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QR Code Asset Tracking Software

Automated asset management system with QR codes or BLE tags.

A QR Inventory software gives you a real-time visibility into the assets location and status. Use a QR Inventory mobile app on the construction sites, in the field, or on the shop floor for the efficient asset management in real time.

Asset Tracking Automation With The QR Codes Or BLE Tags

Use QR Codes or BLE tags for real time asset tracking and a complete accountability

QR codes give your field employees a convenient, easy and fast way to track assets in real time. All they need to do is to scan assets with a smartphone camera, review the batch and submit it to a back end cloud software from the mobile app. Here is what you need to efficiently track assets, equipment and tools in the QR Inventory software:

QR code asset tags

Label assets with the QR codes or barcodes. You can easily generate and print QR code labels in the QR Inventory software. QR codes help you uniquely identify assets. You do not need manual entries, that can lead to errors and mix ups.

Bluetooth asset trackers

For larger and more valuable assets use BLE tags for the fully automated asset and equipment tracking.

A smartphone with the QR Inventory mobile app

Use mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) for the real time asset, tools and equipment tracking in the field. Use mobile phones for QR code scanning, data entry and look up. A bluetooth asset tracking system gives you an option to bulk scan tools and equipment tagged with the BLE tags with one click.

An IoT gateway (optional)

Don't want to rely on the company employees for QR code scanning and asset tracking? Use IoT asset tracking and monitoring system for an automated tracking with IoT gateways. An IoT asset tracking system works on its own without any human participation.

QR Code Asset Tracking Software Features And Benefits

QR codes speed up asset tracking, make it more accurate and produce real time data. A real time equipment and tools tracking prevents assets misuse, loss and theft. You always know where your assets are and who is working with them. You get alerts on the next preventive maintenance, can check how tools and equipment were utilized over time, and more.

    QR Code Asset Tracking Software Features
  • Track assets anywhere: on the job sites, in the service tracks, in the field, in the warehouse, on the shop floor or in the office.
  • Record tools check in and check out, assign equipment to the employees, track assets relocation and other status changes using a mobile app. Control what you need to record via a cloud software web interface.
  • Fill out mobile forms to keep track of additional information.
  • Capture images, signatures and GPS location of the asset in the mobile app.
  • Review and download reports on the equipment status and usage.
  • Access asset specs and documents with a QR code , NFC tag or a BLE tag scan.
  • Record equipment service and maintenance in the field using mobile forms.
  • Create custom alerts and get notified on anything important.
  • Configure a QR Inventory software to fit your business needs.

    QR Code Asset Tracking Software Benefits
  • Real-time visibility into the location, status, and condition of tools and equipment.
  • No loss, theft, or misuse of assets.
  • Efficient allocation and utilization of assets.
  • Reduced assets downtime and increased overall productivity.
  • Better resource planning. You can use asset management software reports to check which assets are under-utilized or over-utilized, and correct the situation fast.
  • Timely preventive maintenance extends equipment useful life.
  • An asset management software keeps track of the equipment and tools use authorization, which leads to the improved safety and security.
  • You can hold employees accountable for the assets they use. This leads to the responsible equipment usage, reduces loss or damage.
  • Asset tracking automation eliminates the need for the manual record-keeping. Your workers have more time for their main job tasks.

Keep Track Of Assets With An Easy To Use Mobile App And A Cloud Software


Construction Equipment & Tools Tracking With QR Codes Or Bluetooth

Use smartphones or Bluetooth IoT technology for the real time, accurate construction equipment tracking.

In the construction industry, effective asset tracking is essential for optimizing resource utilization, minimizing downtime, and ensuring the safety of personnel. Construction assets are used on multiple job sites, in the field, and are moved around or stored in the service trucks. In order to efficiently track construction tools and equipment between multiple sites you need a software system that can be easily used in the field, has a real time connection to a central data repository, and automates asset tracking process as much as possible.

A QR Inventory software uses modern tools: mobile devices (smartphones or tablets), cloud software, QR code, barcode, NFC or bluetooth tags, IoT gateways and sensors for efficient construction equipment tracking in real time. Field employees scan a QR code to quickly record equipment relocation, access equipment documentation or record equipment maintenance. Office employees can set up the system based on the business requirements, and access asset tracking reports on the office computers, via the QR Inventory software web dashboard. They can review current equipment and tools location, historic equipment logs and utilization statistics to understand trends, analyze data and make better business decisions.

Bluetooth asset tracking capabilities of the QR Inventory software allows smartphone asset tracking using bulk scanning, or a completely automated IoT asset tracking with BLE tags and IoT gateways.

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BLE Construction Asset Management

Automate asset tracking on construction site with BLE tags and a smartphone or IoT gateway.

Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology helps you manage materials and assets on the job sites in real time with little or no employees' participation. Label assets with the BLE tags, and you can either track them using a smartphone or opt for a fully automated asset tracking system with the Bluetooth IoT gateways.

If you would like job site employees to track assets, they can bulk scan assets when they move them between locations using a smartphone. Just one click in the mobile app will locate all assets in the vicinity of a smartphone and add them to the batch. An employee does not need to handle each asset, locate a tag and scan it with a smartphone camera. BLE tags speed up asset tracking process significantly as compared to QR codes.

If you cannot or do not want rely on the construction site employees for asset tracking, you can use IoT gateways for a fully automated asset tracking system. IoT gateways detect assets in the scanning range and send data to a back end cloud software without a need for the job site employees to do anything.

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QR Code Asset Management System For The Rental Properties

Track and audit assets in the rental properties with the smartphone and QR code scanning.

With the QR Inventory software keeping track of assets in the multiple rental properties is easy and straightforward. You can use QR Inventory for tracking large household equipment or smaller items like linen, dishes and utensils. Company employees can record delivery and installation of the new assets, items damage and replacement, and do property assets audits on site using a mobile app and QR code scanning.

All reports are submitted to the backend cloud software in real time. Administrators have a live view of all properties, including property assets, items movement and replacement, and property maintenance. They can see at a glance what each property has, what is missing, what is damaged and needs to be fixed or replaced, what has been delivered and installed and when. Digital documentation is preserved in a secure cloud. It can be accessed on demand and searched by multiple parameters to quickly find required info.

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Keep Track Of The Rental Equipment, Loaned Samples & Demo Units With QR Codes

Track rental equipment, demo units delivery and returns without physical paperwork and errors.

When you rent (lease, loan) assets to the clients, whether this is a construction equipment, medical devices, communication equipment or anything else, manual tracking can be daunting, time-consuming and error-prone. A QR Inventory mobile app and cloud software streamline rental asset tracking, save you time and eliminate errors. Company employees can easily record equipment delivery, check out, check in and pick up using a mobile app for QR code or barcode scanning. They can fill out forms, take photos, collect a client signature on the smartphone, generate delivery or pick up tickets on the spot, and e-mail them to the client or office from the smartphone. All required documents are collected on site electronically, and are sent to a back end cloud software in real time.

You can see at a glance where the rental equipment is, how long each customer had it, when it is due back, what do you have available in the warehouse, and access all relevant documentation.

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QR Code Office Assets Tracking, From Video Equipment To Furniture To IT Hardware

Keep office and IT assets under control with an easy to use mobile app and cloud software.

Use barcode or QR code scanning to efficiently manage your office assets, video and IT equipment. Scan assets in when you receive a new batch in the office or warehouse. Record information and take photos using a smartphone.

Check assets in and out, assign to the employees or locations. Perform asset audits to make sure everything is in place, identify missing assets. Track and review an entire asset life-cycle. Record actions that you need to perform on the assets, whether it is a regular cleaning, calibration, maintenance or software updates. Receive automatic reminders when the next action is due.

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Mobile Asset Tracking Software

Field asset tracking with a smartphone and QR codes.

Misplaced assets, tools and equipment can quickly add up to a big loss for a company. Using QR Inventory software you can easily organize and track field assets in real time.

Field employees use a smartphone with an asset tracking mobile app for recording assets movement and usage. QR code scanning makes asset tracking fast and easy for the field workers. A mobile app provides a link to a back end cloud software, allowing for the real time updates.

As a result, both field and office employees have access to the same live data.

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QR Code Asset Tracking System FAQ

Frequently asked questions on the asset tracking in the QR Inventory software.

Using QR Codes For Asset Tracking And Management

QR code asset tracking is a low cost and easy to implement solution that provides real time assets visibility to all authorized employees, and creates asset accountability system. There are a lot of benefits of using QR codes for asset tracking. Some of them include an easy scanning with a mobile app, on site asset info access with one QR code scan, real time data exchange with the central database and organized digital documentation.

❱❱ QR code asset tracking

IoT Asset Tracking And Conditions Monitoring

With IoT asset tracking system you do not have to rely on the company employees for asset management tasks. You install Bluetooth IoT gateways in the locations where you plan to track assets, and tag assets with the BLE tags. Each IoT gateway periodically scans for assets tagged with BLE tags within its range, processes data and sends updates to a back end cloud software.

❱❱ IoT asset tracking system FAQ

Equipment Check Out Tracking

A QR Inventory software streamlines equipment and assets check out process. A company employee just need to scan a QR code, NFC or BLE tag to check out or return tools and equipment. You can require an employee to fill out a form in the mobile app to document asset conditions. Mobile forms support image attachments and electronic signatures.
All check out and check in records are preserved in a secure cloud, and ara available to authorized software users to search and review.
A digital asset check out system promotes accountability among company employees, reduces equipment loss and increases equipment useful life.

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Asset Tracking With QR Codes, NFC, BLE, RFID And GPS - Blog Articles

Learn how you can optimize asset tracking process with the modern technologies.

Bluetooth Asset Tracking

Use of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology for asset tracking is growing, and is taking over RFID and GPS asset tracking methods. One of the distinct advantages of BLE tags is their relatively low cost, and ability to interact with the smartphones. Using BLE tags, you can do bulk asset scanning as you can with RFID - but you can use a regular smartphone for it, instead of the expensive RFID scanners.
You can also opt for a fully automated Bluetooth asset tracking system, that uses IoT gateways for detecting assets and sending data to a back end cloud software.

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Compare Asset Tracking Technologies

The article describes and compares modern technologies that are used for asset tracking: barcodes, QR codes, NFC, BLE, RFID, GPS. Read it to get an overview of each technologies, when to use it and how the technologies compare and differ.

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