Manufacturing Lot Traceability Software

Lot numbers tracking on the shop floor in real time using QR Inventory mobile application and barcode scanning. Traceability reports and data analytics via the web dashboard.
Track lot numbers / serial numbers of used components, materials and ingredients through the manufacturing production process from start to finish. Eliminate physical paperwork, use smartphones and QR Inventory mobile application for barcode scanning and data collection. Find lot numbers / serial numbers of components that were used in each serialized assembly or final product batch. Quickly find where and when each batch was distributed in case of a problem or recall.

Lot Traceability Using Mobile Devices

Manual lot number tracking is very tedious, time consuming process that introduces errors, and you are still having problems finding required information when needed. With QR Inventory mobile application you will be able to track lot numbers on the shop floor in real time using barcode scanning. All recorded traceability information is stored in a secure cloud location, is easily searchable and accessible on demand via an admin web dashboard.

How The Lot Traceability / Lot Number Tracking Works With QR Inventory Software

Receiving New Materials Lot: Label the lot with the QR code labels (or use existing barcode / QR code labels if available). Scan the label and enter lot information into the system on a smartphone. You define what information to keep on each ingredients / raw materials lot via the web dashboard. The information can include a production date, a date received, manufacturer, expiration date, and any other parameters specific to your products.

Once ingredients / components lot information is entered into the traceability software, all authorized employees can access it: by scanning QR code label on the shop floor, and via the web interface in the office. Authorized shop floor employees can update lot / batch information, add new data obtained during the production process, and add images taken with a smartphone camera.

Tracking Ingredients / Components Lot Through The Production Process: As a product batch (lot) is moving through the production process, or is used as an ingredient / component in the intermediate or final product, each step is recorded by scanning QR code. All additional information that you need to keep track of is collected in QR Inventory mobile application using custom mobile forms.
You are in a complete control of the process: you define the process steps and what data should be collected on each step via an easy to use web dashboard.

Intermediate and final products: Each intermediate and final product that is created during the process is assigned a lot number, labeled and is tracked through the process using QR Inventory mobile application and barcode scanning.

Product Distribution: Once the final product batch is created, it can be split into units (if applicable), and distributed to the customer(s) or sent to the storage. All distribution information is recorded during the process using smartphones and QR Inventory mobile application for the QR code / barcode scanning and data entry.

What Happens With The Data Collected On The Shop Floor With The Mobile Devices

All data collected on the shop floor using mobile devices are sent to a secure cloud in real time. All authorized employees have an access to the up-to-the-minute information, on the smartphones or tablets on the shop floor and computers in the office.

Office employees can access and download the following information via an admin web dashboard:

  • Inventory stock, by product type and lot number
  • History of all recorded transactions / production steps, with dates, employees, and collected information
  • Check live status of everything in production
  • Check lot number of all ingredients used in a final product
  • Find all product batches that contain an ingredient with the specified lot number
  • Check how each final product batch was distributed, to what customer, when, and all associated details
  • Check inventory usage and trends
  • and more...

Adjusting QR Inventory Software To Your Business Process

Regardless of what you operations are: manufacturing of the unique on demand products, food or beverage manufacturing, agricultural or greenhouse operations, etc. - you will be able to adjust QR Inventory software to your unique business needs. You can define what information to store for the ingredients / raw materials lots and batches of the final product, create inventory transactions that you need, define production steps for your manufacturing process, create custom mobile forms for data collection, create custom pdf reports, and more.

Lot Traceability Through The Entire Supply Chain - Blockchain Traceability Solution

Manufacturing products traceability usually does not start and stop within your company. You probably buy raw ingredients or pre-fabricated products from the other suppliers, and / or perhaps you are shipping the product to the customer who is not an end user. When each supply chain company records traceability information in it's own internal traceability software system at best, and using paper and pencil at worst, each company needs to do more manual work and it is still impossible to get the entire traceability picture.

Our Shared Traceability solution, which is based on blockchain technology solves this problem. It allows companies within a supply chain network to share traceability data, so that all supply chain partners have an immediate access to the complete, end-to-end traceability information. Shared Traceability can be used as an add-on to QR Inventory software or as a stand alone product. Please let us know if you would like to learn more about Shared Traceability or would like to try it out.

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