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QR Code Parts Inventory Management Software For Efficient Equipment Maintenance

Efficiently track and manage spare parts inventory in real time with the QR Inventory software. Make sure that you always have the right parts on hand for completing maintenance work orders. Avoid downtime and production delays. Simplify your inventory management and keep business operations running smoothly.

Why Parts Inventory Management Software Is Important

An accurate parts inventory management is vital for keeping equipment and machinery in working order. Missing spare parts can cause costly production delays and equipment downtime.

A real time inventory management software ensures that you have the right spare parts on hand. It automates the whole inventory management process, from parts purchasing to usage tracking, to forecasting demand for the upcoming maintenance jobs and work orders.

Inventory software reports help with the demand planning. You can avoid parts overstocking, and make sure that you do not run out of spare parts when you need them.

How QR Codes Optimize Parts Inventory Management

A QR code inventory management software helps you keep track of spare parts in real time, in the field and warehouse, with the minimal use of employees' time and a very low learning curve.

QR Codes allow for the fast and efficient parts inventory entry

Scanning a QR code is faster and than manual data entry, and produce less errors. A QR code inventory tracking results in more accurate records with less effort.

QR codes allow for the real time spare parts tracking

QR codes allow for the real time tracking, as they can be scanned with a smartphone. A smartphone can connect to a back end cloud software from anywhere, and update inventory system without delay. This gives all team members access to the up-to-the-minute parts inventory stock in all locations.

QR codes increase spare parts data accuracy

A QR code scan with a mobile app uniquely identifies a part. This reduces the possibility of errors and mix ups that can occur with the manual inventory tracking system.

QR codes provide time and cost saving

The efficiency gained through the QR code inventory management results in the time and cost savings. Faster data entry and reduced errors mean less time spent on reconciling discrepancies and fewer financial losses due to errors.

Parts Inventory Management In The QR Inventory Software

A QR Inventory software gives you the right tools to manage parts inventory efficiently with the minimal learning curve for the company employees:

  • Monitor the quantity, location, and status of each spare part in real time
  • Access and manage parts inventory anywhere using a smartphone and a mobile app
  • Use barcode or QR code scanning for parts tracking
  • A cloud software provides stock accessibility from anywhere
  • Organize spare parts into groups for easy navigation
  • Assign a unique serial number to each part for the traceability and warranty management
  • Set minimum stock level for each part number, and receive automatic low inventory alerts
  • Automate creation of the purchase orders based on the pre-set min and max inventory and current stock level
  • Set due date on purchase orders, and receive alerts on the delayed deliveries
  • Access real time reports on the spare parts inventory, usage, and reorder frequency from anywhere
  • Customize parts inventory management process to your business rules and workflow

Optimizing Maintenance Jobs With The QR Code Spare Parts Tracking


Real Time Parts Tracking With The Mobile App And QR Codes

A combo of a mobile app and a cloud software allows field employee to easily track spare parts deliveries and usage, place parts orders and access info they need for the maintenance and repair jobs. A QR code scanning mobile app allows for the fast inventory processing, and easy info look up.

A mobile app is linked to a back end cloud software. All spare part stock updates made on the different mobile devices update central database in real time. Real time updates ensure that all software users have an accurate, up to date spare parts data, on the mobile devices and office computers.

Maintenance Forms And Checklists

A mobile forms data collection module of the QR Inventory software allows you to keep track of maintenance, service and repair jobs using custom mobile forms. This module provides the entire work order workflow, from creation to completion and saved digital records:

  • create a maintenance or repair work order and assign to a field tech
  • a field tech can see all work orders assigned to him as soon as he logs into the mobile app
  • he can click on a work order to review details
  • a technician completes maintenance work and fills out required forms in the mobile app
  • he records which spare parts were used for the maintenance job using QR code scanning
  • digital maintenance and service records are securely preserved in the cloud, can be accessed on demand from anywhere and are easily searchable

Parts Inventory Stock And Data Access In The Field

With the parts inventory management software and real time updates field technicians do not need to do any guesswork. A scan of a QR code or a barcode gives field technicians access to the documentation, spare parts list, parts info and on hand stock in all locations.

If a technician needs a spare part that he does not have in his truck, he can find closest location where this part is available and its stock quantity. He can then borrow parts from other facility, or place a field order request instead of ordering a part from the vendor.

Access to the real time stock allows company to efficiently redistribute spare parts between locations and not place extra orders.

Parts Inventory Reports

A QR Inventory software reports give you full visibility into the spare parts inventory, parts usage and completed maintenance work orders. You can review and download reports on:

  • Spare parts inventory stock in the warehouse, on the job sites and on the service trucks
  • Parts deliveries and usage
  • Outstanding inventory that was not delivered on time
  • Parts usage per equipment type, maintenance job type or a work order
  • Statistical and analytical data
  • Completed maintenance records
  • and more...

You can customize reports by using custom fields as filters, and define what data to include in the reports. View reports online via the cloud software web interface, download as .csv file or pdf file.

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