Mobile Time Tracking With GPS For Remote Projects And Tasks

When your employees are working in the field on a project or task that requires mobile data collection, they can also track time it took them to complete each task in the same mobile application. This way, you not only have records of the completed tasks and collected data, but also a time log and aggregated time reports.

Mobile Time Tracking On A Smartphone

An employee who works on a maintenance task, installs equipment at a customer location, conducts audits and inspections in the field, collects and reports information can also track how long it took him / her to perform each task in the same mobile application. He can scan in location / object he is working on to start timing, and end work with one click of a button.
Recorded time can be submitted immediately, or be saved on a phone and submitted later if data connection is not available.

Time Tracking With GPS Location

GPS location where the time was recorded is transmitted to the server automatically, and can be reviewed on the map. Location when timer was started and ended are recorded separately, and time record is flagged if these locations are more than 500 meters apart. As a result, you can always see where the time record was taken, and easily separate records that were not taken on the actual work site.

Minimize Time Recording Errors

The application minimizes time recording errors with the internal checks. A person should always end time tracking for a job before he can start a new job. An employee can scan in location and / or object he is working on to avoid manual data entry errors.
The current time is set automatically, but if a user forgot to start or end timer, he can change start or end time with sensible limits imposed by the system. Records where start or end time was set to something different than time of entry are flagged, and you can easily see them in the reports.

Time Tracking Reports

You can review and download time log, as well as aggregated time report.
Search time log by the date range, employee, object or location to find required records fast. Display log entries on a map to immediately see where the time was taken.
Create aggregated time reports by date range, employee and / or location and / or item. For example, you can create a report to show total time spent by each employee on all projects during the last week, month, etc. You can create a report showing total time spent by all employees working in a specific location or on a specific project. Or you can create a report showing how long each employee worked on different projects - create any combination to get the results you need.
Export time report into .csv file, and import into your payroll / HR application for further processing.

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