Laboratory Inventory Software With Barcode Scanning: Lot Tracking, Sample Tracking And Traceability

Simple and flexible lab inventory management software system that supports lot tracking, sample tracking and traceability. Use smartphones and QR Inventory mobile application to track lab inventory and samples using barcode / QR code scanning.

Inventory management for the laboratory can be a complicated process, requiring strict traceability, detailed lot number tracking for the lab materials, and a complete sample lifecycle tracking. QR Inventory software simplifies lab inventory management process. QR Inventory provides tools and methods for tracking generic lab inventory, serialized lab inventory that requires a lot number tracking, and detailed tracking of the lab samples workflow. QR Inventory uses mobile devices (smartphones or tablets), barcode scanning and mobile data collection to track everything on site. Collected traceability documentation is stored in the secure cloud and is accessible to all system users in real time.

  • Track lab inventory: supplies, materials, reagents, chemicals, consumables in real time using mobile devices and barcode scanning.
  • Track lab inventory by SKU or lot number. Access detailed history of each lot for the serialized lab inventory.
  • Track lab samples complete chain of custody and workflow process from start to finish. Record lot numbers of used materials, process steps, instruments and containers used, experiment conditions, etc.
  • Create custom fields to record complete traceability information on the lab inventory lots and lab samples: the source, expiration date, sample type, measurements and environmental conditions, etc., etc.
  • Track laboratory inventory and lab samples in real time using mobile devices and barcode scanning. Use mobile forms for the lab process data collection.
  • Collected traceability documentation is saved as digital records in a secure cloud, is accessible on demand by the authorized personnel and is searchable by multiple parameters - so you can find required documentation fast.
  • All stakeholders have a live view of the ongoing lab processes, current inventory stock and lab equipment utilization via the web dashboard.
  • QR Inventory software is very configurable, so you can easily adjust it to fit your lab workflow and processes.
  • A modular structure of the QR Inventory software allows you to pick functionality which is important for your laboratory.

Laboratory Inventory Management, Lot Tracking, Sample Tracking And Traceability

Use barcode / QR code scanning to manage generic and serialized lab inventory and track lab samples. Track lab inventory by SKU or lot number, have a full traceability for the serialized lab inventory and lab samples.

Track Lab Inventory With QR Code Or Barcode Scanning

Use smartphones and QR Inventory mobile application to track laboratory inventory and supplies. No additional hardware is required: mobile devices (smartphones or tablets running iOS or android) can be used for barcode scanning, processing inventory transaction, data entry and look up.

You can create custom inventory transactions that work for your lab process and workflow: receiving inventory and inventory lots, use inventory for a process, adding inventory lot to the product batch or sample, discarding, etc. Process all inventory transactions in real time by scanning a QR code / barcode label with a smartphone. QR Inventory software automatically adjusts inventory stock, and keeps records of all inventory transactions.

Users of the system can access real time inventory stock and locations on a mobile device or via a web dashboard. You can set low inventory alerts, and receive automatic e-mails when the lab supplies need to be re-ordered.

Lot Tracking And Traceability For Laboratories

QR Inventory software significantly reduces the amount of manual labor and paperwork which are required for the lab inentory traceability. Instead of using paper notes or spreadsheets, you label each inventory lot, scan a QR code and record all traceability information for this lot. Then scan QR code label on the lot when you transfer or use it - and your lab "paperwork" is done. You will be able to review lot information, add or update it when needed, and review the lot transactions history and assocated information collected during each inventory lot transaction.

If you are using inventory lots as ingredients for a more complex product, regardless of how you a mix or split inventory lots to make the final product batch QR Inventory software will keep track of the lot numbers of all ingredients in their proportions in all final product batches.

You can always review the complete lot history and the list of the lot numbers used for each process or final product batch. At any moment you can scan a QR code / barcode on the material batch / sample, and review detailed lot information and history of the ingredients.

Lab Sample Tracking: A Complete Lifecycle Of The Lab Samples

QR Inventory software has methods and tools that allow you to track lab samples from the sample source to the end of the sample workflow process, through all workflow steps, and collect required data on each step. Lab sample chain of custody and date / time of the process steps are recorded automatically and are included in the sample lifecycle reports.

As you receive or produce a sample, you label it with a barcode or QR code, and record all initial information that you need to keep track of. From there lab employees track each sample through the process steps using barcode / QR code scanning, and collect additional data on each step using mobile forms.

On any step of the process, sample information can be accessed by the authorized lab employees by scanning a QR code / barcode with a smartphone.

Depending on your process and workflow, you may need to enter all sample information in the beginning, or enter it gradually as sample is moved through the lab process. QR Inventory software allows you to do both. You can accumulate additional information as needed, and all collected data on the lab samples are immediately available via the sample lifecycle reports.

If you split the lab sample into several parts during the process, you do not need to re-enter all traceability information for each part. Scan the original lab sample QR code, and all sample properties will be passed on to the split parts. You can then add additional information for each slit off lab sample as it moves further through the lab workflow process.

Lab Workflow Management, Data Collection And Documentation

Track samples / product batches through the lab workflow, and collect all necessary documentation on site using mobile devices (smartphones or tablets running iOS or android). Give all stakeholders live access to the samples status and collected information. Workflow documentation is stored in a secure centralized cloud location, never misplaced or lost, and is accessible on demand by all authorized users.

Each Lab Workflow Is Different - Define Yours Via The Web Dashboard

No matter what your lab process is, you will be able to create custom workflows for tracking lab samples via the QR Inventory web dashboard. Define workflow steps, and provide description / instructions so that all lab employees are on the same page.

Create custom mobile forms for the data collection, recording and documentation, and attach mobile forms to the corresponding workflow steps. Using mobile forms, you can record serial numbers of the equipment, instruments or containers used in the process, record measurements and conditions for the process steps, record observations, and collect any other data as needed.

QR Inventory software gives you an option to create mobile forms which are easy to fill out on the small mobile devices screens and which require minimal manual entries. You can divide forms into sections, provide instructions, let users select data from the lists / checkboxes, scan data in (such as equipment serial numbers), add images and collect signatures on a smartphone.

Once workflows and mobile forms are created, users of the system can track lab samples through the process and collect necessary information in real time, using mobile devices for barcode scanning, moving lab samples through the process and data collection.

Track Lab Samples Through The Workflow Process

As you move product batch / lab sample through the workflow steps, you can record the progress and collect all required information instantly using mobile forms on the smartphones or tablets.

Scan a lab sample to uniquely identify it - and you will immediately have an access to the sample information, composition, what step it is now, and what mobile forms should be filled out.

Use mobile forms to record all necessary observations and measurements, scan in lot numbers of the used lab equipment and instruments. Use a smartphone to take photos and attach to the collected documentation if applicable. When you move the lab sample to the next step, record it by scanning sample's QR code / barcode.

Information collected on the mobile devices is submitted to a centralized cloud database, so everyone involved can access it in real time.

Mobile Forms For The Finished Product Testing & Quality Control

When the time comes to do quality control and product testing, you can fill out quality control and testing forms on the mobile devices, and instantly create pdf documents from the collected data.

You can create custom quality control forms, testing forms and inspections checklists via the web dashboard, and fill out these forms on the smartphones or tablets.

Add dynamic repeatble sections to the forms as needed to document possible problems (you can find more information on mobile forms capabilities and repeatable sections here).

Capture images and signature, and optionally crete pdf document to be sent internally, to the customers or outside auditors. You define the look, layout and what should be included in the pdf document via the custom template.

Access digital documentation on quality control / testing at any time via the QR Inventory software web dashboard.

Lab Samples Lifecycle History And Reports

All authorized users of QR Inventory system have live access to all lab samples and product batches in progress, as well as to the detailed history and documentation for the past projects. You can easily find required documentation via QR Inventory web dashboard / report using multiple search filters.

Review all details of the current and past projects: how the lab sample was moved through the process steps, dates, sample chain of custody, data collected on each step, quality control and testing forms and other collected documentation, images and signatures.

Lab Equipment Management

Make sure that lab equipment and instruments are accounted for and are well maintained.

Organize, Label And Keep Track Of The Lab Equipment

Make sure that your lab equipment is in a good shape and is accounted for. Organize and label lab equipment and instruments using QR Inventory software built-in QR code generation, layout and printing tool. Record all necessary information on the lab equipment (manufacturer, warranty expiration, when it was purchased, etc., etc.). Access this information by scanning a QR Code label with a smartphone, or on the computer. Set reminders and receive automatic alerts for the warranty expiration, upcoming preventive maintenance or calibration.

Manage Lab Equipment Calibration, Maintenance & Repairs

Keep track of the lab equipment calibration, maintenance, service and repairs using a smartphone and custom mobile forms.

To record equipment calibration, maintenance and service lab employees just need to scan a QR code on the equipment with a smartphone, fill out a corresponding mobile form and submit completed form to the server. To assist employees with the lab equipment maintenance / service, QR Inventory mobile application has an option to access lab equipment information and previous service history by scanning a QR code label.

Administrators can review / search completed maintenance and service records via the web dashboard.

Create custom reminders to alert you when the next calibration, maintenance or inspection for the lab equipment is due. You control when the alerts are send (how many days in advance), who will receive alerts, as well as the subject and the text of the e-mail messages. Optionally you can have multiple reminders (e.g. alert you 4 days in advance, then on the day calibration or maintenance is due).

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