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Electrical Contractor Software For Inventory Management And Tool Tracking

Simple and efficient inventory management and tool tracking software system for electrical contractors. Track parts, materials and tools for electrical jobs in the service trucks, on the job sites and in the warehouse in real time. Use a barcode or QR code scanning mobile app for the efficient, real time inventory and tools tracking.

Electrical Contractor Inventory Software Features

A QR Inventory system gives electrical contractors tools for managing inventory, tracking tools and equipment, documenting jobs, commissioning projects and tracking work orders in a single software solution. A QR Inventory software is created with the field contractor in mind. All field tasks can be done in the mobile app, using a barcode or QR code scanning for the efficiency and accuracy. Inventory and tool tracking info, as well as completed mobile forms are sent from the smartphones to a back end cloud software, giving all team members access to the live data.

What makes a QR Inventory software a good fit for the electrical contractors

An efficient inventory management and tool tracking for the field electricians

Field electricians use a smartphone and a QR code scanning mobile app for the real time inventory management, tool tracking and jobs documentation:

  • Fast and simple parts and materials tracking using a mobile app and QR code scanning.
  • Tracking electrical parts inventory through the entire process. Track inventory as you pick up parts in the warehouse, load them on the service trucks and use for the electrical systems installation, updates or service.
  • A complete tool accountability system - easily check work tools in and out with a QR code scan.
  • A simple and easy to use mobile app for all field tasks. Field techs use a mobile app for inventory and tool tracking, info look up and filling up electrical contractor paperwork.
  • Instantly check parts and materials stock with the QR code scan.

Fast and efficient electrical contractor jobs paperwork using mobile forms

Electrical contractor technicians use a mobile app to access assigned work orders and fill out job site paperwork.

  • Field electricians can access work orders assigned to them in the mobile app, fill out forms and report completion.
  • Field techs can fill out mobile forms that are not a part of a work order. These can include installation, service and maintenance forms for the electrical systems.
  • Completed records are submitted to the back end cloud software in real time. Everyone on the team has an access to the same up-to-date data.
  • A mobile app allows for capturing photos, electronic signatures, GPS location and time on the job. These data become a part of a completed record.

Comprehensive inventory management, tool tracking and electrical systems maintenance reports

Office employees review inventory reports via the cloud software web dashboard. This is a small subset of the available reports that office employees can review online or export:

  • Reports on the electrical parts inventory stock.
  • Reports on the parts and materials movement history: what did you receive when, and how materials was used.
  • Parts and materials usage reports by the electrical job or a customer.
  • Tools location, who checked out a tool and for what job it is being used.
  • Tools check out and check in history.
  • Tools usage per electrical contractor job.
  • Completed forms on electrical systems installation, maintenance and service.
  • Completed electrical projects commissioning forms.
  • and more...

Streamlined management of the electrical systems work orders

Electrical contractor office employees can create and manage work orders via a cloud software web interface. Field techs access work orders and fill out relevant forms in the mobile app.

  • Create work orders for the electrical contractor jobs. Assign work order to the technician and dispatch it to the technician's smartphone.
  • Review work orders status via a cloud software web interface.
  • Review completed work order forms.
  • Add info or fill out "office only" part of the forms on the computer.
  • Create custom pdf report on the completed work order with one click.
  • Automatically send a report to the project management software, such as Procore or Asana.

An inventory software that you can customize for your electrical contractor business

You can configure a QR Inventory software to fit your electrical contractor business process and workflow:

  • Define what data you want to store for the tools, equipment and inventory via the cloud software web dashboard.
  • Create custom inventory transactions and define what data you want field techs to record for each transaction type.
  • Create custom digital forms for filling out electrical jobs paperwork.
  • Create custom pdf reports.
  • Customize inventory and assets dashboard.
  • Customize reports.
  • Set up and receive custom alerts on low inventory, upcoming preventive maintenance and inspections, warranty expiration, and outliers submitted in the inspections forms.
  • and more...

Inventory Management And Tool Tracking For Electrical Contractors In The QR Inventory Software

A QR Inventory software gives electrical contractors all necessary tools for the efficient inventory management, tool tracking, work orders management and jobs documentation.

Field Inventory Management For Electrical Contractors


Real Time Inventory Tracking Using A Mobile App And QR Codes

A QR Inventory software allows electrical contractors to maintain accurate inventory count at all times. You can track inventory in the warehouse, on the service trucks and on the job sites.

Field electricians and warehouse workers use a QR code or barcode scanning mobile app to record electrical parts inventory receiving, transfer or use. A mobile app updates inventory in the central database in real time, giving authorized software users access to the up-to-the minute stock level in all locations.

You can make inventory management task for the technicians even more simple by creating groups of parts and materials for the specific electrical jobs. A tech will be able to select a job type and add all required inventory to the batch at once. This way you can be sure that all inventory for the electrical job is picked up, and a technician won't need to do any scanning.

Collect Data In The Inventory Management Mobile App

A QR Inventory software gives you the flexibility to decide what data you want field techs and warehouse workers to record for each inventory transaction. It can be anything you need to keep track of. For example it can be a PO number or a vendor name for inventory receiving, or a project number for the materials used for the electrical contractor job. You have a complete control of what inventory transactions you will be using for your electrical contractor business, and what data you need to collect for each transaction type.

Low And Unfulfilled Inventory Alerts

You can keep generic inventory, parts and materials that you are using for the most electrical contractor jobs in stock. You will receive an automatic alert when inventory stock level falls below preset re-order point.

You may also have inventory that you order on demand for the specific electrical projects. For this inventory you can create a purchase order in the QR Inventory software, and track which parts are received and what is outstanding. You can set a due date for the purchase orders, and receive an alert if PO inventory is not delivered by the due date.

Field Inventory Requests: Keeping The Right Inventory Stock On The Electrical Contractor Job Sites

Field inventory requisition module of the A QR Inventory software streamlines inventory orders for the electrical contractor jobs. Field technicians can order parts and materials that they need for a job in the mobile app. They can use barcode or QR code scanning, or a crib list to compose and submit inventory order.

Authorized electrical contractor staff is alerted via the e-mail of all new requests. They can process inventory orders on the office computers via the cloud software web dashboard. They can approve field PO as is, adjust it, place part of the inventory on the back order, or deny an entire order. If a field inventory request is approved, in full or in part, it goes to fulfillment. When ordered parts and materials are delivered to the job site, field technicians scan the incoming inventory using a mobile app, and a purchase order is instantly updated.

Admin users of the electrical contractor software have the full info on the field requests and fulfillment.

Field inventory requisition module ensures that all electrical job sites have required parts and materials, and there are no delays due to the missing inventory. At the same time no extra parts are stocked on the job site when these parts are required elsewhere.

Electrical Contractor Equipment And Tool Tracking


QR Code Tool Tracking For Electrical Contractor Jobs

All electrical contractors have work tools and field equipment that electricians check out for the jobs or have in their service trucks. Often technicians move tools and equipment between the job sites bypassing the warehouse, or pass tools and equipment to each other. Without the asset tracking system in place it is easy to lose track of the tools and equipment when you need them most.

A QR Inventory software helps electrical contractors create a tool and equipment accountability system. Technicians check tools out for the electrical jobs, record transfer of the tools and equipment between the job sites or service trucks using a mobile app and QR code scanning. When checking out or returning a tool, technicians can record other data you may want to keep track off. The data may include a project or a work order number, expected return date, tools conditions, and more. They can also take photos with a smartphone camera for visual documentation. You define what do you want to keep track of via the cloud software web dashboard. Field electricians or warehouse managers fill out this info in the mobile app when they record a transaction.

As soon as electrical tools and equipment are checked out, signed in or are moved between the job sites a central database is updated. All authorized software users have access to the real time tools and equipment data, on the mobile device in the field and computers in the office. With the QR Inventory software you will always know where the tools and equipment are, who was the last person to check out the tool, and how long it was used for each project.

Fully Automated Electrical Contractor Equipment Tracking Using Bluetooth IoT Technology

An IoT asset tracking system helps electrical contractors further automate asset tracking. Electrical contractors can use BLE tags on the equipment and tools for either fast bulk scanning with a mobile app, or for a fully automated tracking using Bluetooth IoT gateway.

For the sensitive assets and inventory you can add an IoT temperature and humidity monitoring system. The system allows you to remotely monitor electrical equipment conditions on the job sites, and receive alerts if data reported by the IoT sensors are out of range.

More On Bluetooth Asset Tracking

Work Order Management And Digital Mobile Forms For Electrical Contractors


Electrical Contractor Jobs Management And Documentation Using Mobile Forms

Mobile forms allow electrical contractors to document electrical systems installation, commissioning, service and maintenance on the job site using a mobile app and a QR code scanning. All types of the physical paperwork can be converted into the mobile forms for the paperless data collection on the job sites.

Admin users of the system can create digital forms and checklists for the electrical systems maintenance, inspections and commissioning via the cloud software web dashboard. You can use current paper or pdf forms as a base for the mobile forms. You can also create new digital forms from the scratch. All digital forms that you create online in the cloud software are available to the electrical contractor technicians on the mobile phones. You have an option to pre-fill part of the digital form in the office and push it to the mobile devices for completion.

Field employees can fill out forms on a smartphone, add photos and collect electronic signatures. Completed electrical jobs paperwork is submitted from the mobile app to the back end cloud software in real time. All authorized software users have instant access to the live data. A field technician can create a pdf report based on the completed digital form, and e-mail this pdf report from the mobile app to all involved parties. A pdf report may contain your branding, info on the electrical system or equipment, collected data, photos and signature. You define pdf look and layout via the custom template.

Mobile forms give electrical contractors a fast and efficient way to document jobs in the field using a smartphone or tablet, and preserve documentation in the cloud as digital records.

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