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Mobile Inventory Software For HVAC And Plumbing Contractors

Cloud inventory management software with the mobile app for the mechanical contractors: HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc. Use a barcode or QR code scanning mobile app for the real time inventory tracking on the service trucks, on the job sites and in the warehouse. Use a cloud software web dashboard to access real time stock levels and inventory flow reports.

HVAC And Plumbing Inventory Software Features

An inventory software for the mechanical contractors (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical) should be made with the field service operations in mind in order to be useful. A QR Inventory is this kind of a software. It provides an easy way for the field technicians to track parts, materials and tools in the mobile app using QR code scanning. A technician can document HVAC or plumbing equipment installation and maintenance on the job site using a smartphone and mobile forms. Inventory and equipment info collected in the mobile app is sent to a back end cloud software in real time. All authorized software users have a real time access to the live data, on the mobile phones and on the office computers.

What makes QR Inventory software a good fit for HVAC, plumbing and other mechanical contractors

Easy inventory, tools and equipment tracking in the field and warehouse

Field techs can easily track HVAC and plumbing inventory, tools and equipment in the field, on the service trucks, on the job sites and in the warehouse. All team members know up-to-the minute stock level of HVAC and plumbing parts and materials in all locations. You know where the tools are and who is using them at any given time. There are no job delays due to misplaced tools or lack of required parts.

Fast and accurate HVAC and plumbing parts tracking with the mobile devices and QR code scanning

A QR code scanning provides an accurate and precise assets and invetory identification, preventing errors and mix ups in inventory tracking. A QR code scanning mobile app gives field HVAC and plumbing techs an option to record parts usage, check tools in and out, as well as access equipment info on the spot.

Real time info access, in the field and in the office

A mobile app gives HVAC and plumbing techs an option to submit inventory updates to the central database in real time. This gives all team members an up-to-the-minute visibility into inventory stock and tools location.

Comprehensive inventory, tools and equipment reports

Office employees can review current and historic data using QR Inventory software reports. There are reports on the current inventory stock in all locations, inventory transactions history, usage trends, tool and equipment utilization, and more. Use these reports for the accurate projects billing, efficient resource allocation, better purchasing plans and demand forecasting.

Efficient tracking of HVAC equipment and plumbing systems installation and maintenance

HVAC and plumbing techs can use digital mobile forms to track equipment installation and maintenance, conduct inspections and record testing results. A company can create custom mobile forms from the scratch, or use our ready to go digital forms for mechanical contractors.

Alerts and notifications

Receive alerts when you are low on inventory, when warranty on the HVAC or plumbing equipment is about to expire or equipment preventive maintenance is due. Set a range of acceptable values and receive an instant alert if a completed inspection form contains outliers that require fast actions. Alerts and notifications help you keep track of various parts of your HVAC or plumbing contractor business, and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Materials And Tools Management For HVAC And Plumbing Contractors In The QR Inventory Software

A QR Inventory software gives HVAC and plumbing contractors all necessary tools for the efficient inventory management and asset tracking in the field and warehouse.

Real Time Field Inventory And Tool Tracking With QR Codes, NFC Or BLE Tags


Field Inventory Tracking For HVAC And Plumbing Contractors

Inventory management can be complicated for the HVAC, plumbing, and other mechanical contractors. Most inventory tracking tasks must be done in the field, away from the office computers. In this scenario desktop inventory software not very useful. HVAC and plumbing techs need an inventory management tool that they can use in the field, that is fast and error free.

A QR Inventory software gives contractors these kind of tools. Using a QR Inventory mobile app, HVAC and plumbing techs can easily track assets and inventory in the field and warehouse in real time. They spend minimal time on the inventory management tasks and always have an accurate inventory stock data.

Field technicians can use their own mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) for barcode or QR code scanning, processing inventory transactions and inventory stock look up. They can:

  • easily keep track of parts, materials and tools in their service trucks
  • put in inventory requests to the warehouse when they are running low
  • track parts usage per project or client
  • check HVAC and plumbing tools in and out
  • check inventory stock

All these tasks can be done fast and easy by scanning a QR code or barcode and filling out a mobile form on a smartphone.

Updates recorded in the mobile app are submitted to a back end cloud software, and are instantly available to all authorized software users.

Accurate HVAC And Plumbing Tool Tracking

All mechanical contractors (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, roofing, etc.) have work tools that field techs check out for the job and then return back. Often HVAC or plumbing technicians can pass tools to each other, or between the job sites. If there is no tool management system in place valuable tools can be easily misplaced or lost.

A QR Inventory software helps you create a tool accountability system. You will always know where your HVAC or plumbing tools are, how they are being used, who was the last person to check out the tool. You will receive alerts when the tools were not returned on time.

Using a mobile app HVAC and plumbing technicians will be able to check tools in and out by scanning a QR code label with a smartphone. When checking tools in and out, they can record more data as needed. It can be a work order number, expected return date, tool conditions, a photo, etc. You define what data you want to keep track of via a cloud software web dashboard.

Field techs can record tools check out and return, sending a tool to a different job, or passing tools between technicians or service trucks. You can always check who has the tool now, and review the entire chain of custody.

More on QR code tool tracking

HVAC And Plumbing Asset Tracking With NFC Or BLE Tags

You can use NFC or BLE tags instead of the QR codes or barcodes. NFC and BLE tags allow for for the fast processing of the high volume asset transactions. Unlike QR code or barcode tags, NFC tags do not require focusing of the smartphone camera. NFC tags can be scanned fast just by touching each item with a smartphone. No direct line of sight is required - a tag can be inside an asset casing or packaging.

BLE tags further automate asset tracking. BLE tags are detected by a mobile app within 10 meters plus radius, so no scanning of the individual assets is required. A HVAC or plumbing tech just clicks a button in the mobile app to add all assets to the batch.

No matter how many tools or equipment you move between the job sites, you can process a transaction in seconds.

Instant Data Access In The Field

Instant access to the HVAC and plumbing equipment specs and past service history leads to the better and more efficient field service. A QR Inventory software makes all necessary info easily accessible in the field. HVAC and plumbing contractors scan a QR code or barcode label on the equipment with a smartphone to access equipment spec sheets, pdf documents, installation instructions, parts and materials inventory, past service and maintenance history, and more.

You can define what data HVAC and plumbing field technicians should be able to access via the cloud software web dashboard. Field employees with the right permissions can update data in the mobile app and add photos.

Mobile Forms For Keeping Track Of HVAC Equipment And Plumbing Systems Maintenance


Digital Maintenance And Service Forms For HVAC And Plumbing Equipment

HVAC, plumbing and electrical contractors need to document equipment service, repairs and maintenance, do equipment commissioning and inspections on the clients' sites on the regular basis. A QR Inventory software makes this process easy for HVAC and plumbing contractors by replacing paper forms with the mobile forms and checklists. Field technicians fill out digital forms using a mobile app on a smartphone. Maintenance forms, service forms, parts and time invoices, inspection checklists - all physical paperwork that contractors have to fill out can be converted into the mobile forms for paperless data collection.

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Creating Custom Forms For HVAC And Plumbing Paperwork

Administrator(s) can create all forms and checklists for the HVAC and plumbing paperwork via the cloud software web dashboard. You can use current paper or pdf forms to create mobile forms, or create completely new digital forms from the scratch. All digital forms that you create will be available to the field techs to fill out on a smartphone or a tablet. An office employee can pre-fill a part of the digital form on the computer and push it to the mobile devices for completion. He can also edit a completed form if required, or fill out "office only" parts of the form.

Filling Out HVAC And Plumbing Maintenance Forms In The Mobile App

HVAC and plumbing techs can access mobile forms on the smartphones or tablets with a QR code scan. They fill out a form in the mobile app and submit it to the cloud software in real time.

A completed maintenance record is instantly available to all authorized software users. Field techs can add photos and collect a signature on a smartphone. These materials become a part of the HVAC or plumbing work order record.

PDF Reports On Completed HVAC And Plumbing Paperwork

A HVAC or plumbing field worker can create a pdf report instantly in the mobile app. He can e-mail pdf report from the smartphone to all involved parties, such as a customer, a manager or an outside auditor. A pdf report may contain your branding, equipment data, form data, captured photos and a signature. You can define pdf report look and layout via the custom template.

As a result, HVAC and plumbing technicians have an efficient way to document their work, and office employees have an immediate access to all work order records. Collected documentation is securely stored in the cloud, is available on demand to the authorized software users and is easily searchable.

Warnings And Alerts

A QR Inventory software ensures that you are on top of everything in your HVAC or plumbing contractor business. You can create custom alerts on multiple situations to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks. Examples of the alerts that you can create are:

  • An alert to warn you when parts or materials inventory is running low. You can elect to automatically create a purchase order for low stock inventory.
  • A preventive maintenance alert to ensure that all PM is done on time. Receive an e-mail alert with the list of equipment for which PM is due.
  • Create alerts on the HVAC equipment warranty expiration and other important dates.
  • You can specify an acceptable value for various measurements on the HVAC and plumbing systems. If an inspection form contains an outlier, you receive an alert and can act on it fast.

A QR Inventory software is very customizable. You can create custom fields for anything that you need to be alerted about. You can set up how many days in advance you want to receive an alert, who will receive an alert and what will an e-mail message say.

Time Tracking And Invoicing For The HVAC And Plumbing Jobs


Time Tracking For The HVAC And Plumbing Jobs In The Mobile App

HVAC and plumbing techs can track time on the job in the same mobile app that they use for the inventory management and completion of the mobile forms. Time tracking is done in several simple steps:

  • Scan a QR code on the equipment or location
  • Press the Start button at the start of the job in the mobile app
  • Press the Finish button when done
  • Submit time tracking data to the back end cloud software with one click

The time tracking data, including an employee, GPS location, equipment or customer location, start and stop time, when and where start and stop was recorded is sent to the back end cloud software.

Office employees can review and group time sheets by any parameter for the payroll, billing and reporting. You can group time sheets by employee, customer, equipment, or location. You can review detailed time sheets and aggregated reports for the above groups.

Parts And Materials Invoicing

A QR Inventory software accounting module allows you to quickly create inventory, parts and materials invoices for the completed HVAC and plumbing jobs based on the recorded inventory transactions. Ince invoce is created you can keep track of the payments, and receive alerts for the overdue invoices.

Add QuickBooks Online integration to the QR Inventory software, and create invoices in the QuickBooks Online with several clicks, or in real time.

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