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Smart Inventory Management System For Field And Warehouse

Maximize efficiency with modern inventory management tools and technologies

" Purpose-built intelligent applications are increasingly shaping the future of the supply chain..."
Forbes Magazine, March 2024

What Is Smart Inventory Management System

Smart inventory management refers to the use of advanced technologies, smart tracking devices and data-driven approach to optimize stock tracking process. The goal of the inventory management system is to ensure that a company maintains the right amount of parts and materials at the right time and place. A smart inventory management system reaches this goal with less effort, less human errors and better results.

It provides a real time view into the stock levels and movement with minimal involvement of the company employees. Modern inventory management tools, such as smartphones, QR codes, BLE tags, IoT gateways and cloud software automate tracking tasks, and provide centralized stock access to all authorized software users. The system generates valuable data, aiding in better planning and use of resources.

Different smart inventory management methods provide various degree of automation, but all of them allow for the efficient stock control with minimal or no manual labor. With the QR Inventory software you can pick smart inventory management technologies that are just right for your business process and budget.

Smart Inventory Management System Technologies

Modern technologies allow you to track inventory smarter, with less manual labor and better results.

Smart Inventory Tags

Barcodes And QR Codes
Using QR code tags you can track inventory efficiently, in the field and warehouse, with minimal efforts from the company employees. It is a cost effective way to control your inventory in multiple locations, and provide live data to all authorized software users.

QR codes can be easily scanned by the mobile devices that your employees use every day - smartphones and tablets. With a QR code scan company employees can quickly record inventory receiving and usage, as well as access stock levels in other locations.

Using A QR Inventory software you can generate, lay out and print QR code labels, one at a time or in bulk.


NFC Tags
If you need faster scanning than the QR codes can provide, NFC tags will be a good choice for you. You can consider using NFC tags if you often need to process high volume of parts and materials, and scanning speed is important.

You still can use smartphones and a mobile app to scan NFC tags. But unlike QR codes, NFC tags do not require you to focus a mobile phone or tablet camera for each scan. You just touch a tag with the mobile device to add each item to the batch and move to the next one.

A QR Inventory mobile app works with all types of smart inventory tags: QR codes, NFC tags and BLE tags.


BLE Tags
BLE tags is the most advanced smart inventory management option. If your inventory is tagged with the BLE tags, recording a transaction takes seconds, no matter how many items you need to move. BLE tags allow for bulk scanning, meaning that one click in the mobile app will detect all nearby assets, and add them to the batch.

With the BLE tags you do not need to locate and scan each item, as you do with QR codes or NFC tags. And if you do not want to involve company employees in any inventory management tasks, an IoT gateway will do it for you automatically.

BLE tags work similar to active RFID tags, but unlike RFID tags you can scan them with a regular smartphone, either iPhone or Android phone.


Smart Inventory Tracking Devices

Mobile Phones And Tablets
Mobile phones and tablets that people use every day quickly found their way to the business applications. For inventory management tasks companies always needed mobile devices, so that employees could move around while scanning inventory and recording transactions. Mobile phones quickly replaced mobile computers as a more convenient and less expensive option.

Mobile phones can be used for scanning of all types of smart tags (QR codes, NFC, BLE tags). Using a mobile app, company employees can quickly record inventory receiving, transfer and usage, access inventory info and stock level in all locations.

Mobile phones can connect to the back end cloud software using either wi-fi or cellular connection, and update central database in real time. With the use of the mobile phones for inventory management you create a real time system, where all software users have access to live data.


Mobile Computers And Bluetooth Scanners
In some cases you may not want employees to use their own mobile phones at work. You may have security requirements, or you may need rugged devices for the harsh work environment. You may also want to have the faster scanning option than mobile phone camera can provide.

If this is the case, you can use a bluetooth barcode scanner attached to a mobile phone, or a mobile computer that runs an Android OS. In both cases you will be able to use a QR Inventory mobile app. For the fast scanning you can use SocketMobile bluetooth barcode scanner, which is natively integrated with the QR Inventory mobile app. And you can use any mobile computer that runs Android OS. This will get you rugged device, with fast scanning using a built-in scanner, and with the flexibility and convenience of the QR Inventory mobile app.


Bluetooth IoT Gateway
If you do not want to rely on company employees for inventory management tasks, you can use BLE tags and IoT gateways for a fully automated system.

An IoT gateway scans for assets tagged with the BLE tags at pre-set time intervals, processes and batches data, and sends data to a back end cloud software. A software stores data on a remote cloud server, and produces human readable reports that you can access on demand from anywhere. The IoT asset tracking system works on its own - no human participation is required.

You can use dedicated IoT gateways, or use existing network of iPads or Android tablets to work as gateways. An IoT asset tracking system in the QR Inventory software comes with the option to purchase dedicated gateways, or purchase a software that you can install on Android, iOS or Linux based devices to turn them into the IoT gateways.


Features And Benefits Of The Smart Inventory Management System

Inventory management plays an important role in maintaining business operational efficiency. Access to the real time stock level, materials movement history and low stock alerts ensure that you have the right parts and materials when and where you need them. Smart inventory management software system uses modern technologies to automate tracking process, eliminate manual errors, increase data accuracy and reduce labor costs.

    Smart Inventory Management Software Features
  • Track parts, materials, and supplies anywhere in real time using a mobile app for QR code or barcode scanning.
  • Access important info in the field in the mobile app, with a QR code, NFC or BLE tag scan.
  • Use IoT technologies, such as BLE tags and gateways, for the automated asset tracking and monitoring.
  • A Bluetooth IoT gateway allows you to track and monitor assets without relying on your workforce.
  • Data recorded in the mobile app or by the IoT gateways are updated in the central database in real time.
  • Give live stock level access for all authorized software users, on the mobile devices in the field and computers in the office.
  • Set up auto re-ordering of parts and materials based on the min and max stock levels.
  • Monitor sensitive materials remotely with the IoT temperature and humidity monitoring system.

    Smart Inventory Management Software Benefits
  • Smart inventory management system gives you a real time view into stock levels, locations, and stock movements.
  • Smart inventory management system allows for the stock tracking across various locations, including field, office and warehouse.
  • Smart inventory management system reduces manual data entry errors, which leads to the more accurate records.
  • Smart inventory management system reduces time and effort required for the manual tasks, so that your employees could focus on their main job.
  • Cloud software allows you to access data from anywhere, making it easier to manage inventory remotely.
  • With the smart inventory management system you have just right stock level - no over-stocking or under-stocking.
  • You can do a better production planning based on the analytical data and demand forecasting.

Smart Inventory Management System Use Cases


Stock Management System With Smart Tags, Mobile App And A Cloud Software

Track supplies and materials anywhere and give live data access to the field and office employees.

Modern stock management system enables accurate real time materials tracking in the field and warehouse. Smart inventory tags (QR codes, NFC, BLE), mobile devices or IoT gateways, and a cloud software create a system that is easy to use, accurate, and efficient.

Regardless of which smart tags and tracking devices you are using, all updates are sent to the back end cloud software in real time. You have a centralized inventory database to which all software users have access, on the mobile devices in the field or computers in the office.

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Construction Inventory Management With Smart Tags And IoT

Track construction projects inventory in the field and warehouse in real time using mobile app.

A QR Inventory software uses modern technologies to make materials tracking on the job sites fast, accurate and user friendly. You can track construction supplies and materials for each job through the entire cycle, from purchase order to warehouse delivery, allocation for the project, delivery to the job site and usage.

Use a QR code scanning mobile app for the efficient, low cost solution to the construction inventory management. If you do not want to rely on the job site employees for QR code scanning, you can use a Bluetooth IoT tracking system for a fully automated asset and inventory management on the construction sites.

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Smart Service Truck Inventory System

Manage inventory and tools on the service trucks in real time with a mobile app and QR codes or IoT.

Your service trucks are mobile. So is a QR Inventory software. You need to be able to track parts and materials that go on the truck and being used fast and error free. A QR Inventory mobile app allows field service technicians do just that.

Company employees can track service trucks inventory in real time using a QR code scanning mobile app. Or you can use an Android based gateway for the fully automated tools and equipment tracking in the service trucks. Regardless of your choice of tags and tracking devices, an inventory record is updated in the central database in real time. Authorized software users always have live inventory and tools view on all service trucks via a single cloud software web dashboard.

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Parts Inventory Management With The Smart Tags And Mobile Devices

Track parts and materials on the job sites, for each project and work order, in real time.

Spare parts inventory management software ensures that you always have required parts on hand for the maintenance and repair jobs. Missing spare parts lead to the job delays, which impact project delivery. A smart inventory management system ensures that you always have required spare parts where and when you need them, but there is no over-stocking.

Field techs use mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) for tracking parts deliveries, loading spare parts to the service trucks, and using them for the repair and maintenance jobs. Parts stock is updated in the centralized inventory management system in real time, and can be accessed on demand by all authorized software users.

If a required part is not available on the service truck, a field tech can quickly check part stock in the other locations in a mobile app. He can then quickly get a part from the closest site.

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Non-Stock Inventory Management Software For Construction Projects

Track non-stock unique items that are specific for each construction project.

Construction jobs often require tracking of non-stock inventory and assets. These are parts and materials that are not stocked, but are ordered as needed for each construction project. Non-stock assets can be supplied by the customer, ordered from a vendor or fabricated on demand within the construction company. A QR Inventory software allows you to easily track this kind of non-stock assets and inventory for the construction projects, from receiving or fabrication to installation on the job site.

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Using Smart Technologies For Lot Number Tracking & Traceability

Achieve full materials and finished products traceability without the paperwork or spreadsheets.

Track lot numbers and serial numbers of used parts and materials through the production process from start to finish. Replace physical paperwork with the digital records that you can access on demand from anywhere. Use mobile app for the fast and efficient lot numbers tracking and data recording. Trace serialized parts and materials from the origin to the final product. Quickly find where and when finished products were distributed in case of a problem or recall.

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Inventory Management Software With Bill Of Materials (BOM)

Track building of generic and serialized assemblies on the shop floor using mobile app and QR codes.

Regardless of what you are manufacturing - unique on demand orders or generic products, and how complex your assemblies are, you will be able to efficiently manage them using a QR Inventory smart inventory management system. You will be able to create a multi-level bill of materials (BOM) from parts via a cloud software web interface. Shop floor employees will use a barcode scanning mobile app to track the entire assembly building process in real time.

This can be as simple as recording the creation of multiple generic assemblies with one QR code scan, or as complex as tracking a process of building a multi-level assembly that spans days or months. Stock level is automatically adjusted as you use parts and materials for the assemblies building.

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Smart Inventory System For Just In Time Inventory Management

Optimize just in time inventory management (JIT) with the mobile app and a cloud software.

Just in time (JIT) inventory management method allows you to control cost by keeping stock levels low. You also risk to delay the project delivery if you do not have an inventory management software in place, that allows you to always stay on top of purchase orders and delivery schedule.

A smart inventory management system simplifies this task for you. With the mobile app you can efficiently track materials ordering, deliveries and usage.

In the QR Inventory software, you can track received materials against a PO, and receive alerts if a purchase order is not fulfilled on time. As you start working on the project, track WIP and assemblies building on the shop floor in real time. Access live project progress via the cloud software web dashboard. Make sure that the project moves along as scheduled, and that you have all parts and components for the next steps.

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Stocktaking / Physical Inventory Count

Use mobile app and barcode scanning to do physical count in hours, not days.

Use a mobile app and barcode or QR code scanning to do physical inventory count fast and without errors. Multiple employees can take part in the physical count at the same time, working in their designated warehouse zones.

An employee always sees a running batch in the mobile app, can do corrections if needed and submit count in batches to the back end cloud software. Admin software users can review running totals at any time via the web dashboard. Once count is completed, you get a report on the total count, submitted batches and discrepancies, if any.

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Smart Inventory Management System FAQ

Frequently asked questions on the QR Inventory system.

Using QR Codes For Inventory Management

QR code inventory management is a low cost option that allows you to track parts and materials efficiently, in real time, with the minimal time and effort required from the field and warehouse employees. Learn more on how to manage stock using QR codes, and how a QR code inventory management is compared to the more advanced methods, such as Bluetooth inventory and asset tracking.

❱❱ Using QR codes for inventory management

Smart Inventory Management With A Mobile App

A mobile app simplifies inventory management in the field, on the job sites and in the warehouse. A mobile app allows you to use barcode or QR code scanning for stock tracking without purchasing special equipment. It allows you to easily collect data in the field, including photos and signatures. You can capture GPS location and review assets location on the map.
A mobile app provides a link to the back end cloud software and central database. This allows field employees to instantly access and update inventory info with one QR code scan, and gives all team members access to the same live data.

❱❱ Field inventory tracking in mobile app

Inventory Management With Bill Of Materials (BOM)

Using an assemblies & kits - BOM inventory management module you can track building of generic and serialized assemblies against a bill of materials list. You can check what you can build out of materials on hand, what you need to order for the upcoming jobs, and which lot numbers and serial numbers of parts were used for each serialized assembly.

❱❱ Bill of materials inventory management

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Modern Smart Inventory Management - Blog Articles

Learn how you can optimize inventory management process with the modern technologies, such as QR codes, NFC, BLE, mobile, cloud and IoT.

How QR Codes And A Mobile App Make Inventory Management Process More Efficient

QR codes were originally invented by Toyota for a better inventory management. Regular barcodes could not fit large number of parts that Toyota used for production. Now, when smartphones and mobile apps are readily available, businesses with much smaller parts stock can benefit from using QR codes. It not only saves money on the hardware, but provides mobility and flexibility for the field workforce.

❱❱ Inventory management with QR codes and smartphones

Mobile Inventory Management And Asset Tracking

Mobile inventory management software allows you to track assets and inventory anywhere using iOS or Android mobile phones. You can use a QR code scanning mobile app for the efficient field inventory tracking. A mobile app provides an instant link to a back end cloud software. This link ensures that field, office and warehouse employees can access and update inventory info in real time.

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