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Smartphone Inventory App With Photos And Electronic Signatures

QR Inventory Images & Signature and Documents modules helps you keep a proper documentation for the asset and inventory transactions. With this module, you can visually document an inventory transaction recorded on a smartphone by taking photo(s) and attaching them to the inventory transaction. You can capture an electronic signature on a smartphone, and optionally create a pdf receipt of the inventory transaction with the signature included.
Images & signature module also allows you to add images to the assets and inventory - either by uploading them from your computer hard drive, or by taking photos with a smartphone.

Collect Electronic Signature In The Inventory App

If any of your assets or inventory transactions requires an employee or customer signature, Images & Signature module will allow an authorized person to review inventory transaction and sign for it on the smartphone or tablet screen in the QR Inventory mobile app. The electronic signature is uploaded to the cloud software along with the inventory transaction data, and is available to view in the reports. Electronic signature captured in the inventory mobile app can also be included in the PDF receipt.

PDF Receipts For Inventory Transactions

If you need to generate receipt, invoice, delivery ticket or any other documents for the inventory transaction on site, you can do so using Documents module of the QR Inventory software. You can control the look and layout of the pdf receipt via a custom MS Word template. The receipt can include inventory items in the transaction, extra data collected in the mobile app, your logo and branding, company info, and electronic signature. You can view generated pdf recipt on a smartphone in the mobile app. Print it or e-mail to selected recepients from a smartphone.

Document Inventory Transactions With Photos

There are a lot of situations when you may need to add visual documentation to the asset or inventory transaction. You may want to take a photo showing asset conditions at check out and return. With the photos you can make sure that no additional damage happened to the asset while in use, and document asset damage if applicable. You may use photos as a proof that work order that you are ready to ship to a client is packed properly. If you need to request equipment service, you can attach a photo to illustrate the problem.

Images & Signature module allows you to do just that. With this module, field employees will be able to take photos with a smartphone camera in the mobile app, and attach it to the asset or inventory transaction. You can review all photos associated with an inventory transaction in the transactions history reports.

Add Images And PDF Documents To The Assets & Inventory

If you want to add one or more images for the assets or inventory, you will need an Images & Signature module. It will allow you to upload any number of images from your hard drive when you add a new item on the computer, or take photos if you are adding a new item in the field using a mobile app. You can also take and upload extra photos for the existing assets and inventory.
In addition to images, you can upload PDF documents for assets and inventory. Field techs will be able to access pdf documents in the field by scanning a QR code.

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