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Service Truck Inventory System: Smart Inventory Solution With QR Codes Or IoT

Take control of your service trucks inventory and tools with the QR Inventory software. Use mobile app and QR codes or BLE tags to track parts, materials and tools fast and error free.

Mobile Software For Service Truck Inventory Management

Your service trucks are mobile. So is a QR Inventory software. You need to be able to track parts and materials that go on the truck and being used fast and error free. A QR Inventory mobile app allows field service technicians to do just that.

Company employees can track service trucks inventory in real time using a mobile app and QR code or barcode scanning. A mobile app is designed to make inventory management tasks as easy as possible for the field employees. Once a transaction is recorded in the mobile app, an inventory record is updated in the central database.

Authorized software users always have a live inventory and tools view on all service trucks via a single web dashboard.

Smart Truck Restocking Solution

If your don't want your field service technicians to do any extra work for inventory tracking, use a smart truck restocking solution based on IoT technology. Label tools and assets with the BLE tags, and inventory that goes in and out of the service truck will be reported automatically without field technicians needing to do any extra work. If you already have Android tablets installed on the service trucks, you can use them as IoT gateways. This is a cost effective method to implement smart IoT inventory solution for the service trucks without a need to purchase extra hardware.

Benefits Of Smart Truck Inventory Management System For Field Service Companies

An accurate inventory management system helps field service companies and contractors to be more productive. It ensures that field service jobs are completed on time, prevents supplies shortages or overstocking and loss of tools and equipment.

Inventory Software Benefits For The Service Trucks Operators

Field technicians can effectively manage parts, supplies and tools they need on their service trucks using a barcode scanning mobile app. Using a mobile app, service trucks operators can:

  • Scan parts, materials and tools that they load on the truck.
  • Scan parts out when they use them for the job or return unused parts.
  • Check tools in and out with a QR code scan.
  • Load all supplies they need for the specific job on the truck with one click in the mobile app, instead of scanning each item separately.
  • Instantly see what they have on the service truck in the mobile app. Verify that they have all inventory and tools for the upcoming jobs.
  • If unexpected need for parts and materials arise on the job site, field technicians can quickly check where the required part is available with one QR code scan in the mobile app.
  • Receive email alert when they need to replenish their service truck inventory.

Inventory Software Benefits For The Field Service Back Office

A QR Inventory software makes inventory control, ordering and job billing fast and easy for the office employees. They can access all data they need to do their job on the office computers in the QR Inventory software reports. Using a cloud software web interface, office employees can:

  • Review inventory stock and tools on all service trucks and job sites via a single web dashboard.
  • Instantly check what they have available in the warehouse for the upcoming field service jobs.
  • Access inventory usage reports per job or client for the easy billing.
  • Reduce stocked inventory cost by ordering parts and materials as needed.
  • Check which tools are located on what service truck.
  • Account for the tools check outs, check ins and usage. Reduce tools misplacement and loss.

How Service Truck Inventory Management Works In The QR Inventory Software

With the QR Inventory software you can effectively manage inventory, tools and equipment in real time on the service trucks, on the job sites and in the warehouse. Use service truck inventory system to prevent unnecessary trips to get parts and materials, inventory shrinkage, tools loss and projects delays.

Mobile Inventory Management On The Service Trucks And Job Sites

Track parts and materials that go in and out of each service truck using a mobile app and QR code or barcode scanning. Make sure that all parts and materials are accounted for, and that each service truck has the right supplies for the job.

Service Truck Inventory Tracking Using Mobile App

A mobile app makes parts and materials tracking on the service trucks fast and easy for field service technicians. All they need to do is scan a QR code or barcode as they pick up inventory from the warehouse, load it on the truck, deliver to the job site and use for the job. They can collect extra data in the mobile app, capture images for visual documentation, and collect signatures on a smartphone. You decide what data should accompany each mobile transaction, and configure it via a cloud software web dashboard.

Service Truck Inventory Tracking With QR Codes Or Barcodes

QR code and barcode scanning helps field technicians record inventory transactions faster and avoid errors associated with the manual data entry. You do not need to purchase a barcode scanning hardware - a mobile app takes care of it.

Real Time Inventory Updates

A mobile app is linked to a back end cloud software. It means that all service truck inventory updates are reflected in the central database in real time. All software users have live access to parts and materials stock on the service trucks, job sites and warehouse.

Low Inventory Alerts

With the QR Inventory software you will never run out of supplies that you need for the field service jobs. You can set min and max stock level for each service truck, and receive a list of inventory that needs to be replenished in e-mail. A list will include the service truck, what should be re-ordered, and quantity to order based on your pre-set max stock level.

Service Truck Inventory Audits

Field technicians can conduct periodic physical counts of inventory in their service trucks to verify that everything is in place. They use a mobile app and barcode scanning for the fast and accurate count. A QR Inventory software compares submitted count with the inventory that should be on the service truck, and produces a discrepancy report. You have reports on the discrepancies on each service truck over time. If there is a missing inventory problem, you discover and correct it fast.

Service Trucks Tool And Equipment Tracking


Tracking Tools And Equipment With The Mobile App And QR Codes

Along with parts and materials you can track service truck tools and equipment with the same QR Inventory mobile app. Field technicians scan a QR code label on a tool with a mobile app to check it out from the warehouse on their truck. When they return a tool, they check it in with a QR code scan.
Optionally you can require a service truck operator to fill out a short checklist to document tool conditions at check out and upon return to the warehouse or a tool crib. A checklist can include photos to visually document tool conditions and possible problems. A tool check out system makes employees more responsible, prevents tools loss, misplacement and damage.

Smart Service Truck Inventory System With BLE Tags And IoT

For bigger and more valuable tools you can use more advanced tracking technologies, such as an IoT asset tracking system. An IoT technology allows you to track assets automatically, without relying on the service truck operators for tool scanning.
In order to automatically track tools on the service truck, you need to tag them with the BLE tags, and install a gateway on the truck. A gateway scans for the BLE tags at pre-set time intervals, and sends data to the back end cloud software. A field service technician does not need to do anything extra for the real time tool tracking.
You do not need to purchase a dedicated IoT gateway for each truck. In the same way as a mobile phone can act as a barcode scanner, it can act as an IoT gateway on the service truck. Using mobile phones as gateways will save you money on purchasing dedicated hardware, and will make your IoT asset tracking system much more affordable.

Inventory Reports On The Service Trucks, Job Sites And Warehouse


A Full View Of Inventory Stock And Tools Location 24/7

All inventory and tool tracking data recorded in the mobile app update central database in real time. Admin software users have a full view of parts and materials on all service trucks, job sites, and a warehouse via a single cloud software web dashboard. Some of the available reports are:

  • Inventory stock on all service trucks, job sites and in the warehouse.
  • List of locations with low inventory that needs to be replenished.
  • Parts and materials transactions history.
  • History of tools check out and check in.
  • Parts and materials usage per job or client.
  • Monetary value of the stocked and used inventory.
  • Inventory discrepancies for service truck.
  • Inventory usage trends and statistics.

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