Construction Tools Tracking Software With The Mobile Application And QR Codes, NFC, Bluetooth

Efficient construction assets management with the modern technology tools: smartphones, cloud software, QR codes, NFC or Bluetooth (BLE beacon) tags.

Use QR Inventory software for the real time tools and equipment tracking between the job sites, service trucks and shop / warehouse. Check tools and equipment in and out with the smartphone and QR code / NFC / Bluetooth tags scanning. Review real time construction assets reports on the office computers. With the tools tracking software you always know where the tools and equipment are, how long they have been used for each project, and how efficiently construction assets are utilized.

  • A complete, easy to use system for the construction equipment and tools tracking: cloud software, mobile application, QR code, NFC or Bluetooth tags.
  • Track construction tools and equipment on the job sites, on the service trucks and in the warehouse in the mobile application. Review assets information via the construction tools tracking software web dashboard in real time.
  • Use bluetooth tools tracking for the bulk assets scanning. Instead of finding a barcode and scanning each tool, press a button in the mobile application to process all tools on the pallet or on the truck at once.
  • Use digital mobile forms for recording and tracking construction tools calibration and maintenance.
  • Field technicians can access construction tools and equipment documentation on the job site by scanning a QR code / Bluetooth tag / NFC tag with a smartphone.
  • Review tools and equipment usage per project / job site for the job site billing. Analyze construction assets utilization efficiency.
  • Configure construction tools tracking software to work the way you need: define what do you want to record and report via a web dashboard.

Construction Tools Tracking In The Mobile Application

Using QR Inventory mobile application field employees can easily track tools and equipment in real time by scanning a QR code, NFC or Bluetooth tag with a smartphone. Bluetooth tags provide the best tools tracking automation. Instead of scanning each individual tool a technician can bulk scan the whole batch of the construction tools at once just by clicking a button in the mobile application.

Track everything that happens to the construction tools: checking out to the job site, job site usage, return to the warehouse, transfer between the job sites, sending to repair, etc. QR Inventory software gives you full flexibility to decide which assets transactions you need, and what additional data to record for each asset transaction, if any.

All construction tools transactions recorded in the mobile application are sent to a backend tools tracking software in real time. Office employees can review up to the minute assets information via the QR Inventory software web dashboard: tools and equipment location, job site assets list, who checked out the tool and when, what is available in the warehouse for the upcoming projects, etc.

Tracking Construction Tools Lifetime History

Use QR Inventory software to track each construction tool individually by the serial number, and review each tool lifetime history at any time. Every time something happens to the construction tool: it is sent to a job site, returned, sent to repair, needs service or maintenance, is calibrated, etc. - an employee scans a QR code or barcode and records an event and relevant information. Lifetime history of each asset, with dates, employee names, completed calibrations and inspections, and other details can be accessed on demand and downloaded via the tools tracking software reports.

Construction Tools Inventory Software

Use QR Inventory software to access construction tools inventory stock in each location. Check how many tools of a specific type are out on each job site, and how many you have on hand for check out.

You can create reminders and receive automatic e-mail alerts when construction tools inventory count falls below the minimum quantity and you need to order more.

Tracking Construction Tools Warranty, Calibration And Maintenance

Keep construction tools and equipment in the best shape, extend tools useful life

Use smartphones and custom mobile forms for tracking construction tools calibration, maintenance and repairs. Eliminate physical paperwork - all asset records collected on the mobile devices are securely stored in a centralized cloud location. Keep digital records for the construction tools organized, access them on demand from anywhere in the tools tracking software reports. Use multiple search filters to find required information fast.

Set custom reminders to make sure you never miss a tool calibration or preventive maintenance, and receive automatic alerts with a list of assets for which calibration or preventive maintenance is due. Set alerts for other important events, such as warranty expiration. Receive automatic alerts if a submitted maintenance or inspection form contains outliers that require immediate attention.

Construction Tools Rentals Tracking, Job Site Billing

QR Inventory software makes construction tools and equipment rentals and job site billing easy and straightforward.

Record assets rentals and returns by scanning a QR code, NFC or Bluetooth tag with a smartphone, and fill out additional information in the mobile application (such as customer, expected return date, notes, etc.). You define what information you need to collect via the tools tracking software admin interface. Optionally add photo(s) to document construction tool or equipment conditions, and collect signatures on a smartphone.

Use tools tracking software reports for the easy rentals / job site billing. Billing reports let you see at a glance a list of the construction tools used on each job site for any time period in the past, with the number of days and rental fees. Filter billing reports by the construction tool type, job site, customer, project, dates, etc. - and get the exact information you need.


Control Construction Tools Tracking Process

QR Inventory software is very customizable, and is easy to adapt to your business workflow. You can customize almost every aspect of the tools and equipment management process via the web dashboard.

Decide what data to store for the different construction tools and equipment groups, what documentation employees should be able to access in the field on a smartphone, what asset transactions you need and what data to collect for each transaction. Create custom mobile forms for recording tools and equipment calibration, service and maintenance. Create forms to report equipment damage in the field, set up custom reminders, customize dashboard and reports, and more.

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