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Benefits Of Using QR Codes In Construction Industry

QR codes help construction companies maximize projects efficiency and boost productivity of the job site employees. Use QR codes for construction asset and inventory tracking, job site equipment maintenance and field data access.

Why QR Codes Are A Natural Fit For Construction Industry

QR codes are most helpful for the industries with the dispersed field workforce. Construction industry is certainly one of them. Most of the work of the construction companies is conducted on the multiple job sites. Job site employees do not have ready access to computers or wifi connection. Smartphones and QR codes provide a good replacement.

QR codes give construction site workers a reliable way to access and record data they need to do their job. A QR code can link any object on the construction site, whether is is an asset, job site area or an employee, to its record in the central database. By scanning a QR code with a smartphone, job site technicians can access and update object information in the mobile app.

A QR code system helps construction companies create a real time communication between the job sites and the office. Everyone has an access to the same live information. Job site employees access and update data using a mobile app and QR code scanning. Office employees access the same info on the office computers via a cloud software web dashboard.

Construction site employees must fill a lot of paperwork. QR codes and smartphones help with this task as well. Instead of filling out paper forms, which are cumbersome and can be easily damaged or lost, a field employee can scan a QR code and access a mobile form on his smartphone. A completed mobile form is sent from a mobile app to the cloud software in real time, creating a permanent digital record.

Overall, QR codes help construction companies to be more productive, increase safety on the job sites, and complete projects on time and on budget.

How QR Codes Benefit Construction Industry

QR Codes provide multiple benefits to the construction companies at a very low cost. Using QR codes construction companies can streamline their processes and provide vital info to the job site technicians. Here are some of the main advantages of using QR codes in construction:

QR Codes Provide Real Time Data Access

Construction workers need access to various types of information on the job site to ensure smooth operations, safety, and efficiency. The information can include blueprints, drawings, construction machinery manuals, safety rules, equipment spec sheets, and more. A QR code provides a fast and easy access to the needed data. A QR code scan with a smartphone gets all required info from the central database. The info is displayed in the QR code scanning mobile app, where job site employee can easily review it.

QR Codes Allow For The Real Time Data Updates

Ability to update data in real time is very important for the companies with the mobile workforce. Mobile workers are always in the field or on the go. Taking hand written notes and entering them into a computer later on is not an efficient option. Using QR codes and mobile phones, field employees can easily access and update any type of data. It could be info on the asset or inventory movement, completed checklist, safety audit form, field report, equipment service request, and many other things. As soon as info is updated in the central cloud database it is available to all team members.

Real time collaboration enabled by the QR codes ensures seamless coordination, quick decision-making, and efficient task management. It increases field teams productivity, reduces errors and jobs delays.

QR Codes Help To Increase Job Site Safety

QR codes help construction companies increase job site safety in several ways.

Using QR codes for assets check out you can ensure that only employees with the right certification get an access to the tool or equipment. An employee can scan a QR code on the heavy construction machinery, access safety rules and sign off on them before he is allowed to operate the equipment. Placing a QR code on the construction workers hard hat allow managers to quickly access an employee certifications. This ensures that only qualified workers can do the job. A QR code based visitor induction help construction companies keep track of the visitors and make sure they stay within the designated areas.

All in all, QR codes help you streamline safety procedures. You can be sure that you always have digital records showing your compliance with the rules and regulations.

QR Codes Streamlines Construction Site Paperwork

Construction industry is highly regulated. Job site employees regularly fill out a lot of forms they need for compliance. These forms can rage from safety audits to equipment inspections to vehicles DVIR forms. In addition, there are daily logs, visitor and contractor induction forms, field requests and reports, and more.
QR codes and mobile phones help you deal with all these paperwork in fast and efficient manner. A QR code scan allows field technician to access an fill out a form on the mobile device (either a smartphone or a tablet). Once a form is completed, it can be submitted to a back end cloud software.
Digital records of all completed forms are well organized, accessible on demand and are easily searchable. With the QR code based system you can be sure that you will always be able to find required records fast.

How QR Codes Can Be Used In Construction


Construction Asset And Equipment Tracking With QR Codes

Real time construction asset tracking is vital for maintaining projects schedule and budget. It enables better resource allocation, prevents projects delays, and reduces equipment loss and theft.

QR code construction equipment tracking is a low cost option that allow you to track assets in real time with minimal efforts. You label assets with the weather-proof QR code labels. Each time an asset is moved: taken to a job site, moved between the job sites, is returned to the yard, is sent to repair, etc. an employee scans a QR code label with a smartphone to record this.

A QR code scan updates an asset record in the cloud database in real time. All team members have live access to the asset info, and can make better and more informed decisions.

You can also use a more advanced Bluetooth asset tracking system for an automated asset tracking on the construction sites.

Construction Inventory Management With QR Codes

Tracking construction inventory is vital for keeping projects on time and on budget. Efficient inventory management on the construction sites ensures that materials for the job are ordered and received on time, there are no over-stocking or shortages.

QR codes make construction inventory management simple and accurate. Job site and warehouse employees can record inventory receiving, deliveries to the job site, use for a project and return of unused inventory with a QR code scan. An inventory management mobile app is connected to a backend cloud software, so all inventory updates are real time.

QR codes and a smartphone with the inventory tracking mobile app is a good option for most construction companies. This option allows you to track inventory anywhere fast using QR code scanning, and have live inventory data. However, for even more automated process you can use NFC tags or BLE tags.

Real Time Data Access On The Construction Sites Using QR Codes

QR codes gives construction crews a fast and efficient way to access information in the field. A QR code links each construction site object to its database record. A mobile app can scan a QR code, quickly fetch info on the scanned object and display it to the user on a smartphone screen.

The data can include text, images, drawings and pdf documents. Anything that job site employees need to know, from equipment specs and service history, to manuals and blueprints, can be instantly accessed on a smartphone with one QR code scan.

A QR code data access on the construction sites ensures that everyone has the right info to do their job efficiently and without errors.

Construction Equipment Maintenance Tracking With QR Codes

Tracking construction equipment maintenance is crucial for the operations efficiency and safety on the construction sites. Regular maintenance helps prevent costly breakdowns, extends equipment useful life, and increases security on the job sites.

QR codes help you create a streamlined work order process from start to finish. Field technicians can use QR codes to access and update equipment info in real time.

A QR codes based equipment maintenance tracking software lets field employees access equipment specs and past history, and record equipment maintenance using mobile forms. Completed forms are saved in the cloud as digital records. You can access completed maintenance forms on demand from anywhere. Search data using various filters to quickly find what you need.

You can create custom alerts and make sure that PM is always done on time. Any out of range values recorded in the forms produce an instant alert. You can act on the small issues quickly and fix the problem fast before it led to the equipment damage or a breakdown.

Using QR Codes For Construction Site Paperwork

Construction site employees need to fill out a lot of paperwork. QR codes ensure that all required forms are filled out on time, and that collected info is not misplaced or lost.

A mobile forms software uses QR codes for identifying construction site objects. The objects can be equipment, site areas, employees, an entire construction site, or anything else for which you need to fill out forms. A QR code scan ensures that there are no errors, that correct forms are shown to the user, and that a completed form is linked to the right object.

You can use QR codes and mobile forms for all types of construction site paperwork:

  • Equipment inspection forms
  • Safety audits
  • Daily logs and reports
  • Contractor induction checklists
  • Field service requests forms
  • Fleet inspection / DVIR forms
  • Punch list forms
  • SOP checklists
  • Equipment damage reports
  • and more...

QR codes and mobile forms make construction site paperwork efficient, and ensures that you always have an access to the completed forms and analytical reports.

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