QR Inventory Software - New Features

We are constantly adding new features to the QR Inventory software to further optimize asset and inventory tracking, in the field, warehouse or on the shop floor. New additions make QR Inventory software more versatile and adaptable to the variety of business scenarios, and allow businesses to easily integrate inventory management software into their workflow.


Asset Tracking Gateways - Hardware And Software

If you are interested in the fully automated asset tracking system, you have an option to buy a dedicated Bluetooth IoT gateway, or you can purchase a BLE gateway software that you can install on your own hardware. A gateway software is available for Linux based systems, iOS or Android devices. You may be interested in this option if you already have a network of iPads or Android tablets that you can also use as asset tracking gateways.     More On BLE Asset Tracking Gateways

IoT Temperature And Humidity Monitoring For Assets And Inventory

QR Inventory BLE IoT module gives you an opportunity to use Bluetooth gateways for automatic asset tracking, as well as monitoring of the temperature and humidity conditions of the environmentally sensitive assets and inventory.     More On IoT Temperature And Humidity Monitoring

IoT Asset Tracking - A Fully Automated Asset Tracking Using BLE Tags And IoT Gateways

If you want a completely automated asset tracking that does not require any human participation, an IoT asset tracking system, which is a part of the QR Inventory software, will work well for you. An IoT asset tracking system uses BLE tags on the assets, and Bluetooth low energy IoT gateways for data transfer. BLE gateways scan for the tags, and detect which assets are nearby. A BLE asset tracking gateway that comes with the QR Inventory software processes asset data in place, and only sends changes to the remote cloud server.    More On IoT Asset Tracking.

Bluetooth Asset Tracking

You can now use BLE tags for asset tracking - in addition to QR codes, barcodes and NFC tags. Pick technology that works best for your assets management process, or mix and match different tags to achieve the best result. Using BLE tags you can bulk scan all assets in the transaction with one click in the mobile app. This option takes assets management automation to the next step, allowing you to process large volume transactions fast and error free.     More On BLE Asset Tracking

Field Inventory Requisition

A new field inventory requisition module streamlines job site inventory and materials request process, from placing a purchase order by the job site employees to the approval process to the job site materials delivery. Field employees use QR inventory mobile application for placing inventory requisition orders and tracking materials delivery using barcode scanning. Office employees review and manage field purchase order requests via the web dashboard.

Option to update inventory transaction property

QR Inventory software allows you to define what data you want to collect for each type of inventory transaction. If some of the data that your employees need to collect in the field are not available during the transaction, or need to be changed after they were entered, you can do so now via the admin web interface.

E-mail alerts on mobile forms outlier fields

This new addition to the mobile data collection / mobile forms module of QR Inventory allows you to set custom e-mail alerts if any of the fields of the completed mobile form is an outlier (does not fall within the acceptable values). You can designate mobile form field value as outlier if it does not fall within the specified range of values, if it is more or less than the specified value, if it equals or not equals to the specified value.

With this new feature the right people will be immediately notified if something is wrong, and can act on it quickly.

Purchase Order Updates

You can now link purchase orders with the received inventory in any of these two ways:

1. Process receiving inventory transaction on site using a smartphone, specify on which purchase order you are receiving inventory - and purchase order will be updated automatically.

2. Update purchase order on the computer, and receiving inventory transaction will be created automatically, and inventory count in receiving location updated.

You can also specify due date for the purchase orders, and receive automatic alerts if some of the items are not received by the due date.

Containers Module - Inventory Management In Movable Storage Units

Now you can easily manage inventory in the moveable storage units. With QR Inventory containers module you can add a new unit - container - which is acting both as location (you can put inventory there, take it out and check what is inside) and an inventory item (you can move container between locations, check where container is located, etc.). When container is moved, all inventory inside is moved along with it.

You can check what is in the container by scanning QR code on it, as well as see where all inventory items are, both inside and outside containers.

Procore Integration

QR Inventory is now integrated with Procore - a popular construction management software. QR Inventory - Procore integration allows you to send selected QR Inventory transactions to Procore daily logs in real time, as well as access drawings in Procore by scanning QR code.

Conversion Of One Product Into Another During Workflow

Often product workflow involves conversion of the product into another, or splitting it into separate products. Often such conversions happen during the food processing. For example, the process of cheese making involves pasterizing milk (raw milk turns into pasterized milk), separating coagulated milk into curds and whey (separate products), etc. The process of coffee making involves coffee cheries pulping, where fresh coffee cherries are turned into two separate products: coffee beans and cascara. Produce sorting results in premium and standard quality produce, that may undego different processes.

New addition to QR Inventory mobile data collection module allows you to easily handle such conversions by filling out one mobile form with lot information scanned in. The history of product workflow and all collected data are preserved through all product transformation. You can easily track and restore detailed process history for each product lot, from raw milk to cheese, from fresh coffee cherries to the roasted coffee beans, and such.

Passing Partially Completed Mobile Forms Between Devices

New addition to QR Inventory mobile data collection module allows you to create mobile forms that can be passed on between mobile devices, as well as devices and office computers, where each party fills out the part of the form it is responsible for. If your process requires that different employees do different parts of the job, and each employee fills out his / her part, you can easily do it with this new addition. If your process requires data collection over period of time (for example you need to take temperature / pH measurements during fermentation process), you can do this as well.

Transferring Assets / Inventory To A Customer

If you rent / lease assets to the customers, customer name that you entered / selected / scanned in also becomes an item location. New update allows you to set up QR Inventory in such a manner that customer is automatically becoming assets location, without a need for an employee to enter / select customer twice.

Barcode Scanning In The Dark

Updated QR Inventory and QR Mobile Data mobile applications allow you to activate / de-activate turning on a flash light during scanning. With the updated application you can scan assets / inventory in the areas with poor lighting and / or outside when it is dark with no problems.

Speed Up Creation Of The Mobile Forms

With these new addition you will be able to create mobile forms much faster, especially in the situation when you need to create multiple forms which are very similar. We added options to:

  • Copy existing form as a template for a new one.. Instead of creating multiple forms from the scratch, you can start by copying fields from one of the existing forms. After fields are copied, you can make required changes to create a different form.
  • Import form fields. You can create a file with form fields data and import it into QR Inventory to create a mobile form. Then do a few changes to the file, and upload it to create a different form.

Changes To The Mobile Forms

Many new options were added to the mobile forms data collection part of QR Inventory. Now you can create mobile forms that are even more versatile and fast to fill out in the field. The changes include:

Repeatable Sections

Often some sections of the mobile form need to be repeated several times, and you cannot tell beforehand how many repetitions will be needed. A typical example of this is an invoice or receipt, that may include variable number of line items. There are many other situations when specific chunks of information need to be added to the form dynamically based on the situation.

For example, when performing an inspection a field technician may need to list all found problems, including problem type, description and an image that illustrates it. There may be no problems, or there may be several, so a technician needs an ability to add problem sections to the form dynamically as needed. On the equipment service / repair form an employee may need an option to record all parts that were used, dynamically adding a line for each used part. This list goes on and on...

QR Inventory now allows you to add such repeatable sections to the forms, and specify minimum number of sections that should be filled out. Minimum number of sections (if any) are automatically included on the form. An employee in the field can dynamically add more sections / lines as needed, and fill them out. Repeatable section can include all types of fields: manual input, selection, checkboxes, radio buttons, scan in fields, images, etc.


Scannable Checklists

Checklists just became easier to deal with on mobile devices, and more error-proof. Instead of manually checking off completed task, an employee can scan QR code for the station / area. QR Inventory will find the correct task on the list and mark it completed. Completed tasks are automatically getting green checkmark next to them, while tasks that are not yet completed are marked with a red cross - making it very easy for an employee to see at a glance what remains to be done. An employee will receive a warning when he submits a checklist if some of the required tasks are not completed.


Add Group Of Items To The Inventory Transaction At Once

Sometimes you have a group of items that you often (but not always) use as a group. QR Inventory now allows you to create transaction groups for such items, and add an entire group to the inventory transaction at once, without scanning each individual item. This makes processing inventory transactions much faster, and ensures that no items from the group are forgotten.

Mobile Data Collection: Manual Entries With Hint List

QR Inventory always allowed you to define what information to keep on the inventory and assets, what information needs to be recorded during inventory transactions, etc. Depending on the situation, you could allow a user to enter information into the input field manually, scan it in or select from a list.

However, it may not be very convenient to select data from a long list on the mobile devices, and at the same time you want to make sure that information is not mistyped and always spelled in exactly the same way.

The new addition to QR Inventory allows you to create a hint list for the manual entry fields. This way a user can type in information, getting a hint list as he types, and can select a value from the list at any time.

Pass Properties From Parent Item To Children, And Between Siblings

Often during business process you need to collect information on the item as it moves through the business process. Sometimes one item can be divided into several parts during the production process (e.g. producing multiple items from a granite lock, or a piece of wood), and you want child items to inherit properties recorded for the parent.

This new addition to QR Inventory allows you to do just that. As you produce some widgets from a bigger item, all you need to do is to scan the item QR code - and all recorded properties will be passed on to the child item. You can then continue tracking child items through the production process, entering additional information on each step.

This subdivision of one item into several can happen multiple times through the production process.

If several child items have the same properties, you do not need to enter them for each item. Enter once, then scan QR code on this item to pass on entered properties to the siblings.

Customize Dashboard

All companies have different set of important data that they want to see as soon as they log into the program, on the main dashboard.

Now you can customize QR Inventory main dashboard to display the fields that you need. You can specify what fields to display (including base and custom fields), in what order, and search by any of the displayed fields.

Notifications And Alerts

More alerts and notifications had been added to QR Inventory. In addition to receiving an alert when inventory stock is running low, you can now receive alerts when:
  • Perishable items are approaching their expiration date
  • Warranty on the item is about to expire
  • A number value falls below or raises above a set threshold
  • Leased / rented item is overdue
  • Next preventive maintenance or calibration is due
  • and more...

Azure Active Directory Integration

QR Inventory is now integrated with Azure Active Directory. If you are using Azure Active Directory for managing company employees, you do not need to repeat this task in QR Inventory. Your employees will be able to log into QR Inventory with their active directory credentials.

Native Integration Of QR Inventory Mobile Application With Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

Smartphones and tablets are perfect devices for on site, mobile inventory management and asset tracking. You can use smartphone camera for barcode scanning, mobile forms for data collection, camera for taking photos, record GPS location of an asset or inventory transaction, create and e-mail pdf reports on the fly, etc. However, sometimes you may need a more robust barcode scanning than smartphone camera can provide. For these situations, we created barcode scanner module. Barcode scanner module allows you to use a bluetooth barcode scanner, connected to a mobile device and natively integrated into QR Inventory mobile application for fast, continuous scanning, and use all other advantages of the mobile devices for inventory management.

Mobile Time Tracking With GPS.

An option to track time spent on the project, task or working on an asset had been added to mobile data collection module. Field technicians can now easily track their time in the field using a smartphone, with or without internet connection. Time log is submitted to a centralized cloud location and is available for review / processing in real time. Office employees can review raw time logs, review locations of the time submission on a map, and view / download aggregated time reports.

Mobile Forms: Create, View, Print And E-mail PDF Reports.

An option to generate PDF documents for completed mobile forms had been added to the mobile data collection module. You control the look and layout of pdf document by creating a word template and uploading it via a web dashboard for each form. PDF document can include all data filled out in the form, your company information and logo, images collected in the field to accompany the form, and a signature. An employee who fills out a form in the field can generate pdf, view, print and e-mail it from a smartphone. Administrators can view / download created pdf files, or create one via a web dashboard.

Process Inventory Transaction Via A Web Interface

The good thing about QR Inventory software is that your employees can use their smartphones or tablets to process inventory transactions on site (in the field, on the factory floor, in the warehouse) as soon as transaction takes place. This ensures that there is no delay in updating real time inventory count, that all inventory transactions are counted. It also saves you quite a lot of money on purchasing specialized inventory management hardware.
However, on occasion, you may need to process inventory or asset transactions in the office and would like to use regular computer to do this. QR Inventory now accommodates it by allowing to process inventory transactions via a web dashboard as well. You can use barcode scanner attached or connected to the computer for such transactions.

Mobile Forms: Pre-fill, Edit, Complete On The Web

An option to start, edit and complete mobile forms via the web had been added to mobile data collection module. Now the form can be bounced between administrator and remote workers, with each person filling out / checking his / her part. An administrator can now pre-fill part of the form via the web interface, and push it to the mobile devices for completion. Field employees complete the form and submit to the cloud. At this point administrator can further edit the form, or complete "office only part". If deficiencies are found, administrator can mark the form uncompleted and send to the mobile devices for correction.

Workflow Tracking

An option to create custom workflows, and link mobile forms to the workflow steps had been added to the mobile data collection module. You can now create multiple workflows, define workflow steps, and link mobile form(s) to the workflow step. An employee in the field can review current status of the project, and move it to the next step / change status on a smartphone. If any forms need to be filled out on the current step, an employee can access them from the project status screen. He can see which forms were already completed, review details, and fill out forms that were not completed yet.
An administrator can review projects progress in real time, the history of the current and past projects, operations that were performed and completed forms. Check out more details on workflow management with custom mobile forms.

Bill Of Materials / Assemblies And Kits Module

Multiple additions had been done to the bill of materials - assemblies & kits module. You can now select whether you want to scan materials when building an assembly, or scan made assemblies - either way assemblies will be added to the inventory, and materials used for building assemblies subtracted. You can scan assemblies or select them from a list, and add the same set of items to multiple assemblies at once.
The most significant addition is the ability to create a generic composition list for serialized assemblies, and scan specific assets / product batches that are being added to the list. Your employees see right away the list of items that need to be added, what had been added already, and can scan in materials to the list without a need to enter anything manually. The process is fast, and ensures that no entry mistakes are made.

Create PDF Receipt For The Transaction

Need to create pdf receipt for the transaction, e-mail it to the client and keep for your records? Now you can do it from a smartphone. You define look and layout of PDF receipt using a template. Include transaction data and signature. View, print and e-mail from a smartphone after completing inventory transaction.

Review Recent Transactions On A Smartphone

User can now review inventory and asset transactions that (s)he submitted on a smartphone. If a user forgot whether he already submitted inventory transaction or still needs to do it, reviewing recently submitted transactions is a good way to figure it out.

Mobile Data Collection Module

Using mobile data collection module you can create custom mobile forms for the field data collection, and link the forms to your asset groups. You can use the same system of the QR codes that you created for tracking assets and inventory for the field data collection: recording equipment maintenance, service and repairs, conducting inspections and audits, tracking production processes and custom projects, reporting equipment damage, requesting services, and more. Your employees get list of the up-to-date mobile forms relevant to a specific asset by scanning QR code on the asset with a smartphone. They can fill out the form, attach photos, capture signature and submit completed form to a centralized cloud location. They can also review recently submitted records for a scanned asset or equipment.     Details On Mobile Data Collection Module

Inventory Requests

An employee can send inventory requests to the warehouse manager in the same manner he would record any other inventory transaction: select reserve transaction, select warehouse, scan in inventory he wants to reserve, add any other information: date when he needs inventory, reason, comments, etc. At the time of request submission no inventory is moved. Instead, warehouse manager receives a request and can decide if the request is warranted and can be fulfilled - if so, he can put inventory aside.
All requests are recorded just like all other inventory transactions, and can be accessed via inventory transactions reports.

Independent Internal Divisions

You can now create multiple independent divisions within a company. Each division has it's own list of assets, inventory, and locations. Users can be confined to one or several divisions, or have access to all divisions.

Signature Capture

Added an option to capture an employee or customer signature for assets check out, equipment service, repair or inspection. Collected signatures can be viewed in the reports section of a web dashboard.

Assets Reservation Module

Assets reservation module allows you to reserve assets for the projects, clients or upcoming events and trade shows. Your employees can reserve assets on the smartphone by scanning QR code labels on the required assets, search for assets by keywords or reserve via a web dashboard. You get an immediate feedback on requested assets availability. QR Inventory ensures that assets check outs conform with the reservation, and that non-reserved assets check out does not interfere with the upcoming reservations. Update reservation at any time, and get updated assets availability. Delete reservation, and assets will be returned to the available assets pool. Check what assets and how many are missing for all upcoming reservations.     Assets Reservation System Details

Leased Asset Edition Of QR Inventory

QR Inventory Leased Assets Edition makes it easier to manage assets that you lease out / rent out to other companies or which are borrowed and returned by company employees. Leased Assets Edition allows you to categorize assets, bulk enter assets by scanning in serial numbers, track an entire life cycle of each individual asset as well as assets inventory, create and receive reminders on events such as warranty expiration or upcoming preventive maintenance, and more. As with the standard QR Inventory, you can track assets in the office or in the field, at customer sites using regular smartphones as barcode scanners / data collection tools, and access real time asset information via a web dashboard from anywhere.     Details

Asset Information Update On The Smartphone

Users with administrative privileges can now not only review, but also update asset or equipment information on a smartphone (for example, update equipment status). They can also take photo(s) with a smartphone and attach them to an asset or equipment.

Bulk Assets Entry

If you periodically receive multiple assets that are the same in everything except serial number (these can be anything from video cameras to hard drives to work tools), you do not need to enter each item individually. Fill out all the information, then paste a list of serial numbers / unique IDs, or scan them in - and all assets are in the system!

Inventory Storage Locations

Get a better control of inventory storage locations, such as warehouses, service vans, tool cribs, palets, etc. Enter custom information that you need to keep track of (e.g. address, license plate number, etc.). Divide locations into groups for easier management, and see what inventory you have in each location group (e.g. what is located on the service vans, and what is in the warehouses).
Immediately see detailed information on each location, current inventory stock and recent transactions.
Enter manager's e-mail so that each warehouse / location manager receives a low inventory alert for his / her location.

Accounting Module: Purchase Orders & Invoices

A new accounting module automated invoicing and purchase order creation process. Purchase orders are created automatically when inventory stock falls below reorder point. As you receive purchase order, inventory stock is updated and inventory transaction is created.
You can create invoices with several clicks based on recorded QR Inventory transactions. Select client, job or project, optionally date range - and all parts and materials that were used for the job, client or project are instantly added to an invoice. Edit invoice as needed and submit to the client. Monitor payment status, immediately see outstanding and overdue invoices. Check out QR Inventory accounting module here.

Stocktaking, Physical Inventory Count, Fixed Assets Audits

QR Audit will help you conduct stocktaking, physical inventory count, fixed assets audits fast and error free. Employees take stock by scanning assets and inventory with their smartphones. Scanned batches are sent directly to the secure cloud, eliminating data loss and a need for double entry.
Make sure all your assets and inventory are accounted for, identify discrepancies and missing items. Adjust on hand inventory based on the audit results.
QR Audit can be used as a stand alone software or along with QR Inventory. Get more information on QR Audit

Support For NFC Tags

Now you can use NFC tags for asset tracking and inventory management, along with QR codes and barcodes. Using NFC tags is very helpful if you need to process high volume asset or inventory transaction. NFC tags reading is much faster than barcode or QR code scanning. All you need to do is touch NFC tag with a smartphone - and the item is instantly added to the transaction. NFC tag does not even have to be in line of sight of NFC reader - it can be inside a packaging or casing.
If your assets or inventory transactions include 50+ items, you will save a lot of time / work hours by using NFC. And the only hardware you need is NFC enabled smartphone. More on NFC inventory management module.

Assemblies - Track Work In Progress

New addition to Assemblies & Kits Module of QR Inventory software allows you to build assemblies from parts, track work in progress and track serial number of assets installed on an assembly.

Add New Asset By Scanning QR Code Label

There are a lot of situations when it is not feasible to add new assets to the database using web interface. If your assets are located in the field or customer sites, if you need to add new assets at the customer sites on the regular basis, or if you are receiving new assets in the warehouse with no computers it is much easier to be able to add asset using a smartphone. This new addition to QR Inventory allows you to do just that.
You can scan a QR code or barcode label on the asset (if assets are not labeled, stick QR code label with a sequential number) and enter details right on the mobile phone. Need to have image(s) to accompany asset record? Take photo(s) with the smartphone and upload them to the server along with the asset information. The whole process is fast, easy and error-free. Read more on new asset entry in this blog article.

Select Asset Name & Group From DropDown List

If you are tracking assets rather than inventory, you may have just a handfull of different asset types (for example video camera, hard drive, iPhone, credit card reader, etc.) but a lot of individual assets of each type to track. In such situation it is much easier to select asset name from a list then to enter it manually each time - in addition to extra typing you may end up with asset names misspelled and one asset type showing under several different names.
New autocomplete feature of QR Inventory will show you a list of assets already entered as you type in the name or group name, so that you could select asset name and group from the list. This feature is available when you enter new asset via the web or on a smartphone using QR Inventory mobile application.

QR Inventory is Integrated With Xero

QR Inventory is now integrated with Xero - an online accounting software for small businesses. You can create invoices and bills in Xero based on QR Inventory transactions in a few easy steps. Read More...

Equipment Maintenance and Service Option

QR Maintenance is a new software product built on top of QR Inventory. It combines all asset tracking and inventory management functionality found in QR Inventory with equipment maintenance using mobile forms and QR codes.
If you are servicing industrial equipment, managing properties, need to conduct inspections of facilities or infrastructure, or need to periodically check and repair work tools or IT assets, QR Maintenance will be a good fit for you. It will help you get your service and maintenance records well organized, and find information that you need fast from anywhere. Check it out!

Tracking Assrts & Inventory With One Software: QR Inventory Version 2

After accumulating customers' comments for a little bit over a year we recently rolled out version two of QR Inventory software. The new version differentiates between assets and inventory, providing different workflow for each type. It also allows for different inventory storage location types (warehouses, job sites, service vans, employees, clients or anything else you need), and seamless transfer of assets and inventory between locations. Finally, it improves your ability to define what information to store, show, track, record and report using granular custom types and properties. Read more on the new features in version 2 in this blog entry.

Visual Documentation For Asset & Inventory Transactions

New Images & Photo module allows you to take photos within QR Inventory application and attach them to inventory transactions. This feature is useful whenever you need to provide visual documentation, for example state of the item at check out and check in, document what is broken or what had been repaired, etc.
You can also upload multiple images for inventory items and equipment. These images can be accessed by technicians in the field as part of the item specs.

Batch Assets & Inventory Processing

If you get multiple returns from different locations, you can now process them all in one transaction. Instead of processing each item separately, you can choose to transfer all items from their respective current locations to a selected warehouse, and scan them all in. QR Inventory will find current location for each item and process return.

Track GPS Location of Assets & Inventory Transactions

QR Inventory now automatically tracks GPS location of QR codes / barcodes scanning. Human-readable locations of the transactions (city, state) are included in the reports. In addition, you can map locations of transactions and item movements using custom selection filters.

Streamlined Inventory & Assets Labeling / Initial Stock Entry

New initial entry option allows you to label assets and inventory, scan the label with a smartphone, associate a label with a specific asset or inventory and enter location and quantity all in one swipe. Initial inventory entry can be very tedious and time consuming - but this new feature of QR Inventory makes this process fast, painless and error-free.

QR Inventory is Integrated With Intacct

QR Inventory is now integrated with Intacct - a cloud based accounting system for small and medium size businesses, known for its flexibility and ease-of-use. Integrated QR Inventory - Intacct solution allows you to automate transition from inventory transactions to financial transactions. You can automate creation of purchase orders and invoices, update relevant accounts in general ledger based on assets and inventory transactions created in QR Inventory    >>Details

QR Code Labels: Generation, Printing, Layout

New QR Codes label designer makes generating and printing QR code labels from QR Inventory a breeze. You have an option to do labels layout within the program and download ready-to-print pdf, download generated QR codes in bulk, or generate and print QR code labels one at a time.
You can print QR code labels which are already linked to a specific item, or generate and print labels which you can associate with any item at a later date. The latter option makes initial items labeling much faster - you can stick any label on the item and then associate it with an asset or inventory item with one scan.

Bulk QR Codes Download / Printing

In addition to printing QR codes for inventory items from the web page one at a time, you can now download zip archive with QR codes for all assets and inventory items (or filter items by keywords to download a subset), and bulk print them offline.

Error-Proof Assets & Inventory Transfer

You can now generate and print QR code for remote locations, and use it during assets / inventory transfer instead of manual entry. This eliminates human errors and makes recording of inventory / assets transactions faster and more efficient:
  • Scan location code to identify to / from location
  • Scan QR code or barcode on the assets or inventory you want to transfer
  • Submit the transaction

Track Assets & Inventory Movements

New report allows you to track assets and inventory movements. You will be able to see the history of transfers for each asset or inventory item: date, who performed the transfer, from where to where the item was transferred, and the reason for transfer if applicable. Filter the list by dates, assets / inventory, locations and / or users.

Asset Tracking & Circulating Inventory Module

With Asset Tracking & Circulating Inventory Module you can transfer assets and inventory between various locations (warehouses, remote job sites, event location, service vans, etc.) and people (clients, employees) with a single scan of QR code by a smartphone. With this module, you will always know where each item is, and will have accurate list of items at any location / with any person.

Access Asset Technical Specs / Documentation In The Field

With this addition technician can easily access all necessary technical details on asset or inventory: specifications, documentation, emergency procedures, recent repairs and maintenance, drawings and schemes by scanning QR code or barcode on the asset label. You define what information should be accessible via the web interface, and can change this information at any time as needed.

Granular User Permissions

If you plan to have groups of users with different roles (e.g. warehouse managers, technicians, office workers) you can now restrict users to specific locations (e.g. warehouse), and specific asset and inventory transactions.

Assemblies and Kits Module

New Assemblies & Kits module allows you to manage components based items: check components, check how many assemblies you can build with your current inventory, how many items you need to order to build required number of assemblies - in the field, by scanning QR code with a smartphone.
Review detailed reports on assemblies creation and usage.   Details >>

Inventory Count By Group

Added report to review on hand inventory by group, broken by individual items. This report is helpful when you have material in packs (containers, sacks, bolts, rolls), and need to be able to track amount of material in each pack individually, as well as total amount of material in all packs.

Batch Processing of Asset & Inventory Transactions

If your inventory transaction includes multiple items, you can now specify transaction details only once, and than add multiple items to the transaction - instead of repeating transaction details for each item separately. This works like a shopping cart - you can collect items to the cart by scanning QR Code / specifying quantity, and than submit entire transaction to the server.

Better Handling Of Rental Returns

When processing rental return you can now select matching rental transaction from the list and mark it as returned (fully or partially), rather than re-enter all information again.

Customizable Reports For Rented Out Items

New report to find out everything on rented out items. You can create a list of items that are rented out, and filter it by any parameter(s): which items are overdue, due in X number of day, who has them, at what location, which event, etc., etc. - filter by any custom field that you had created for rental transactions.

Low Inventory Alerts By Warehouse

You can now specify restocking level for inventory items either globally and / or by warehouse. Low inventory e-mail alerts, and report on items below re-order point will include items that are below re-order point globally, as well as breakdown by warehouse.

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