Construction Equipment Tracking Software: Smartphones + QR Codes, NFC Or Bluetooth

Use smartphones, a QR Inventory mobile application and QR code / NFC / bluetooth scanning for the real time construction equipment and tools tracking on the job sites.
QR Inventory software uses modern tools: mobile devices (smartphones or tablets), QR code, NFC or bluetooth tags, a cloud software and a central database for the construction equipment tracking. Field employees use a mobile application for the real time construction assets on the job sites. Administrator(s) can access assets location, historic logs, construction equipment utilization and other analytical reports on the office computers via a cloud software web dashboard.

Construction Equipment Tracking In The Field With The Smartphones

Modern construction equipment management software uses smartphones and tablets for the real time assets tracking on the constructin sites.

Have you ever been in the situation when you cannot locate construction equipment or tools when you urgently need them for the project? Such situations cause big problems and delays, and can be easily avoided with the mobile equipment tracking software. Using a QR Inventory software for the assets tracking on the job sites, you can:

  • organize construction equipment and tools,
  • label them with the QR codes, NFC or bluetooth tags,
  • record assets check in, check out, relocation, assignment to an employee or a project on the spot by scanning a QR code / NFC tag / bluetooth tag with a smartphone
  • review real time assets location, transactions and usage reports via the equipment tracking software web dashboard

Use smartphones and a mobile application for the QR code / NFC scanning, recording construction equipment movements and any associated information via the mobile forms. Use BLE beacon tags for the bulk scanning - scan a pallet or a truckload of the construction equipment and tools being sent to the job site or returned in one second, with a click of a button in the mobile application.

All information recorded in the mobile application is submitted to the backend construction equipment tracking software in real time. As a result, you have a simple tool for keeping track of the job site assets without distracting company employees from their main job. You always know where the construction assets are, for which project they are used, assets conditions on check out and return, and all other details.

Construction Equipment Tracking Software With Mobile Data Access

Job site employees often need to access documentation on the equipment and tools they are working with, but have no way to do it. A QR Inventory construction equipment tracking software eliminates this problem, and saves you hours of the employees' time.

A mobile application lets field technicians access assets information instantly by scanning a QR code label or NFC / bluetooth tag. Information can include asset specifications, operation safety information, pdf documentation, images, drawings, past maintenance and service records, and anything else a technician needs to know on the job. A QR Inventory software gives you a complete control on what data field employees can access.

If a job site technician or a subcontractor needs to sign off on the safety sheet before operating a construction equipment or a tool, he can do so in the mobile application. The signature will be preserved and accessible via the QR Inventory software reports.

Flexible Construction Equipment Tracking Software: Track Equipment & Tools Your Way

QR Inventory software is very configurable and flexible. It is easy to adjust your assets tracking process to the way you do business. You control many aspects of the construction equipment management via the QR Inventory software admin web dashboard:
  • what information to store for each equipment group
  • which construction assets transactions to record
  • what additional information to collect for each asset transaction
  • how to handle various field locations: job sites, construction sites, service trucks, etc.

You can create:
  • custom mobile forms for tracking construction equipment service, maintenance and calibration
  • custom reminders to send you automatic alerts when the next preventive maintenance or calibration is due
  • custom pdf reports for sharing with the customers or external auditors
  • and more...

Tracking Construction Equipment Use Authorization

Construction equipment and tool often require a user to obtain a certification before he can operate them. QR Inventory equipment tracking software will verify that only authorized employees can check out tools and equipment. If an employee has no authorization to use the selected asset he will be redirected to the page with the information on how to obtain a certification.

Real Time Construction Equipment & Tools Reports In The QR Inventory Software

Access construction assets reports in real time, on the mobile devices in the field and computers in the office. Review equipment locations, for which project it is being used, historic assets location for the job site billing, etc. Check a list of the construction equipment and tools on each job site and in the service trucks.

Review historic equipment usage logs (dates, location, employee, all additional information). Access construction equipment service and repair records, usage statistics, and more. Make informed business decisions based on the real time and historic assets utilization data.

Construction Equipment Management Software With The Maintenance & Service Tracking

Mobile data collection module (also known as QR Mobile Data) allows you to create custom mobile forms for tracking construction equipment maintenance, service, repair and other types of the job site paperwork. You can create any type of mobile forms via the QR Inventory software web dashboard, and field technicians will fill out these forms on the mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) in the field.

Before starting service or repair, field technicians can access past maintenance and service log and equipment specs by scanning a QR code / NFC / Bluetooth tag with a smartphone. Instant access to this information allows field technicians to complete their work faster and with the better quality.

Completed maintenance and service records are sent to the backend cloud software, and are immediately available to the authorized personnel.

Make sure that construction equipment and tools are well maintained and extend their useful life. Create custom preventive maintenance and warranty expiration reminders - and receive automatic alerts with the list of the construction equipment with the scheduled events.

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Continuous Real Time Construction Equipment Tracking With Bluetooth Tags

If you want to track construction equipment continuously and without a need for the QR code scanning, bluetooth beacon tags will help you do it efficiently and at a lower cost than GPS tracking. Bluetooth asset tracking does not require your employees to scan assets in and out. As long as a field technician has a smartphone with the mobile application running in the background in the pocket, a location of the assets tagged with the bluetooth beacons is reported automatically. A cloud-based asset tracking software collects data from the mobile devices and creates real time reports (both map based and tabular), available on demand to all authorized employees.

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