Construction Inventory Management Software With QR Codes

Optimize your construction projects with the advanced inventory management software. Streamline tracking of the construction materials, tools and equipment. Track inventory anywhere: on the job sites, in the yard or in a warehouse. Make sure that you complete all jobs on time and on budget.
Use QR codes for the fast and easy inventory tracking in the field. Or use an IoT asset tracking module and do not rely on the field workers for inventory management. IoT gateways detect assets and send data to a remote cloud server automatically.

Why Do You Need A Construction Inventory Management Software

The goal of the construction inventory management software is to help companies keep track of the job site materials, tools and equipment. Construction industry has complex supply chains, diverse projects, and dynamic inventory needs. You need to have an efficient inventory management process to stay on time and on budget.

Construction inventory software gives you a real-time visibility into supplies and equipment. You know exactly where your equipment is now and what do you have available. You know what materials for the project you have an where, and what is still on order. You know when to re-order stocked supplies. All in all, construction inventory software helps you maintain optimal stock level, improve assets utilization, prevent loss, waste and theft.

Modern technologies make construction inventory software more efficient and user friendly. Instead of the manual entries, you scan QR codes or barcodes to track inventory. Field technicians can use their own mobile phones that they are familiar with. A cloud software gives access to the real time data to all team members.

IoT technology makes construction inventory management even more efficient. BLE tags, IoT sensors and IoT gateways create a fully automated tracking system. Company employees do not need to do anything extra, and can put all their efforts into their main job. IoT gateways collect data from BLE tags and sensors, and send updates to the remote cloud server 24/7.

Modern technologies significantly enhance operations efficiency on the construction sites. You can be sure that you have everything you need for each construction project on time, and there are no delays.

How Modern Technologies Optimize Construction Inventory Management

Modern technologies have changed the field of construction inventory management. They helped improve jobs efficiency, stock level accuracy, and overall project outcomes.
A QR Inventory software uses modern technologies to simplify and automate inventory management for construction:

Using smartphones for construction inventory management

Smartphones allow field staff to track inventory, tools and equipment in real time. They can update stock levels, access inventory info, and place orders on-site. With the real time materials visibility you do not have delays, supplies shortages and errors.

Construction inventory tracking with QR codes or RF Tags

QR codes, barcodes, NFC or BLE tags allow for an easy tracking of the construction inventory in the field. QR codes and RF tags are scannable with the mobile phones. A QR code or RF tag scan uniquely identifies an item. There are no manual entries and errors related to the assets mix ups.

A mobile application for the real time inventory updates

A mobile app for Android or iOS is used for the QR code, barcode, NFC or BLE tags scanning, data entry and look up. A mobile app provides a link to the central database and a cloud software. With the mobile app and cloud software combo all inventory management system users have live access to the up=to-date information.

A cloud construction inventory software

Cloud-based inventory management software allows construction companies to securely store and access live data. You have an organized digital documentation that is never lost and can be accessed on demand from anywhere.

Using Bluetooth technology for inventory management automation

Bluetooth provides even better automation of the construction inventory management than QR codes. You can bulk scan BLE tags with a smartphone. Bulk scanning increases speed and efficiency of data recording. There is no need to locate and scan each inventory item as you do with the QR codes.
A combo of BLE tags and Bluetooth IoT gateways allows you to keep track of the job site assets without a need to scan or track anything manually.

Using IoT sensors for job site conditions monitoring

IoT sensors monitor temperature and humidity remotely, and report data 24/7. The IoT monitoring system is fully automated - no manual actions are required. Real time conditions monitoring on the job sites reduces waste and increases useful life of tools and equipment.

QR Inventory software is flexible. You can pick a right set of technologies to fit inventory management needs for your construction jobs.

How Construction Inventory Software Increases Productivity

A construction inventory management software increases productivity for the field and office employees, and creates a real time info exchange between the field and the office.

Increasing productivity on the construction sites

A QR Inventory software gives construction site employees all tools they need to be productive. Using an inventory management mobile app on the job sites, they can:

  • Track materials, tools and equipment in real time. Use mobile phones for the barcode, QR code, NFC or BLE tags scanning.
  • Have instant access to the construction assets info. One QR code scan shows assets spec sheet, pdf documents, images or drawings.
  • Fill out paperwork on the job site using mobile forms. Forms may include safety audits, equipment maintenance, quality control, inspection checklists, etc.
  • Use available digital forms for construction. You can customize these forms to fit your needs, or create your own custom digital forms.
  • Take photos for the visual documentation of inventory and assets conditions.
  • Capture GPS location and electronic signatures on the smartphones.
  • Send data from the mobile app to the back end cloud software in real time.

Increasing office productivity in the construction companies

Office employees have live access to the supplies, materials and equipment on all job sites through a single web dashboard. They can review these reports via the inventory management software web interfave:

  • Construction tools and equipment location.
  • Up to the minute inventory stock, on the job sites, in the yard and in the warehouse.
  • Inventory and equipment usage per construction project.
  • When and for how long equipment was used for each job, dates and cost for the job site billing.
  • Which job sites are low on the supplies and materials.
  • Analytical reports on the construction equipment utilization, materials usage and trends.
  • Completed mobile forms.
  • and more...

Modern Construction Inventory Management Software Is Easy To Use And Flexible

A QR Inventory software is very easy to use. No technical knowledge or manuals are required. A user friendly and intuitive interface reduces a software learning curve to the absolute minimum.

Easy to use inventory software and mobile app

  • A mobile app interface is simple and uncluttered. It has just the right functionality for the field inventory management tasks.
  • Advanced mobile app features reduce manual entries and make field inventory tracking quick and simple:
    QR code scanning
    selection lists
    hint lists
    smart data auto-fill
    photo capture
    automated data capture
    and more...
  • A cloud software interface is intuitive, user-friendly and is designed to reduce repetitive tasks.
  • Our software walk through session gets you up to speed fast so that you could become productive in no time.

Customizable inventory management process

You can configure construction inventory management software to fit your needs:

  • Define what data to store in the system.
  • Create custom inventory flow steps specific to your business.
  • Define what data to collect on each step.
  • Create custom mobile forms and checklists for the job site paperwork.
  • Create custom alerts for various events and tasks:
    low inventory alerts
    construction assets warranty expiration
    preventive maintenance
    out of range data
    misplaced equipment
    and more...
  • Customize assets and inventory reports.
  • Customize web dashboard.
  • and more...

Construction Inventory Management Software Features And Benefits

Real time construction inventory management software has many benefits. A live view into materials stock prevents over ordering or shortages. Asset tracking helps you plan resource usage. You can be sure that you have the right equipment for each job where and when you need it. Equipment maintenance tracking increases its life span, helps you keep assets in a working order and avoid projects delays. In summary, a real time construction inventory managements helps you stay on time and on budget for all projects.

Accurate Real Time Construction Inventory Tracking

With the QR Inventory system you always have real time reports on stock level and assets usage. You can access live reports for all job sites remotely from a single web dashboard.

Tracking Inventory With A Mobile Phone And QR Code Scanning

Mobile technology has revolutionized inventory tracking. It offers real-time, accurate, and convenient software solutions for managing job site inventory.

A QR Inventory software makes construction inventory management fast, easy and real time. Field employees use mobile devices for tracking equipment, tools and materials between the warehouse and job sites. Mobile devices are used for the barcode or QR code scanning, recording inventory receiving or usage, stock look up, data access and entry.

You can record everything that happens to the construction inventory:

  • receiving in the warehouse
  • storage and project allocation
  • deliveries to the job sites
  • inventory usage per project
  • return of unused materials
  • job site assets utilization
  • tools check in and check out
  • and more...

Mobile devices transfer data to the back end cloud software in real time.

Administrators in the office have a full view of all job sites, warehouses and other storage locations:

  • current stock
  • transactions history
  • monetary value of the stocked and used inventory
  • materials usage per job
  • how long an asset was in use for each project
  • trends and statistics

Using NFC and Bluetooth Tags For The Automated Construction Inventory Management

Take construction inventory management to the next level with NFC or BLE beacon tags.

A QR Inventory software gives you a choice of inventory management technologies. You can use QR codes, barcodes, NFC or BLE tags as line items identifiers. You can use smartphones, tablets or IoT gateways for the real time inventory tracking and link to a back end cloud software. If QR codes based inventory management is still consuming for you, you may want to replace QR codes with NFC or BLE tags.

  • NFC tags, unlike QR code or barcode labels, do not require focusing of the smartphone camera. They can be scanned fast, just by touching each item with a smartphone. No direct line of sight is required - a tag can be inside a casing or packaging.
  • BLE beacon tags further automate construction inventory management process. With the BLE tags you do not need to scan individual items. You just click a button in the inventory management mobile app to add all items to the batch.

No matter how many assets you need to move, only two clicks are required to record the transfer. The first click detects all assets and inventory labeled with the BLE tags and adds them to the batch. The second click submits an entire batch to the backend cloud software.

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Construction Equipment Tracking And Maintenance Management

Equipment tracking and maintenance is a must have feature of the construction inventory software. Construction projects involve a wide range of equipment. It can range from heavy machinery to the small hand held tools. Real time tracking helps companies allocate assets effectively. You can be sure that each project has needed equipment on time, and there are no delays.
Timely maintenance increases equipment lifespan, prevents costly breakdowns and loss.

Consruction Equipment Tracking With A Mobile App And QR Codes

Keep track of the construction tools and equipment in real time with the QR code or barcode scanning.

Misplaced or lost assets result in the construction projects delays and big monetary losses.

A construction inventory management software helps you keep tools and equipment under control. A software creates an accountability system for all employees. Field techs check out tools and equipment, record where tools are being used, and check them in when the job is done. They can fill out asset check out and check in form, and add photos.

You always know where the equipment and tools are and who checked them out last. You can review documented asset conditions on check out and check in. If a tool or equipment was not returned on time you receive an email alert.

A QR code scanning mobile app makes construction equipment tracking fast and easy.

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IoT Based Construction Equipment Tracking And Management

Internet of Things (IoT) technology has opened up new avenues for the construction industry. It automates equipment monitoring, tracking and maintenance.

An IoT asset tracking and monitoring system in the QR Inventory software makes construction equipment tracking completely automatic. You do not need to do QR code or barcode scanning any more. A Bluetooth IoT gateway detects assets tagged with the BLE tags, and sends data to the back-end cloud software.

You get reports on assets location, movement history, utilization for the jobs and idle time. You can check a list of the missing assets, and more.

Custom alerts system instantly notifies you on misplaced assets, or assets leaving an area where they should be located. Live reports and timely alerts significantly reduce loss of the valuable tools and equipment.

Construction Equipment Maintenance Management In The QR Inventory Software

Efficient maintenance tracking of the construction equipment is vital. It ensures best performance, prolonged equipment lifespan, and increased safety on the job sites.

You can track construction equipment maintenance in real time using mobile forms in the mobile data collection module of the QR Inventory software. You can create custom mobile forms for all types of paperwork via the cloud software web interface. A field technician can access the correct form with a QR code scan. He fill out the form on the smartphone or tablet. smartphones in the mobile application. Once he is done with the job he submits the form to the back-end cloud software.

A field technician can access asset specs and past service log by scanning a QR code. Live access to this data allows employees to complete equipment maintenance work faster and with the better quality.

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Construction Equipment Conditions Monitoring With IoT Sensors

IoT sensors help you catch a problem at the start. You can fix it before you have a bigger issue. For the sensitive job site assets you can use a remote IoT temperature and humidity monitoring system. The system consists of BLE IoT sensors and gateways. It is fully automated - no manual labor is required. You get continuous digital temperature and humidity logs for the assets 24/7.

You also receive alerts if temperature or humidity goes outside of the set threshold. You set he limits yourself via the cloud software web dashboard, or by logging into the gateway.

Use IoT asset monitoring system for proactive maintenance. Reduce equipment downtime, prevent damage and increase equipment useful life.

Maintain Just Right Inventory Stock On The Construction Sites

Construction inventory management software helps you manage supplies for each job. Reduce jobs cost by not having overstocked inventory. At the same time make sure that there are no project delays due to lack of supplies. Use construction inventory software for the efficient materials procurement. Keep track of materials fulfillment and timely deliveries to the job sites.

Stock Inventory Management In The QR Inventory Software

Construction inventory management software ensures that needed supplies for each job are available. It also helps you minimize excess inventory and related costs.

A construction inventory management software will not let you run out of materials on the job site when you need them the most. You can set re-order points for the parts and materials, globally or per site. Once stock level reaches re-order point you get an automatic low inventory alert. You can opt for creating a purchase order automatically when inventory stock falls below re-order point. Once a purchase order is created you can keep track of the order fulfillment. Set due date, and receive automatic alerts if a purchase order is not fulfilled on time.

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Non Stock Parts And Materials Management In The QR Inventory Software

Construction inventory management software allows you to track unique, non-stock parts and materials. You can track non stock parts from delivery or fabrication to the installation on the job site.

Construction projects often require tracking of the non-stock parts and materials. This non stock inventory is unique to each construction project. You may order non-stock materials from a vendor, get it from the customer or fabricate internally.

A QR Inventory software allows you to easily track non-stock parts and materials. You can import commitment list for each project into the software system. As you receive the materials track it in the mobile app using a QR code or barcode scanning. At any moment you can check what you got and what is still missing.

Once non-stock inventory is in, use a mobile app to track it through the process. Track storage location, fabrication steps, delivery and installation on the job site. You can review real time reports on the project status. Check WIP inventory and production process history.

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Mobile Inventory Stock Access And Ordering

Access inventory stock on the job site with one scan of a QR code or barcode. Be productive and make informed decisions!

Give construction site employees a tool that helps them do their job efficiently. If an employee is missing a part for the equipment repairs, he does not need to wait. One scan of a QR code will show him where the part he needs is available, and its stock in each location. The same will work for missing supplies or materials on a job site.

He can then get the required inventory from the closest location fast.

A field inventory requisition module of the QR Inventory software streamlines your internal purchase order process. It starts from placing inventory request in the field using a mobile app. The order goes to online approval and processing. Approved materials are delivered to the job site and are tracked with the QR code scanning. A QR code scan adjusts inventory stock and updates a purchase order.

A streamlined field ordering process ensures that all job sites receive needed supplies without delay. A control of the ordering process prevents unauthorized and excessive ordering. All in all, field inventory requisition module makes construction projects inventory deliveries timely and cost-effective.

Construction Inventory Software Integrations

Integrating construction inventory management software with other systems can greatly enhance efficiency. Integrations allow software systems used for the construction projects to exchange data automatically. With integrated software systems you do not need to do extra work, such as manual data entries.

A QR Inventory Software Integrations

Procore Integration
A QR Inventory software is integrated with Procore. Procore is the popular construction project management system. Using this integration, you can send job site data to Procore daily logs. Once a relevant transaction is recorded in the mobile app it is routed to Procore. You can record deliveries to the job site, materials usage, equipment usage, and more.

Photos that you added to the transaction will appear in the Procore daily logs as attachments.

With this integration Procore users always know real time job site inventory status. They do not necessarily need an access to the QR Inventory software. And you do not have to do double entries recording daily logs data.

QuickBooks Integration
QuickBooks integration allows you to automate creation of invoices, bills and purchases. Once you receive items in the QR Inventory software, a bill or purchase is created in QuickBooks. Once you use or sell the items, an invoice is created.

You can also opt for semi-manual creation of the financial transactions in QuickBooks. This will allow you to review and edit data before submission.

A QR Inventory software is integrated with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise.

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