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Modern Inventory Stock Management With QR Codes And Mobile App

Modern stock management software helps your business become more efficient with less effort. Advanced technologies, such as QR codes, NFC, BLE, mobile phones, IoT and cloud software, help you keep track of stock level with very little or no involvement from your field workforce.
Modern technologies help you automate your stock management process. You can track field and warehouse inventory in real time using mobile phones and QR codes or barcode scanning. If you want a fully automated solution, use an IoT asset tracking system that utilizes BLE tags and an asset tracking gateway. Get a full view of your field and warehouse supplies and materials at any time, from anywhere using a cloud software web interface.

How Modern Technologies Improve Inventory Stock Management

Modern technologies help you keep track of field and warehouse inventory with less effort from the company workforce. A modern, smart inventory system is more accurate, simple and requires much less employees' time than manual inventory tracking. At the same time all team members can access real time materials stock and other details, on the mobile devices and office computers.

Smart tags (QR codes, NFC, or BLE tags), smartphones and a cloud software allow you to automate field inventory management process. You can use mobile phones for the QR codes, NFC or BLE tags scanning, real time stock level updates and info lookup. The good thing about the smartphones is that you can use them anywhere. It is very important for the field companies and contractors who need to track supplies and materials on the job sites.

Smartphones can connect to the back end cloud software without a need for the extra infrastructure. This ability allows for the real time stock level updates in all field locations and on the service trucks. All authorized software users can access live inventory data, in the field and in the office.

And if you do not want to rely on the company employees at all, you can opt for a fully automated IoT asset tracking system. The system uses BLE tags and a Bluetooth IoT gateway for the live updates on the field sites.

Benefits Of The Modern Stock Management Software For Field Operations

Modern inventory management system offers many benefits for the field inventory tracking as compared to the manual methods:

Real time inventory tracking

Modern inventory management system provides a real time view into the stock levels in all field locations. This info helps you make better purchasing plans, avoid excess stock or shortages, and save money in the long run.

Accurate inventory data

Modern inventory management system puts an end to the errors linked to the manual data entry. You get accurate stock level data in all field and warehouse locations with less time spent on the inventory tracking tasks.

Increased operations efficiency

With the modern inventory management software field employees have more time to do their primary job. As a result, you can do much more with a smaller workforce.

Multi-location inventory management

With the modern inventory management system you can track supplies and materials across all field and warehouse sites. Mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, let you easily track inventory anywhere. Company employees can use mobile phones for QR code or BLE tags scanning, data entry and look up. Mobile devices provide wi-fi or data connection, which allows you to upload info to the back-end cloud software in real time.

Modern inventory management system frees field and warehouse employees

Modern inventory management software that relies on the QR codes, NFC or BLE tags scanning require much less time from field technicians than manual stock control systems. A Bluetooth asset tracking system that uses BLE gateways and BLE tags gives you a full inventory management process automation. IoT gateways detect BLE tags and send data to the back end cloud software. No human involvement is required.
Overall, a modern inventory management system provides a more flexible, efficient, and accurate way to track assets, supplies and materials.

How And Where Modern Stock Management System Is Used

Many industries that need to track spplies and materials in the dispersed field locations benefit from using a smart, automated stck management system.

Modern stock management system in construction

Construction companies can use a modern inventory management software to track inventory, tools, and equipment across multiple job sites. With the real time stock management you can be sure that you have required supplies and materials for each project. Real time asset tracking ensures that construction equipment and tools are accounted for and are well maintained. As a result you save money on materials purchases, have no downtimes or delays. You complete all jobs on time and on budget.

Modern stock management system in manufacturing

Barcode inventory management software helps manufacturers monitor raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods inventory in real time. Use of smartphones and QR code scanning minimizes the time needed for stock tracking, and increases data accuracy. Accurate stock tracking leads to the better production planning and reduced waste. Shop floor employees can do their main jobs without being distracted on the inventory management tasks.

Modern warehouse inventory management with climate control

A modern warehouse inventory management system is vital for the large warehouses with the high volume of goods going in and out daily. The system provides an accurate stock level and inventory movement data. Warehouse workers have a lot on their plate. They need to receive, store, pick, pack and ship out inventory. A smart inventory system frees them to do these tasks and not be concerned with the manual record keeping. And for the sensitive items you can use an IoT temperature and humidity monitoring system. The system gives you digital temperature and humidity logs that you can access remotely, and instantly alerts you if something goes wrong.

Modern stock management system for field service companies

An inventory management system for field service companies helps field technicians easily track spare parts and materials. They can record used parts and look up where the needed part is on a mobile phone with a QR code or BLE tag scan. No matter what job site they are on, they can track parts and materials in real time. An administrator can check stock levels and parts usage on all sites and jobs via a single cloud software dashboard.

Modern Stock Management System In Action - QR Inventory Software

A QR Inventory software uses modern technologies to automate inventory management process for the field and warehouse employees. You can pick a set of technologies that better suit your needs and budget. For smart inventory tags you can use barcodes, QR codes, NFC tags or BLE tags. You can use mobile devices or IoT gateways for scanning and connection to the remote cloud server. No matter which smart tags and scanning devices you choose, all data are sent to the back end cloud software in real time. Authorized software users have access to the same up to date info no matter where they are.

Smart Tags And Scanning Devices For Efficient Stock Management


Using Mobile Phones For The Real Time Inventory Tracking

A modern inventory management system can track supplies and materials in real time in the field and warehouse. Real time tracking ensures that all team members always have access to the accurate data and stock count.

With the QR Inventory mobile app you will have no problems tracking inventory anywhere. You can track materials receiving, transfer and usage on the multiple sites. It does not matter how dispersed your workforce is, and how many job sites and storage locations you have. Company employees can use their own smartphones or tablets, or you can provide company owned mobile devices. You can use mobile phones, tablets or mobile computers - it is your choice.

Field workers can record inventory movement fast and error free using QR code, NFC or BLE scanning. They can use mobile forms to enter any info that should go along with each transaction. They can use a mobile phone camera to take photos and add them to the record. If needed, a customer or a manager can sign off for the inventory delivery or usage on the smartphone.

Each mobile record updates data in the central database in real time. There are no delays in the stock level updates. Everyone on the team has access to the live data on the job sites, in the service trucks and in the warehouse.

Using QR Codes Or Barcodes For The Efficient Field Inventory Management

QR codes or barcode scanning automates inventory management. Instead of typing in a long part number or serial number you scan an item to quickly identify it.

A QR Inventory system comes with the mobile app that allows you to scan QR codes or barcodes. You do not need to buy special scanning hardware. There is no need to carry around bulky barcode scanners. You can use regular smartphones for the QR code or barcode scanning, data entry and look up.

In some cases you may need to process high volume transactions fast. In such cases scanning QR codes or barcodes with a smartphone camera can take a lot of time. To speed up the scanning you can use a bluetooth barcode scanner connected to the mobile phone. A QR Inventory mobile app is natively integrated with the Socket Mobile line of bluetooth barcode scanners. Native integration allows you to process inventory fast, without extra navigation or clicks.

Using IoT Technologies For A Fully Automated Inventory And Assets Management

IoT (Internet of Things) technologies play a big role in improving an inventory management process. IoT offers a higher degree of automation as compared to the barcode or QR code scanning methods. In the QR Inventory software you can use smart RF tags (NFC tags, BLE tags, or RFID tags) along with or instead of barcodes and QR codes.

You can use a smartphone for scanning NFC and BLE tags. If you want to use RFID tags you will need an RFID sled for the smartphone. A Bluetooth IoT asset tracking system allows you to use either a smartphone or a Bluetooth IoT gateway for a fully automated tracking of assets and materials tagged with the BLE beacon tags.

Modern Stock Management Software Features


Real Time Field Data Access

Field technicians can view all info they need on the job with the one QR code scan. They can check stock level of the parts or materials, and where these parts are available. With this info they can get the needed part at the closest site. They do not need to place an order and wait.

Technicians who are dealing with the field assets can access asset specs, documents, photos, past service history, spare parts list, and more.

Real time data access in the field makes field workforce much more productive. It helps you avoid project delays, downtimes, and over ordering.

Flexible Inventory Management Software That Fits Your Needs

A QR Inventory software is very flexible. It is easy to adjust it to the way you do business. In the QR Inventory software, you can:

  • Store all info on the assets and inventory that you need using custom fields
  • Create custom steps for inventory flow
  • Specify what additional data, if any, should be entered on each step
  • Specify if photos should be added, and how many
  • Create custom mobile forms for data collection
  • customize web dashboard
  • customize reports
  • and more...

Inventory Management Software Easy to Implement And Use

A QR Inventory software is very intuitive, easy to learn and use. It has a minimal learning curve, so you can become productive fast.

The easiest thing to learn is what you already know. Company employees already own and are using mobile phones and tablets every day. They can start using a mobile app for inventory tracking right away. There is no need to spend extra time on learning and training.

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