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Work In Progress (WIP) Tracking Software With QR Codes Or IoT

Boost productivity and streamline your workflow with our efficient WIP tracking system. Track work order status in real time, gain a live view of production, and reduce bottlenecks with our easy-to-use mobile app and cloud software. Designed for manufacturers, our solution offers QR code and barcode scanning, real time tracking, BOM management, traceability and IoT option.

What Is WIP Tracking

Manufacturers often struggle with a lack of visibility into their production processes, leading to delays, inefficiencies, and frustrated customers. WIP (Work In Progress) tracking is a solution that gives you real-time insight into the status of parts, materials, and finished products as they move through your manufacturing process.

With WIP tracking software, you gain complete visibility into current jobs, including used parts and materials, job status, production history, and which tasks were completed, when, and by whom. This information empowers you to allocate resources efficiently, identify bottlenecks, prevent project delays, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

WIP Tracking Software Features And Benefits

WIP tracking software provides a centralized platform for live data access and updates to all team members. You have a full visibility into the production process and team collaboration. Real time WIP tracking ensures that the projects are completed on time and within budget.

WIP Tracking Features WIP Tracking Benefits
Real-time tracking with QR codes or BLE tags. Gain live visibility into production status and identify bottlenecks.
Custom Workflows Tailor the software to match your unique processes.
Digital forms on smartphones Streamline data collection and reduce errors.
Bill of materials (BOM) management Track components and ensure accurate inventory levels.
Lot/serial number tracking Ensure traceability and quality control.
Cloud-based dashboard with reporting Access data from anywhere and generate insightful reports.


WIP Tracking Steps: From Pre-Production to Project Completion

With QR Inventory software, you can track inventory and finished goods throughout the entire WIP cycle, from pre-production to client delivery, using barcode or QR code scanning. Here's how it works:

1. Pre-Production Inventory Management

Fast, easy and real time parts and materials management with barcode scanning mobile app.

  • Create BOM list for the job.
  • Track incoming inventory in real time using a mobile app.
  • Use QR code or barcode scanning for the fast and accurate inventory recording.
  • Record storage locations for easy retrieval.
  • Track inventory by lot numbers, serial numbers or SKU.
  • Fill out product acceptance form in the mobile app.
  • Access live raw materials info from anywhere via a cloud software.

2. Production Process Tracking

Track parts and work orders status on the shop floor in real time using mobile app.

  • Track each job progress using a mobile app and QR code scanning.
  • Record production data, and fill out digital forms on a smartphone.
  • Securely store production data and completed forms in the cloud for easy access by all team members.
  • Export WIP data and create custom reports for clients or auditors.

3. Post-Production Work Order Management

Manage client delivery, installation and maintenance.

  • Complete post-production forms (quality control,testing) on your mobile device.
  • Track storage locations for finished products.
  • Track shipments and deliveries to customers in real time.
  • Take photos to confirm accurate packing and delivery to the site.
  • Collect customer signature in the mobile app.
  • Document finished product installation using mobile forms.
  • Record warranty service and maintenance on a smartphone.
  • Provide service technicians with instant access to relevant data via QR code scanning.

WIP Tracking Software Use Cases


WIP Inventory Tracking Software With BOM For Custom Manufacturing

Track WIP inventory in real time and give live data access to the shop floor and office employees.

Empower your shop floor teams with real-time WIP inventory tracking.

Our intuitive barcode scanning mobile app lets employees track work in progress and finished products on the shop floor in real time. They can complete necessary paperwork, such as quality control, testing, and inventory acceptance forms, right from their smartphones using mobile forms.

WIP tracking software includes a customizable bill of materials (BOM) module, designed to streamline the building of complex, serialized assemblies. All data collected through the mobile app syncs seamlessly with the cloud software, giving authorized users instant access to live production status, history, traceability, and analytical reports.

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Bluetooth WIP Tracking

Automate WIP tracking process with Bluetooth IoT technologies.

Bluetooth WIP Tracking is a system that uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE) tags to automaticaly track work orders through the process. BLE tags are small plastic tags that can be attached to each work order at the start of the process. As the work order moves through the production process, BLE gateways installed at each station will detect the BLE tag and update the production status in a central database. This allows manufacturers to track the location of work orders in real time without relying on employees scanning QR codes.

Here are some of the benefits of using Bluetooth WIP Tracking:

  • Improved visibility Bluetooth WIP tracking software provides manufacturers with real time visibility into the status of work orders. This can help to improve production efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Reduced errors Bluetooth WIP tracking software reduces errors in the production process by automating the tracking of work orders.
  • Improved decision-making Bluetooth WIP tracking software provides manufacturers with the data they need to make better decisions about improving production processes.
Overall, Bluetooth WIP tracking is a valuable tool for manufacturers who want to automate work order tracking, improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

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Manufacturing Workflow Software With Barcode Scanning And Traceability

Use barcode scanning mobile app for the real time workflow tracking and end to end traceability.

A QR Inventory software empowers you to manage entire manufacturing workflow with ease. Track incoming and WIP inventory, build complex assemblies, and document every step of your process with digital mobile forms.

Key Features & Benefits Of Workflow Software

  • Real time tracking inventory tracking Gain instant visibility into the inventory of raw materials, WIP parts and components, and finished products.
  • .
  • End-to-end traceability Ensure compliance and quality control throughout your process.
  • Efficient data collection Use barcode or QR code scanning to minimize manual input and reduce errors.
  • Customizable workflows Tailor the software to fit your unique production processes.
  • Mobile app Access data and complete tasks from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Cloud software Securely store and access your data from any device.

Customizable Features Of Workflow Software

  • Create custom workflows and process steps
  • Design custom mobile forms for data collection
  • Add custom fields to store specific information
  • Customize your dashboard and reports
  • and more...

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WIP Software For Custom Jobs Tracking

Easily track customer jobs through the process using QR codes and a mobile app. Give clients access to the progress of their order.

The QR Job Tracker is a simplified WIP tracking solution designed specifically for small businesses that need to track customer jobs or orders. The software eliminates unnecessary complexities, focusing on providing a streamlined way to track job progress and share updates with both customers and your team.

Job Tracker Benefits

  • Easy to use Start tracking jobs in minutes with our intuitive interface and simple setup.
  • Real time updates Keep customers informed about the progress of their orders with live tracking.
  • Improved efficiency Save time and resources by automating job tracking and eliminating manual processes.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction Provide transparency and build trust by giving customers access to order status updates.

Start Tracking Work Orders In Three Easy Steps

  • Step 1. Order intake Enter the job or order into the system and print a QR code label.
  • Step 2. Order tracking Scan the QR code as each item progresses through the workflow, adding photos and comments as needed.
  • Step 3. Review order status Share the order number with your customer so they can track the status online. Company employees can track status of all orders via a cloud software.

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