Lot Tracking And Traceability With Mobile And Blockchain Technologies

Lot traceability is not only "nice to have" option - it is a requirement for many manufacturers, food and beverage manufacturers, food preparation and produce companies. You need a good traceability system to stay compliant to FDA regulations, such as HACCP, adress recalls fast and make sure you only recall affected product lots. Yet many traditional traceability software products are very expensive, hard to use and require duplicate data entries.

Shared Traceability is a new generation traceability software, that uses modern technologies (blockchain, mobile, QR codes, cloud) to make traceability process easy, intuitive and safe for sharing traceability information across corporate boundaries.

What do you get by using Shared Traceability?

  • An easy way to track product lots through the manufacturing process, and collect traceability information on the shop floor.
  • A secure storage and retrieval of traceability information from anywhere.
  • Fast access to the information you need to address and resolve problems: be prepared for a recall, limit recall scope to what is absolutely necessary, react fast and uncover the reason(s) for a problem.
  • Share traceability information among supply chain partners if you chose so. Each partner can see and analyze all traceability information as product moves through the production stages: from the raw ingredients to the finished product delivered to the end user.

What Can You Do With Shared Traceability

  • Record everything that happens with the product lot, serialized inventory or an asset as a blockchain transaction
  • Record producing or receiving components and raw material batches
  • Record product lot movement through the manufacturing process
  • Record building of assemblies, generic and serialized
  • Record product lots conversions and splitting during the production process
  • Record observations on any / all production steps (various measurements, what was done, etc.)
  • Enter any information you need into the system
  • Do lot tracking and record traceability information on the shop floor, using mobile devices for barcode / QR code scanning and data entry
  • All information submitted from the mobile devices is immediately available to all authorized users
  • Review details and the entire history of each product lot by scanning QR code, or via the web dashboard
  • Review composition of each product batch, drill down through sub-assemblies to individual product lots, review an entire history and collected data for each lot with one click
  • Quickly find where a specific product lot had been used, and where it was distributed
  • Invite downstream and upstream supply chain partners to join the network, and share traceability information across the entire supply chain channel
  • Optionally let an end user to scan QR code and review a "product story"
  • Use together with QR Inventory for more comprehensive internal inventory management and traceability, or as a stand alone traceability solution.

How Does Shared Traceability Work?

Tracking Product Batches Through The Process

Record traceability information and observations in real time, in the office, on the shop floor or in the field, using mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). Use mobile devices for barcode / QR code scanning, data entry and look-up. Add photos to the transactions for visual documentation and capture signatures on a smartphone.

Recording Information

Your employees can record all information that you want to keep track of on each step of the process. You do not need to define beforehand what information to record - the employees can add any number of lines into the mobile forms on the fly, and fill them out as needed.

Building Assemblies

You can create assemblies / compound product batches on the fly by scanning an assembly and ingredients / components you are adding. You can add components all at once or over several steps, by scanning assembly and added components.

You can create complex multi-level assemblies in this manner, and at any time access their composition and traceability history of each lower-level sub-assembly, up to individual components.

Data Storage And Access

All data recorded on the mobile devices are sent to the centralized cloud location in real time. All authorized channel users can review entire traceability history of all items, whether recorded by their company or by channel partners.

Authorized users can access product batch / serialized inventory traceability information on a smartphone by scanning QR code, or via the web dashboard.

Shared Traceability is a simple traceability tool, consisting of a web dashboard and a mobile application. Company employees use mobile application for barcode scanning and recording traceability information in the field or on the shop floor. Traceability information is sent to a centralized cloud in real time. An entire traceability history for each product lot can be accessed in real time, on the mobile devices and via a web interface.
Shared Traceability is easy to learn and use, requires no setup and is very flexible. You can record all required information on the product lots without defining up front what information should to be collected.   
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