NFC Inventory Application: NFC Inventory And Asset Tracking With The Smartphones

NFC inventory mobile application helps you process inventory transactions faster than with the barcode scanning, and you can use a smartphone instead of purchasing a dedicated NFC scanner. If you need to process high volume asset or inventory transactions, using NFC tags will significantly speed up the inventory tracking process. NFC module of QR Inventory software allows you to label assets and inventory with NFC tags, and use QR Inventory mobile application for assets and inventory tracking.

How To Track Inventory With NFC In QR Inventory Mobile App

You need to encode an inventory SKU / part number or an asset serial number into the NFC tag. You can also purchase pre-encoded NFC tags with the sequential numbers, and link NFC tag with the inventory or asset using a QR Inventory mobile application.

Once an inventory item or an asset is labeled with the NFC tag, you can track it using a regular smartphone in the QR Inventory mobile application. In order to scan an inventory or asset labeled with the NFC tag you just need to touch it with a smartphone. NFC scanning works much faster than barcode or QR code scanning with a smartphone. You do not need to focus a smartphone camera in order to scan an NFC tag - just touch a tag with a smartphone. NFC tag can be inside a packaging or a casing - you do not need a line of sight in order to scan it.


NFC vs Barcode / QR Code For Inventory Management

Pros and cons of NFC inventory management and asset tracking vs barcode / QR code inventory management and asset tracking.

Your can use barcodes, QR codes or NFC tags for tracking asset and inventory with QR Inventory mobile application. You can also use a mixture of QR codes, barcodes and NFC tags. Here are the pros and cons of NFC inventory management vs barcode / QR code inventory management:

NFC Inventory Management Pros

  • NFC allows for much faster inventory and assets scanning than barcodes / QR codes when you are using a smartphone as a scanner.
  • You do not need a direct line of sight to scan and NFC tag - the NFC tag can be inside the packaging or a casing.

NFC Inventory Management Cons

  • NFC tags are slightly more expensive than barcode / QR code labels.
  • You can print QR code labels yourself as needed using QR Inventory software built-in QR code generation and printing tool. You can do it on the regular office printer without purchasing any special hardware. NFC tags have to be printed and encoded at the same time, so you either need to pre-order NFC tags or purchase a special NFC tags encoder / printer.

Taking NFC inventory management pros and cons, we recommend to use QR code or barcode tags for the assets and inventory items if you normally need to add a small number of items to the transaction, and use NFC tags when you are routinely processing large volume inventory transactions.

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