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Construction Equipment Tracking Software

Efficient construction asset management with smartphones, QR codes, NFC or BLE tags.

Stop construction project delays due to lost or idle equipment! Accurate construction asset tracking increases efficiency on the job sites and boosts your productivity. With the QR Inventory software and a mobile app you can easily and efficiently track all types of construction equipment: heavy machinery, small tools, trucks and fleet vehicles. Keep track of construction inventory, tools and equipment in real time, and have your projects completed on time and within budget. Optionally you can add an IoT asset tracking system for the fully automated construction equipment tracking and conditions monitoring.

Features And Benefits Of The Construction Equipment Tracking Software

Is lost equipment costing you time and money? Stop wasting resources and boost your bottom line! Construction equipment tracking software gives you the right tools for accurate asset management, increases your productivity and job site efficiency.

Real Time Equipment Location

With the construction equipment tracking software you always know where your assets are located and how they are being used. With the full visibility into assets location and availability you do not have projects delays, and job site employees do not waste time looking for the missing assets. In the QR Inventory software you have a choice of assets tags and trackers that fit your needs and budget.

Equipment Utilization Tracking

Construction equipment tracking software gives you reports on historic assets usage and trends. You can review equipment use per project and use this info for an accurate job site billing. Access to data on the equipment use vs idle time in the yard allows you to do a better planning for assets allocation, rentals and purchases.

Equipment Maintenance Scheduling And Tracking

Construction equipment tracking software allows you to schedule and track assets maintenance, service and repairs. In the QR Inventory software you can create custom mobile forms and fill them out on a smartphone in the mobile app. Schedule and receive alerts on the upcoming preventive maintenance, warranty expiration and other important dates. Monitoring of the equipment usage and timely maintenance prevents assets damage and jobs delays, extends assets useful life and leads to the significant cost savings over time.

Equipment And Tools Accountability

Construction equipment tracking software helps you create an accountability system for the job site assets. In the QR Inventory software anyone who is checking out an equipment or tool has to record it. When equipment is returned, it is checked in. At each check in or check you can require an employee to fill out a form to document asset conditions. He can add photos and sign off for the asset.
With the asset check out and check in system you always know who is responsible if anything is lost or damaged. The system prevents loss of the construction assets, break downs or theft.

Efficient Construction Equipment Tracking With Modern Technologies

Never lose track of your equipment and tools again. Effortless construction asset management with smart tags and trackers.

Is manual asset tracking slowing down your construction projects? Spend less time searching and more time building with the QR Inventory software! Advanced technologies in the QR Inventory software automate construction equipment tracking, making it:

  • Fast and accurate Find any asset instantly with real time location data.
  • Easy and fast to use for your employees Free up your crew to focus on their jobs, not manual tracking tasks.
Here is how it works:

mobile inventory and asset tracking

  • Smartphones, tablets or mobile computers allow for the easy, fast and real time asset tracking, on the job sites and in the warehouse.
  • A mobile app simplifies asset tracking and makes it real time. Use a mobile app for QR code or BLE tags scanning, data entry, look up, and real time updates.
  • QR codes or barcodes allow for the accurate equipment identification and fast processing.
  • BLE tags further automate asset management tasks. BLE tags can be used for the fast bulk asset scanning or with IoT gateways for a fully automated IoT asset tracking system.
  • BLE IoT sensors allow for the remote construction equipment conditions monitoring 24/7.
  • IoT gateways save employees time and effort by automatically monitoring assets location.
  • A cloud software collects data from the mobile devices or IoT gateways to produce human readable reports. With the cloud software you can access asset data on demand from anywhere.
  • Mobile forms simplify equipment maintenance logging and access field data for better decision-making.

A QR Inventory software is flexible. Pick the right set of technologies, modules, tags, trackers and cloud hosting options. Create a construction equipment tracking system that suits your needs and budget.

Streamline Your Operations: How QR Inventory Manages Construction Equipment

A QR Inventory software gives you the right tools for the efficient construction equipment tracking. A QR code scanning mobile app makes it easy for the field technicians to track field assets re-location and maintenance. A cloud software gives all authorized system users access to the live data. With this info you can make data-driven decisions for better resource allocation, and maximize project efficiency.

Mobile Asset Tracking On The Construction Sites

Real time construction equipment tracking software helps you better organize assets, reduce damage and loss. You can be sure that the right assets are available when they are needed and where they are needed.

Construction Equipment Tracking With The Mobile App And QR Codes

Say goodbye to wasted time searching for tools and equipment! A mobile app and QR codes, NFC or BLE tags make construction equipment tracking simple, accurate and efficient.

  • Simple setup Organize construction assets and Label them with QR codes, NFC tags, or BLE tags.
  • Effortless asset tracking Use the intuitive mobile app to record equipment check out, check in, relocations, assignments, and more. Use QR code, NFC or BLE tags scanning for accuracy and fast processing.
  • Real time data access Gain instant insights into assets location, status, and movement from anywhere with our cloud software.
  • Mobile forms Simplify equipment paperwork with customizable forms for maintenance logs, inspections, and more.

All info recorded in the mobile app is submitted to the back end cloud software in real time. With real-time data at your fingertips, you have complete control over your construction assets. This translates to smoother project execution and fewer delays.

Automated Construction Equipment Tracking With Bluetooth IoT

Smart IoT solutions help you increase asset tracking accuracy, and free job site workers from asset tracking tasks.

Tired of manually scanning QR codes for equipment tracking? Bluetooth IoT technology offers a faster and more automated solution for construction companies. A Bluetooth asset tracking system offers you two tracking options:

  • Use the mobile app for bulk BLE tags scanning. A job site or a yard foreman can record what you have on a job site or in the yard with one click in the mobile app.
  • Leverage Bluetooth IoT gateways for a completely hands-free asset tracking, eliminating the need for manual scanning by employees.

A Bluetooth asset tracking system gives you instant insights into equipment location, movement history, and usage with real time reports. You can set up and receive alerts for missing or misplaced assets, allowing for the prompt corrective actions.

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Equipment Specs Access With A QR Code Scan

Empower your field techs with instant access to everything they need, right on their smartphones. No more hunting for specs, info and manuals!

A QR Inventory mobile app gives field techs instant access to equipment specs, manuals and documents with a simple QR code scan.

  • Boost productivity Stop wasting time searching for manuals or outdated paperwork. Access critical equipment specs, service records, and more, instantly using a mobile app.
  • Informed decisions Ensure technicians have the data to make informed decisions about equipment operation and repairs, leading to fewer errors and better performance.
  • Centralized control You control what data can be accessed through the secure cloud software interface, ensuring field personnel have the right info at their fingertips.

Prioritize Safety with Equipment Use Authorization

Ensure only qualified personnel operate your equipment! A QR Inventory software gives you the tools to manage certifications for construction equipment usage.

  • Simplified certification management Easily upload and maintain user certification lists for various asset types.
  • Real time verification During equipment check out, the software verifies that an employee has the required certification for the selected asset.
  • Restricted access Unauthorized personnel are prevented from checking out tool or equipment, promoting safety on your job sites.

Prevent Downtime & Accidents: Streamlined Equipment Maintenance

Unexpected equipment breakdowns costing you time and money? Regular maintenance is crucial for construction companies, but keeping track of it can be a hassle. A QR Inventory software simplifies equipment maintenance with digital logs, QR code data access and automatic alerts.

Construction Equipment Maintenance Tracking With Mobile Forms

Increase construction assets useful life with the timely preventive maintenance.

Tired of managing piles of paper maintenance logs? With the QR Inventory mobile app your technicians can record maintenance tasks quickly and easily on their smartphones using mobile forms. Mobile forms give you:

  • Fast, easy and efficient data capture Field technicians can use their mobile phones to scan QR codes and complete digital maintenance forms on the spot.
  • Real time updates No more delays! Completed forms are instantly sent to the cloud software, ensuring everyone has access to the latest information.
  • Improved productivity Mobile forms eliminate paperwork hassle, saving time and allowing technicians to focus on what matters most.
  • Organized digital documents. Equipment maintenance documents are well organized, easily searchable and can be accessed on demand from anywhere.

The cloud software allows you to create custom mobile forms for all your on-site needs, ensuring that vital data are captured electronically.

More On Construction Equipment Maintenance

Equipment Maintenance Alerts

Prevent costly equipment breakdowns! Use a QR Inventory software to set up custom maintenance alerts to keep your operations running smoothly. Here are some alert types that you can set up:

  • Preventive maintenance. Set up automated reminders for preventive maintenance tasks. Ensure that your equipment receives the care it needs on time.
  • Never miss a warranty Get notified before warranty expires. Schedule necessary repairs on time and avoid costly out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Instant notifications Receive instant alerts for out-of-range values reported through the mobile forms. This allows you to react quickly to potential issues and prevent equipment damage or downtime.

Equipment Conditions Monitoring With The IoT Sensors

Move beyond guesswork! Get real-time insights into equipment health with IoT sensors. An optional IoT temperature and humidity monitoring system in the QR Inventory software allows you to monitor assets conditions across multiple job sites – all from a single, web-based dashboard. The system consists of BLE IoT sensors and gateways. IoT sensors gather data 24/7, providing continuous insights and sending alerts when pre-set thresholds are exceeded.

The IoT monitoring system is fully automated - you do not need to do any manual work or measurements. Alerts system allows you to act quickly and prevent assets damage, saving you money and preventing project delays.

Get Up and Running Fast: Easy-to-Use Equipment Tracking Software

Struggling with complex asset management software? A QR Inventory software simplifies construction asset management with a user-friendly interface and flexible configuration options.

Set Up Construction Asset Tracking Process The Way You Need

Tired of one-size-fits-all equipment tracking? Tailor QR Inventory software to your workflow and process!

Whether you manage heavy machinery, vehicles, or small tools, a QR Inventory software adapts to your equipment types and workflow.

  • Control what data you track Decide what info is important for each asset category.
  • Custom mobile forms Create forms to capture equipment service, maintenance, or movement data.
  • Automated alerts Set up personalized alerts for preventive maintenance, out-of-range values and sensor readings, or any other critical events.
  • Customizable reports Generate reports tailored to your needs for internal use or for sharing with the clients and auditors.

A QR Inventory software provides the flexibility you need to streamline your construction asset management and optimize your operations.

Effortless User Experience: Mobile App & Cloud Software Designed for You

A software is only useful if company employees can work with it without any problems. The software use should not distract them from their main jobs.

QR Inventory offers a mobile app and cloud software designed for ease of use, less manual entries and no repetitive tasks.

  • Get started fastIntuitive cloud software interface and quick setup process ensure you're up and running within days, not weeks. Onboarding is a breeze with our software walkthrough session.
  • Mobile app efficiency The mobile app is designed for field use, offering a clean interface with just the right functions. Features like QR code scanning, selection lists, and smart auto-fill minimize manual data entry and streamline asset tracking tasks.
  • Simple setup and use The cloud software interface is intuitive and reduces repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on core activities.

QR Inventory empowers your team to be productive from day one, so they can spend less time wrestling with software and more time getting the job done.

Gain Actionable Insights: Equipment Tracking Reports for Better Decisions

Make data-driven decisions to optimize your construction projects!

Real Time Reports On The Assets Location, Movement And Conditions

A QR Inventory software equips you with the comprehensive reports, providing real-time insights into your assets activity.

  • Gain complete equipment visibility Access reports on current assets location, movement, and usage – all in one place.
  • Maximize equipment utilization Identify idle equipment and optimize resource allocation with assets usage reports.
  • Simplify job site billing Generate historical assets location reports for accurate billing based on the equipment usage per job.
  • Ensure equipment health Track maintenance history and service records to avoid breakdowns and extend assets lifespan.

Construction Equipment And Tool Tracking FAQ

How do you track construction tools and equipment in the QR Inventory software.

Using QR Codes Or BLE Tags To Track Field Equipment And Tools

Check these frequently asked questions for a better understanding of the practical steps you need to take to start tracking construction equipment and tools in the QR Inventory software. Learn which asset tags and trackers you can use, how to set up an asset tracking system, how to generate and print QR codes, and more.

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