Mobile Asset Tracking Software: Field Asset Tracking With A Smartphone

Mobile asset tracking software helps you keep track of the field assets in real time using a smartphone and a mobile application for barcode scanning and data entry.

Misplaced and lost assets, tools and equipment can quickly add up to a significant monetary loss for a company. QR Inventory asset tracking software will help you organize and track field assets in multiple locations. Use a smartphone and QR Inventory mobile application to keep track of the assets movement and usage, and make sure that authorized field employees can access asset documentation. You will be able to track field assets in real time and not spend anything on the mobile asset tracking hardware. QR Inventory software uses regular smartphones or tablets iPhones, android phones, iPads or android tablets) for the barcode scanning, assets data entry and look up.

mobile asset tracking

qr code labels for assets

Mobile Asset Tracking First Step: Organize & Label Assets And Equipment

Use QR Inventory software web dashboard to generate, lay out and print QR code labels for the field assets and equipment.
  • Create, lay out and print QR code labels for the field assets using QR Inventory software QR code generation tool.
  • Use existing barcode labels if they are available, or NFC tags for the faster scanning.
  • Use bluetooth (BLE) beacons for continuous field assets monitoring, or to scan multiple field assets with one click of a button in the QR Inventory mobile application.
  • Bulk import assets into the QR Inventory software, enter assets manually via the QR Inventory software web interface, or enter assets on a smartphone in the QR Inventory mobile application.
  • Define what information you want to store for the mobile field assets or equipment via the QR Inventory software web interface.
  • Custom fields that you created for the mobile field assets will automatically appear on the web and in the mobile application to fill out.
  • Add images to the assets, online or on a smartphone. Use smartphone camera to take photo(s) and attach them to the field assets.

Mobile Asset Tracking With A Smartphones And QR Code / Barcode / NFC Tags Scanning

Use QR Inventory mobile application to track field assets in real time with a smartphone and barcode / QR code / NFC scanning.
  • Scan QR code / barcode label with a smartphone to track field assets re-location and usage in QR Inventory mobile application.
  • Create custom inventory transaction types to track field assets (check in, check out, send to repair, discard obsolete or damaged items, etc.). QR Inventory software allows you to create asset transactions that you need for your business via the web dashboard.
  • Define what additional information should be collected for each asset transaction, and company employees will be able to collect this information on a smartphone using mobile forms.
  • Process high volume asset transactions fast using NFC tags.
  • Use BLE beacon tags to further automate field assets tracking. Instead of scanning each asset, click one button in a QR Inventory mobile application to scan all nearby assets at once.
  • Use smartphones as barcode scanners, data entry and look up tools, or IoT gateways if you are using bluetooth beacon tags. Most of your employees already have smartphones and know how to use them - so they can start tracking field assets right away without spending much time on the training.
  • Save money on purchasing asset tracking hardware, such as mobile computers, barcode scanners and label printers.
  • Capture images, signatures and GPS location for the field assets and equipment transactions using a smartphone and QR Inventory mobile application.

Multi-Location Mobile Asset Tracking

Track mobile assets across multiple locations in real time.
  • Track mobile assets in real time no matter where they are located: in the office, on the job site, at the client's location, or on the service truck.
  • Assign assets to the employees and always know who is responsible for each asset.
  • See at a glance list of the assets at each field location, in the warehouse / office, and history of all assets transactions.
  • A user who checked out or returned an asset, as well as date, time and GPS location of the asset transaction is automatically captured on a smartphone and included in the asset tracking reports.
real time asset reports

Mobile Asset Tracking Reports

All authorized QR Inventory software users have an access to the real time assets locations, transactions history and usage reports.
  • Check current location of the field assets, who is using them and for what project / job.
  • Check historic location of the field assets for the job site billing.
  • Check list of the assets in each field location, and what is available in the office / warehouse for the check out.
  • View an entire life-cycle history for each asset: use on the projects, idle time, repairs and maintenance, etc.
  • View reports on the assets inventory (how many assets of the same type do you have at each location).
  • Filter reports by multiple parameters, including custom fields that you created.
  • Export reports for import into the internal software of for sharing with the clients and employees who do not have an access to the QR Inventory software.

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