Shared Traceability For The Supply Chain Network

Shared Traceability is a simple and flexible traceability solution that can be used for a single company or for the entire supply chain network/

Why Use Shared Traceability And What Sets It Apart

Many manufacturing companies, and especially food and beverage manufacturers, have to implement traceability to stay compliant with government regulations (GMP, HACCP, etc.) These regulation require that a company has an accurate records on all product batches they receive and produce, that could be accessed fast and be used to issue a recall if necessary.

The problem with maintaining traceability, especially for the small manufacturers, is the large amount of paperwork it produces. If done manually, it takes a lot of employees time, can quickly grow to a mountain of notes or spreadsheets, and it is hard to find required information anyways.

Shared Traceability is aimed to solve these problems. It is a simple and flexible traceability solution that can be implemented fast by the company of any size. Shared Traceability uses mobile technology for an easy recording of traceability information on the shop floor, secure cloud for data storage and access, and blockchain technology to allow safe and secure traceability sharing across corporate boundaries.

What Do You Get By Using Shared Traceability

  • Easy Lot Tracking On The Shop Floor

    Absolutely no setup is required - start using Shared Traceability from day one out of the box. This is a next step from lot tracking and recording traceability information in a notepad or a spreadsheet - but with Shared Traceability your data are well organized, are never lost and easily are accessible to the authorized personnel.

  • Real Time Traceability

    All traceability information recorded on the shop floor or in the field using mobile devices is sent to a centralized cloud location in real time. All authorized users can access entire traceability chain for each lot / serial number, on the mobile devices and office computers.

  • Easy To Adjust To Your Production Process

    Shared Traceability allows you to record all lot and traceability information without defining upfront what data should be recorded. Shop floor employees can dynamically add lines to the mobile forms and record required traceability information. They can take photos for the visual documentation using a smartphone camera, and collect signatures on a smartphone.

  • Works For An Entire Supply Chain Network

    Use Shared Traceability within your company, or invite your supply chain partners to track product lots through the entire supply chain, from the origin to the end customer, across corporate boundaries.

Shared Traceability is a simple traceability tool, consisting of a web dashboard and a mobile application. Company employees use mobile application for barcode scanning and recording traceability information in the field or on the shop floor. Traceability information is sent to a centralized cloud in real time. An entire traceability history for each product lot can be accessed in real time, on the mobile devices and via a web interface.
Shared Traceability is easy to learn and use, requires no setup and is very flexible. You can record all required information on the product lots without defining up front what information should to be collected.   
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