Mobile Asset Management: A Solution For Payment Processing Equipment Rentals

If you are a payment technology solutions provider, you need to keep track of all payment processing equipment deployed at your customers' locations, know what equipment is available for rent out, when you are about to run out of a specific equipment type and need to order more. The trick is to be able to track each device separately by its serial number, and yet to have a clear picture of how many devices of a certain type (card readers, data cards, etc.) you have on hand, how many are deployed and where. QR Inventory will allow you to track payment processing equipment efficiently, in the office and on the customer sites, using smartphone for QR code / barcode scanning, data entry, collection and look up.

Organize Rented Out Payment Processing Equipment

If you are just starting with asset tracking and need to enter all equipment at customers' locations to the central database, you can do it efficiently using QR Inventory mobile application. Use smartphone to scan existing barcode on the equipment and enter it into the system. Label devices with QR code if equipment is not labeled, then scan attached QR code label with a smartphone to associate equipment with the number on the label. Use build-in QR codes generation tool available as part of QR Inventory software to generate and print QR code labels.
No need to create a hand-written list of equipment on each customer site, then retype everything into the computer. Save time and money, and create accurate equipment list fast.

Equipment Receiving: Bulk Entry

As you receive new equipment, bulk enter it into the database instead of entering each device separately. Enter all information for the equipment type (e.g. card reader), then scan in serial numbers of all equipment of this type that you received.

Track Payment Processing Equipment Deployment, Returns, Repairs

Track payment processing equipment transfers (deployment to the customer's site, transfer to a different site, sending to the repair or discard obsolete or damaged equipment) by scanning barcode or QR code on the equipment. Record transactions where they are taking place with a smartphone, and always have accurate record of equipment location and history.
Use barcode scanner for speed if you are processing equipment shipment to the customer in the office, and automatically create packing slip for each shipment.

Customize To Your Business Workflow

Customize QR Inventory to fit your business workflow. Create custom fields to hold all requred information on the equipment, custom transaction types, custom mobile forms to collect data during equipment transactions, custom notifications and alerts, and more.

Track By Serial Number

Track each device individually by its serial number. Access a complete life-cycle of each device, from receiving to lease and returns to repairs and service to disposal.

Track Payment Processing Equipment Inventory

Keep track of equipment inventory (total quantity of each equipment type), e.g. how many card readers or printers are available for lease and how many are rented out to customers. Access list of equipment at each customer location, by serial numbers and by equipment type.
Set re-order point and receive automatic e-mail alerts when equipment inventory is low and it is time to order more.

Equipment Maintenance And Repairs

Record equipment maintenance and repairs. Set automatic reminders to alert you when the next preventive maintenance is due, or when equipment warranty is about to expire.

Comprehensive Reports

Find out where each device is located, create list of assets in each customer location and in house, review assets' transactions history, inventory count of equipment, and more using QR Inventory comprehensive reports.

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