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Manufacturing Production Tracking, Workflow And Traceability Software

Efficient real time workflow software for manufacturing production tracking. Increase efficiency of your manufacturing process by using barcode or QR code scanning, a mobile app for shop floor production tracking, and smartphones for data collection. Have production process and traceability documents in the digital form, readily available when you need them and easily searchable.

What Is Manufacturing Production Tracking / Workflow Software

A manufacturing workflow software is designed to monitor and manage production tracking. It gives you real time info on everything that happens pre-, during and past production. This info allows you to stay compliant with the tracebality requirements and make informed decisions.

A manufacturing production process has many moving parts that are very hard to keep track of using manual notes. A manufacturing workflow software will help you digitize and organize production process, and have all data available when and where you need it.

Using a manufacturing production tracking software you can manage BOM inventory, track building of assemblies on the shop floor, and fill out all required paperwork using digital forms. You can track serialized parts and materials, and achieve end to end traceability without manual labor and tons of physical paperwork. All production tracking documents are securely stored in the cloud and are accessible on demand from anywhere by the authorized software users.

A production tracking software reports give you a full visibility into the current work orders status and past production history. Analytical reports help you make sense of the collected data, uncover trends, find reasons for delays in the manufacturing process and fix the problems.

How Do You Keep Track Of Production Using Workflow Software

A manufacturing workflow software helps you keep track of the production process without dealing with time consuming manual notes. You will be able to see at a glance what happened pre-, during and past production. You can track inventory POs for the active work orders, track work orders through the manufacturing workflow, and track delivery and installation of the finished product. Production tracking is done using barcode or QR code scanning for speed and accuracy.

Pre-production: Parts And Materials Management

  • Create BOM list of parts and materials that you need to buy for production of the work order.
  • Track receiving of the BOM materials from vendors, or in-house materials production.
  • Use a mobile app and barcode scanning for the fast and efficient inventory tracking.
  • Receive an alert if purchase order is not fulfilled on time.
  • Track where parts and materials for the work order are stored.
  • Track generic and serialized inventory. Enter all info on the received lot or serial number, and access this info at any time with a QR code scan in the mobile app or on the office computer.

Production: Tracking Work Orders Through The Workflow

  • Track work orders progress through the manufacturing workflow in real time.
  • Use mobile devices and barcode or QR code scanning for the fast and efficient production tracking.
  • Record what was done on each workflow step, and time it took to do the tasks.
  • Fill out required paperwork on the smartphones using mobile forms.
  • Track serial numbers and lot numbers of parts and materials used in each assembly for traceability.
  • Record serial numbers of the instruments and equipment that were used in production.
  • Submit production tracking data collected in the mobile app to the back end cloud software in real time.
  • Have all work order related documents preserved in a secure cloud, easily searchable and accessible on demand.

Past-production: Tracking Finished Product Delivery, Installation And Maintenance

  • Track finished products storage and delivery to the client using QR code or barcode scanning.
  • Document delivery and installation by filling out a form, adding photos and collecting electronic signature in the mobile app.
  • Track service and maintenance history of the finished product using a QR code or barcode scanning and mobile forms.
  • Field technicians can access all product details on site with a QR code or barcode scan. They can review serial numbers of used parts, what was replaced, when and by whom, past service history, list of problems and how these problems were fixed. This option makes a job of the service technicians more productive and of the better quality.

Manufacturing Workflow Software In Action

Check how you can manage inventory and track manufacturing production process efficiently in real time using a mobile app and QR code or barcode scanning.

How Production Tracking Works In The QR Inventory Software

Custom Workflow For Production Tracking

Use a cloud software web interface to create production process steps that are specific to your business.

workflow software with barcode scanning  

Create Production Workflow Via A Cloud Software Web Interface

Use a cloud software web interface to create a workflow for your production process. Define production steps specific to your business. Include description and instructions for each step to guide shop floor workers through the manufacturing process.

Attach Mobile Forms To The Workflow Steps

A QR Inventory software makes production documentation easy and efficient. You can create custom mobile forms for all paperwork that should be filled out during the manufacturing process. These can be QC forms, product testing forms, inspection checklists, and more. Shop floor employees will be able to access these forms in the mobile app when the product is on the correct manufacturing workflow step, fill them out and submit to the back end cloud software in real time. If you had marked the form as required an employee will not be able to move a work order to the next workflow step until the form is filled out.

Production Tracking Using A Mobile App

Shop floor workers use smartphones, tablets or mobile computers for the production tracking and documentation. They use a mobile app to scan a QR code or a barcode on the work order, check the status and which forms need to be completed, if any. They can complete required forms on the mobile device, and move a work order to the next workflow step.

Real Time Production Status Access

All production tracking records completed in the mobile app are sent from the smartphone to the back end cloud software in real time. Authorized software users can review live status of everything in production, production history of all work orders, and completed forms.

Shop Floor Production Tracking And Traceability

Use a mobile app and QR code or barcode scanning to track serial numbers or lot numbers of parts and materials that you use to build a sub-assembly or a final product. Production tracking software gives you an option to do it efficiently, by scanning lot or serial number against the BOM list.

workflow software with barcode scanning  

Serialized Inventory Tracking

A QR Inventory software gives you an option to track inventory by SKU, lot number or serial number. You can record all info on each inventory lot number when you receive or produce it. This info is readily accessibly through the entire history of serialized inventory.
When serialized inventory is added to an assembly, a shop floor employee scans a lot number or serial number with a mobile app against the BOM list to record what was added to each assembly. The process is fast, and you have a complete lot traceability.

Traceability Reports

Manufacturing workflow software reports allow you to trace each lot number or serial number from its origin to the use in the final product. You can review lot info, when it was received, by whom, where it was stored, when it was used, in what assembly. If shop floor or warehouse employees fill out any relevant forms, such as a product acceptance form, the completed forms are attached to the relevant lot number or serial number. You can review these forms at any time, in the mobile app or a cloud software.
You can review which lot numbers of components were used in each serialized assembly. You can also do a reverse look up and find out in which assemblies a specific lot number was used, and where these assemblies were shipped.
In case of a problem with a specific lot number you have all the info to issue a recall fast and limit a recall scope to the absolute minimum.

BOM Inventory Management For Manufacturing Work Orders

A BOM - assemblies and kits module of the QR Inventory software allows you to efficiently manage BOM inventory for the manufacturing work orders. You can create a BOM list for each assembly, track ordering and delivery of materials using barcode scanning, and use BOM list for the fast tracking of assemblies building on the shop floor.

workflow software with barcode scanning  

Bill Of Materials Management

You can manage bill of materials (BOM) for generic and serialized assemblies via a cloud software web interface. Add inventory SKUs to the BOM list for the generic assemblies. For the serialized assemblies, create a generic composition list that you can attach to all serialized assemblies that are the same. You can then scan a specific lot number or a serial number of the added component against this generic BOM list.

Production Tracking For The Generic Assemblies

When you are building generic assemblies, you just need to scan a QR code or a barcode on the assembly and specify how many of these assemblies were produced. A QR Inventory software will automatically add assemblies to inventory, and adjust stock level of the used materials based on the BOM list.

Production Tracking For The Serialized Assemblies

You can build serialized assemblies based on the composition list, or create ad hoc assemblies without using a list. If you have a list, you can display it in the mobile app and scan a lot number or a serial number of a component that you are adding. For the ad hoc assemblies, you scan a QR code or a barcode of the components as you add them. Either way, you have a complete traceability info. You can always check lot numbers or serial numbers of components that were added to each assembly, and find all assemblies that contain a component with the specified lot or serial number.

Documenting Manufacturing Workflow Using Mobile Forms

A production tracking software gives you an easy way to document manufacturing workflow using mobile forms. Shop floor employees fill out all required forms on the smartphones in the mobile app, and submit completed records to the back end cloud software in real time. Production tracking documents are securely preserved in the cloud as digital records, are never misplaced or lost.

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Create Custom Mobile Forms For All Types Of Manufacturing Workflow Paperwork

You can create custom mobile forms for your specific workflow via a cloud software web interface. You can create any form that you need to fill out. Some examples include product acceptance forms, inspection checklists, quality control forms, product testing forms, and more. All mobile forms that you created via a cloud software web interface can be accessed by the shop floor employees on the smartphones or tablets in the mobile app. You can create stand alone mobile forms for the discrete tasks, or attach mobile forms to the workflow steps. Optionally an admin software user can pre-fill a part of the mobile form and push it to the mobile devices for the completion on the shop floor.

Fill Out Forms In the Mobile App

Shop floor employees access mobile forms on the smartphones or tablets after scanning a work order QR code or barcode. If your mobile forms are attached to the workflow step, they will see the forms for the current step. They can review completed forms, and fill out the forms that were not completed yet. All completed mobile forms are send from the mobile app to a back end cloud software. Authorized software users can access completed forms in real time. They can search records by multiple parameters, export records or create pdf reports to send to the customer or an external auditor. You can customize a look and layout of the pdf report, and what is included in the report via the custom MS Word template.

Real Time Production Tracking Information Flow

Give everyone involved in the manufacturing process access to the live work orders progress, stocked and WIP inventory, and completed mobile forms.

workflow software with barcode scanning  

A Workflow For The Mobile App Users

A QR Inventory mobile app makes it easy to collect and update info at each manufacturing workflow step. Mobile devices, such as smartphones, are easy to carry around and use as needed. A mobile app gives shop floor employees a way to track work orders through the workflow steps fast, without taking time from their main job. A workflow data collection requires minimal manual entries. Employees can use QR code or barcode scanning, selection lists, scannable checklists, an option to attach a photo instead of providing a long description to complete forms fast and error free. Auto-fill and data copy options available in the mobile forms further reduce time required to fill out the forms.
A mobile app also provides a direct link to the back end cloud software. This allows shop floor employees to submit all updates to the central database without delay. They can also access live data from the central database on the smartphone through the mobile app.

A Workflow For The Cloud Software Users

Office employees can review data submitted from the multiple mobile devices via a single software dashboard. They can check live status of all work orders in production, workflow history of the past work orders, and completed paperwork. When office employees make updates to the system via a cloud software web interface, these updates are instantly available in the mobile app on all devices.

Production Tracking Documents For The Manufacturing Workflow

A manufacturing production tracking software produces digital records that you can access at any time from anywhere.

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Digital Records Of The Production Process

All manufacturing workflow data collected in the mobile app is stored in a central database. All info is accessible on demand by the mobile app and a cloud software. The data are not deleted from the mobile app until everything is successfully recorded in the central database. Therefore, no workflow tracking and traceability info is ever misplaced or lost. There is no need for double entries, and data is readily available to the software users based on their privileges.

Data Export And PDF Documents

You can export production tracking records as .csv file for importing into the internal software systems.
You can also generate PDF documents based on the completed records. You can do it in the mobile app after the record is completed, or later via a cloud software web interface. You can view, print and e-mail pdf reports to all interested parties: to the clients, internally or to the outside auditors.
You have a total control of the PDF reports look, layout and what data should be included via the custom MS Word template.

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