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Mobile Equipment Maintenance Software With QR Codes And A Smartphone

Optimize equipment maintenance tracking with QR code scanning and mobile forms. Keep digital maintenance logs organized, access them from anywhere.

How Mobile Forms And QR Codes Optimize Equipment Maintenance Management

Equipment maintenance software helps you track mobile assets, manage maintenance work orders and schedule. Timely maintenance keeps assets and equipment in good working order and extends their useful life. It reduces delays and unexpected breakdowns, and helps you create a safe work environment.

    Mobile Equipment Maintenance Software Features
  • Equipment Tracking. Equipment maintenance software helps you keep track of assets location, movement history and utilization.
  • Inventory And Parts Management. Equipment maintenance software helps you manage parts and materials on the job sites and in the warehouse using mobile app and QR code scanning.
  • Tool Tracking. With the equipment maintenance software you can easily check tools in and out of the jobs. Use mobile app and QR code scanning for efficiency and accuracy.
  • Maintenance Mobile Forms. Fill out equipment maintenance forms on the smartphones and tablets.
  • Work Order Management. Equipment maintenance software helps you schedule work orders online and dispatch to the technician's mobile devices.
  • Mobile Access. Use a mobile app for the real time assets and inventory tracking on the job sites and filling out service and repair forms.
  • Alerts And Reminders. Equipment maintenance software will send you alerts on all important events, from preventive maintenance to warranty expiration date. Get instant alerts if a completed form has an outlier that requires urgent actions.
  • Digital Records. Equipment maintenance software helps you keep all records well orgainized, secure and accessible on demand.

    Mobile Equipment Maintenance Software Benefits
  • Reduced Equipment Downtime. Equipment maintenance software helps you keep tools and machinery up and running smoothly. There are no job delays due to the equipment break downs.
  • Extended Assets Lifetime. With the regular maintenance your assets last longer and work better. Equipment maintenance software ensures that you do not miss PM or a red flag in the form.
  • Cost Savings. Equipment maintenance software saves you money by reducing emergency repairs and project delays.
  • Improved Safety. Regular equipment maintenance reduces risk of accidents and injuries.
  • No Project Delays. Equipment maintenance software ensures that repairs and services are done on time, and equipment is operational any time you need to use it.
  • Regulatory Compliance. Equipment maintenance software helps you stay compliant with industry regulations, reducing the risk of penalties or fines.
  • Improved Efficiency. Mobile forms and QR code scanning ensures that equipment maintenance tracking, management and recording takes minimal time. An organized work order system makes equipment service and maintenance go smoothly, without any mix ups and delays.

mobile equipment maintenance

How Mobile Equipment Maintenance Works In The QR Inventory Software

Using a QR Inventory software you can track equipment and manage equipment maintenance in real time. A QR Inventory system uses modern technologies, such as a mobile app, digital mobile forms, smart equipment tags (QR codes, NFC or BLE) and a cloud software, to make equipment maintenance tracking and management easy, accurate, and efficient.
equipment maintenance forms

Equipment Maintenance Work Orders

Using equipment maintenance software you can manage work orders from scheduling and dispatching to electronic documentation.

Work Order Schedule And Dispatch

You can schedule equipment maintenance work orders via a cloud software web interface. Pre-fill an equipment maintenance form that field technician should complete as a part of a work order. Assign work order to a field technician, and push it to his mobile device.

Equipment Maintenance Mobile App

Field technicians can access work orders assigned to them in the mobile app. They click on each work order to see details and get a pre-filled maintenance form on the mobile phone. As technician works on the work order he completes the form on a smartphone in the mobile app. When the job is done he submits the form to the back-end cloud software.

Digital Records Of Equipment Maintenance

Electronic documents on the completed work orders are securely stored on a cloud server. You can access them as needed via the cloud software web dashboard. You can search documents by multiple parameters to quickly find what you need.

You can find more information on managing equipment maintenance work orders here.
use smartphone for equipment maintenance

Equipment Maintenance Tracking In The Mobile App

Field technicians document equipment maintenance jobs in the QR Inventory mobile app. You can create custom service, repair and maintenance forms via a cloud software web interface.

Mobile Forms For Equipment Maintenance

Mobile forms in the QR Inventory software have many advanced options geared towards the field service companies. Some of these options are:

  • QR code and barcode scanning
  • Scan in data in the form fields from barcodes or QR codes
  • Scan a QR code to check off a correct checkbox in a checklist
  • Dynamic sections that you can add to a mobile form in the field on as needed basis
  • You can pass a partly filled out form between the computers and mobile devices
  • You can pre-fill and edit mobile forms online
  • Keep a log of the changes done to the completed forms
  • Smart auto-fill of the form categories to avoid extra typing in the field
  • and more...

You can find more information on the mobile forms capabilities here.

Tracking And Recording Equipment Maintenance In The Field

Field technicians use a smartphone and a mobile app to fill out maintenance forms. Before starting a job a technician can access equipment spec sheets, documents, and past service records with a QR code scan.

When a technician is done with the job he submits a completed record from the mobile app to the back-end cloud software. If there is no data or wifi connection in the field a technician can still fill out forms in the mobile app. He can submit all completed forms at once when the connection is available.

Equipment maintenance forms are not limited to the text entries. If required, a technician can take photos for visual documentation. He can also sign the form, or capture a signature of a manager or a client.

GPS location of the job, date, time and technicians name are captured automatically by the mobile app. This data is added to the equipment maintenance record.

A field technician can create an equipment maintenance report in pdf format in the mobile app. He can view pdf report, print it out if a printer is available, or e-mail it to the selected addresses. You control report look, layout and what data are included via the custom template.
inventory and parts tracking

Inventory And Parts Management For The Equipment Maintenance Jobs

Keep track of the parts used for the equipment maintenance in the mobile app. Always know what you have available where, and when you need to order more. Make sure you always have required parts for the upcoming jobs, but no extra parts sitting in the warehouse collecting dust.

Organize And Manage Inventory And Parts

A QR Inventory software allows you to organize inventory and parts and enter them into the system. You can generate and print QR code labels using a QR Inventory software built-in tool. You can also use existing barcodes if the parts you are using are already labeled.

Once incoming inventory is labeled, scan a QR code or barcode and indicate where in the warehouse you store this part. Track all subsequent inventory movement using a mobile app and QR code or barcode scanning. Record sending parts to the job sites, what did you use for the equipment maintenance tasks, return of unused parts to the warehouse, and more.

Control Parts Management Process In The QR Inventory Software

A QR Inventory software is very flexible and allows you to control all aspects of the inventory management process. You can create custom inventory transactions, define what data to collect for each transaction, what data to keep in the software system, customize inventory dashboard and reports, and more.

Ordering Parts For Equipment Maintenance In The Field

Use field inventory requisition module in the QR Inventory software for the parts requests in the field. An equipment maintenance software helps you streamline parts and materials ordering process:

  • A site manager places an order for the parts and materials in the mobile app. He can use QR code scanning or a most popular items list.
  • A supervisor reviews an order via a cloud software web interface. He can approve an entire order, deny specific parts or deny an entire order. He can also place some items on the back order.
  • Approved parts of the order go to fulfillment.
  • Parts are delivered to a job site. A site manager confirms delivery by scanning QR codes on the parts with a smartphone using a mobile app.
  • A QR code scan updates parts stock and field purchase order.

Real Time Parts And Materials Stock Access

You can check at any time what materials and parts you have in stock in the warehouse, on the service trucks and on the job sites. Check what was used for each work order, when, and by whom. Set re-order point for the parts, and receive automatic email alert when you need to order more. Use equipment maintenance software analytical reports to get a good idea of the parts usage and trends.
store maintenance records in a cloud

Equipment Maintenance Cloud Software

A cloud software is a central point for equipment maintenance data storage and access.

Real Time Equipment Maintenance Logs Access

Equipment maintenance forms are sent from the mobile app to the back-end cloud software in real time. Digital records are stored in a secure cloud database. All authorized software users can access equipment maintenance data on demand from anywhere. Depending on where you are, you can use a mobile app or an office computer.

Cloud Storage For Digital Documents

Equipment maintenance records are securely stored in the cloud. You can access them at any time, and search by multiple parameters to quickly find what you need. Nothing is ever misplaced or lost.

You can review equipment maintenance records online, download in .csv format, and create pdf reports. You can share export records or pdf reports with the clients or external auditors.
preventive maintenance reminders

Equipment Maintenance Alerts And Notifications

An equipment maintenance software helps you extend assets lifetime by having timely service and PM. A software will send you alerts so that you never miss an important event.

Alerts And Reminders On Preventive Maintenance And Warranty Expiration

In the QR Inventory software you can create custom alerts on all important events. You decide what events require alerts. It can be dates when preventive maintenance or calibration is due. You can receive an alert when warranty is about to expire. You can customize these alerts to fit your needs.

You receive one e-mail with a list of equipment that matches alert conditions. You do not receive a separate e-mail for each asset.

Alerts On The Equipment Service Forms Outliers

You can set up the range of acceptable values in the service and repair forms. If a value which is entered in this field is outside of the pre-set range you receive an instant alert. This allows you to take care of the issues fast before they turn into a bigger problem.

Equipment Conditions Monitoring With IoT Sensors

Use a remote IoT temperature and humidity monitoring system to automatically detect equipment problems and act quickly on fixing them. The system consists of BLE IoT sensors and gateways. It is fully automated - no manual labor is required. Use IoT asset monitoring system for pro-active maintenance. Reduce equipment downtime, prevent damage and increase equipment useful life.

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