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Mobile Asset Tracking Software: Field Asset Tracking With A Smartphone

Mobile asset tracking software helps you track field assets in real time. Use a mobile app for barcode scanning, data entry and real time connection to the cloud.

How Mobile Asset Tracking Help Field Companies Keep Tools And Equipment Under Control

A mobile asset tracking software helps you organize and track field assets in multiple locations in real time. A mobile app with QR code scanning makes it fast and easy for the field employees to record and access info. A smartphone provides a link to a back end cloud software. This ensures instant data updates and live asset info access to all team members.

    Mobile Asset Tracking Software Features
  • QR Code Asset Tracking. QR code scanning allows for the fast and easy asset tracking in the field.
  • Asset Tracking Mobile App. A mobile app allows for the QR code or barcode scanning, real time data updates and live info access.
  • A Cloud Software. An asset tracking cloud software provides real time reports on asset location, movements, history and usage statistics.
  • Mobile Forms. You can fill out all asset related paperwork, from maintenance and service to field reports, on a smartphone using mobile forms.
  • IoT Asset Tracking. Use IoT technologies for a fully automated asset tracking on the job sites, in the yard, warehouse and office.
  • IoT Asset Conditions Monitoring. Use BLE sensors and Bluetooth IoT gateways for the remote asset conditions monitoring without any manual labor and site visits.
  • Digital Records. Mobile asset tracking software ensures that all records are well organized, secure, are accessible on demand and are easily searchable.

    Mobile Asset Tracking Software Benefits
  • Real Time Asset Visibility. Mobile asset tracking software provides real-time info on asset location and movement history to all team members. Real time asset visibility improves planning and asset allocation, prevents assets loss and projects delays.
  • Improved Efficiency. Mobile asset tracking software automates manual processes, which saves companies time and money.
  • Asset Data Accuracy. QR code scanning eliminates manual entry errors and produces more accurate asset tracking info.
  • Reduced Asset Losses. Mobile asset tracking software reduces asset loss, misplacement and theft. Companies do not need to purchase new assets as often as they do when assets are not tracked.
  • Better Asset Allocation And Planning. Knowing assets location and history improves planning. Companies can utilize assets to their maximum potential, reducing assets purchase and rentals.
  • Timely Asset Maintenance. Mobile asset tracking software provides tools for monitoring and scheduling asset maintenance. Timely maintenance ensures that there are no unexpected breakdowns and prolongs equipment lifespan.

mobile asset tracking

How Mobile Asset Tracking Works In The QR Inventory Software

A step by step guide on the real time asset tracking using a QR Iventory mobile app and a cloud software.
qr code labels for assets

Step One: Organize & Label Assets And Equipment

Use a cloud software web dashboard to generate, lay out and print QR code labels for the mobile assets and equipment.

Asset Tags And Labels

A QR Inventory software has a built-in tool that you can use to generate, lay out and print QR code labels. You do not need to purchase a special label printer - you can use sheet labels and a regular office printer. You can also use any label printer that prints on the roll labels.
If your assets are already labeled with barcodes or QR codes, good chances are that you will be able to use existing labels and skip equipment labeling part.
You can also use NFC tags or BLE tags instead of the QR codes for the faster scanning.

Enter Tools And Equipment Into Asset Tracking System

You can bulk import assets from a file, enter assets manually via the cloud software web interface, or enter assets using a mobile app and QR code scanning.
You can enter, store and access any info that you need for the field assets. Use a cloud software web interface to define what data you want to store, upload photos and pdf documents if needed. All data and documents are accessible to the field techs in the mobile app with one QR code scan. They can immediately see asset specs, instructions, documents, maintenance history and more.

Step Two: Track Assets In The Field Using A Mobile App

Use a smartphone and a mobile app for the real time field asset tracking with QR code scanning.

How To Track Field Assets Using A Mobile App

A field technician just needs to scan a QR code to identify asset. He can then access asset info, as well as record asset check out, check in or re-location in the mobile app.
A mobile app provides QR code scanning and data entry capabilities, as well as an instant link to a back end cloud software. All asset tracking info recorded in the mobile app instantly updates central database, and becomes available to all authorized software users and devices.

What You Can Record In The Asset Tracking Mobile App

When you record asset check out or re-location in the mobile app, you can record any extra info that you want to keep track of. A QR Inventory software allows you to create custom asset transaction types, and define what data should be recorded for each type. You can require that employees fill out equipment inspection form on check out and return, record a job for which equipment is being used, set expected return date, and more.
Field technicians will be able to fill the required forms in the mobile app. They can add photos for visual documentation, and collect signatures on a smartphone. GPS location of the asset transaction, an employee who performed it, as well as date and time are recorded automatically.

How Fast Is Asset Tracking In The Mobile App Using Different Tags

A QR code scanning makes asset identification and tracking in the field fast and easy. An employee records all needed data on the transaction, then scans assets one by one to add them to the batch. If you have high volume of assets to transfer, you can use other tags and scanning equipment to make the process even faster:

real time asset reports

Step Three: Mobile Asset Tracking Reports

All authorized QR Inventory software users have an access to the real time assets locations, transactions history and usage reports.

Some of the asset tracking reports that you can review in the QR Inventory software are:

  • Current location of the field assets, who is using them and for what project / job.
  • Historic location of the field assets for the job site billing.
  • List of the assets in each field location, and what is available in the office / warehouse for the check out.
  • An entire lifetime history for each asset: use on the projects, idle time, repairs and maintenance, etc.
  • Assets inventory (how many assets of the same type do you have at each location).

You can filter reports by multiple parameters, including custom fields that you created, to get the exact info you need. Export asset tracking reports for import into the internal software of for sharing with the clients or other interested parties.

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