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Construction Tool Tracking Software

Take control of your construction site. Track tools and equipment in real time, and never lose a tool again!

Construction Tool Tracking Software Benefits

Stop wasting time and money searching for lost tools! Implement tool tracking software for a full accountability.

Construction tool tracking software gives you real-time visibility into your tools, so you'll always know their location and who's using them. This eliminates wasted time spent searching for misplaced tools, prevents project delays and reduces expensive tool replacement costs.

The real time tool tracking system holds employees accountable for the equipment they are using. It prevents loss, damage and theft of the valuable equipment.

The software also tracks tool usage data, helping you optimize equipment allocation and plan purchases more effectively. By identifying underutilized tools or those nearing the end of their lifespan, you can save money and ensure your crews have the right tools on hand to complete jobs on time.

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Use Modern Technologies To Streamline Construction Tool Tracking

Modern technologies, such as smart tool tags (QR codes, NFC, BLE), mobile apps, cloud software and IoT, make construction tools tracking fast, easy and efficient. You can track tools and equipment anywhere using a QR code scanning mobile app, and instantly get updates to the central database. Improve accountability by adding an inspection checklist to tool check out and check in process. The checklist can be easily completed in the mobile app, and can include photos and signatures for a complete documentation.

Want to automate tool and equipment tracking even further? Use BLE asset tracking system to eliminate a need for QR code scanning and track tools and equipment automatically.

Construction Tool Tracking With QR Codes

Tracking construction tools using a QR code scanning mobile app is an efficient, low cost option that requires minimal efforts from the field workforce. Field employees can track construction tools anywhere in real time, access live data and submit updates from the smartphone.

Steps To Implement QR Code Tool Tracking System

Use these three simple steps to implement a QR code tool tracking system:

1. Create QR Codes And Label Tools
Create QR code labels in the QR Inventory software using a cloud web interface. Print QR code labels one at a time or in bulk, and attach them to the construction tools that you plan to track.

2. Use A Mobile App For The Real Time Tool Tracking
Use a QR code scanning mobile app to check out, check in and transfer tools. A mobile app updates central database with current tool status in real time.

3. Review Reports In The Cloud Software
Review and download real time and historic reports. Check current tools locations, tools usage history, and tools utilization reports. Don't waste time searching for tools, do a better planning on tools purchases and job allocation.

Construction Tool Tracking With Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Tags

For even faster and more advanced tool tracking consider using Bluetooth low energy (BLE) tags instead of QR codes. BLE tags are the fastest and most efficient way to track assets. You can still use a smartphone and a mobile app, but you do not need to scan each tool. One click in the mobile app will detect all tagged assets and add them to the batch.

You can also use a Bluetooth IoT gateway instead of a smartphone for a fully automated IoT asset tracking.

Steps To Implement BLE Tool Tracking System

Use these four steps to implement BLE tool tracking system:

1. Tag Tools And Equipment
Attach BLE tags to the tools and equipment.

2. Enter Tools Into The Tracking Software
Use a mobile app to link each construction tool to the BLE tag and enter it into the software system.

3. Track Tools With The Mobile App
Use a mobile app to record tools check out, check in or transfer. BLE tags allow for the fast bulk scanning. You do not need to locate a tag and scan each asset. A first click in the mobile app will add all assets to the batch. A second click will submit the entire batch to the back end cloud software.

4. Do Asset Audits
BLE tags allow you to do periodic asset audits of a job site or a service truck fast and error free. You just need two clicks to detect all assets on a service truck or a job site, and submit data to the back end cloud software.

Fully Automate Asset Tracking With IoT Gateway
If you do not want to rely on company employees for the tool tracking, you can use a Bluetooth IoT gateway instead of the smartphone. An IoT gateway does the same job as a smartphone - detects assets tagged with the BLE tags and sends data to a back end cloud software. However, job site employees do not need to do any asset tracking tasks. IoT asset tracking system works on its own - no employees participation is required.

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Use QR Inventory Software To Track Tools And Equipment

Real-time visibility. Less searching. More building.

Start acting and prevent loss, misplacement and theft of tools and equipment. See how QR Inventory software will help you streamline tool and equipment tracking.

Tool Location And Usage Tracking


Tool Tracking Using QR Codes

Instant tools check out and check in with the QR code scanning mobile app.

Field employees can quickly check out, check in, or transfer tools using a QR code scanning mobile app. This saves valuable time compared to manual tracking. They can also record extra data, fill out tool condition checklists, add photos, and sign for assigned tools directly on their smartphones.

The mobile app connects to a cloud software for real time data exchange. This means all tool status changes are instantly updated in the central database. Plus, technicians can access tool specs, documents, and even locate nearby tools – all with a single QR scan!

Tool Tracking Using BLE Tags And IoT

Go hands-free! Automate tool tracking with BLE tags and IoT.

Want to eliminate manual scanning and ensure constant tool monitoring? BLE tags and IoT gateways offer a fully automated tool tracking solution. IoT gateways can be installed in key locations to continuously track tool location and movement. This is ideal if you don't want to rely on employee scans or need 24/7 monitoring.

Once deployed, the system works on its own. Gateways detect tagged equipment, process data locally, and send updates to the cloud software. You can set up custom alerts for misplaced tools and receive instant notifications.

For temperature-sensitive equipment, add an IoT temperature and humidity monitoring system. The system provides 24/7 digital logs on asset conditions and instant alerts if something goes wrong.

Tool Accountability System

Ensure tool longevity and reduce loss with tool accountability system

A QR Inventory software promotes employee accountability and helps you extend tool lifespan, reduce loss, and minimize misplacement.

When employees check out a tool, they can quickly complete an optional tool condition assessment form. These easy-to-complete forms provide valuable insights into tool usage:

  • Track who checked out and returned a tool, when, for which project, and for how long.
  • Monitor tool condition at checkout and return, identifying potential issues early.
  • Reduce damage through early detection and improve overall tool care.
  • Visually document tool condition with photos.
  • Easily identify the last person who checked out a missing tool.

This system empowers employees to take ownership of the tools they use and helps you build a more responsible work environment. As a result, you'll experience reduced replacement costs, less downtime due to missing tools, and ultimately, a more efficient and profitable construction operation.

Tool Usage Tracking

Turn tool data into actionable insights

The QR Inventory software goes beyond simple tool location tracking. It provides a comprehensive usage history for all your tools and equipment. Analyze this data to make smarter decisions and optimize your resources. Here's how QR Inventory reports can improve your equipment and tools management:

  • Save money on rentals Identify underutilized tools and avoid unnecessary rentals.
  • Improve job site billing Track tool usage per job for accurate billing and cost allocation.
  • Optimize tool purchases See which tools are used most frequently and plan purchases accordingly.
  • Ensure contractor crew efficiency Verify that service trucks are stocked with the right tools to avoid delays.

By leveraging tool usage data, you can streamline operations, reduce costs, and ensure your crews have the resources they need to succeed.

Tool Calibration And Maintenance Tracking


Using Mobile Forms For Tracking Tool Maintenance

Prevent downtime! Streamline tool maintenance with mobile forms.

Ensure your tools are always in top condition with custom mobile forms. Field technicians can easily complete digital tool calibration forms, maintenance reports, and service requests directly on their smartphones. They can also access tool specs, manuals, and past maintenance history – all with a single QR code scan!

This system saves valuable time and reduces errors by eliminating paper forms. Real time data submission ensures all team members have instant access to the latest data.

By prioritizing preventative maintenance, you can:

  • Extend tool lifespan and reduce replacement costs.
  • Minimize unexpected breakdowns and prevent costly downtime.
  • Improve overall tool quality and job site efficiency.

Tool Calibration And Maintenance Alerts

Never miss a calibration again! Automated alerts keep tools in top shape.

Prevent costly downtime and extend tool life with automated maintenance reminders! A QR Inventory software sends you automatic alerts for important events, including:

  • Expiring warranties Ensure your tools are covered when you need them most.
  • Calibration due dates Never miss a critical calibration that could impact tool performance or safety.
  • Preventative maintenance schedules Stay proactive with tool care and avoid unexpected breakdowns.

You can create custom alerts for any other event that are important for your business.

In addition to time-based alerts, you'll receive notifications if a completed maintenance form identifies an outlier that requires immediate attention. This allows you to act fast and address potential problems before they escalate.

Automated alerts help you:

  • Maximize tool uptime and avoid costly downtime.
  • Extend tool lifespan and reduce replacement costs.
  • Promote a culture of preventative maintenance and improve overall job site safety.

Customizable Tool Tracking Process


Take Control of Your Tool Tracking Process

With the QR Inventory software you can customize your tool tracking experience to perfectly match your business needs and workflow. The software offers a wide range of configurable options, allowing you to:

  • Streamline workflows Adapt data collection, user permissions, and reporting to seamlessly integrate with your existing processes.
  • Improve data collection Specify the data you need to capture for different tool types, ensuring you have the right data for informed decision-making.
  • Boost efficiency Create custom mobile forms to simplify data entry in the field and eliminate time-consuming paperwork.
  • Gain deeper insights Customize reports to track the metrics that matter most to your business and gain valuable insights into tool usage.

With the QR Inventory software, you're not limited to a one-size-fits-all solution. You can tailor the system to your specific needs and ensure it delivers the information and functionalities that are most critical for your construction operation.

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