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Why Use QR Code Inventory Management System

A QR code inventory management system offers an efficient solution for businesses for optimizing inventory tracking, improving accuracy and reducing operations cost. QR code scanning mobile app eliminates data entry errors, and provides a real time connection to the central database. As a result, all team members have live access to inventory data.

Take field assets and inventory under control in no time with the QR Inventory software

What Do You Get By Implementing A QR Code Inventory Management System

  • Accurate inventory stock count in multile field and warehouse locations (warehouse, yard, service trucks, job sites, etc.)
  • Better inventory allocation and purchase planning.
  • Real time asset, equipment and tool tracking: check out, check in, relocation, assignment to an employee, rentals and returns, loaning of the demo units, etc.
  • Inventory and equipment allocation for jobs and projects.
  • Real time data collection using mobile forms and QR code scanning.
  • Field data access with a single QR code scan.
  • Fast and efficient processing of inventory transactions in the field using a mobile app and QR code scanning.
  • Real time information flow: live inventory and asset info access for the field and office employees.
  • Efficient way to complete a job site or shop floor paperwork on site using smartphones and mobile forms.
  • Full traceability without spreadsheets and physical paperwork.
  • Organized digital documentation stored in a secure cloud. Access digital records on demand from anywhere.
  • Live status of the current jobs and project, and detailed history of the current and past projects.

QR Code Inventory System Helps You Track Assets And Inventory In Real Time


Accurate Inventory Stock Count In All Locations

If you have inventory in multiple field and warehouse locations, or on the client sites, it is not an easy task to keep track of all inventory using manual methods or a desktop inventory software. A QR Inventory software makes real time field inventory tracking easy. Business employees use mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) for Qr code or barcode scanning and on site inventory and assets tracking. All inventory transactions recorded in the mobile app update central database in real time.

As a result, all authorized QR Inventory software users can access up-to-the minute inventory stock in all locations.

Make sure you never run out of the parts and materials. You can set re-order point and re-order quantity for the inventory line items, globally and by location, and receive automatic low inventory alerts.

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Real Time Equipment & Tools Tracking

If your equipment and tools are used on the job sites or in the field and are moved around regularly, you can find yourself in the situation when you cannot locate equipment that you urgently need, tools are missing or broken, and there is no accountability.

A QR Inventory software uses modern tools: mobile devices (smartphones or tablets), and QR code, NFC or BLE tags to allow for the on site construction equipment and tools tracking in real time. Field employees just need to scan a QR code or NFC tag with a smartphone to record equipment check out, check in or relocation. If you opt for the BLE tags, you can use a smartphone for the bulk scanning, or IoT gateways for a completely automated IoT asset tracking system.


QR Code, Barcode, NFC Tags Scanning

Use smartphones for the smart tags scanning, and avoid mistakes connected to the manual data entry. A QR Inventory mobile app supports QR codes, barcodes, NFC and BLE tags. Your scanner is always in your pocket, there is no need to carry around bulky inventory management hardware. You will also save a lot of money, since barcode scanning equipment is quite expensive.

For the situations when you need faster and more robust inventory scanning than a smartphone camera can not provide, a QR Inventory Pro mobile app is natively integrated with the bluetooth barcode scanners.

Bluetooth Assets And Inventory Tracking

BLE tags take asset and inventory management automation to the next level. Using BLE tags, you can bulk scan asset and inventory using a smartphone. Just one click in a mobile app picks up all nearby assets and inventory items and adds them to the batch - you do not need to locate each item and scan each tag. And if you do not want to rely on the company employees at all, you can opt for a fully automated asset tracking system that uses IoT gateways for BLE tags scanning.

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Field Data Collection With QR Code Scanning And A Mobile App

A QR Inventory mobile app allows you to do everything you can do with the mobile computers, and more. You can:

  • Process asset and inventory transaction using QR code or barcode scanning.
  • Record additional data for each transactions, such as job number, project, client, PO number, etc.
  • Take photos with a smartphone camera and attach to the inventory transactions for the visual documentation.
  • Collect customer or supervisor signature on a smartphone.
  • Automatically capture GPS location where asset or inventory transaction was performed.
  • Create pdf of the transaction receipt and e-mail to the multiple addresses from a smartphone.
  • Submit all collected data to the back end cloud software in real time.
  • Access live data and documentation in the field with a QR code scan.

And you won't need to spend an extra dime on the inventory management hardware. All these tasks can be done using regular smartphones / tablets and the QR Inventory mobile app.

Real Time Data Access With A QR Code Scan

Field employees can access all required info on the assets and inventory on the spot. Wherever they are: in the field, on the shop floor, at a customer location, on the job site - they will have an access to the up to the minute data. All they need to do is scan a QR code or barcode label with a smartphone.

You decide what info should be available to the field employees. It can be asset spec sheets, pdf documents, images, drawings, operation instruction, and anything else you need.

BOM Management And Assemblies Building

Regardless of what you are manufacturing - unique on demand orders or generic products, and how complex your assemblies are, you will be able to efficiently manage them using a QR Inventory software and mobile app. You can create bill of materials (BOM) from the inventory items, then use mobile devices and QR code scanning on the shop floor to track the entire assembly building process in real time. This can be as simple as creation of the multiple generic assemblies with one QR code scan, or as complex as tracking a process of building serialized multi-level assemblies that spans several days or months.

As you are building assemblies, inventory stock is automatically adjusted. At any moment you can check how many assemblies you can build from the inventory on hand, and what inventory do you need to order to build the specified number of assemblies.

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Inventory Traceability Without Spreadsheets And Paperwork

A QR Inventory software allows you to achieve a back and forward traceability, create proper documents and not use tons of paperwork and manual labor in the process. You can track lot numbers / serial numbers of the used components, materials and ingredients through the production process from start to finish using a mobile app and QR code scanning. Eliminate physical paperwork and have organized digital documents accessible on demand from anywhere, and easily searchable. Find what lot numbers of components where used in each serialized assembly or final product batch. Quickly find where and when each batch was distributed in case of a problem or recall, and limit recall to an absolute minimum.

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Set Up A QR Inventory System The Way You Need, And Become Productive Fast


Easy Initial Inventory Stock Count

Initial asset and inventory labeling and data entry can be a long and painful process. But not with the QR Inventory software! A QR Inventory software has multiple options to get your assets and inventory into the system in no time.

Already have a list of assets, inventory, inventory stock and asset locations? Bulk import the list into the QR Inventory software.

Need to start from the scratch? Use a smartphone and a QR code or barcode scanning to do initial inventory entry, locations and count on site.

Need new labels? A QR Inventory software has a built-in tool for generating, downloading, laying out and printing QR code labels. You can also use our pre-printed weather-proof QR code labels.

Assets or inventory items already labeled with the manufacturer's barcode? You can use existing UPC barcodes as well - no need to re-label.


Configure A QR Inventory Software To Fit Your Business Workflow

You can easily adjust a QR Inventory software to your business process. Define what do you want to track, record and report via an easy to use cloud software web dashboard.

  • Create custom fields to hold all required information on the assets and inventory, including images and pdf documents.
  • Create custom transaction types for your business model.
  • Define what additional data to collect for the assets and inventory transactions.
  • Create custom mobile forms for the field data collection.
  • Create custom processes and workflows.
  • Create custom template(s) for pdf reports.
  • Track inventory by SKU, lot number / batch number or serial number.
  • and more...

A QR Inventory System Easy To Implement And Use

A QR Inventory software is very intuitive, easy to learn and use. It has a minimal learning curve, so you can become productive fast.

The easiest thing to learn is what you already know. Your employees already own and are using smartphones and tablets every day, so they can start using a QR Inventory mobile app right away, without spending extra time on learning and training.

Inventory Software With The Modular Structure

Create the right application for your business, pay only for the functionality that you need

Build an application to fit your business requirements by adding the right set of modules to extend a QR Inventory software functionality.

Need to track production process, collect data and fill out mobile forms? Add a mobile data collection module.

Assemblies & kits module will allow you to create BOM and track building of the multi-level assemblies.

Physical inventory count / audit module streamlines physical inventory count and assets audits.

If you are not using stand-alone accounting software, an accounting module will help you auto-create and keep track of the purchase orders and invoices.

Containers module allows you to easily track inventory in movable storage units: containers, pallets, skids, totes, etc. Containers are acting both as a location (you can put inventory there, take it out and check what is inside) and an inventory item (you can move container between locations, check where container is located, etc.). When a container is moved, all inventory inside is moved along with it. You can also use containers module to create granular drill-down location system, such as warehouse->shelf->row->bin, etc. You can access inventory in each location by scanning a location QR code.

Field inventory requisition module streamlines job site inventory and materials request process, from placing a purchase order by the job site employees to the approval process to the job site materials delivery.

Electronic signature and document module will allow you to collect electronic signatures using a smartphone, create customizable pdf documents and reports.

More modules are available - select just the right combination to fit your business process.

Flexible Hosting Options

Even though a QR Inventory software covers a lot of bases and is far ahead of the competition, we do realize that every business is unique. We are ready to work with you to customize a QR Inventory system to fit your specific situation and needs. This can also include integration with your ERP / accounting system.

A QR Inventory software is a SaaS solution, but if you prefer to host QR Inventory on your network - no problems. Of course, you can also host on our servers specifically designed for this type of applications and serviced by the qualified personnel - the choice is yours.

A QR Inventory System Is More Than Assets And Inventory Management


Field Data Collection: Use Mobile Forms For Paperwork And Documentation

Collect data, do job site paperwork, document processes and procedures on site using mobile forms. Create custom mobile forms via the web dashboard, and field employees will have them on the smartphones for data collection.

  • Record field assets service, maintenance and repairs
  • Report field assets conditions, identify damages, request service
  • Create checklists for the assets procedures and routine inspections
  • Perform safety inspections and audits
  • Track tasks completion using mobile checklists
  • Fill out quality control and product testing forms
  • Take meter readings
  • Record conditions on each production step of a manufacturing process
  • and more...

Track Workflow And Projects Progress In Real Time

QR Inventory software allows you to create custom workflow and processes, and track projects through the process from start to finish. Use smartphones or tablets for the barcode scanning and field data collection / recording. Collect all required information on each process step: equipment used, ingredients added, actions that were performed, etc., etc. Attach mobile forms to the process steps, and employees will be able to fill them out while performing the job.

Get real time insights into the ongoing processes, live jobs progress, as well as detailed history of the past projects. Review the history of the project movement through the process steps, dates, employees performing the job, collected information and filled out mobile forms. Use multiple search filters to quickly find required information.

Real Time Information Flow

All data collected in the mobile app is sent to the centralized cloud location in real time and is securely stored there. You do not need to have paper forms, notes or excel spreadsheets any more. All assets and inventory related information is well organized, easily searchable and never misplaced or lost.

Centralized cloud storage allows all system users access info they need from anywhere.

PDF Documentation

If you need to produce documentation for the external sources (customers, controllers, etc.), a QR Inventory software will make this process effortless. You can create a custom template to define the format of each report type, than create pdf reports with one click.

Pdf reports can include data collected in the field, signature, image(s) and asset information. Field employees can create a report on a smartphone, after they completed a mobile form and collected a signature. They can view pdf report in the mobile app, print it and e-mail the report to the selected addresses.

Administrators can review and download pdf reports via the web dashboard, or create a new report.

Have A Say On Where The QR Inventory Software Is Going


Continuous Improvements

We are listening to your feedback, and are adding new features to QR Inventory software on a regular basis. With our cloud hosting you get all upgrades automatically as they become available.

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