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How QR Code Inventory Management System Works

A QR code inventory management system uses QR codes for inventory identification, and mobile phones for tracking field inventory. A mobile app provides an instant connection to the back end cloud software, allowing for the real time inventory updates and field data access. A QR code inventory management system is pefect for tracking inventory in multiple field locations, on the shop floor or in the warehouse.

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Cloud Inventory Software With A Mobile App

A QR Inventory software is a cloud-based asset and inventory tracking system accessible from anywhere, on the computer or on the mobile devices. All authorized users of the QR Inventory system have real time access to the company's asset info, inventory stock, inventory reports and data analytics.

Web interface is used by the administrators and office employees to manage assets and inventory, set up the system to fit your business process, generate and print QR code labels and run inventory reports.

A QR Inventory mobile app (available for Android and iOS) is designed to replace barcode scanners / PDAs / mobile computers. Business employees use a mobile app in the field or on the shop floor to process inventory transactions, collect data and look up asset and inventory information. A mobile app supports barcodes, QR codes, NFC and BLE tags. Company employees can use mobile app for processing inventory transactions, data entry and look up. They can take photos, collect electronic signatures, capture GPS location, create PDF receipts, fill out mobile forms, and more.

A QR Inventory mobile app saves you thousands of dollars on purchasing barcode scanning hardware and connecting it to your business network.
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A QR Inventory System Supports QR Codes, Barcodes, NFC And BLE Tags

A QR Inventory software allows you to select inventory and asset tracking technology that fits your business needs and budget.

For the simple assets and inventory tracking needs, use QR code or barcode scanning with the mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). You can generate, lay out and print QR code labels with the built-in QR code generation tool. You can also use our pre-printed QR code labels. If your assets or inventory already have manufacturer's barcodes, you can use them - no need to re-label.

For the faster inventory scanning you can use NFC tags. Alternatively, you can use bluetooth barcode scanner connected to a smartphone. A QR Inventory mobile app is natively integrated with the bluetooth barcode scanners, providing an option for the fast continuous scanning.

Finally, you can use BLE tags for the bulk scanning. Bluetooth asset tracking allows you to add the whole batch of assets and inventory to the transaction at once with one click of a button in the mobile app.
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Field Employees Access Critical Information With A QR Code Scan

Business employees are more productive when they have instant access to the info they need to do their job. Using a QR Inventory mobile app field employees can access all data on the inventory, assets and equipment with one QR code scan.

By scanning a QR code or barcode label with a smartphone field employees can access:

  • detailed item information, specs, pdf documents, images and drawings
  • inventory stock in all locations
  • recent inventory transactions
  • recent maintenance and service history
  • and more...
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Field Data Collection Using QR Codes And Mobile Forms

Inventory management and asset tracking often go hand-in-hand with the mobile data collection. You may need to track equipment maintenance and service, submit reports on assets conditions, damage reports or service requests, take meter readings, and do multiple other operations that require data collection in the field.

A QR Inventory software allows you to do field data collection efficiently using custom mobile forms. You can create stand alone mobile forms for the discrete business tasks, or link mobile forms together using custom workflows.

If you need to perform repeated tasks as a part of your business opeartions, workflow management capabilities in the QR Inventory system will significantly improve your efficiency and productivity. Company employees will be able to review instructions, record what was done, and move the project to the next step in seconds - all from their mobile devices.
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Customize Inventory Management Process To Your Business Requirements

Your business is unique, and so is the way you are tracking business inventory and assets. That's why QR Inventory software allows you to fully customize your inventory management process via the web interface.

With QR Inventory software, you can:

  • Define what information to store for the different assets and inventory groups.
  • Define transaction types that accurately reflect your business process.
  • Define what additional information business employees should collect for each inventory transaction type.
  • Use unlimited inventory locations, define what information to store for the locations.
  • Accommodate different location types: permanent storage, job sites, service trucks, customer sites, employees, etc.
  • Use QR Inventory containers module to track inventory in movable containers, and create granular drill-down warehouse inventory locations.
  • Create custom mobile forms for the field data collection, equipment maintenance, safety inspections and tasks checklists.
  • Track inventory by the part number, SKU, lot numbers, serial numbers.
  • Use Bom inventory management - assemblies and kits module to track building of the generic and serialized assemblies with multiple components. Pick a way of assemblies tracking that suits your business process.
  • Create custom transaction receipts.
  • Create custom pdf reports.
  • and much more...
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A QR Inventory System Is Flexible And Customizable

SaaS software provides a lot of benefits. You do not have to deal with the server maintenance, backups and security, and you always have the most recent software version. However, sometimes outside software hosting is not an option. We realize it, and we are flexible. You can subscribe to the QR Inventory software as a SaaS solution hosted on our server, or you can purchase a QR Inventory system and host it on your company's network.

No matter how flexible a software is, you still may have unique requirements that none of the out-of-the-box inventory software packages fulfill. We understand that inventory software should be adjusted to your business model, not the other way around. Therefore, if you have unique inventory management requirements we will customize a QR Inventory software for you to make it a perfect fit.

Customization may include integration with your internal software systems, such as accounting or ERP.
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A QR Code Inventory Management System For Non-Retail Businesses

A QR Inventory software is well suited for the non-retail businesses which need to track assets and inventory accross multiple field and warehouse locations. Some examples are field service companies, construction companies and HVAC, plumbing and electrical contructors who need to track equipment, tools, parts and supplies in the field, service trucks and warehouse. Another example is manufacturing companies, who need to track inventory on the shop floor in real time. Other examples include tracking IT and office assets, tracking lab samples, medical supplies and equipment, monitoring rentals and returns, and much more.

Using a QR Inventory mobile app business employees can easily record assets and inventory transfer, usage, check out, returns, etc. by scanning a QR code or barcode label with a smartphone. They can process inventory transactions on site in real time: in the field, in the warehouse, on the job site, on the factory floor. Updated inventory info is instantly available to all authorized users of the QR Inventory system.
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What Are The Next Steps

If you want to continue exploring a QR Inventory software on your own, we have plenty of options for you. You can read more materials on this site, including a brief summary of QR Inventory features, and how QR Inventory can be applied to different industries. You can take QR Inventory tour, and watch videos in our demos and videos section. Finally, you can request access to the QR Inventory video demo, and take QR Inventory for a test drive.

If you would like to talk to us, discuss your project and next steps, and get a quote - please contact us. We will be happy to hear from you!

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