Leased Asset Management Software And Barcode Scanning Mobile Application

Manage leased assets in real time using smartphones, barcode scanning and QR Inventory mobile application.

Manage leased assets using modern technologies: QR codes, smartphones, a mobile application and the cloud. No matter where leased assets are located, you can enter assets into the QR Inventory software system, track assets leases, access asset specifications, record assets service or maintenance, report leased assets conditions by using a device that you already have - your smartphone. Use barcode / QR code scanning for the faster and error-free entries, and custom mobile forms to collect data in the field. Centralized cloud server ensures that all employees can access asset information in real time.

Complete Leased Asset Management Software Solution

cloud inventory softwareSoftware

Online, cloud-based barcode scanning software accessible from anywhere.
barcode scannersBarcode Scanners
Use smartphones or barcode scanners for the leased assets tracking and management.
mobile computersMobile Computers
Use smartphones running iOS or Android for mobile data access and collection.
tags and labelsTags And Labels
Use barcodes, QR codes, NFC or BLE beacon tags. Built-in tool to generate and print QR code labels.
label printerLabel Printers
Compatible with all label printers or regular office printers. We can provide pre-printed labels as well.
Comprehensive Reports
Access real time leased assets location, status and transactions, assets usage reports from anywhere.

Leased Assets Management Software That Works For You, Not The Other Way Around

mobile asset tracking

Leased Asset Tracking Accross Multiple Locations

Track leased assets check outs and returns in real time with barcode / QR code scanning, NFC tags or bluetooth beacon tags. Use smartphones as scanners or regular barcode scanners / NFC or bluetooth readers - it is your choice. Record leased assets check out, check in, shipping to a client, repair and service and other asset related events as needed.
qr codes, upc barcodes, nfc tags scanning

QR Codes, Barcodes, NFC Tags or Ble Beacon Tags

Track leased assets with the tags that best suit your needs: QR codes, barcodes, NFC tags, BLE beacon tags. Use existing labels, or create your own QR code labels for the leased assets using QR Inventory software built-in QR code generation and printing tool. We can also supply pre-printed QR code labels.
Increase efficience and further automate leased assets management with NFC or bluetooth beacon tags. Increase assets scanning speed with NFC tags, scan multiple assets at once with a click of a button using BLE beacon tags.
cloud asset tracking

Connected Cloud - Mobile Leased Asset Management System

All leased assets data collected in the field or entered via the web interface are stored in a secure cloud and are available to all authorized users in real time. Access leased assets locations, transaction history, complete asset life-cycle, assets inventory and usage, and more.
mobile forms

Leased Assets Data Collection With Mobile Forms

Create custom mobile forms via QR Inventory software web dashboard. Company employees will be able to fill mobile forms out on the smartphone in the QR Inventory mobile application when recording an asset transactions. Record assets conditions when you lease them out, and when assets are returned from lease. Take photos with a smartphone and attach them to the completed mobile forms for the visual documentation of an asset conditions, and collect electronic signatures on a smartphone.
track asset life-cycle

Track An Entire Life-Cycle Of The Leased Assets

Track entire life-cycle of the leased asset, from receiving through the leases, repairs and service to asset sale or disposal. Access leased assets details: current asset location, how long an asset has been on this lease or in storage, historic assets locations for the assets lease billing, and an entire leased assets history in the QR Inventory software reports.
assets custom fields

Leased Assets Data

Keep all information that you need on the leased assets using QR Inventory custom fields. Record asset specifications, attach data sheets, pdf documentation and photos - everything that you need to keep track of. Field technicians can access leased assets information and past service history in the QR Inventory mobile application by scanning a QR code label with a smartphone. Authorized QR Inventory system users can update leased assets information on a smartphone, add information or photos..
asset types and groups

Categorize Leased Assets For The Easier Management

Group leased assets into types and categories via the QR Inventory software web dashboard for easier asset management. Users get a hint list when entering leased assets types and categories into the WR Inventory software. Bulk add leased assets of the same type with the different serial numbers without retyping an asset data for each serialized asset. Enter asset information into QR Inventory once, then scan assets serial numbers in or paste a list into a form.
asset warranty expiration reminders

Leased Assets Service & Reminders

Create custom reminders to receive alerts when asset warranty is about to expire or a preventive maintenance is due. Record leased assets service and maintenance using custom mobile forms with the advanced capabilities.
customizable inventory control system

Scalable and Customizable Leased Assets Management System

QR Inventory software will grow with your business, from one user to 1,000+. Control all aspects of the leased assets management process via the intuitive web interface.

Flexible Leased Assets Management Software Hosting

Host leased asset management system on our server, on your network or get a private server on our network - it is your choice.
simple to use asset tracking software

Leased Asset Management Syste Simple To Learn And Use

QR Inventory software is feature rich but is surprisingly easy to learn and use - try it out for yourself.

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