Seed To Sale Software: Lot Traceability & Process Tracking With Barcode Scanning

Track greenhouse operations from seed to sale: plants lot inventory and yeild, growth and cultivation stages, harvesting, processing, packing and shipping efficiently using mobile devices and barcode scanning. Collect required information and produce documentation on site using mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) for data collection and filling out mobile forms. Send collected data to a secure cloud in real time, keep all documentation organized and readily accessible by authorized personnel.

Greenhouse Lot Traceability & Inventory management

Label plants with QR codes (or NFC tags), and track lot inventory through the growing, harvesting and processing stages by scanning labels / tags with a smartphone. Keep a detailed record of the number of plants in each lot, plant losses and yield.


Track Greenhouse Process From Seed To Sale

Track every step of the process, from growing stages to harvest to processing, packing and shipping. Do all tracking on site in real time using mobile devices and QR code scanning. Collect required data on each step using mobile forms.

Define your workflow, steps and what data should be collected via an easy-to-use web interface.

Field Data Collection For Greenhouse Process Documentation

Collect all required data on each lot, from fertilization and added pecticides during the growing stage to processing conditions and used equipment, to packing and shipping information. Store all collected documentation in a secure cloud, access on demand from anywhere.

If you are using bluetooth sensors / data loggers, we can integrate them into the system so all collected moisture, temperature and other information is recorded automatically.

Traceability & Documentation

All process documentation for each lot is stored in a secure cloud. Authorized personnel can access all collected data in real time via the web dashboard, search data by various parameters to quickly find required information, export data and create custom pdf documents for clients and / or external auditors.

Shipping & Invoicing

Record how each lot had been distributed, when, to what customer and all necessary details. Create invoices in the system based on the sale transactions, and keep track of payments.

Making Sure The System Works Well For You

QR Inventory is very configurable, so it is easy to adjust it to the way you do business. You can define everything: what data to collect for each lot, what transactions to process, what data to collect for the transactions, your workflow and steps. Create custom mobile forms for data collection, define look and layout of pdf documents format, and more.

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QR Inventory and QR Mobile Data are brand names of inventory management and mobile forms software by AHG -- a provider of mobile and cloud-based applications for business. Our unified mobile platform improves business operations efficiency by eliminating manual tasks and physical paperwork, while providing a secure cloud storage for the business records, real time access to business data for all stakeholders, comprehensive data reporting and analytics. Headquartered in beautiful Boise, Idaho, AHG software is used to manage hundreds of millions of dollars annually in inventory and assets.

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