Warehouse Inventory Management Software With Barcode / QR Code Scanning and IoT Climate Control

Bring warehouse management up to date by using modern technologies: cloud, mobile, smartphones, barcodes, QR codes, NFC, BLE tags, IoT gateways and sensors. Track warehouse inventory in real time with QR code / barcode scanning and a smartphone, or BLE tags and IoT gateways. Use IoT gateways and sensors network for automated warehouse pallets tracking and temperature / humidity conditions monitoring.

  • Smart warehouse management system with the optional IoT temperature and humidity conditions monitoring.
  • Use barcodes, QR codes, NFC or RFID / BLE tags to label warehouse inventory.
  • Use smartphones, barcode scanners or mobile computers for the barcode , QR codes or RFID / BLE scanning and processing transactions.
  • Automatic warehouse pallets tracking with BLE tags and Bluetooth IoT gateways.
  • Automated warehouse climate control - IoT temperature and humidity monitoring for the sensitive assets and inventory.
  • Supports 3PL warehouse inventory management - use QR Inventory software to manage inventory for the multiple clients.
  • Manage multiple warehouses, seamlessly transfer assets and inventory between the warehouses.
  • Access real time inventory stock in each warehouse you are managing, as well as the detailed transactions history.
  • Get automatic alerts when inventory stock is running low, perishable items are about to expire, or warehouse temperature / humidity conditions go out of range.
  • Optionally do periodic physical inventory counts using smartphones for barcode / QR code scanning and data submission. QR Inventory software will automatically identify discrepancies between the count results and "on the book" inventory, if any.
  • Track inventory in moveable containers, on the pallets and racks using a containers module. Scan a QR code or Bluetooth tag on the container, pallet or rack to review what is inside. Move container / pallet to the new location along with everything inside it.
  • Use a containers module to create granular drill-down warehouse locations. See the entire location path for all inventory, easily find required item in the multi-level granular locations within the warehouse.
  • QR Inventory software is very configurable, so it is easy to adjust it to the way you do business. Configure many aspects of the warehouse inventory management process via a secure web dashboard.

Smart Warehouse Inventory Management Software With The Centralized Cloud Storage

QR Inventory software gives you a lot of different options for the efficient warehouse inventory management. You can pick any combination of tags and scanners that fits your warehouse needs and budget. Use barcodes, QR codes, NFC / RFID or BLE tags to label warehouse inventory. Use smartphones, regular barcode scanners or mobile computers for the warehouse inventory scanning. Use Bluetooth gateways for a completely automated smart tracking of the warehouse inventory and pallets. Include BLE beacons with built-in temperature and humidity sensors for the automated warehouse climate monitoring.

Regardless of which tags and scanners you plan to use, all data are sent to a backend centralized cloud software in real time. Authorized users of the warehouse management software system can access real time inventory stock, location, transactions history and other reports via a web dashboard.

3PL Warehouse Inventory Management

QR Inventory software supports 3PL (third party logistics) warehouse inventory management. 3PL warehouse manages inventory and fulfillment for the multiple client companies. In the QR Inventory software you can specify for which client you are receiving inventory, and where in the warehouse it is stored. You can then track client's inventory through the process, from storage to shipping out, using smartphones and QR code / barcode / BLE tags scanning. Easily create a report for each client showing current warehouse inventory, how long it had been there, fulfillment and shipping reports, etc.

Smart Warehouse With The Multiple Inventory Tags Options: Barcodes, QR Codes, NFC, Bluetooh Beacons.

Based on your warehouse size, inventory flow volume, and operating procedures you can use different inventory tracking options. The simplest and the least expensive method is to use QR codes or barcodes. A warehouse employee can scan QR code or barcode with a smartphone or barcode scanner to record receiving inventory in the warehouse, moving it within the warehouse, shipping inventory out or delivery to the client. The more automated option is to use NFC tags. NFC tags can be scanned with a smartphone faster than QR codes or barcodes - you just need to touch items with a smartphone to scan. No need to focus smartphone camera. The fastest option is to use BLE tags. With the BLE beacon tags you can bulk scan all inventory just by clicking a button in the mobile application - no need to scan each individual item or locate a BLE tag. BLE tags do not need to be visible - you can put them inside the boxes or packaging and they will be scanned with a smartphone without any problems.

BLE Beacons: Alternative To RFID Warehouse Inventory Management Software

Use bluetooth beacon tags to further automate warehouse inventory management. With bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon tags you can add all nearby items to the transaction with one click - there is no need to scan each individual item. The Bluetooth based system works similar to RFID warehouse inventory management, but has a lower cost and gives you more options.

Unlike RFID, with Bluetooth warehouse management system you can use regular smartphones for BLE tags scanning. There is no need to purchase expensive RFID scanners or RFID sleds for the smartphones - android and iOS smartphones have a native built-in bluetooth communication capabilities.

If you need to track warehouse inventory automatically without any human participation you can use bluetooth gateways that will send data directly to the cloud - no scanning required.    More on Bluetooth warehouse inventory management.

Warehouse Inventory Scanner Options: Smartphones, Barcode Scanners, Mobile Computers, IoT Gateways

QR Inventory software gives you multiple scanning devices options. Warehouse employees can use smartphones or tablets running android or iOS. Smartphones with the QR Inventory mobile application installed can scan all types of tags: barcodes, QR codes, NFC or BLE tags. Smartphones cannot scan RFID tags - if this is what you want to use you will need to purchase an RFID scanner, a mobile computer with the RFID scanning option, or a special RFID sled for a smartphone.

For the faster scanning you can use a Bluetooth barcode scanner connected to a smartphone or a computer, or a mobile computer with the built-in barcode scanner.

For a completely automated warehouse inventory management system use BLE tags and Bluetooth IoT gateways. You can also mix and match these methods. For example you can track warehouse inventory that you load on the pallets using a QR code or barcode scanning, and track warehouse pallets automatically using BLE tags and Bluetooth gateways.

Climate Controlled Warehouse: Automated IoT Temperature And Humidity Monitoring

Bluetooth IoT module of the QR Inventory software supports automated remote temperature and humidity monitoring for the warehouse inventory. A network of IoT sensors continuously measure temperature and humidity conditions, and send data to the cloud software through a Bluetooth IoT gateway. A single IoT gateway can collect temperature and humidity measurements from the multiple sensors, pre-process data locally to reduce load on the remote cloud server, and send data to the cloud software for the storage and reporting.

You can review real time temperature and humidity logs for all warehouse zones where IoT sensors are installed, as well as for the individual assets and inventory items based on their location and movement within the warehouse. Set acceptable temperature and humidity intervals for the warehouse zones or assets and inventory groups, and receive instant automatic alerts if the conditions go out of range.

IoT temperature and humidity monitoring system in the climate controlled warehouse ensures that assets and inventory are kept in the right conditions, there is no damage or waste. All of it is done automatically, without a need for the warehouse employees to manually check anything. You have a complete conditions documentation for the climate sensitive warehouse items for the compliance and reporting.

Smart Warehouse Inventory Software With IoT Pallets Tracking

A QR Inventory sotware containers module allows you to easily track warehouse inventory in the moveable containers, such as pallets, skids or racks. You can track inventory in and out of the pallets using barcode scanning vs RFID or BLE tags to reduce warehouse operation cost. Place BLE tags only on the warehouse pallets - and pallet location in the warehouse, along with all items on the pallet, will be automatically tracked by the Bluetooth gateways.

A containers module allows you to create a granular drill-down warehouse location system. Each container can have lower level container within it, with unlimited drill-down levels.

You can immediately see what is on the pallet by scanning a QR code or a BLE tag with a smartphone. Click through the containers on the pallet to get to the lower level inventory list.

You can easily locate in what container / pallet / rack the item you are looking for is located. Inventory count / locations report will give you the full path, such as Warehouse A -> Pallet X -> Container Y.


Warehouse Physical Inventory Count With Barcode Scanning

Stocktaking and physical inventory count in the warehouse can be a long and tedious process. QR Inventory software provides a physical inventory count mobile application (QR Audit) tool to do the physical and cycle counts fast and error-free. Use QR Audit module to do full and cycle inventory counts in the warehouse with a smartphone and barcode scanning. You can have multiple employees doing physical count at the same time in their designated warehouse areas. After physical count is completed, QR Audit software automatically generates inventory count and discrepancies reports.

Smart Warehouse Software With Automatic Alerts

A QR Inventory software gives you an option to create multiple custom alerts to make sure your warehouse is running smoothly.

Some of the alerts are:

  • Low inventory alerts. Set re-order point for the warehouse inventory, and receive automatic low inventory alerts. You can set re-order point and re-order quantity (minimum and maximum stock level) globally and / or by warehouse, for each SKU / part number.
  • Inventory expiration date alerts. For the perishable items with the expiration date you can set custom reminders and receive automatic alerts with the list of inventory which is about to expire.
  • Temperature and humidity alerts. Receive instant alert if asset or inventory item is moved to the warehouse zone with the adverse environmental conditions, or if a temperature or humidity go above or below acceptable value in the zone where sensitive asset or inventory batch is located.
  • and more...

Automated Warehouse Stock Replenishment

An accounting module of the QR Inventory software automates handling of the purchase orders and invoices. Purchase orders are created automatically based on the specified minimum and maximum stock levels. Once purchase order is received inventory stock count is adjusted automatically. You can record receiving of the purchase order on the smartphones in the mobile application, or via the QR Inventory software web dashboard against the purchase order inventory list.

You can also automate creation of invoices for the orders fulfillment / sale. With the accounting module you can automatically create invoices based on the recorded inventory transactions, and keep track of the payments.

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