Bluetooth Tool Tracking Software: Automate Tools Tracking With BLE Beacons

Automate tools and equipment tracking with BLE beacon tags and a smartphone. Record assets movement between the job sites, service vehicles, tool cribs, warehouse or shop with one click in the mobile application. Always know where the tools and equipment are, who checked them out and how they were used.

A Smart Tool Tracking System: Bluetooth Tags, Mobile Application And A Cloud Software

QR Inventory software automates tool and equipment tracking in the field and warehouse. Field employees use smartphones or tablets for recording tools check out, check in, tools repairs, maintenance and calibration. Use asset tags of your choice: QR codes, barcodes, NFC tags or Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon tags. Review real time reports via the asset management software web interface.

    Field and shop floor employees have all the necessary tools to be productive. Using a smartphone and a QR Inventory mobile application, they can:

  • Track job site assets in real time by scanning QR codes, NFC or bluetooth (BLE beacon) asset tags. Record tools and equipment check out to the job sites, check in to the tool crib or warehouse, tools usage for a project, maintenance and calibration on the smartphone in the QR Inventory mobile application.
  • Access tools and equipment spec sheets, operating instructions and other tools information in the field on a smartphone using QR code, NFC or Bluetooth tags scanning.
  • Check where the required tool is, and what is the closest location to pick it up.
  • Take photos to document equippment conditions on check out and return, or to report assets damage in the field.
  • Collect signatures on the smartphone.
  • Use smartphones for the bulk scanning of assets labeled with the BLE beacon tags, or use QR code or NFC scanning for low volume transactions.
  • Bluetooth tool tracking software allows an employee to scan all tools that should be sent to a job site or were returned with one click of a button in the mobile application. If you move large volume of tools and equipment between the job sites and warehouse, BLE asset tags will make your asset tracking process much more efficient and reliable.
  • Send data collected in the mobile application to the backend cloud software in real time.
  • Receive alerts on the upcoming equipment preventive maintenance and calibration.

  • Office employees have an immediate access to the tools and equipment location and usage reports via the tool tracking software web dashboard:

  • Check current location of the specific tool with a given serial number, who checked it out and for which job it is being used.
  • Check location of all tools of the specific type, what do you have on each job site, what is available in the tool crib for check out.
  • Review tools transactions history.
  • Check each tool lifetime history of usage, maintenance, calibration and repairs.
  • Check when and for how long assets were used for each project, dates and cost for the job site billing.
  • Review assets maintenance, calibration, service and repairs records.
  • Review reports on the tools and equipment utilization and trends.
  • and more...
  • A smart tool tracking system gives you the flexibility to set it up based on your requirements and business workflow:

  • Define what asset information you want to keep in the system, upload pdf document and images.
  • Create custom assets transactions specific to your business.
  • Define what data to collect for each asset transaction.
  • Create custom mobile forms and checklists for recording tools and equipment maintenance, calibration and service.
  • Create custom reminders and alerts for the warranty expiration, preventive maintenance, etc.
  • Customize asset dashboard and reports.
  • and more...

Real Time Tools Tracking With BLE Beacon Tags And A Smartphone

Automate tool tracking with the BLE beacon tags and a smartphone, and never lose track of the tools again.

Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon tags attached to the tools and equipment make them detectable by a smartphone within 10+ meter radius. This Bluetooth capability allows a company employee to bulk scan all tools and small equipment on a pallet or in a truck with one click of a button in the tool tracking mobile application.

Company employees use a QR Inventory mobile application with the Bluetooth scanning capabilities to record tools and equipment transfer between employees, job sites, service trucks, tool cribs and the shop / warehouse. Processing of the asset transaction takes seconds regardless of how many assets you need to move between locations.

Track everything that happens to the tools: checking out to the job site, job site usage, return to the warehouse, transfer between the job sites, sending to repair, etc. A smart tool tracking software gives you a full flexibility to decide which transactions you need and what additional data you want to record for each asset transaction, if any.

Tools transfer recorded on a smartphone is sent to a backend asset management cloud software in real time. Authorized software users can check up-to-the-minute tools location, what project they are used for and who checked them out last, on the smartphones or tablets in the field or computers in the office.

Bluetooth Trackers: BLE Beacon Asset Tags

Bluetooth asset tags are bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons that advertise an asset identification number at the regular time intervals. The advertised asset ID(s) are picked up by the smartphone and a tool tracking mobile application. Based on the user selection, either all assets within approximately 10 m radius are added to the asset transaction, or a mobile application finds a nearest asset and provides information on this asset to the user.

Physically a Bluetooth asset tracker (a BLE beacon) is a small lightweight plastic tag. It can be round, square, or rectangular, an inch or two in width and length, and around half an inch or less thick. BLE beacon tag is powered by the battery, and the tags are very energy efficient. A small coin size battery may last anywhere between 6 months to up to 4 years. Some Bluetooth tags have replaceable batteries.

Bluetooth beacon tags are suitable for the small equipment and tools. You can attach BLE tags to the assets with a zip tie or screws, or stick a Bluetooth tag on the tool if it has an adhesive layer on one side. Industrial grade BLE tags are rugged and waterproof and are suitable to use outdoors on the construction tools and equipment.

QR Inventory software will work with the Bluetooth low energy beacon tags purchased from us, as well as with the Bluetooth tags purchased from the other vendors.

Bluetooth Tool Tracking System With The Mobile Data Access

Access tools and equipment information on the job site with the Bluetooth (BLE beacon) tag scanning. Give your field technicians the right tools to be productive and make informed decisions.!

You want to make sure that the field employees who handle tools and equipment have instant access to the information they need to do their job. This information may include specifications, pdf documents, operations manuals, past maintenance and service records, etc., etc. QR Inventory tool tracking software gives you this option.

A field employee just needs to click a button in the QR Inventory mobile application to access all required information. A mobile application reads a bluetooth signal from a BLE beacon tag on the tool to identify it, and produces a tool or equipment data.

You decide what exact information field employees should be able to access. Create custom fields to hold all required information for the field assets via a QR Inventory software web dashboard. Include images, drawings, pdf documents, and all other relevant materials.

Bluetooth Tool Tracking Software Set Up: Track Tools And Equipment Your Way

Set up Bluetooth tool tracking software system according to your business requirements and workflow.

QR Inventory software gives you the flexibility to set up a tool tracking system according to your needs and requirements. Some of the custom setting in the QR Inventory software are:

  • Custom Asset Transactions. Create custom asset transactions via the QR Inventory software web dashboard. Some examples of the asset transactions are: check out to the job site, return to the tool crib or warehouse, send to repair, rent out or lease equipment, receive new assets in the warehouse, sell or dispose used tools and equipment. You can create any other asset transactions as needed.
  • Custom Data Collection. Specify what data you want to collect for each asset transaction, if any. Field employees will be able to fill out the required information in the tool tracking mobile application when processing an asset transaction. The data may include a job number, project number, expected return date, a photo of a tool for visual documentation, an employee signature, etc., etc.
  • Custom Asset Fields. Define what asset data you want to record and access. The data can include tools and equipment specifications, operations instructions, warranty expiration, manufacturer, etc., etc.
  • Custom Asset Location Types. You can have unlimited asset locations in the tool tracking system. The locations can include permanent storage locations, such as shop, a tool crib or a warehouse. You can also have dynamic locations, such as service trucks or job sites. You can have temporary short lived job locations. Company employees can be also treated as "locations" when they have a tool or equipment in their custody.
  • Customize asset dashboard. Select which fields you want to display on the equipment and tool dashboard, and which fields should be searchable.
  • Customize tools and equipment reports. Filter by and display on the reports any of the custom fields and properties you created.
  • ... and more

Real Time Tool Tracking Reports

Always know where your tools and equipment are, who is using them and how they were utilized over time.

Review up to the minute tools and equipment reports in the QR Inventory tool tracking software. Some of the available reports are:

  • Tools and equipment location. Review where each tool is located, who checked it out, when, for what project it is being used. Check what tools are available for check out to the job sites or service trucks.
  • Tools and equipment usage timeline for the job site billing. Check where the tools and equipment were used during any given time period in the past, when, for how long and the total cost for the job site billing.
  • Tools transactions history. Check transaction history of each tool - how it was used, for which projects, who checked it out and returned, in what conditions, etc.
  • Tools and equipment calibration, maintenance and repairs records. Check tools calibration and maintenance records, search by multiple parameters to find required information fast.
  • Tools and equipment utilization. Check tools and equipment utilization statistics and trends.
  • ... and more

Bluetooth Tool And Equipment Tracking Software Integrated With Procore

Connect Bluetooth tool tracking software to the popular and powerful construction projects management system - Procore. Link tools and equipment transactions to the Procore daily logs, and daily log entries will be created automatically when you process an asset transaction in the tool tracking mobile application.

Learn More

Tools And Equipment Maintenance Tracking With The Bluetooth Asset Tags And Mobile Forms

Record tools calibration, maintenance, service and repairs in the field by scanning a bluetooth tag on the equipment and filling out a mobile form on a smartphone.

An optional mobile forms data collection module allows field employees to record equipment and tools calibration, maintenance and repairs in the field using a smartphone and custom mobile forms. Create all types of digital forms that you need using a tool tracking software web interface, and field technicians will have these forms on a smartphone to fill out.

A mobile application reads a Bluetooth signal (BLE beacon tag) to identify a tool or equipment, and gives user a list of mobile forms relevant to the scanned tool. A field technician fills out a form on a smartphone and submits to the backend tool tracking cloud software in real time.

A technician can also review past service, maintenance and repair records on a smartphone - which helps him make informed decisions and makes his work much more productive.

Administrators can review equipment calibration and maintenance records online in real time, and search records by multiple parameters to quickly find required information. Optionally they can create a work order for equipment or tool maintenance, assign a work order to the field technician and dispatch it to the technician's smartphone.

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