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Job Site Inventory Management Software Integrated With Procore

Track construction equipment and inventory on the job sites, in the yard and warehouse. Use a mobile app and QR code or barcode scanning for the real time inventory and equipment tracking. Send data from the mobile app to Procore daily logs in real time.

Procore Add On - Real Time Job Site Inventory Management With QR Codes And Mobile App

Use a smartphone and a QR code or barcode scanning for tracking construction equipment, inventory and materials deliveries and usage on the job sites. A QR Inventory - Procore construction management software integration allows you to automatically submit job site equipment and inventory tracking data to Procore daily logs.

QR Inventory

  • Track job site equipment and inventory in real time using a mobile app and smart tags (QR codes, barcodes, NFC or BLE).
  • Fill out construction projects paperwork on a smartphone using digital mobile forms.
  • Access construction equipment specs and documents on the job site with a QR code scan.
  • Give office employees real time visibility into the job site operations: inventory stock, equipment and tools usage, completed paperwork and projects progress.


  • Manage multiple construction projects in one place, with the full project visibility and powerful collaboration tools.
  • Give everyone live access to the construction project documents and progress.
  • Make sure all team members are on the same page, on the construction site and in the office.

How Does QR Inventory - Procore Integration Work

An integration of the QR Inventory software with Procore combines real time job site inventory and equipment management with all inclusive project management platform. This integrated solution gives you a complete control of the construction projects.



What You Can Do With The QR Inventory Management Software

  • Manage construction inventory and equipment in real time using a mobile app and a cloud software.
  • Track inventory deliveries and usage on the job sites using mobile app for QR code or barcode scanning.
  • Allocate inventory and assets for the construction jobs.
  • Give job site employees instant access to the construction equipment specs, documents and drawings.
  • Do safety inspections, fill out construction site paperwork using digital mobile forms.
  • Send completed forms from the mobile app to a back end cloud software in real time.
  • Access digital documents on demand from anywhere.
  • Configure QR Inventory software to fit your business process and workflow.

What You Can Do With The Procore Construction Project Management Software

  • Manage all construction job documentation: drawing, project specifications, submittals, RFI, construction site photos, punch list, etc.
  • Give all team members access to the project documentation and drawings.
  • Keep daily logs to record all events happening on the construction site, from materials delivery to equipment usage to employee time tracking.
  • Manage all project communications: emails, meetings minutes, etc. in one place.
  • Advanced construction project scheduling: all team members have access to the current tasks, with a link to the task details.
  • Punch list management: assign responsibility, select a due date, and track current status.
  • Log employees time on the construction site and in the office. Include cost codes, tasks and total hours for an easy billing and payroll.
  • Streamline bidding process, review bidding history.
  • Manage and resolve issues in the collaborative environment.

How Is QR Inventory Software Integrated With Procore

QR Inventory - Procore integration allows you to automatically send inventory and equipment transactions recorded in the mobile app to Procore daily logs. Here is what you need to do to set it up:

  • In the QR Inventory software admin web interface. Link transaction types to Procore daily logs: delivery log for the construction equipment tracking, quantity log for the construction inventory management.
  • In the QR Inventory mobile app. Track job site equipment deliveries and returns, inventory and materials usage on the job site using QR cde or barcode scanning.
  • Behind the scene. When a job site employee records an equipment or inventory transaction linked to a Procore daily log in the mobile app, an entry automatically appears in the linked Procore daily log. If you added photos to inventory record for visual documentation, these photos will be passed on to the Procore daily log as attachments.
  • How does it help you. QR Inventory - Procore integration reduces manual work, eliminates double entries and give access to the job site inventory and equipment status to all registered Procore users.

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