Smart Inventory Management System For Field And Warehouse

A smart inventory management system provides real-time visibility into stock levels and inventory movements with minimal involvement of company employees. Modern inventory management tools, such as smartphones, QR codes, BLE tags, IoT gateways and cloud software automate tracking tasks, and provide centralized stock access to all authorized software system users. The software system generates valuable data and insights, aiding in demand forecasting, trend analysis, and strategic planning.

What Is Smart Inventory Management

Smart inventory management refers to the use of advanced technologies, special tracking tags and data-driven strategies to optimize inventory tracking process. The goal of smart inventory management is to ensure that a company maintains the right amount of parts and materials at the right time, reducing carrying costs, stockouts, and wastage while maximizing operational efficiency.

Key technologies used for smart inventory management include smart labels and tags (QR codes, NFC, RFID, Bluetooth low energy beacons), mobile devices (smartphones or tablets), IoT gateways and the cloud software. Different technologies provide various degree of automation, but all of them allow for the efficient inventory tracking with minimal or no manual labor.

With the QR Inventory software you can pick smart inventory management technologies that are just right for your business process and budget.

Real Time Inventory Management Using Smart Devices And Tags

Streamline business operations, optimize stock level with the smart inventory management system.

Here is how you can efficiently manage inventory using the QR Inventory software:

Features And Benefits Of The Smart Inventory Management System

Inventory management plays an important role in maintaining business operational efficiency. Access to the current stock, materials movement history and low inventory alerts ensure tht there is no under-stocking or overstocking. Analytical reports aid in demand forecasting, resource planing and making better purchasing decisions. Smart inventory management software system uses advanced technologies to automate tracking processes, eliminate manual errors, enhance accuracy and reduce labor costs.

    Smart Inventory Management Software Features
  • Track parts, materials, and consumables anywhere in real time using a smartphone for QR code / barcode scanning.
  • Use IoT technologies, such as BLE tags and gateways, for the automated asset and inventory tracking and remote conditions monitoring.
  • Dedicated Bluetooth IoT gateway allows you to track and monitor assets without any human participation.
  • Mobile transactions recorded with the smartphones or IoT gateways update central database in real time.
  • Continuous real time inventory tracking ensures accurate stock count in all locations, field or warehouse.
  • Access to the real time stock level for all authorized software users, on the mobile devices in the field and computers in the office.
  • Track environmental conditions for the sensitive materials with IoT temperature and humidity monitoring system.

    Smart Inventory Management Software Benefits
  • Real time visibility into stock levels, locations, and stock movements.
  • Just right inventory stock - no overstocking or understocking.
  • Automation reduces manual data entry errors, leading to more accurate inventory records.
  • Predictive analytics and demand forecasting features in smart inventory management software help you anticipate demand trends, adjust procurement and production.
  • Automated materials re-ordering based on the preset minimum and maximum stock levels.
  • Efficient inventory management across various locations, including field, office and warehouse.
  • Smart inventory management software system reduces the time and effort required for manual tasks, freeing up staff to focus on more value-added activities.
  • Cloud-based software allows you to access data from anywhere, making it easier to manage inventory remotely.

Keeping Track Of Materials Using Smartphones, Smart Inventory Tags, Cloud Software And IoT Technologies


Smart Stock Control Using Mobile Devices And Cloud Software

Track inventory stock anywhere with the smartphones, QR code or BLE tags, a mobile application and a cloud software.

Real time smart stock control enables accurate up-to-the-minute tracking of inventory levels. This is a proactive approach to inventory management, which ensures efficient operations, minimizes stockouts, and reduces excess costs. Using stock control software with analytical reporting facilitates better demand forecasting and leads to better strategic planning.

With the QR Inventory smart stock control software you have a choice of tags and scanning devices:

  • Use QR code / barcode labels and a smartphone for scanning
  • Use RF tags (NFC, Bluetooth low energy - BLE tags) and a smartphone for faster inventory processing
  • Use BLE tags and IoT gateways for a completely automated inventory management software system

Regardless of which tags and tracking devices you are using, inventory tracking information is delivered to the backend cloud software in real time. All software system users can access up-to-the-second stock level in all locations, on the mobile devices in the field or computers in the office.

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Parts Inventory Management With The Smart Tags And Mobile Devices

Track parts and materials on the job sites, for each project and work order, in real time.

Spare parts inventory management involves managing the inventory of items that are crucial for ensuring the smooth functioning of machinery or equipment. The unavailability of a specific spare part can lead to costly delays in repairs or maintenance, which can directly impact production and service delivery.

A smart inventory management system allows you to keep track of the spare parts in real time using smartphones and barcode scanning. The system ensures that the required parts are always available, but there is no overstocking.

Company employees use mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) for tracking parts deliveries, loading spare parts to the service trucks, and using them for field equipment repairs. Parts inventory is updated in a centralized cloud location in real time, giving an access to the accurate inventory stock to all authorized inventory management system users.

If a required part is not available on the service truck, a field technician can quickly access data on the part availability in the other locations on a smartphone.

Analytical and statistical reports in the parts inventory management software allow companies to better plan purchasing, avoid overstocking and downtime.

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Non-Stock Inventory Management Software For Construction Projects

Track non-stock unique items that are specific for each construction project.

Construction projects often require tracking of non-stock inventory and assets. These are parts and materials that are not stocked, but are ordered as needed for each specific construction project. Non-stock assets can be supplied by the customer, ordered from a vendor or fabricated on demand within the construction company. QR Inventory software system allows you to easily track this kind of non-stock assets for the construction projects, from receiving or fabrication to installation on the job site.

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Using Smart Technologies For Lot Number Tracking & Traceability

Achieve full materials and finished products traceability without the paperwork or spreadsheets.

Track lot numbers / serial numbers of used components, materials and ingredients through the production process from start to finish. Replace physical paperwork with digital records accessible on demand. Use smartphones for QR code / barcode / NFC tags scanning and data collection. Trace lot numbers and serialized inventory from the origin to the final product, and final product distribution / installation. Quickly find where and when finished products were distributed in case of a problem or recall.

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Inventory Management Software With Bill Of Materials (BOM)

Track building of generic and serialized assemblies on the shop floor using smartphones and QR code scanning.

Regardless of what you are manufacturing - unique on demand orders or generic products, and how complex your assemblies are, you will be able to efficiently manage them using a QR Inventory smart inventory management system. Create multi-level bill of materials (BOM) from parts via a cloud software web interface. Use smartphones and QR code / barcode / NFC scanning on the shop floor to track the entire assembly building process in real time. This can be as simple as recording the creation of the multiple generic assemblies with one scan, or as complex as tracking a process of building serialized multi-level assemblies that spans several days or months. Inventory stock of parts and materials that you use for the assemblies building is automatically adjusted. At any moment you can check how many assemblies you can build from the inventory on hand, and what do you need to order to build a specified number of assemblies.

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Smart Inventory System For Just In Time Inventory Management

Optimize just in time inventory management (JIT) with smartphones and cloud software.

Just in time (JIT) inventory ordering method allows you to control cost by keeping stock levels low. You also risk to delay the project delivery if you do not have inventory management software in place that allows you to always stay on top of purchase orders and delivery schedule. QR Inventory smart inventory management system simplifies this task for you. With the mobile application you can efficiently track materials ordering, deliveries and usage.
In the QR Inventory software, you can:

  • Create a purchase order with a list of parts and materials needed for a specific work order in the system.
  • Use smartphones and QR code / barcode / NFC scanning to track inventory receiving in the warehouse.
  • Purchase order and stock level is updated in a backend cloud software right away, so you can check what is received / not received in real time.
  • Create reminders to alert you if parts on a purchase order had not been delivered by the deadline.

As you start working on the project, track work in progress inventory and assemblies building on the shop floor with a smartphone and QR code / NFC scanning. Access real time project progress via the web dashboard. Make sure that the project moves along according to schedule, and that you have all required components for the next steps.

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Field Requisition For Smart Inventory Management And Ordering

Smart inventory management system helps you automate materials ordering and field inventory requests.

In the QR Inventory software system, you can keep track of purchase orders sent to vendors, as well as streamline the internal materials ordering process.

How you can automate vendors purchase orders creation and tracking:

  • Specified minimum and maximum stock levels and preferred vendor, and purchase orders will be created automatically.
  • Receive inventory against the purchase orders using smartphones and barcode scanning.
  • Purchase order and materials stock is automatically updated as you do it.
  • Receive materials on the purchase orders in batches or in full.
  • Set fulfillment deadline, and receive an automatic email alert if purchase order is not fulfilled on time.

Use field inventory requisition module to streamline job site inventory and materials request process. Here is how the field materials requests work in the QR Inventory software system:

  • A job site employee places an order in the mobile application, using either QR code scanning or frequently ordered items list.
  • A manager is alerted on the order, and reviews it on the office computer via the cloud software web interface.
  • A manager can approve an order partially or in full, or deny an order. He can aso put materials on the back order.
  • An approved order goes to fulfillment.
  • Ordered materials are picked, loaded on the truck and are delivered to the job site.
  • A foreman scans QR codes on the delivered materials, and internal purchase order is automatically updated.
  • Inventory stock in the storage and on the job site is adjusted.
  • A manager can review internal purchase orders at any time, check for unfulfilled orders, check items on back order, etc.

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Stocktaking / Physical Inventory Count

Use smartphones and barcode scanning to do physical counts in hours, not days.

Use smartphones and barcode / QR code scanning to do physical count / stocktaking fast and without errors. Multiple employees can take part in the physical count at the same time, counting inventory in their designated locations. An employee always sees a running batch on the smartphone screen, can do corrections if needed and submit count in batches to the server. Administrator can review running totals at any time via the cloud software web dashboard. Once count is completed, you get a complete report plus discrepancies with the inventory on the books, if any.

Inventory stocktaking module can be used as a separate software independently from the QR Inventory, or as a QR Inventory module.

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