employees for their main jobs.

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