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Non-Stock Construction Inventory Management For Specific Projects

Easily track unique, project based construction materials and assets, from delivery or fabrication to the installation on the job site.

Construction inventory management often includes handling of non-stock, unique materials ordered for a specific project. Non-stock inventory can be ordered from a vendor, supplied by the customer or fabricated on demand within the construction company. With the QR Inventory software you can track specialized construction materials, assets and equipment efficiently using a smartphone and barcode scanning. Track specialized inventory through the entire cycle, from receiving or fabrication to the delivery on the construction site and installation, with minimal time spent on the inventory management tasks.

What Is Non-Stock Construction Inventory Management

Efficient inventory management is crucial for the successful execution of the construction projects. Unlike traditional inventory management systems, non-stock construction inventory management involves the procurement and allocation of unique materials, equipment, and resources tailored to the specific project requirements.

Non-stock construction inventory, characterized by its customized nature, presents distinct challenges in inventory management. Traditional stock management systems are not well-suited to address the dynamic nature of specialized materials. Just entering each unique serialized item into a software system and setting it up requires a lot of effort, which is not feasible when handling thousands line items for each construction project. Assigning each unique part or material to a specific construction project and tracking it within the constraints of this project is another challenge.

A QR Inventory software is specifically tailored to handle dynamic inventory. A customizable nature of our inventory management software, easy data entry and intuitive user interface makes handling of the non-stock construction inventory management tasks in the efficient and productive manner.

Handling Of Non-Stock Construction Inventory Management In The QR Inventory Software

Non-stock construction inventory management software is designed to help companies efficiently track and manage materials and equipment that are not considered standard stock items. These could include specialized tools, unique project-specific materials, or items that are only needed for a specific job.
A QR Inventory software is well-equipped to handle tracking of such non-stock specialized assets for construction projects, due to its flexibility and ease of use.

Entering Non-Stock Construction Inventory Into The QR Inventory Software

You can easily enter non-stock project based construction materials and assets into the software system, either on the job site using a smartphone, or on the office computer.

Job site employees only need to scan a QR code / barcode label with a smartphone to enter a new non-stock item into the software. No complicated actions are required!

If you prefer to use office computers, an office employee can enter project based materials via the cloud software web dashboard in minimal time. You do not need thousands keystrokes or a lengthy setup for each unique non-stock asset ordered for the specific construction project. You can also bulk import a project commitment list into the software system.

You can define what information to enter and track for the construction inventory. The information can include a project number, client, and any other data that you want to store in the inventory management system. For example, you can add asset specifications, associated documentation or drawings.

Authorized employees can access required information on the construction site by scanning a QR code / barcode label with a smartphone, or on the office computer via the cloud software web interface.

Real Time Tracking And Management Of Non-Stock Construction Inventory

Once you entered non-stock parts and materials for the specific construction project into the software system, you can track them through the entire process in real time. The process steps may include a purchase order, receiving inventory in the warehouse, storage, fabrication of assemblies, delivery to the construction site and installation. Company employees track project based materials through the process steps on site, in real time, using smartphone and barcode / QR code scanning.

Adjust constructio inventory management process to your unique requirements! You can define workflow process and steps via the cloud software web dashboard. In addition to the process steps, you can define what data to collect on each step. Construction site employees will be able to fill out the required information on the smartphone using mobile forms.

Construction Site Inventory Movement Documentation

Each movement of the project based construction materials and assets is documented on the job site in real time. Job site employees process materials transactions as they happen, using smartphones for the QR code / barcode scanning. All required information that should accompany a construction project inventory and assets movement is collected using a mobile application.

Information may include data, notes, inspection checklists, quality control forms, as well as images and customer / supervisor signature. GPS location of the transaction, an employee who handled the transaction, and date / time of the transaction are recorded automatically.

All collected documentation is available on demand via the cloud software web dashboard to authorized inventory management system users. You can filter data by multiple parameters to quickly find required information.

Real Time Construction Inventory Status And Reports

All tracking information for the non-stock construction materials is sent from the mobile devices to the backend cloud software in real time.

Authorized users of the software system can access the current construction project status: what materials have been received, delivered to the job site, which fabricated assets were installed, if there are any problems, etc. via the cloud software web dashboard.

System administrators can review and download reports on the current project status, transactions history of the construction materials, process history with the dates, employees and associated data collected on the mobile devices, as well as analytical and statistical reports.

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