Field Inventory Requisition Module: Mobile Software For Field Inventory Requests

A Field Inventory Requisition module streamlines your internal purchase order process, from placing inventory request in the field using QR Inventory mobile application, to online approval and processing, to materials delivery on the job site.

    Job site employees can easily place create a purchase requisition on the job site in QR Inventory mobile application:

  • Place a request for the materials, tools or equipment in the field using QR Inventory mobile application.
  • Use barcode / QR code scanning, keywords search, or a list of frequently ordered inventory list to add items to the purchase order.
  • Specify the job number and by what date the requested materials or equipment is needed.
  • A purchase order is sent from the mobile devices to the centralized cloud location in real time, and is available for the administrator to review via the web dashboard.
  • A administrator is notified by e-mail when the order is placed.
  • Office employees manage field inventory requests via the web dashboard:

  • Review, approve or deny field inventory / equipment requests, or approve with the changes.
  • Specify which items are on the backorder.
  • Add comments for the employee who submitted the inventory requisition order.
  • Review inventory and materials requests by the job number, dates, purchase order status, etc.
  • Purchase order is updated automatically as inventory is delivered to the job site:

  • Track delivery of the ordered materials and equipment on the job site using a smartphone and barcode / QR code scanning.
  • Specify or scan in purchase order number, and purchase order will be updated automatically.
  • Deliver materials and equipment for the whole purchase order, or in parts - backordered items do not hold purchase order delivery.

Place Inventory And Equipment Requests On The Job Site Using Mobile Application

Field employees can easily create inventory and equipment requisition order on the job site using a smartphone and barcode / QR code scanning.

Job site employees use QR Inventory mobile application (available for android and iOS) to create and submit purchase order requests for the materials or equipment.

Creating and submitting field inventory requests is very easy. An employee can scan QR codes / barcodes on the inventory items that need to be replenished with a smartphone to add inventory to the purchase order, use a keyword search, or a frequently ordered items list (crib inventory list). With the crib inventory list, a user loads a list of items organized by category into the mobile application, and enters quantity for the inventory items he needs.

Optionally, a field technician can specify a job number, and date when the materials or equipment is required. He can enter a purchase order number, or the number can be generated automatically.

Once an inventory requisition order is submitted, a designated office employee receives a notification e-mail, and starts the approval process.

Manage Field Purchase Orders Requests Online Using QR Inventory Web Interface

Office employees review, manage, approve or deny field inventory requests using a secure QR Inventory web dashboard.

Authorized office employees are notified when the field inventory requisition is submitted, and can review it online using a secure QR Inventory web interface.

An authorized office employee can approve purchase order request as is, deny the request, or approve with the changes. He can also specify if some of the purchase order items are on backorder.

A requestor is notified by e-mail when purchase order status has been changed. At any time a requested can log into the web interface, and review details and status of all purchase orders that he placed.


Field / Office Purchase Order Communication

All purchase order communication is kept in one place, and is easily accessible by the field and the office.

A field technician who placed an inventory requisition order and the office employee responsible for the purchase order processing can eaily leave and respond to comments online. All communication related to a specific purchase order is preserved and can be accessed via the web dashboard, so the messages are not burried or get lost in the e-mail exchange.


Track Purchase Order Deliveries With A Smartphone And Barcode Scanning

Track inventory deliveries on the job site using QR Inventory mobile application, and the purchase order status is updated automatically.

You do not need to do manual work or double entries to keep purchase order status current. As materials or equipment on the purchase order is delivered to the job site, use QR Inventory mobile application to scan delivered items, scan in purchase order QR code, and process the delivery transaction. Once a delivery transaction is processed in the mobile application, purchase order status is automatically updated.

All stakeholders can review the details of the purchase orders online - which items were fulfilled, when, what are outstanding items and what is on the backorder, without the need for any manual updates.

Purchase Orders And Job Site Inventory Deliveries Reports

Get a complete report of what was ordered and delivered per job, as well as analytical and statistical data

Easily access all purchase order information via the web dashboard. Search purchase orders by multiple parameters: purchase order number, job number, job site location, placement and fulfillment dates, status, etc. to quickly find and organize information.

Review reports on the job site deliveries: dates, job number, job site, who accepted the delivery and when the materials have been used. Review statistical reports on total deliveries filtered by date range, job number, job site, materials category, etc. etc.

Get a complete insight into the materials ordering, delivery and usage - use this information to reduce materials waste and inefficiencies.

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