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Construction Inventory Management Software With QR Codes And Mobile App

Manage invenory on the construction sites smarter, not harder with mobile technology and IoT

What Makes QR Inventory Software A Good Fit For Construction Industry

With the QR Inventory software you can track construction site materials, tools and equipment anywhere in real time, and provide live asset and inventory data access to the job site and office employees. A QR Inventory software features that make it a good fit for the construction industry are:

  • Easy inventory tracking in the field using mobile app. Construction site crew can easily track assets and inventory on the job sites, on the service trucks and in the warehouse using a mobile app.
  • Barcode or QR code scanning. Barcode or QR code scanning makes asset and inventory tracking in the field fast and accurate.
  • NFC and BLE asset tracking option. More advanced asset tracking options using NFC or BLE tags are available.
  • Fully automated IoT asset tracking. Construction companies who do not want to rely on the construction site employees can opt for a fully automated IoT asset tracking system.
  • Real time field data access. Construction site employees can access critical data on the spot, in the mobile app, with one QR code, NFC or BLE tag scan.
  • Tools and equipment certification check. Make sure that only qualified employees can check out construction tools and work on the construction equipment.
  • Real time asset and inventory updates. Regardless of which smart tags (QR code, NFC, BLE) and scanners (mobile app, mobile computer, IoT gateway) you are using with the QR Inventory software, you always have live access to the inventory stock and equipment location from anywhere.
  • Timely equipment maintenance. Use mobile forms to easily record equipment maintenance on site. Custom alerts system ensures that you never miss preventive maintenance, warranty expiration or problems that require immediate attention.
  • A link between the field and the office. Construction site and office employees have live access to the same data, and can communicate in real time using the smart inventory system.
  • Digital construction site paperwork. With the QR Inventory software you are not limited to asset and inventory tracking. You can fill out any type of the construction site paperwork on site using digital mobile forms, and have completed forms uploaded into the centralized software system in real time.
  • Centralized digital system. All records on inventory, assets and job site paperwork are securely stored in the cloud. You can access records on demand from anywhere, and search them by multiple parameters to find exact info you need.

Using Smart Devices For The Efficient Construction Inventory Management

Modern "smart" devices and technologies used in the inventory management software allows construction companies to be efficient and productive. QR codes, BLE tags, mobile apps, cloud software and IoT make construction inventory management process fast, easy and user friendly. Instead of the manual entries, job site employees scan QR codes or BLE tags to track parts and materials. They can use their own mobile phones that they are familiar with. A cloud software gives access to the real time data to all team members, on the construction sites and in the office.

IoT technology makes construction inventory management even more efficient. BLE tags, IoT sensors and IoT gateways create a fully automated tracking system. Job site employees do not need to do anything extra, and can put all their efforts into their main job. A Bluetooth IoT gateway collects data from BLE tags and sensors, and sends updates to the remote cloud server 24/7.

A QR Inventory software uses smart devices and modern technologies to simplify and automate construction inventory management:

  • Smartphones and a mobile app allow field staff to track materials, tools and equipment in real time.
  • QR codes, barcodes, NFC or BLE tags allow for the quick assets and materials identification and prevent manual entry errors.
  • A central database provides live data access to the construction site and office employees.
  • A cloud software allows for system set up and inventory reports access on demand 24/7.
  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology increases construction inventory management automation, either through using bulk scanning or Bluetooth IoT gateways.
  • IoT sensors can monitor temperature and humidity on the construction sites and for the construction equipment remotely, and report data 24/7.

A QR Inventory software is flexible. You can pick the right set of devices and tools to fit inventory management needs for your construction jobs.

How Construction Inventory Management Works In The QR Inventory Software

A QR Inventory software gives construction site employees all inventory management and data access tools they need to be productive. Office employees have live access to the supplies, materials and equipment on all job sites through a single cloud software web dashboard.

Accurate Real Time Construction Inventory Tracking

With the QR Inventory software you always have real time reports on stock level and materials usage.

Tracking Construction Inventory With A Mobile Phone And QR Codes

Mobile technology offers real-time, accurate, and convenient software solution for managing job site supplies and materials.

A QR Inventory software makes inventory management on the construction sites fast, easy and real time. Field employees use mobile devices for tracking equipment, tools and materials between the warehouse and job sites. Mobile devices are used for the barcode or QR code scanning, recording inventory receiving or usage, stock look up, data access and entry.

You can record everything that happens to the construction parts and materials:

  • receiving in the warehouse
  • storage and project allocation
  • deliveries to the job sites
  • materials usage per project
  • return of unused materials
  • job site assets utilization
  • tools check in and check out
  • and more...

Mobile devices send data to the back end cloud software in real time.

Administrators in the office have a full view of all job sites, service trucks and warehouses:

  • current stock
  • transactions history
  • monetary value of the stocked and used parts
  • materials usage per job
  • how long an asset was in use for each project
  • trends and statistics

Tracking Construction Inventory With NFC Or BLE Tags

Take construction inventory management to the next level of automation with NFC or BLE beacon tags.

If QR codes based inventory management is still too time consuming for you, you may want to replace QR codes with NFC or BLE tags.

  • In order to scan an NFC tags you do not need to focus a smartphone camera, like you do for the QR code or a barcode scan. NFC tags can be scanned fast, just by touching each item with a mobile phone. No direct line of sight is required - a tag can be inside a casing or packaging.
  • BLE tags further automate construction inventory management process. With the BLE tags you do not need to scan each item. One click in the mobile app adds all assets and materials that you need to transfer to the batch.

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Parts Inventory Management For Construction Projects

Make sure that you always have spare parts when you need them, and know where they are located.

Spare parts inventory management ensures that you always have required parts on hand for the maintenance and repair jobs. Missing spare parts lead to the delays in repairs or maintenance, which in turn delays construction projects completion.

In the QR Inventory software you can keep track of the spare parts in real time using a mobile app and smart tags (barcodes, QR codes, NFC or BLE tags). Job site employees can track parts deliveries, loading spare parts to the service trucks, and using them for the jobs. As soon as a transaction is recorded in the mobile app the part stock level is updated in the central database.

If an employee does not have a part he needs for a job on the service truck, he can quickly check part availability elsewhere in a mobile app. He can quickly get a required part from the closest site, instead of ordering a new one and waiting for the delivery.

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Maintain Just The Right Inventory Stock On The Construction Sites

Construction inventory management software helps you manage supplies for each job. Reduce jobs cost by not having overstocked materials. At the same time make sure that there are no project delays due to lack of supplies. Use construction inventory software for the efficient materials procurement. Keep track of materials fulfillment and timely deliveries to the job sites.

Low Inventory Alerts For Construction Parts And Materials

Construction inventory management software ensures that needed supplies for each job are there when you need them.

A construction inventory management software will not let you run out of materials on the job site when you need them the most. You can set min and max stock level for the parts and materials, globally or per site. Once stock level reaches pre-set min you get an alert. You can opt for auto creating a purchase order when stock level falls below pre-set min.

Once a purchase order is created you can keep track of the order fulfillment. Set due date, and receive an alert if any of the materials on the purchase order are not fulfilled on time.

Non Stock Inventory Management For Construction Projects

Construction inventory management software allows you to track unique, non-stock parts and materials that you order on demand for each project.

Construction projects often require tracking of non-stock inventory. These are parts, materials and components that are unique to each construction project. You do not stock these items. Instead, you order them on demand as needed or fabricate internally.

A QR Inventory software allows you to easily track non-stock materials without much data entry overhead. You can import a commitment list for each project into the construction inventory software. As you receive the materials, track deliveries in the mobile app using a QR code or barcode scanning. At any moment you can check what you got and what is still outstanding.

Once non-stock inventory is in, use a mobile app to track it through the process. Track storage location, fabrication steps, delivery and installation on the job site. You can review real time reports on the project status, check WIP status and process history.

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Inventory Data Access And Ordering On The Construction Sites

Order parts and materials to the construction site with a mobile app and QR code scanning. Avoid project delays due to supplies shortage.

Instant Stock Level Access
Give construction site employees a tool that helps them do their job efficiently. If an employee is missing a part or supplies that he needs for a job, he does not need to wait. One scan of a QR code will show him stock of the part that he needs in all locations. He can then get it from the closest site fast.

Field Inventory Ordering
A field inventory requisition module streamlines your internal purchase order process. It starts from placing inventory request in the field using a mobile app. The order goes to the online approval and processing. Approved materials are delivered to the job site and are tracked with the QR code scanning. A QR code scan adjusts stock level and updates a purchase order.

A streamlined field ordering process ensures that all job sites receive needed supplies without delay. A control of the ordering process prevents unauthorized and excessive ordering.

Construction Inventory Software Integrations

Integrations allow software systems used for the construction projects to exchange data automatically. With the integrated software systems you do not need to do extra work, such as double data entries.

QR Inventory - Procore Integration

A QR Inventory software is integrated with Procore - a popular construction project management system. Using this integration, you can send job site data to Procore daily logs. Once a job site delivery or materials usage is recorded in the mobile app it is routed to Procore.

All photos that you added to the record are uploaded to the Procore daily logs as attachments.

With this integration Procore users always know real time job site inventory status. They do not necessarily need an access to the QR Inventory software. And you do not have to do double entries recording daily logs data.

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QR Inventory - QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks integration allows you to automate creation of invoices, bills and purchases. Once you record materials receiving in the QR Inventory software, a bill or purchase is created in the QuickBooks. Once you use or sell materials, an invoice is created in QuickBooks.

You can also choose a semi-manual creation of the bills and invoices in QuickBooks. This will allow you to review and edit data before submission.

A QR Inventory software is integrated with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise.

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