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Landscape Inventory Management And Equipment Tracking Software

Landscaping is a seasonal business, with demand for services fluctuating throughout the year. An inventory management software helps landscape companies maintain the right inventory levels through the seasonal peaks and valleys. With the inventory management software landscape businesses can stay cost-effective, making sure they do not over-stock parts and materials, and always have supplies and equipment on hand when needed.

Inventory Management Benefits For Landscape Companies

A real time inventory management software help landscape companies control costs, avoid losses due to obsolete inventory or perishable items, and make sure that landscape projects are completed on time without delay. Here are the main benefits that landscape companies get with the effective inventory management:

  • Cost Control Inventory management software helps landscape companies avoid over-stocking and under-stocking of materials and supplies, and prevent losses due to perishable or seasonal items.
  • Enhanced Efficiency Reduce time spent on the manual tracking of the lawn care supplies and materials, and free employees for the more productive tasks.
  • Accurate Landscape Projects Planning An inventory management software shows you inventory usage and trends, and allows for the better purchases planning for the upcoming landscape projects.
  • Keeping Up With The Landscape Projects Schedule Inventory management software helps you avoid project delays due to the shortage of supplies and materials, and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Reduction in Inventory Theft and Shrinkage An accurate inventory tracking systems minimizes the risk of theft and unauthorized supplies and materials use. Periodic inventory audits help you identify discrepancies and take actions early on.

Equipment Tracking Benefits For Landscape Companies

Equipment tracking software helps landscape companies reduce operating costs, avoid project delays and increase equipment useful life. Here are the main benefits that landscape companies get with the effective equipment tracking system:

  • Preventing Projects Delays With the equipment tracking software you always know where your landscape equipment is located, who is using it and what is available for the upcoming projects. There are no project delays due to missing equipment.
  • Better Planning With the equipment tracking software you can allocate equipment for the future landscape jobs, and make sure you always have the right equipment available for the jobs when needed.
  • Timely Equipment Maintenance Equipment tracking software helps you record and keep track of equipment maintenance. Timely maintenance prevents unexpected equipment breakdowns, and extends equipment useful life.
  • Better Accountability With the equipment tracking software each employee has to check out and check in equipment, and record equipment conditions. You always know who was the last person to check out and use landscape equipment, and who is responsible for equipment loss or damage. This increase employees responsibility when handling company's landscape equipment, prevents equipment misuse, loss or theft.
  • Increased Efficiency Company employees do not spend time looking for the lost or misplaced equipment, and on the manual equipment tracking. Equipment tracking software automates the process, increasing operations efficiency for landscape companies.

How Landscape Inventory Management And Equipment Tracking Works In The QR Inventory Software

With the QR Inventory software landscape companies can efficiently manage supplies, materials, tools and equipment in real time. A mobile app with barcode scanning allows field employees to easily track what they are using and access data they need to do their job. A centralized inventory system ensures that all updates are instantly available to the crew in the field and admin software users in the office.

Landscape Inventory Management In The Field And Warehouse

Keep landscape inventory under control! Always know what you have in stock, inventory movement history and trends. Maintain the right inventory level, do not over-stock or under-stock.

Tracking Landscape Inventory With The Mobile App

With the QR Inventory software field crews do not need to have manual notes to keep an accurate track of inventory they take and use for the landscape jobs. A mobile app that comes with the QR Inventory, which is available for Android and iOS, allows them to easily track inventory, materials and supplies using their own smartphones. A mobile app is linked to a back end cloud software, providing instant inventory updates in the central database.

Landscape Inventory Management With Barcode Or QR Code Scanning

Landscape field crews use a mobile app for inventory updates and data access with QR code or barcode scanning. A barcode scanning makes it easy for the field employees to identify inventory items, and track inventory accurately. They can process inventory transactions fast, and avoid errors associated with the manual data entry.

Using Mobile App For Inventory Data Collection

As a rule you want to keep track of additional info associated with the inventory movement. For example you may want o record a PO number when you receive inventory in the warehouse. You may want to know for which project or client inventory was used. You can give a field technician an option to enter notes along with recording inventory use. All of these is easy to do with the QR Inventory software. You create custom fields for all data you need to collect for each transaction type, and field techs will fill out this info in the mobile app.

Inventory Stock Access Via The Mobile App

If a landscape crew needs a part or supplies while on the job, they can easily check where this part is available with one QR code scan in the mobile app. Then, instead of ordering the part, they can pick the closest location and pick it up there.

Maintaining Right Inventory Stock

A QR Inventory software helps you maintain the right inventory stock in the warehouse and on the service trucks. You can set min and max stock level for each service truck, as well as for the warehouse, and receive low inventory alerts when inventory falls below the pre-set minimum level. The alert will include a list of parts that need to be ordered, with the quantity you need to order to get to your desired max stock level.

Landscape Inventory Audits

Use a barcode scanning mobile app to do periodic physical inventory counts. You can do planned inventory audit in the warehouse, where multiple employees can scan inventory in their designated warehouse zones. Field technicians can also conduct ad hoc inventory audits on their trucks to verify that they have all inventory "on the books" in stock, and identify discrepancies. If any discrepancies exist, on the service trucks or in the warehouse, a QR Inventory software will identify them so that you can correct the situation promptly.

Landscape Equipment Tracking

Track landscape equipment in real time with a mobile app and QR code scanning. Always know where your equipment is, and how it is used. Create equipment accountability system, reduce equipment misuse, misplacement and loss.

Tracking Landscape Equipment With The Mobile App

Field crews can easily track equipment that they check out for the landscape jobs using a mobile app. All they need to do is scan a QR code or barcode on the equipment and tools they are checking out for a job to record a transaction. They do the same when they return equipment. The check out and check in process is fast and easy, and you always know where the equipment had been, for how long, who checked it out and return. Field employees are accountable for the equipment they borrow, and you know exactly what equipment was used for each job, and for how long, for the billing purposes.

Landscape Equipment Tracking With QR Code Or Barcode Scanning

A QR code or barcode scanning, available in the QR Inventory mobile app, helps you to do tracking fast and error free. A QR code scan uniquely identifies equipment, and links equipment to its record in the central database. There are no errors associated with the manual data entry, and equipment check out can be completed much faster.

Landscape Equipment Tracking With NFC Or BLE Tags

A QR code or barcode scanning is an efficient and low cost way to track landscape tools and equipment. However, if you want to have a more automated system, you can opt for NFC or BLE tags. NFC asset tracking will be faster than tracking with the QR codes. And with the Bluetooth asset tracking system you just need to click a button in a mobile app to add all nearby assets to the batch. No scanning of the individual assets is required.

Landscape Equipment Conditions Recording In The Mobile App

Increase landscape crew accountability for the borrowed equipment by requiring them to fill out equipment inspection form at check out and check in. You can create a custom form or checklist, with the questions relevant to your specific landscape equipment, via a cloud software web dashboard. An employee will then fill this form out in the mobile app, and can take photos with a smartphone camera to document equipment conditions. You can access completed forms via the cloud software web dashboard / reports.

Landscape Equipment Data Access In The Mobile App

Often a service tech needs to access equipment info in the field in order to operate it properly. He may need an access to equipment specs, data sheets, images, operating instructions, manuals, and other equipment document. With the QR Inventory software, a landscape field crew can easily access equipment info with one scan of a QR code in the mobile app. You control what data they can access via the cloud software web dashboard.

Landscape Equipment Maintenance

A QR Inventory software helps you optimize maintenance processes for the landscape equipment. From work order tracking, to maintenance and service forms, to field data access, to alerts and reminders - you have it all in the QR Inventory software.

Maintenance Mobile Forms

Each landscape company have different equipment set and different needs. In the QR Inventory software, you can create custom mobile forms that work for your process, company and equipment.

Tracking Equipment Maintenance In The Mobile App

Landscape crew technicians scan a QR code with a smartphone to get equipment specs, past service and repair history, and maintenance or service forms that they need to fill out. They fill out a relevant form in the mobile app as they perform equipment maintenance, and submit it to the back end cloud software in real time. Admin software users have an instant access to the completed equipment maintenance records via a cloud software web dashboard.

Equipment Alerts And Reminders

Make sure that you are staying in the loop and do not miss important equipment events. In the QR Inventory software, you can set custom reminders on anything related to your landscape equipment:

  • Preventive maintenance alerts
  • Warranty expiration alerts
  • Calibration alerts
  • Oil change alerts
  • Out of range data alerts
  • and more...

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