Mobile Equipment Maintenance Software With QR Codes And A Smartphone

Optimize equipment maintenance management with the QR Inventory software and mobile application. Keep track of the field equipment maintenance, service and repairs using a smartphone and QR Inventory mobile application. Access equipment data sheets, specifications, past service records in the field by scanning a QR code with a smartphone - and make informed equipment service decisions.

QR Inventory mobile software helps you keep an accurate track of the equipment maintenance, service and repairs, and provides a real time communication between the field equipment maintenance teams and the office. Field technicians record equipment maintenance, service and repairs on site, using a smartphone, QR code scanning and digital forms in the QR Inventory mobile application. Completed equipment maintenance forms are sent to a secure cloud in real time, and are immediately available to the office employees.
Field equipment documentation and maintenance information flows both ways. In addition to filling out equipment maintenance forms, field technicians can review equipment specifications, documentation and previous maintenance records by scanning a barcode / QR code label with a smartphone.

mobile equipment maintenance

equipment maintenance forms

Digital Forms For The Equipment Maintenance Management

  • Create custom mobile forms for recording equipment maintenance and service. Created digital forms will be used in the QR Inventory mobile application to track equipment maintenance, service and repairs in the field on a smartphone.
  • Add different form field types: text, numbers, lists, yes / no selection, images, scan in fields. Create dynamic mobile forms with the repeatable sections that are added by the field technicians on demand as needed.
  • Define equipment maintenance forms submission cycle and receive automatic alerts when the next preventive maintenance is due.
  • Create multiple mobile forms for equipment maintenance, identify which form(s) are valid for the specific field equipment type.
  • Include clarifying text and image(s) in the mobile equipment maintenance forms.
  • Split equipment maintenance forms into categories / sub-forms for clarity and easier completion.
  • Allow users to upload image(s) as part of the equipment maintenance record.
  • Optionally an administrator can start filling out an equipment maintenance form online and then push it to the mobile devices for completion.
  • Configure custom alerts for the equipment warranty expiration, next preventive maintenance, routine inspection, etc. Receive automatic alerts if submitted equipment maintenance form contains outliers that require immediate attention.
use smartphone for equipment maintenance

Recording Equipment Maintenance & Repairs In The Mobile Application

  • Field technician uses a smartphone and a mobile application to access and fill out digital equipment maintenance forms.
  • Before starting an equipment maintenance, a field technician can access an equipment documentation, specifications and past maintenance records by scanning a QR code on the equipment with a smartphone.
  • After equipment maintenance is completed, a technician submits the completed maintenance record from the smartphone to the cloud database in real time.
  • A field technician can fill out equipment maintenance forms in the mobile application without the data or wifi connection. A technician can submit all completed equipment maintenance forms at once when connection becomes available.
  • If required, a technician can take photos with a smartphone and attach them to the equipment maintenance record.
  • GPS location of the field equipment is captured automatically and is submitted along with the equipment maintenance record.
  • Field technician can collect an electronic signature from a supervisor or a customer on a smartphone.
  • Field technician can create an equipment maintenance report in pdf format on a smartphone. (S)he can view pdf report, and e-mail it to the selected addresses from the mobile application.
  • You control look and layout of the equipment maintenance reports with the custom templates.
store maintenance records in a cloud

Equipment Maintenance Software With The Cloud Backend

Equipment maintenance records are sent from the mobile devices to the backend cloud software in real time. Digital records are stored in a secure cloud database, are accessable on demand from anywhere by the authorized personnel, and are easily searchable.
  • Equipment maintenance records are well organized, are searchable by multiple parameters, and are not misplaced or lost.
  • An administrator can review all completed equipment maintenance forms, edit if necessary or fill out "office only" part. If something is missing or incorrect, an administrator can mark a maintenance form "incomplete" and push it back to the mobile devices for the completion / corrections.
  • Access finalized equipment maintenance records online on demand. Apply multiple filters to find required information fast. Review maintenance locations on a map.
  • Export field equipment maintenance records as an .csv file.
  • Create and download pdf report for any equipment maintenance record. The report can include equipment and maintenance information, image(s), signature, and your company branding.
  • E-mail equipment maintenance report to the customers / external auditors / other entities which may require this information.
  • Control look and layout of the equipment maintenance reports and what information is included in the report using custom templates. Upload report templates via the admin web dashboard, change any time.
preventive maintenance reminders

Smart Equipment Management: Equipment Maintenance Reminders And Alerts

Extend mobile field equipment lifetime and utilization time by maintaining a proper preventive maintenance schedule. Never miss a scheduled maintenance!
  • Create custom reminders to alert you when the next preventive maintenance is due, or when equipment warranty is about to expire.
  • Define how many days in advance you want to receive a preventive maintenance alert.
  • You can create several preventive maintenance alerts (e.g. 3 days in advance, one day in advance, on the date). Receive automatic alert for the overdue preventive maintenance.
  • Receive one reminder for all field equipment due for the preventive maintenance on a specific date.
  • Receive aautomatic alerts if completed equipment maintenance or inspection form contains outliers that require immediate attention.

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