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Field Inventory Management Software With Mobile App And QR Codes

QR Inventory software is a perfect fit for the field service companies. It gives your dispersed field workforce a tool to easily track assets and inventory, access equipment specs, and submit live updates using a mobile app and QR code scanning.

Inventory Management Mobile App For Field Employees

Field service technicians use a QR code scanning mobile app for the real time inventory and equipment tracking, reporting and info access. Here is what they can do using a QR Inventory mobile app and QR code scanning:

  • Check out field inventory and assets from the warehouse to the service truck.
  • Check in unused field inventory and equipment when returning it to the warehouse.
  • Record field deliveries, parts and materials usage, and equipment utilization.
  • Record equipment service and maintenance on a smartphone using mobile forms and checklists.
  • Use available digital forms for field service, customize mobile forms to your requirements or create custom digital forms.
  • Access field equipment specs, info, documents and usage instructions with one QR code scan.
  • Review inventory availability in the field and warehouse locations.
  • Submit equipment and materials requests.
  • Track work time in the field per location or job.

A Cloud Inventory Software Web Interface For The Office

Office employees have real time access to the inventory in all field locations through a single cloud software web dashboard. Here is what admin software users can do via a web browser on the office computer:

  • Check supplies, materials and parts stock in the warehouse, service trucks and job sites.
  • Check tools and equipment status: what is in the field, what is available in the warehouse, who is using equipment and for which project.
  • Review field inventory usage statistics and trends, equipment and tools utilization reports.
  • View historic tools and equipment usage per project for the job site billing.
  • Review inventory, parts and materials usage per project, job or client.
  • Check field time reports, per employee, equipment or project.

Field Inventory Management Set Up Based On Your Process

You can configure a QR Inventory software to fit your business process and workflow. Here are some of the aspects of the field inventory management process that you can set up via a cloud software web interface:

  • Define what information to store for the assets (tools and equipment), and inventory (materials, supplies and parts).
  • Create custom assets and inventory transactions.
  • Define what data to collect for each transaction.
  • Create custom mobile forms and checklists, or use available mobile forms for the field service industry.
  • Customize dashboard and reports.
  • and more...

How Field Inventory Management Works In The QR Inventory Software


Real Time Field Inventory Tracking In The Mobile App

Field service technicians use mobile app on the iOS or Android devices to track field inventory, equipment and tools anywhere.

A QR Inventory software gives your mobile workforce tools to be efficient and productive. Smartphones are easy to carry around, and are readily available. Field employees can easily record inventory transactions and access info fast, without being distructed from their main job.

No matter how many field locations you have and how many employees in your field service company are handling assets and inventory, all equipment, parts and materials deliveries and usage are recorded in real time, as they happen. Therefore, you always have accurate inventory counts, equipment and tools locations and transactions records.

You can add any extra data to each record. This data can include job number, project, client, notes, and anything else you need to keep track of for your field operations. You can define what data should be collected in the field - and this data are recorded in the mobile forms and are available to you via reports.

Updates done in the mobile app are submitted to a back end cloud software in real time. All team members have live access to assets and inventory data, in the field and in the office.

Real Time Field Equipment Tracking With QR Codes

Tools and equipment are valueable assets - make sure you always know where they are and how they are used.

A QR Inventory software helps you create an accountability system for the tools and equipment that you use for the field service jobs. You will always know where the equipment is, what work order it is used for, who checked out the tool or equipment, and keep tabs on the tools which were not returned on time.

Using a smartphone and a mobile app field service technicians can check tools in and out of the warehouse, track equipment location and usage by scanning a QR code label. They can record any extra data: work order number, expected return date, asset conditions upon return. They can use a mobile app to take photos and attach to the equipment record for the visual documentation. You can define what data should be collected via the cloud software web dashboard, and field employees or warehouse managers fill out this info on the smartphones.

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Field Inventory Management Automation With The NFC Or BLE Tags

If you want to further automate field inventory management process, you can use NFC or BLE tags for the faster processing of the high volume transactions. Unlike QR code or barcode tags, NFC tags do not require you to focus smartphone camera for each scan. NFC tags can be scanned fast, just by touching each asset or inventory item with a smartphone. No direct line of sight is required - an NFC tag can be inside item casing or packaging.

BLE tags further automate field inventory and assets management. With the BLE beacon tags you do not need to scan each item, or even come close to it. A field employee can add all nearby assets to the batch with one click in the mobile app. Or you can opt for IoT asset tracking system, which is using Bluetooth IoT gateways for assets and inventory scanning and does not rely on the field employees.

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Low Inventory Alerts For Warehouse And Field Service Trucks

Make sure you have materials and parts in stock for the upcoming field service jobs, and technicians have what they need in the service trucks to complete the scheduled work orders.

In the QR Inventory software you can set min and max inventory levels, globally or by location. A location can be a technician service truck, a job site or a warehouse.

Field inventory software will automatically send a low inventory alert to the person responsible for each location. An alert includes a list of items to order, with the order link and quantity. Use a QR Inventory software reports to forecast what you will need, and make sure that you always have an adequate inventory stock - not too high and not too low - in each field and warehouse location.

Use Mobile Forms For All Field Service Paperwork

Field service technicians can document equipment installation and service, materials and parts usage for each work order on site using a smartphone and mobile forms.

Digitize your field service paperwork, and make sure that all documentation is done correctly, is securely preserved and is accessible on demand from anywhere. In the QR Inventory software you can create custom mobile forms for all types of field service paperwork via the web dashboard. Field technicians will be able to pull out the form on the smartphone, fill it out and submit to the cloud software in real time. Optionally, you can pre-fill a part of the form online, and push it to the mobile devices for completion on site.

Admin software users have instant access to the completed forms via the QR Inventory software web dashboard.

Instant Equipment Specs And Inventory Stock Access In The Field

Field service technicians can instantly access equipment specs, as well as parts and materials stock in all locations with one QR code scan.

Field service technicians can scan a QR code label on the equipment, inventory or parts with a smartphone to get an instant access to all the data they need to effectively do their job. The data on the equipment can include specs, images, drawings, pdf documents and instructions, as well as past service and maintenance history. The data on the materials and parts include specs and stock level in all field and warehouse locatons. A technician can easily find the closest location where required parts for the field service work order are available.

Field Inventory Management Software With Time Tracking

Field service technicians can easily track time spent on the work order in the mobile app with a few clicks. You get an accurate time reports by employee, work order or equipment. You can review raw time sheets and group data by various parameters to get the time summary reports.

For example, you can check:

  • total time spent by an employee A last month on all field service jobs
  • time an employee A spent working on the equipment B
  • total time that was spent on the equipment B by all employees
  • total time spent working in a specific work order
  • and more...

Electronic Signatures And Work Order Receipts

Create signed PDF receipt for field equipment work order with one click. Control PDF look and layout.

Field employees can collect customer signature for the completed service, used materials and parts, and send a receipt to the client from a smartphone in the mobile app. You control pdf report look and layout via a custom MS Word templates.

Central Cloud Repository For The Field Service Records

Eliminate physical paperwork and keep accurate field service records, accessible on demand by authorized software users.

Field service documents on equipment maintenance and repairs is stored in a secure cloud, is never misplaced, damaged or lost. You can access records on demand from anywhere, and use filters to find what you need fast.

All authorized software users can access real time inventory and equipment reports from anywhere. For the clients or external auditors who so not have an access to the QR Inventory software, you can export records as .csv file or generate pdf reports.

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